Hazro HZ27WC 8-Bit 27" LED Widescreen Professional Monitor - Black

HZ27WC 8-Bit 27" LED Widescreen Professional Monitor - Black

  • 2560x1440 Resolution
  • 1,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 6ms Response Time
  • 420 cd/m2 Brightness
  • 1x Digital Input
  • 3yr return to base Warranty.
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Stock Code: MO-013-HO

EAN: 0610373926526


Manufacturer: Hazro

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Product information:

HZ27WC 8-Bit 27" LED Widescreen Professional Monitor - Black

The HZ27WA and HZ27WC are Hazro's new line of WQHD resolution monitors built around LED backlight IPS panels. Featuring a 2560x1440 resolution [WQHD], these monitors are ideal for creative professionals and gamers who demand nothing but the very best. IPS panels are preferred for their superior true color values, the most consistent image and a superior viewing angle as compared to other LCD technologies.

The HZ27WC features the same high resolution LED IPS panel found in the HZ27WA without scaling functionality. Video content bypasses scalers making the HZ27WC ideal for gaming and multimedia video production. The superfast 6ms response [grey to grey] minimises streaking and ghosting resulting in visibly less smear and blur around fast moving objects.

- LED Backlight Standard Color Gamut S-IPS
- 2560x1440 Resolution
- 1000:1 / 1,000,000:1 (Dynamic)
- 178/178 Viewing Angle
- 420cd/m Brightness
- 6ms gtg response time
- 72% NTSC / 100% sRGB coverage
- 1 x Dual Link DVI-D
- 2.5mm Audio out
- Kensignton Security Port
- 8bits [16.7Million colors]
- Dual Link DVI-D Cable, 2.5mm Audio Cable, 24V External Power Adapter, UK
- PIP/POP, Mapping: Not Supported
- 3yr RTB Warranty (UK customer only)

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Hazro HZ27WC 27"

Had no problems with this monitor. The IPS panel is totally outstanding. My wife uses Apple and even she's jealous of this screen! I have the glass coated version and reflections aren't a major distraction. The stand is acceptable, but I will be replacing it with a vesa desk mount ( was going to do this anyway for video editing reasons). Casing does look a bit on the cheap side, but again it's acceptable. No OSD, but not needed because I just use the Nvidia video card software to adjust everything. 1440 res means icons etc are scaled properly unlike some 27" screens which are only 1080 and makes images seem 'soft' . No dust or dead pixels just an awesome panel!

Adamsnapper 2012-10-21

Amazing Panel, basic shell and stand

Got it and first impressions were very good. The shell and stand are basic but I was able to look past this because the panel is just jaw droppingly beautiful.

If this is the max you can spend I would say the Hazro is for you. I bought it purely because for the money you can't get better. The trade off is quality (not of the panel), as I mentioned before the shell is a bit basic and the stand is the minimum to do the job really.

Unfortunately my Hazro died after 6 weeks and I am awaiting repair or replacement. Being without this monitor after being used to it is like having your right arm chopped off. Its been about a week or two without it and my previous 20" feels like working on a stamp. Can't wait to get it back.

3 stars because I love this monitor (well the panel really) but the trade off is that they seem to have lower than industry average MTTF (from what I can gleen from Forum posts regarding issues/failures).

SJ 2012-09-09

Decent monitor for the price

Good quality picture, sharp colours and good contrast.
Good blacks and whites.
Low price.
Looks good.

Lack of angle adjustment.
Two noticeable specks of dust that are very visible when the screen is white.

Julian 2012-08-07

Goodness Gracious Me

I am glad I bought this, the monitor is superb bar one dead pixel on the bottom left corner that you can only notice on a very bright white background which is not bad for a monitor of this price.

Coming from a Samsung 32in 1080p TV/Monitor I am gobsmacked of how much clearer the text is and my pictures on the desktop are like I've used a DSLR camera to take them than a compact camera.

The supplied cables were sufficient in length even the so called DVI-D cable(1-1.5m their abouts) that some have said is way to short was long enough but I do have my computer on the desk next to the screen so it's alright for me.

No OSD does not bother me Hazro have done a marvelous job getting this screen set-up perfect as far as I am concerned, who needs bells & whistles when the picture is this good out of the box.

I laugh in the face of named products e.g. apple being one of them is it really worth like 500 quid more is it??????

Don't doubt buy this monitor people, go on....................

Anthony 2012-07-27

Hazro 27" LED widescreen

Great monitor in terms of picture quality.
Very good price for 27" widescreen.
Very easy to set up.

