GeForce GTX 970 OC 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

  • Core Clock: 1088MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1228MHz
  • Memory: 4096MB 7010MHz GDDR5
  • Stream Processors: 1664
  • SLI Ready
  • PhysX/CUDA Enabled
  • 2 Years Warranty.
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Stock Code: GX-039-IN

EAN: 0835168020573


Manufacturer: Inno3D

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Product information:

GeForce GTX 970 OC 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

The new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980/970 is powered by the next generation NVIDIA Maxwell Architecture, giving you incredible performance, unmatched power efficiency, and cutting-edge features.

Maxwell is the most advanced GPU architecture ever made, designed to be the engine of next generation gaming. Inspired by light, it was designed to solve some of the most complex lighting and graphics challenges in visual computing. For the first time, gaming GPU's can dynamically render indirect light using the new VXGI (Voxel Global Illumination technology). Scenes are significantly more lifelike as light interacts more realistically in the game environment.

The GTX 980 is the worlds fastest GPU and the GTX 970 offers the most advanced performance in its class. Each delivers 2x the performance of previous-generation card, bringing new gaming experiences to virtual reality, and ultra resolution 4k displays.

Enable the detail of 4k monitors, on a 1080P display. DSR produces smoother images by rendering a game at a high resolution, then downscaling it to the native resolution of the display using advanced filtering.

GeForce GTX 980 and 970 cards support tear-free, super-fast NVIDIA G-Sync monitor display technology including 4k. Together, these technologies provide the most immersive and competitive gaming experiences possible.

- Voxel Global Illumination Technology (VXGI)
- NVIDIA® Super Resolution technology
- NVIDIA® GameWorks technology
- NVIDIA® GameStream technology
- NVIDIA® TXAA Technology
- NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0
- NVIDIA PhysX® Technology
- NVIDIA FXAA Technology
- NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync
- NVIDIA Surround
- Support for four concurrent displays including: Two dual-link DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2
- Microsoft DirectX 12
- NVIDIA® 3D Vision® Ready
- NVIDIA SLI® Ready Technology
- NVIDIA CUDA® technology
- PCI Express 3.0 support
- OpenGL 4.4 support
- OpenCL support
- NVIDIA G-Sync Ready

- GeForce GTX 970
- GPU: GeForce GTX 970 (GM204)
- Core Base Clock: 1088MHz
- Core Boost Clock: 1228MHz
- Memory Clock: 7010MHz
- Memory Size: 4096MB GDDR5
- Bus Type: PCI Express 3.0
- Memory Bus: 256-bit
- CUDA Cores: 1664
- DirectX 12: Yes
- DVI Port: 2x Dual-Link DVI, 1x DisplayPort & 1x HDMI
- DisplayPort: Yes
- HDCP: Yes
- HDMI: Yes
- Power: 2x 6-Pin
- 450W PSU Required
- 150W TDP
- Warranty: 2yr

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970 GTX - Awesome. This card - poor.

The 970 GTX is an excellent GPU for a good price. OCUK deleted my review the last time. Hmm ... do it again.

This Inno3D card is terrible. I believe that the card is designed to be thermally limited with inadequate cooling and power circuitry. That is, it will get hot, and the 970 GTX will protect itself by throttling back to maintain a maximum 80 degrees celsius temperature. I was hitting 80 degrees on games at resolutions and settings where other players were getting much lower temperatures with the same settings.

Because of the throttling, the performance was not optimal and the noise under load was very noticeable.

I upgraded the cooling to a water block - Accelero Hybrid II - 120. It was installed correctly and I played a game for an hour. Temperatures were very good - 67 degrees maximum. Then the card went bang. I conclude that Inno3D cut corners on the power circuitry and the cooling, in a way that the inadequate cooling limited the power consumption by causing thermal throttling. I fixed one problem and then found the other problem. So two corners were cut in a way that only affected performance (negatively). Clever, if not exactly honest IMHO.

OCUK have apparently returned my RMA before even discussing this with me. Buyer beware.


Great card

Not too big, temps good, cant hear it at all, awesome performance. Love it :)


Awesome Card

Probably one of the smallest ones on the market, awesome performance and no major noise complaints even when under heavy load. Really impressed so far.


Fantastic replacement

Brought this card to replace a failed GTX580, initially couldn't decide between this or a GTX770 but as the price was similar, decided to opt for the newer GTX970. All I can say is wow!!, Playing Far Cry 4 on maxed out settings and this card handles the graphics superbly. Temperature is still around 60 degrees although the room is pretty cool at this time of year so would be interesting to see how it is in the summer. Also, cannot even hear the card, as a previously reviewer mentioned, can hear the hard disk over the GFX card.
Just trying to decide if I should buy another for SLI.
But wouldn't hesitate on recommended this to others. Bang for buck, fantastic.


Amazing card!

Upgraded from a GTX 760. I can't fault it. I can play every game maxed out. Including; The Crew, FarCry 4, Battlefield 4, Crysis 3, Arma 3 and many more and it handle all of them easily at great FPS. I seen 2 reviews saying it got hot and loud mine doesn't. Maybe it's to do with how well you cool your PC or your card is faulty but mine hardly makes a sounds and goes to 60


Not Great at all like other people revie

Playing Far cry 4 temps sky rocket just login in main menu from 30 to 70 , playing game with v-sync on temps are 80 degrees , and fan runs at 80 percentage and it's very loud like somebody noticed that , Battlefield 4 is a bit better with v-sync on around 66 degrees runs , but when you switch it off it goes back to 80 . Well what's more concerns me it's winter now and not so hot in house , what will happen in summer time when it will hit 30 degrees outside and inside house could be hotter . This cards cooling is very poor !


