Core i5-2500K 3.30GHz (Sandybridge) Socket LGA1155 Processor - OEM

  • Quad Core
  • 3.30GHz clock speed
  • 32nm Process
  • 6MB L3 Cache
  • Dual Channel DDR3 Controller
  • Integrated HD 3000 Graphics
  • 1 Year Warranty
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Stock Code: CP-368-IN

EAN: 5032037011662

MPN: BX80623I52500K

Manufacturer: Intel

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Product information:

Core i5-2500K 3.30GHz (Sandybridge) Socket LGA1155 Processor - OEM

Intel's new Sandybridge based CPU's is a complete new refresh that requires new socket LGA1155 mainboards. This new platform uses less power and has vastly superior integrated graphics. The HD2000 graphics is capable of all multimedia task featuring DirectX 10.1 runtime making them ideal for gamers too. The K series edition processors are unlocked on the multiplier allowing overclocking and also feature HD3000 onboard graphics which feature twice the horsepower of the HD2000 making them ideal for gamers and have support for 3D Gaming. The new Sandybridge K series processors also feature immense overclocking as well.

- Unlocked Multiplier
- Lithography Process: 32 nm
- Cores: 4
- Threads: 4
- Frequency: 3.30 GHz (Turbo Mode 3.70GHz)
- Integrated HD 3000 (12 EUs) Graphics
- Integrated Graphics Frequency: 850MHz (1100MHz Turbo)
- Cache: 6 MB shared L3
- Memory Controller: Dual channel DDR3 800/1066/1333/1600 MHz
- TDP: 95W
- Socket: LGA1155
- Compatible with Socket 1156 heatsinks
- 1yr Warranty


- Do not exceed 1.425v core voltage, doing so could limit lifespan of the CPU
- Aim to keep temperatures below 70c underload if at all possible
- Do not overclock with BCLK, again doing so could limit lifespan of the CPU
- Recommended memory voltage is 1.50v, so make sure to run your memory at 1.50v, higher than 1.60v could limit lifespan of the CPU
- These recommendations come from OcUK and Intel, your warranty is un-affected but we highly recommend you adhere to the above to make sure your CPU lifespan is un-affected
- All Sandybridge CPU's worldwide should be run at the above or lower voltages, no higher!

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Nice little chip

The most powerful chip i had previously used was an AMD Turion II, so you can imagine how much of an upgrade this was for me.

I was absolutely astounded with its performance when paired with 8gb of RAM and an SSD cache drive, absolutely amazing chip.

I have mine sitting comfortably at 4.2GHz with some low-end watercooling *this chip can get far higher clocks with better coolers however)

Programs load amazingly fast on this setup, startup is amazingly fast, the system is still nippy when running prime95 (it is running right now and i didnt even notice).

For this price though, go for the next gen ivybridge i5 as it is currently cheaper for some reason (the 3570K).

Pair this beauty with an SSD boot or cache drive and you will be flying!

Also to the previous reviewer, this is an OEM product,which means it comes with just the advertised item and none of the accessories which would usually be included (e.g cooler) for that, buy the retail version.

Tom Priston 2012-05-18


i have recently bought a rig,
gigabyte z68 motherboard
i5 2500k cpu
8gb ddr3 vengeance 1600mhz.

i am pleased with most components except for the processor
i was hoping to run it on the stock cooler until i found it ONLY CAME WITH THE CPU NO STOCK COOLER!
i was planning on buying a h80 watercooler anyway but had to wait 1 week before i could boot it up.

hope this helps.

sean mac 2012-03-26

top class

With a chip like this around there really is no hope for AMD in the foreseeable future - which is bad news for the consumer. It's the no brainer gaming chip of choice. Easily stable at 4.5Ghz at stock volts and performance is just silly for the price.

Chevallier 2012-02-21

Runs great

The performance with this thing is so much better than my old laptop it is incredible! Though I would recomend the retail part unless you have some balls. it freaked me out that it just came in a little blank box. haven't overclocked yet as am i waiting for the waranty to wear off first

Ben 2012-02-04

2500K is the new Q6600

I think, like many others here, that until now there hasn't been much around to prize us away from our lovely clockable Q6600s (a decent cooler would get that 2.4ghz chip running at 3.16ghz without much fuss)

The 2500K, for me at least, is the new Q6600. Now I am not the sort of clocker that goes in for hours of painstaking voltage tweaking, I just like to slap on a big cooler, some artic silver and crank it up as much as it will go without messing with voltages or causing a fire.