The stand offers zero adjustment.
After 8 moths the glass screen started to fall out of the plastic frame.

Note on Overclockers:
Fantastic customer service, when I reported the fault 8 months after the purchase they offered a replacement without any fuss whatsoever. Very impressed with their business model in this respect.
I will use Overclockers again and again!

Julian 2012-07-25

SA WHEET screen!

After i huge upgrade to SLI GTX680's in an overclocked IvyBridge set up i decided to take advantage of my graphic card power and try gaming in 2560x1440 Res, OMG its super clear, colours seem to be...well more vibrant and have depth, ive come from a 27" Samsung LED, but this is in a different league all together, sweet price.. amazing monitor

Crabstick 2012-07-20

WOW !!

What an amazing monitor at the price !

First of all, overclockers - ordered at 4pm and delivered at 9am the next day.

Now the monitor. For the price, it's hard to beat. Quality of the case is ok, not up there with your LQs, BenQs, etc. but how much time do you spend looking at the case. The panel is perfect - no dead pixels, no discolouration and the clarity is absolutely fantastic.

Peter 2012-06-26

Wait and See

I ordered one a couple of weeks ago, it died within 10 days, currently waiting for a replacement will give it a second chance! I must say that even though i only had it just over a week going back to my old Samsung SM226BW is noticeable. Not as bright and much fewer pixels. Currently out of stock hopefully won't take too long.

Enio 2012-06-09

Wonderful - Follow install instructions

Just updated from 23" 1080p and all I can say is WOW. Not one dead pixel in sight

I see reports of loads of people having trouble installing. My advice is know your hardware and follow the install instructions.

turn off everything, plugin (to the correct Dual DVI port on your GPU card) and power monitor on.... then turn on your PC.

Worked first time without issue for me on AMD Radeon HD 6870.

Running BF3 with most settings on High or Medium (no FSAA).

just wonderful, great with PS too.

Who needs an Apple Cinema display?!?

Chris Buckler 2012-05-01

Well worth it

Damn, this is good. Can't fault the display at all. Got it on a proper swivel arm and it has really made a difference to what I can do.

Minor niggles though, the supplied stand is adequate but no more and only two screws for the VESA mount were in place and they were too small be be any use.

Phil 2012-04-27


This is my first IPS screen and I will never go back to my old TN... unless the much-talked-about Hazro quality control issues rear their ugly head(s).

The picture quality is superb. Viewing angles are very good. No dead pixels. The screen is more glossy than I was expecting but it's not causing me a problem.

I have only given it 4 stars for the following reasons:

- Some web sites cause the screen to buzz. The OcUK site is one of the worst culprits. It seems to relate to the number of horizontal lines on the page but I'm only guessing. No buzzing whatsoever in any of my games.

- Slight backlight bleed: Two small blobs below the top bezel which only become noticeable on a black background.

- The screen went black last week for no apparent reason. It happened twice in 10 minutes while I was typing into a thread on the OcUK forum. The backlight bleed was still visible so it wasn't a power problem. Switching it on and off fixed the problem each time. It has not happened since.

Steve 2012-04-27

Fantastic investment

As a graphic designer, I needed a monitor with accurate colour reproduction, lots of screen space and a high viewing angle, and I'm glad to say the Hazro doesn't disappoint. I work with macs every day and I can honestly say that I prefer the Hazro over the Apple Cinema Display, which costs over twice as much (they both use the same IPS panel, but the Hazro has a better screen coating).

It would take a monster of a graphics card to run Battlefield or Skyrim at 1440p, but even scaled from 1080p they look stunning in comparison to my 21" Iiyama.

Colours are deep and rich, gamma was bang on 2.2 out of the box, contrast is perfect, and not a single faulty pixel... what more could you ask for?


Lewis 2012-03-14

Stunning Picture Quality

Picture crispness, accuracy and overall quality is simply perfect on this monitor.

Sina 2012-02-22

Top Monitor

Jumped from Full HD 32" tv.
Just received monitor. Looks stylish and solid. Awesome picture, brightness and contrast. Calibrated using Huey Pro.
Cons- not found yet

Konstantin 2012-02-06


get mine delivered yesterday and still can't believe the picture quality on this monitor - on linux all applications look like sheets of glass.
I've ordered a monitor arm to compensate for the lack of movement with the stand but that is a minor issue.

Sina 2012-01-31

Fantastic Colors

I have to say i am very impressed with this screen.

I bought this to replace my 27" Samsung 2693HM it only did 1920x1200 but it in itself was a very good monitor, i just needed more desk space.