Fantastic Card - Do not be put off by th

I recently upgraded from a 7950 Windforce 3.

I was aprehensive about the quality of this unit, having read that perhaps it wasn't as high quality as other options like the MSI/ASUS or others.

Well I was pleasantly surprised. Compared to my Windforce3 this card is smaller, faster and runs just as quiet. No problems about quality here.

I now run Metro Last Light at 1440p and full settings and get a solid 60fps with Vsync engaged.

The only reason to go for another more expensive card is the better cooling. However these 970's do not overclock that well and quickly run into TDP limits. So you aren't going to be OC'ing any of these that you require additional cooling.


Oldschool to Newschool!

Firstly, great service from Overclockers. First time user here, so good to get a "does what it says on the tin" service. In all honesty, this was a bit of a mammoth upgrade for me really, being a very occasional gamer. Upgraded from my beaten up old school ATI HD4870, and wow! I thought my 4870 handled Crysis 2 pretty well, but this a nutshell.... amazing. Everything maxed at ultra settings, in DX11 with hi-res textures enabled, and this thing doesn't even break a sweat. All this with a 5 year old i5 running with 6GB 1333Mhz RAM. Quieter than a mouse too when not under hard drive is louder! Build quality seemed good to be honest, no back board, but you don't see many coolers mounted with socket head cap screws!!, and for


Beware the 5-star reviews.....

Bought this based on the glowing reviews, and the fact that it's smaller than a lot of the other 970 cards.
Yes it's compact, and yes it's quiet at idle (hence the 2 star rating), but.....
...... put it under stress and both the temps and fan speed skyrocket!
Using the default fan profile in MSI Afterburner, and stressing it for 10 minutes, the temps reached 77 degrees, with the fans running at a matching 77%. It was also very noisy at these levels.
I don't have any new games (yet) with which to benchmark it, so it remains to be seen how it copes with them.
At the moment though, I'm somewhat disappointed....



A solid card, have had no problems with it. Great too that it's so short, so it fits nicely into my fractal node without covering the PSU cables at all.

Temp wise, it did just managed to reach 80 degrees after some stress testing, but I've not seen it go that high in real world use. Also, the default fan profile caps the fan speed to just 65%, so I used MSI afterburner to create a new one, capped at 75% which makes a significant cooling difference without adding much extra noise.



I've never bought an Inno3d before and was wary about this being much cheaper than more common brands (though I see its gone up a tenner in the last week!).

I'm happy to report that this was a good purchase. I upgraded from an asus direct cuII gtx 570 and notice a big difference in smoothness in Guild Wars 2, The Old Republic and Witcher 2 (1080p, i7 2700k, 8gb ram). I'm yet to test rome 2 which was the real reason for the upgrade though im confident there'll be a noticeable improvement and fewer 'VRAM running low' messages.

This card is only about 20cm long and only takes up 2 slots. It's considerably smaller than the 570 and draws less power. It's as quiet as the asus and seems to run cool (34 at idle, not looked at load yet but not heard it get any louder).

Very impressed so far :-)


Worth Every Penny!

Bought this yesterday to run Shadow of Mordor as I was getting blue and white 'blips' all over the screen (I mean ALL) and as usual perfect service from ocUK, arrived and fitted just now and what a HUGE difference it has made! Running the game at Ultra and FPS stays at a nice healthy 60FPS throughout, with nice crisp and clear textures.

I was reluctant at the price to begin with but I have bitten my tongue as I wish I had the money to buy another! Well recommended.

Always a pleasure doing business with you ocUK!



Upgraded from a Radeon 7850 and the card is amazing. runs everything brilliantly - first time i have had a Inno3d card or GTX card and i am amazed just how good it is..

Good size card not huge like some.
Well made
never goes above 50 degrees even with maxed out settings
very quiet even after a few hours.

excellent service as always from OVerclockers


Great in SLI

This time around with the 970 being much better value for money than the 980 and not being far off performance wise, it's actually a good alternative to buy 2 of these instead of the single high end. They're unstoppable at my res of 2560x1080, and in the future when I go 4K The memory compression technology and the new AA method MFAA will help a lot. They pack a punch for


Fantastic little card.

Had my GTX 670 for just over a year and glad I waited for the 9xx series. This is a great deal better than my old card, has not gone above 60 degrees even when playing Metro LL or Crysis 3 maxed out. Frame rates are a lot better too. Cheaper than a 780 and in my opinion, a much better option.


smug new owner

Haven't used Overclockers for a while, nice to see their service is still up to scratch, my order arrived on time and was well packaged, so well done OC and DPD. like the sweets BTW. ;)

Despite reading the specs I was still surprised as to how compact this card is, for a high end part it's positively tiny.
It feels nice and solid, a pleasant surprise given it's bargain price and I like the austere 'engineered' look, it's not often you see allen bolts on a GPU cooler.
Quiet is not the word either, I've not had it long true, but my Corsair case fans are nosier that this card, even under heavy load.
So far the only minor gripe is its temperatures, it stays below Nvidias 80C limit, but not by much, I'd have preferred a more aggressive fan profile out of the box, maybe I'll set a custom fan profile in Afterburner.
Combined with a i5 4690K (still stock speeds) it's a devastating combination on my single 1080 screen, one might even say overkill, but who's going to argue with FC3 at max settings running well over 70FPS?
Devastatingly fast, quiet and acceptably cool, all on just dual 6 pin PCI-E power...Now you know why I'm a 'smug new owner'
Fully recommended.


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