A nice stable 4.5ghz achieved with the minium of fuss... and a big Corsair A50 cooler, which keeps it between 27 degrees (low load) and 55 degrees (Prime95 thrashage).

Craig Brown 2011-12-30


As an update to my previous review, I'm now running at 4.8Ghz, still @ 1.275v

I have enabled Intel C-State to save power and prolong CPU life (This can make some overclocks unstable, but my chip is handling it fine)

It now sits at 29oC Idle (C-Step 1590mhz)
63oC Full load (Prime 95, 1 hour)

Colour me impressed. Very impressed.

Jim 2011-12-01

Very Good CPU

Got this in an MSI Z68A-GD65 (G3) Motherboard with 8GB Kingston HyperX @ 1600mhz XMP.

The chip over-clocked very well, currently running 4.6Ghz @ 1.275v
Idle temps: 37oC
Load temps: 61oC (Prime 95)
Mobo temp: 30oC

Using Thermalright 120 eXtreme single fan. 100% stable.

People have got the chip up to 5ghz on this board, but i'm happy at 4.6ghz.

Jim 2011-11-30


Sad to see my Q6600 go

PC Plum 2011-11-14


This cpu will not be a hindrance to any game - no need to get an i7 for a gaming rig.

One of these with 2 6950s in xFire gets about 110fps in maxed out bfbc2 at 1080p.

At stock speeds I am getting about 80GFLOPS in linpac! That is astonishing, my q6600 got about 32GFLOPS.

Phil 2011-09-10


Runs very fast when over-clocked. Not much else to be said as handles everything I throw at it.

Steven 2011-09-05


got one of these with a asus sabertooth p67...8 gig of the kingston hiperx 1600...lordy...i had and i know its old a 5200 duel core overclocked to 3.6...but with my 5870 it ran games almost full knacker...

with this kill,s them...very very impressed ......not even botherd overclocking set up..bfbc...60/70 fps....with this same graphic card....90/120...all on high.......

fate 2011-08-09

Absolute beast CPU!

So far I really can't fault this CPU, did alot of research on it and comparing it to the i7 and as far as CPUs go for gaming.. right now this is the best, if you're not interested in anything beyond gaming then this is definately the CPU for you.

Running at 4.4Ghz after only minor adjustments on a MSI P67A-C45 and no headaches what so ever.

I reckon I can get 4.8 if I really put my head down to it but I'm happy where I am.

Simon 2011-07-26

Beast of a chip

This thing is absolutely brutal.
I'm running mine at 4.5ghz on 1.25v and it's 100% stable with temps in the low 60s under prime 95 using a Hyper212 cooler.
I upgraded from a q6600 with a 9800gtx to i5 2500k with a GTX 580 and I've not experienced so massive an upgrade since I diched my C64 and bought an Amiga 500...
Don't waste your pennies buying an i7, get one of these things with a decent air cooler, put a big fat overclock on it and put the leftovers towards a better graphics card.

Ben 2011-07-26

Bang for Buck!

Great service from overclockers as usual. Got this as a replacement for my overclocked E8500 and its worth every penny. I couldn't believe the step up in processing power especially with regards to HDD transfer rates. The biggest difference was in my GAMES. Paired with my 6870 it now RUNS CRYSIS LIKE A DREAM. This is all without and tweaking or overclocking (yet). Get this CPU you wont be disappointed.

Brad S Davis 2011-05-19

Incredible performance

Came from AMD athlon x4 to this so performace gap is immensise. Reached 4.6ghz with 1.275v with corsair a50 cooler. Peaks at 52c idles at 32c. Incredibly fast, excellent value for money. Excellent delivery fom OC as usual.

Tim 2011-05-12

Quad optimized

I did a review before in this thread.
This is an update.
If anyone plays Unreal 3 Tournament, Left4Dead2, BFBC2, Dirt2 - the performance you get from these quad-core optimized games is truly astonishing.
As an example, in L4D2, everytime the finale occurred the graphics would judder (slow up, slow down; No Mercy), even on my E8400 at 3.6Ghz.. now, it's gone. It doesn't occur in L4D1 as that is only Dual-core optimized (I was a little surprised it did anyway).
Dual-core gaming is officially over.

