Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz (Devil's Canyon) Socket LGA1150 Processor - Retail

  • Quad Core with Hyperthreading Technology
  • 4.00GHz clock speed
  • 22nm Process
  • 8MB L3 Cache
  • Dual Channel DDR3 Controller
  • Integrated HD 4600 Graphics
  • 3 Year Warranty
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Stock Code: CP-539-IN

EAN: 5032037065948

MPN: BX80646I74790K

Manufacturer: Intel

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Product information:

Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz (Devil's Canyon) Socket LGA1150 Processor - Retail

Want to tune every aspect of your system for the ultimate in total system control. Then the new unlocked Intel Core processors which enable system tuning for the processor cores, memory, graphics, and power, were made for you. Whether you are a novice overclocker or a seasoned veteran, these processors will have you singing their praises in no time.

Looking for the perfect processor to build your gaming rig around? But you also want to edit your action videos and photos? But to do this you know you need serious performance. Not to worry - Intel is happy to announce our first 4GHz base frequency quad core processor. If it is performance you crave, then this is the processor you have been waiting for. But what if you feel the need to overclock your system to squeeze every last bit of performance out of it? Well, then this is still the perfect processor you. The lastest 4th gen Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7 processors, paired with the latest Intel 9 Series H and Z chipsets, will get you the results you want. Add in features like built in visuals and Intel Quick Sync Video, which allows the conversion of media from one device to another and prepares your media from one device to another and prepares your media to share online at incredible speeds, and these are processors that meet every need you have.

The Intel Core processor family delivers a great PC experience. Whether you are looking for improved performance, greater adaptability, or differentiated visual features, Intel has the processor to fit your needs. Whether you use your PC for creativity, playing games, or everyday task such as homeworkd and email, these new processors make it easier to design, render, edit, play, and share.

Intel Core and for Intel Core i7 processors, Intel Hype-Threading Technology allows each processor core to work on two task at the same time, improving multitasking, speeding up the workflow, and accomplishing more in less time.

With 4th gen Intel Core processors, you can boot your PC, load applications, and resume from sleep nearly instantaneously thanks to Intel's responsiveness technologies such as Intel Smart Response Technology and Intel Rapid Start Technology.

The 4th gen Intel Core processor family offers hardware-level security that helps protect your devices, your data, and your online transactions.

The 4th gen Intel Core processor family automatically connects to wireless hotspots. Your email, social media, and apps are always updated thanks to Intel Smart Connect Technology. Finally, wirelessly stream your HD / 3D video and games to your TV or projector for presentations and entertainment using Intel Wireless Display Technology.

- Improved thermal interface material (TIM)
- Updated packaging materials
- Supported by new Intel 9 series chipset
- Re-engineered for Enhanced Performance & Overclocking

- Lithography Process: 22 nm
- Cores: 4
- Threads: 8
- Frequency: 4.00 GHz (Turbo Mode 4.40GHz)
- Integrated HD 4600 Graphics
- Cache: 8 MB shared L3
- Memory Controller: Dual channel DDR3 1600/1866/2133/2400/2666+ MHz
- Socket: LGA1150
- Memory compatibility: All DDR3 1333MHz and above is compatible
- PSU compatibility: Please ensure that your PSU is compatible with Haswell's C7 low power state if you wish to use this feature.
- 3yr Warranty


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Brilliant CPU

A doddle to upgrade from an i54690K

H80i and Kryonaught thermal compound

Idle 27 to 30 and 61 under Prime95

Took 20mins to fit and 30mins to stress test (only 5 degrees difference from lowest to highest temp core), better than my 11 degree difference on the i5

BIOS and Windows7 recognised the CPU and did all the hard work, i'll keep it at 4Ghz for a couple of weeks and then OC.

David Malcolm 2016-01-29

It doesn't get much better

Very happy with this CPU.

I have it cooled by a Corsair H80i

I have it running at 4.5ghz (x 45 multiplier on all 4 cores) at 1.18v, and it idles at 28-32c and sits at max of 62c after 2 hours of the Witcher 3.

I could lower the voltage a touch more, but its fine.

Really well worth your money, blisteringly quick and cool.


