Gigabyte GeForce GTX 460 SUPER OC 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

GeForce GTX 460 SUPER OC 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

  • Core 815Mhz
  • Memory: 1024MB 4000MHz
  • Stream Processors: 336 ; Shader Clock: 1630Mhz; SLI Ready
  • PhysX/ Cuda Enabled
  • 3 Years Warranty.
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Stock Code: GX-071-GI

EAN: 00000000


Manufacturer: Gigabyte

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Product information:

GeForce GTX 460 SUPER OC 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

Built from the ground up for DirectX 11, GeForce GTX 460 delivers the ultimate next generation gaming experience. With up to 4x the DirectX 11 tessellation performance of the competition, GTX 460 packs highly detailed visuals into your games - without sacrificing high frame rates. And with NVIDIA 3D Vision, PhysX, and CUDA technologies, GeForce GTX 460 powers all the incredibly realistic effects that your games can throw its way.

GIGABYTE introduces WINDFORCE™, the latest cooling technology that differentiates the brand’s graphics cards from the rest. GIGABYTE understands that a fan is crucial to the graphics card, so only the fan with the most efficiency is selected for WINDFORCE™. To qualify for WINDFORCE™, the cooling solution must be equipped with anti-turbulence inclined-fin, ultra quiet PWM fan and pure copper heat pipe. Inclined-fins redirect airflow and help to reduce excessive heat and turbulence. Depending on its orientation, there are 3 types of inclined-fin designs: parallel-inclined, mirroring-inclined and 3D-inclined. Each type contributes to generating excellent exterior airflow for efficient heat dissipation from the interior GPU core.

GV-N460SO-1GI is equipped with WINDFORCE™ 2X cooling solution. The special inclined dual fan design effectively minimizes the flow of turbulence between two fans and enhances heat dissipation of hot area right underneath each fan. By unique design, WINDFORCETM 2X even enlarges air channel on the graphics card vents and creates a more effective air flow system in chassis. This special design helps heat dissipate quickly from GPU. In addition, WINDFORCETM 2X is equipped with 2 copper heat-pipes which strengthen the speed of heat dissipation.

GV-N460SO-1GI has incredibly pure power. It is compatible with ATX standard length PCB. 6 phase PWM design includes 6 for GPU, 1 for memory. The 6 power phase status LED indicators indicate graphics card’s current power phase, helping users monitor power consumption. This feature ensures a more stable system and better overclocking capability.

GIGABYTE’s very own GPU Gauntlet™ Sorting process is the key to the best GPUs for Super Overclock Series. A GPU must pass a sequence of tests to be selected. This unique process offers three major advantages. First, full-throttle performance tuning improves overclocking ability by at least 10% to 30%. Second, optimized thermal efficiency lowers extra temperatures by 5% to 10%. Fan speed is guaranteed at standard rpm in high-rated 3D and physics-accelerated games to reduce noise for an absolutely quiet environment. Lastly, expert power switching lowers power switching loss by 10% to 30%. With GPU Gauntlet™ Sorting, GIGABYTE SOC graphics card guarantees higher overclocking ability.

Thanks to Ultra Durable VGA+ that features 5+1 quality components, the Super Overclock Series supports top performance in graphics benchmarking. GIGABYTE Ultra Durable VGA+’s 1 proadlizer on GV-N460SO-1GI graphics cards is able to provide purer power supply compared to traditional power design (zero proadlizers).

One of the quality components of Ultra Durable VGA+ is GIGABYTE’s exclusive use of proadlizers. On GV-N460SO-1GI graphics cards, GIGABYTE uses one NEC Proadlizer®, also known as film capacitor, to provide amazing current capacity and extremely low ESL/ESR for super overclocking ability. The added proadlizer transmits more stable power even during heavy loading.

GIGABYTE proudly improves its graphics card smart tuner OC Guru. This graphics card tweaking utility puts together the best combination of software/hardware overclocking. It now features 3 profiles: OC (for overclocking mode), Gaming (for gaming mode), and Green (for power saving mode). The different modes cater to users’ different needs. GIGABYTE’s distinctive adjustable software offers gamers to adjust tuners for memory, voltage, and fan speed. OC Guru, the user-friendly software, gives hardcore gamers liberty when overclocking.

GIGABYTE’s specific voltage read point supplies hardcore gamers an ultimate benching experience at overclocking competition. Heavy users can change the voltage simply through software instead of manually adjusting any components on PCB. It is easy for overclockers to master the platform and monitor GPU workload at any time just through voltage read point.