This monitor is well worth the purchase, the first thing that amazes me is how great the colours are straight out the box. WOW, no matter what angle I view this from the colours are rich and don't fade or bleed. I'm so happy with this monitor.

Shouou 2012-01-21


Superb screen for the price, great for gaming. The stand is a bit tacky, but its more than compensated for by the quality of the panel. Deep & rich colours, inky blacks, bright whites, and no ghosting in fast moving pictures. Really nice. Its brought battlefield 3 alive in a whole new way for me. The only slight negative I have is a single dead pixel at the bottom of the screen. But in every day use its hardly noticeable.

Wucked 2012-01-17

Gamers Dream

I have both a glass version and this version. Both are pretty much the same in terms of quality. Both are insanely good monitors. The size is just awesome, make sure you have a decent graphics card though with such high res. We play TOR on max everything, maxed specced nvidia 3D settings profile... it's awesome. If you're a gamer, this monitor is worth it. BTW, for thos interested we max everything with a Gainward GTX580 3GB Phantom... brilliant card.

Tyrone Donnelly 2012-01-02

Great monitor

The best thing about this monitor is the screen (as daft as that might sound) fantastic colours and amazing resolution.

Bad bits: the stand is basic, there's no movement at all. I've fitted mine to a VESA 100 wall mount then attached it to an old dell monitor stand.

There are no on screen settings, instead there is a line of buttons on the right rear of the monitor.

I have had a slight 'buzzing' from the screen.

Speakers are rubbish.

Only one video input.

With that said I can't recommend this monitor enough.

Matthew 2011-12-30

Brilliant but........

Excellent monitor with stunning picture quality and no defects.

However it will not boot with an AMD 5870, you need to remove the DVI cable, boot up then reattach when windows has loaded.

Its actually a fault in AMD's hardware so 5 stars still because hazro and overclockers were perfect.

Nathan 2011-12-29

Very glad I went for 1 of these

Finally had enough of budget & gimmick monitors which cause eye strain.

The screen is beautiful, don't be fooled by the unheard of Hazro brand, loving the extra space on desktop, my photos look sooooo much better with the much nicer res & nice colours, even gaming looks fantastic, video is good but I still use a 32" 1080p nice LED screen for them when not at the desk even though I don't need to anymore with the viewing angles being awesome on this.

Only has 1 dual link dvi port & no OSD but these come readily calibrated & look awesome out of the box with only the brightness needing taking all the way down & then move it up 3 steps & it's perfect, really is, had some very long designing sessions on it already & not 1 bit of eye strain.

This screen is 100% awesome.

I'd say even at

Waynio 2011-12-27


This thing is epic.

Tim 2011-12-11

Best value for money at the moment

For 362

Maciej 2011-12-10

Great screen

Firstly, id like to say that the service from ocuk has been fantastic, ordered one day, delivered the next as promised.

The screen itself is truely exceptional! Yes it has an external psu and very limited functionality but what you really care about is the image quality and it certainly doesnt let you down! Many people are saying these use the same panel as the Apple cinema screen, and i can certainly believe it. Mine has no dead pixels or background noise that many people have reported... all in all a fantasic screen at a 3rd the price Apple's version

Ben 2011-12-09

Hazro HZ27WC

This monitor is awesome!! Same panel as the very expensive Apple 27". Slightly too bright out the box but thats easily fixed. Most games run above 60fps at 2560*1440 (Assassin's Creed Revelations, Batman AC, Dirt 3, GTA IV, NFS The Run) some can even run with 4xAA like older DX9 games & thats only with a 1GB card. The only two games i've seen struggle at that res is BF3 & Crysis 2 with all the high res, DX11 mods, for these two games i need more VRAM. I do have the issue when i restart the PC DOS can't see my display so i have to also connect the HDMI port to my 42" TV then take it out again in windows. Also remember its not HDCP so ur blu-rays won't play on it.

Spec of PC;
Core i5-2500K @4.4GHz w/Antec K

Sherv 2011-12-05

Beautiful screen

Bought this as a replacement for a faulty Dell U2711 which i'm in the process of returning. It arrived next day, plugged it in and wow. Superb straight from the box. Highty recommended as long as you have the GPU to run 2560x1440