Simply Amazing

I have chosen this processor for my own very first pc build, though unfortunately OCUK didn't provide with any Haribo sweets, I can look beyond that with the performance this processor delivers.
Cooling it with a h60 it doesn't exceed 29℃ when idle and 59℃ under load.
Multitasking this flies through, you can be rendering, in a Skype call, watching a YouTube video all at the same time.
Definitely worth the money.


Insanely responsive and extremely powerf

I recently swapped out my aging AMD FX 8350 for this processor as I do a lot of video converting and gaming. I had nothing but problems with my FX 8350 due to how weak the cores are on it and therefore I would suffer frame drops and stuttering in games that only use a few cores at the most. I purchased this processor and could not believe the difference, it was night and day!

Converting a two hour, 1.56GB file took my FX 8350 over 20 minutes. This processor did it Eight minutes faster. Eight!!!! And it has not even been over clocked yet. On top of that, every game I play now runs butter smooth. I never used to be able to play Crysis 3 or Farcry 3 and 4 or even what is probably seen as one of the worst port in history (Watch Dogs) very good, I would stutter and suffer horrible drops. Now? Smooth. Smooth, smooth, smooth.

Just to let people know, do not base this processors performance based on the Windows Index Score. It means nothing. Windows bases it's score depending on the cycles per second a CPU can do, and to get from 7.8 to 7.9 requires a CPU to do 5.5Ghz or more. And as you can see, clock cycles does not mean more performance. This is backed up by the fact that this CPU that runs at a stock of 4.0Ghz, utterly dominates the AMD FX 9590 that runs at 4.7Ghz. It even does so with far less power!

If you are after great performance for moderate workstation grade tasks and gaming, this processor is your best choice. No need to spend tons of money on upgrading to the 5xxx series. The 5xxx series is aimed at heavy workstation grade consumers. Surprisingly though, the 4790k gives the 5820k a good damn run for its money!



very pleased with intel as always. haven't overclocked it yet, because it handles anything I throw at it without breaking a sweat



Recently upgraded the mobo with a Z97 Ranger and a Celeron to start with as I couldn't decide what CPU to get now or wait for the Broadwell. I figured the 4790k would be hard to be so ordered that. Well......VERY impressed, what a cpu, not overclocked it yet, no need to with 4.4ghz on tap using Intel's boost technology. Does run a little hot, using an Aragon AR01 cooler, 71 degress C using Intel burn test software.

Very impressed, easily beats the old i5 2500 or a i7 2600k hehe :)

Love the onboard video, even plays my old games lol


A good chip with a little but.

I have built couple of PCs including 2600k, 3770k, 4770k based and AMD build such as 6400+ , 940, 1090T etc. The Devil's canyon series shines the best when it harmonizes with Z97 motherboards ( I use MSI z97 gaming 7). There are quite a lot of improvements in addressing problems found in P67/Z68 series (such as SATA controller issue) and even Z77 ones ( I will not mention about Z87+ 4770k here as I didn't noticed any notable difference in performance apart from a better thermal dissipation). From my exprience, if you are upgrading from 2600k/3770k, you will notice a little improvements in performance in executing programs and the multi-tasking too. I have noticed this when I was using CMD line extensively ( I run a little handmade programme) under Win 7 ultimate plus the game load and multiple antivirus scans probably due to the updated instructions set. The notable improvements rate is 20%. This is purely from my instinct.

I said game loading above but please don't expect it to run the games faster than 2600k. It's just a loading (perhaps 3% notable difference). The temperature is acceptable. I use BeQuiet Dark Rock 2 and the idle temperature is around 30- 35C and the load is 60- 70C but I must tell you that you should turn EIST on in the BIOS to achieve the temperature if it is not turned on otherwise you will get over 70C in load and around 40-50 C idle. ( Again it was my case)

Now a little but here. The question is, was it worth the upgrade from all other Intel CPUs I said above? Yes and No. Yes, because I like testing out new products (and the new box and its smell!) but No, because it still doesn't show a significant upgrade such as, say from I7 920 to 2600K. But, if your 2600k motherboard broke, then there is no choice but to choose the Z97 setup as P67/Z68 series of motherboard is not produced anymore except those left overs from Asrock and few low end Asus motherboards.