- Core Clock: 815Mhz
- Memory: 1024MB GDDR5
- Memory Clock: 4000MHz (Effective)
- 7 Phase PWM Design
- 6 Power Phase status LED indicators
- WindForce 2X Heatpipe cooling solution
- Voltage read points
- Memory Interface: 256-Bit
- Processing Cores: 336
- Shader Clock: 1630MHz
- Bus Type: PCI-Express 2.0
- Display Connectors: 2x Dual-Link DVI-I & 1xHDMI & 1 X Analogue
- SLI Ready
- HDCP Capable
- DirectX 11 Support
- OpenGL 4.0 Support
- PhysX Enabled
- CUDA Enabled
- Warranty: 3 Years


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I've had lots of graphics cards and I have always wanted one whereby it stayed as cool as a CPU did with a nice heatsink on it and it was unobtrusive. This is that graphics card. Gigabyte should get an Award for this design. Nothing I have run on it has ever made it go above 54c and it is very very silent. The overclock is just unbelievable. The only caveat you should be away of is that your CPU needs to be at the minimum an E8400 at 3.6 with 1066 DDR2. Below this, and you will get major micro-stuttering. Above this spec and this card is about the best - in the price range - you will EVER see (or have seen) in 10 years. 5 stars is not enough. I'm that pleased with this purchase.

Darren 2011-01-22


This card replaced my 18 month old Nvidia 9600GT 512mb and is a revelation. COD4/BF:BC2 are both now running at 1920x1000 and max res with no lag on my HKC 22". bargain IMHO.

Paul 2011-01-19

excellent card

just upgraded from m old BFG 8800 gts oc2
well it has served me well but a new 24" monitor and higher screen res it was struggling

this card is great my gpu temps have dropped to 29c at idle and 38c under load compared to the 8800 that was 49c idle and 62c under load
the cooling is very quiet i had to remove the side pannel to check the fans were actualy running
the fps in games more than trippled using the settings for the 8800 and were just over double when set to max

very happy with this card and if it lasts as long as my 8800 did bought in Apr, 07 then i will consider it a very worth while purchase

stuart 2011-01-11


Decided on this card after a lot of reading on the various GTX 460's available. It is easy to install runs everything I throw at it . Overclocked it slighty just to see what happens but, can't really see much point at the moment as out of the box it performs great.The fans are quiet & are no problem under load. Great value for the money.

Tony 2010-12-27

Awesome card!

This card is absolutely amazing. Not only does it look very sleek, but its incredibly quiet. I have no overclocked it because its already SUPER OVERCLOCKED. But if you wanted to, you could, the cooling is FANTASTIC. It has also tripled my FPS in counter strike source and let me play Black ops at FULL SETTINGS @ 1680x1050 with no lag, AT ALL. If your looking for a 460, this is the way to go!

Jarrod Strachan 2010-12-25

hugely powerful card

This card is awesome. It's as simple as that, comes with loads of adapters for easy installation, nicely packaged and fits in my bog standard mid tower case (after I moved the hard drive mind) no problem. the fan is very quiet, even when playing hawx 2 and fallout 3 on ultra-high settings in direct x 11 and the quality and speed of the graphics is more than a match for a

Matthew Whittingham 2010-12-10

Brill Card

Brilliant Card.
Decided to go nvidia so i could go soon get 3d vision..
so far i am at 970 core and 1100(4400 effective?) memory without touching the voltage and it is swallowing up everyhing i throw at it in max graphics.

Steve 2010-12-02


Such an awesome card! This baby is only

beckizzLe 2010-11-27

Ace of Cards

I am not biased towards green or red but I have had lots of ATI and Nvidia cards over the years.
I decided to go with 3D vision so it had to be Nvidia. Out came my 5850 Toxic and I got this with a view to getting 2 in SLI.
Now get this. I did some benches to see how much performance I wpuld lose with 1 of these cards in compared to the 5850. Same system, i7 920 at stock, 6gb ram. p6t mb.
Dirt2, Crysis, Far Cry2, Hawx, etc. Whaterver Ii ran this card is FASTER and SMOOTHER. Now there may be a game where the 5850 is faster but I have not found one! Also the hottest it has got is 60 oC compared to 81 for the Toxic in Furmark and I can barely hear the fan. Runs 3D with no problem so I don't really need a second to be honest but will probably get one at some point.
Almost every review I have seen puts the 5850 above this except value for money so make your own conclusions about that!
All in all a superb card in every way at a bargain price.
Top service from OCs yet again.

Gary 2010-11-19

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