Steven S. 2011-12-03


This monitor is a seriously nice upgrade from a TN panel one. The picture quality is amazing and is from the second you turn it on worth every single penny. I had reservations at first if it was worth the asking price but after 10 minutes playing BF3 @ 1440p realised how much of a difference a IPS actually makes.
The screen itself has no dead pixels at all, feels well made and as for the lack of OSD, I feel this isn't even an issue as everything can be set up via a modern GPU.
All in all if you are considering this monitor but feel the price is high for a 27" I can assure you that it's worth it.
I would however say that if you are planning on gaming on it to have a GPU with at least 1500mb of VRAM as I easily max out my GTX470's VRAM @ 1440p on BF3 and Crysis 2.
Big display size
Amazing picture quality
Good solid build quality
response time for gaming (no ghosting)
No osd?
Dual link DVI cable is rather short

Kevan 2011-12-01

Unfortunate Price


Kyle 2011-11-26


beware buying this monitor !

once you buy it you will never be able to go back to a normal monitor again.

the image quality of this monitor is truely stunning.

there are very minor nigles like the stand not being adjustable, but the thing that counts which is the image, is spot on and a complete bargain at this price

Paul 2011-10-10

Amazing monitor

Excellent value for money.
Fantastic resolution and image quality.

I don't miss the OSD, I just had to turn the brightness down a bit and everything else was fine. You can adjust most things from your graphics card anyway.

The only bad thing is the Dual Link DVI cable is far too short for this size of monitor and you can't use your old 'Single Link DVI' cable - it won't work properly. If you have an old graphics card make sure it supports Dual Link DVI. My old-ish 8800 GT works fine.

I can not hear any noise coming from it in a quiet office environment.

Even without glass, the LCD's suface is shiny however unless have your back to a sunny window, this is not a problem, and this suface actually makes things sharper than those non-reflective ones that give a dispersed 'haze', so its no worse really.

The image quality and resolution of this monitor more than make up for these minor niggles. Every other monitor I look at now looks small and fuzzy in comparison. Get one.

Zimmy 2011-08-26

Can't be beaten for the price

I have two of these none glass versions and for

Tim 2011-07-10

Perfect compromise

Coming from a 5 yr old LG 20" 4x3 IPS monitor I knew IPS is the only option for decent colour and contrast uniformity, and this Hazro doesnt disappoint on that front. The LG core screen in the Hazro is excellent, with top notch contrast, pixel density and colour reproduction.

Obviously compromises have had to be made to provide the same core screen as offered by competitors charging twice the price and more. The connectivity is minimal, and the casing has a distinctly budget feel. The stand's only feature is it keeps the monitor vertical.

The only niggle worth highlighting is the lack of anti-glare coating on the screen. The screen isn't that reflective unless you're shining a torch at it, but even in a darkened room, a black screen displays a strange lighter sheen when viewed from an angle. This isn't backlight bleed, as the screen is black in all areas when viewed directly straight on.

But this is a negligable quibble with what must be the best value monitor currently on sale.

Ben 2011-06-24

Budget, but good

While this monitor has very little in customisation options (you can only adjust brightness and volume), and uses an external PSU, it's a great display for the money.

Massive resolution, and no input lag or ghosting (at least to my eyes) make this a great buy in my opinion.

Massive resolution and an IPS panel works well. The brand is not so well known, but it seems quality. Mine has no dead or stuck pixels.

Good value for money, but only gets a 4 as there are no calibration options.


Adam Hayter 2011-06-20

Good Image Quality, but...

The image quality is stunning. That's really all you need to know for the price.

The monitor, although advertised as non glare, non glass, still has a shiny finish which is quite reflective. Would have been good to know in advance. Overhead lighting also reflects of the shiny bezel which is annoying. A matt screen and bezel would be advantageous.

There is a slight buzz from the monitor - you'd only notice if you have a fanless PC and silent room, but actually it is rather irritating to go to the effort of silencing a PC, to end up with a slightly noisy monitor.

It feels like a mid range product, which is right for the price point. A matt screen and bezel would improve it to 5/5.

David 2011-06-19

Makes oyu see how poor TN really is!

Waited a long time and read countless reviews before buying. Had come to the conclusion going from CRT to a TN panel was not going to cut it for photo work so looked for IPS. This is very similar to the Apple cinema display, but without the glass front - I think the reflections are less as a result without any reduction in image quality. It is still glossy, but not overly so. Maybe the glass version is better looking, but you won't be looking at the panel and surround when the monitor is on. The colours, sharpness and contrast are very very good, and a clear upgrade from my crt. I have at least one dead pixel but honestly the pixel pitch is SO small it does not detract at all. The stand is basic but adequate.

If you want image quality on a budget - this is the monitor for you. Very capable panel in a budget package. 3.6megapixels - I have not seen my photos like this before! Stunning stunning stunning.

Nearly dropped 1 star due to overly short DVI - why?

Rob 2011-06-05

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