Overclocking this CPU is not necessary I thought. First of all, it is not 100% stable. It is something that is not to do with Batch. Please don't trust the reviews on internet entirely when it comes to overclocking this chip. The thing is, using Prime95 after the overclock is not enough to say it is quite stable. Even when you pass Prime95 test the whole night, you may or may not get BSOD/Freeze during the daily operations (and that includes skype by the way).

This chip greatly choose RAM speed providing you overclock your RAMs. For example, I can post and reach to the desktop screen with the CPU overclocked to 4.6Ghz + 32GB 2400mhz Platinum RAM overclocked from 2133mhz but it is not stable entirely. You either need to overclock your RAM to max or the CPU. Personally, the optimal OC rate was 4.4ghz (I must tell you that the max turbo core is 4.2Ghz when all cores are used. Make sure you don't get confused with the advertised speed) with the same OCed RAM.

Video encoding wise, it is slightly better than 3770K (5-10%). I don't care about Cinebench numbers out there but I do value the real experiences out of the box so that I can share this personal review to others.

Would I recommend this CPU to you? Yes, if you have CPUs below 2600K/2500K and 1100T or if your motherboard broke. Yes, if you have 2600K and you'd like to experience every little performance boost. No, if you have above 2600K or FX 8350 and seeking for a big improvements in performance to let it last for say another three years. And at the bottomline, this suggestion of mine goes to the enthusiasts who does not need 5960X level of CPUs and not the buisness users too.

Don't let the online reviews muddle your decision on this part of the components. When you buy them, what you see in the screen in front of you tells you the real experience and not the benchmark numbers out there.

Hope it helps...


Very nice, I'm glad I didn't go 2011-3

I'm glad I went with this chip instead of the new 6 and 8 core 2011-3 from intel.

I was running an i7-960 @ 2.8Ghz, this chip is noticeably faster on quite a few things and often all the cores don't max out where as my old one did in quite a few desktop / creative suite application uses.

I can't justify an extra


great little chip final update

to ad to my two other reviews i thought i'd see just how far i could push my i7 and boy i wasnt dissaponted, i have the vcore running at 1.325v and had a rock solid 4.8ghz and after some tinkering i managed 4.95ghz with a core voltage of 1.35v both settings booted into windows 7 and allowed me to play dead space 3 which is a very cpu heavy game to play, temps have remained below 80 degrees for both runs.
i was so dam close to the magic 5ghz club but no matter how much tinkering i did i just couldn't get it stable at that speed, bumping the vcore up to a scary 1.45v did nothing but create a lot of heat so i called it a day and settled on 4.95ghz, hope this helps any of you overclockers out there and best of luck :)


Nothing short of amazing

This has gotta be the best


great little chip update

have now got this chip cooled by the noctua 92 mm dual fan heatsink and am seriously impressed with the results, am still running a 4.6ghz core clock but the best thing is that the temps are 7 - 10 degrees cooler. only downside is it slightly louder than my previous cooler (evga mini itx) but i wear headphones so cant hear it while playing games :)
now to the chip itself its a great overclockers whilst not requiring much voltage to do so, my advice it to ask overclocks to send you the l4 batch chips and NOT the l3 batch if your going to get one (my chip is a l4 batch btw)


Nice CPU, Great overclock FUN

Got this overclocked to a nice 4.8ghz, at 40c temps idle with a H60 water cooler. still scores 7.8 on windows index, but it is very fast, i bought this in a bundle so i presume thats why i didnt get GRID! a little sad :( but the haribos cheered me up! CPU is 5 star amazing and good service from OCuk.


great little chip

have been running this for around a wekk and so far rock solid, have been able to push 4.6ghz @ 1.22v which seems low but is fully stable, got it running with a evga mini itx cpu cooler and the max temp seen so far is 76 degrees playing bf4, have purchased a noctua dual 92 mm cpu cooler to see if temps can be brought down a bit will add a update as this happens, and for the love of god please dont use the stock cooler from intel unless you like your chips deep fired and grilled to a crisp :)


fast cpu

long time since cpu upgrade so i cant compare this to previous cpu's. 4.00GHz is very fast for someone who is unsure about overclocking, so this saves me the hassle of doing so. fast delivery and excellent service from overclockers.


Great CPU

I'm happy with this cpu, extremely fast and does well with multi tasking. stock fan kind of sucks so I suggest buying a good fan for it


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