David 2011-05-12

Simply Amazing

well what can i say about this CPU that hasnt already been said. its just awesome. ive got this clocked at 4.7ghz on 1.24 volts, using a freezer 13 high performance, max temp 58c on Prime. Idles at 30ish. Massive upgrade from my Q6600 which i used for about 3 years. Great service from OcUK as usual. 5 stars

Mythikal 2011-05-06

Great processor

Bought this to upgrade my Athlon II (Yeah, I know)

Was easy to overclock to 4.5GHZ with an A50 cooler.

Oliver Tallentire 2011-05-02

C2D to Core i5

I've had an Intel E8400 OCed 3.6 Ghz with DDR2 OCed 1066 for 4 years. Got this CPU (OCed to 4Ghz) and Corsair's Vengeance (for the 1.5v spec) and the difference is so large that at first I didn't believe it. It might technically be twice as powerful but it feels like I have a monster unleashed in my PC - it east CPU-bound game engines like there is no tomorrow - just incredible.

David 2011-04-24

5.1GHz prime stable

Unreal, I knew these things overclocked but I was not expecting so much so easily.
Running a P8P67 B3, H50 cooler.
1.42volts and this thing was running at 5.1GHz prime stable and run at full load for 48 hours without a hitch, I have cracked it back a bit to 4.8GHz but still I am amazed.

Dirtynap 2011-04-01

Great stuff

Great piece of hardware is all I can say.
Currently running @ 4.6ghz with voltage below 1.3v under load on asus p8p67 pro and 8gb corsair vengeance 1866mhz.
Upgraded from Q9550 @ 3.75ghz on asus p5q and 4gb kingstone 1066mhz and finally i can use 100% of my gtx 580.
Whoever say that q9550 want bottleneck gtx 580 is totally wrong.
In many games my gpu usage was reaching max 50% and games was stuttering (big areas, lots of buildings etc)
With this cpu problem is solved.

Dominik 2011-03-21


Simple little review..

Upgraded from a C2D E6600 @ 3.8ghz which i ran for 4 years consistent which has never put a foot wrong.

When Core2Quads came out, the bargain Performance for Price + Amazing overclocker was the Q6600...

This in the latest generation of Intel Cpu's is exactly that, 160 pounds for a quad core that day one i overclocked streight up to 4.8ghz on air (Corsair A50 cooler) @ 1.265v prime stable 24 hours, load temps 62c, lots more room for overclocking but its jut not needed..

100% satisfied.

3dmark score risen from 18000 to 30000

>From E6600 - Asus p5w - 4gb ocz ddr2 - 4870x2
2500k - P67A-GD55 - 4gb ocz ddr3 - 4870x2

Fps in games on average from just a cpu mobo ram upgrade about 40% higher.

Didn't realise how much of a bottleneck a dual core was for graphics cards till i upgraded.

What can i say, 100% satisfied, get it befor its gone, people will be fighting for these second hand once there gone like the Q6600!!


Iceshock 2011-03-09


ive had one of these for about 10 days and oh my god, what a processor!

if you want to go with a sandy bridge processor then this is defenately the one to go with, dont waste your time with he lower models.

currently oc'd at 4ghz with a stock cooler and its fantastic, i wouldnt however go any higher without getting a aftermarket cooler.

made my system much more stable and generally more enjoyable to use.

would definitely recommend

5 stars.

matt h 2011-02-27


OC this to 4.6gh using 1.32v only with an Asus p8p67. Using a Bequiet Dark Rock Pro cooler, idle temp at 30c,Hit 63c on couple of hours prime95.Just careful on Asus board if leaving CPU volt to auto it can fire up to 1.4v on turbo mode and can be quite toasty.

SiuSiujuju 2011-02-15

its a weapon!

twice as fast as my old q6600@3.6.
there are however some reports of some cpu's going flaky. may well be worth paying the extra few quid and getting the 3 year warranty retail version!

WARBULATOR 2011-02-06


Have achieved 4692MHz so far without any manual voltage increase. Good chip, out proform's my old Q6600@3600MHz while at stock speeds.

Huw Sharpe 2011-01-30

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