Intel Core i7 920 D0 Stepping (SLBEJ) 2.66GHz (Nehalem) (Socket LGA1366) - Retail

Core i7 920 D0 Stepping (SLBEJ) 2.66GHz (Nehalem) (Socket LGA1366) - Retail

  • Overclockable D0 Stepping (SLBEJ) Version
  • Quad Core Technology
  • 2.66GHz clock speed
  • 8MB L3 Cache
  • Intel HyperThreading Technology
  • Triple Channel DDR3 Controller
  • 4.8GTs QuickPath
  • 3yr Warranty
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Stock Code: CP-280-IN

EAN: 00000000

MPN: BX80601920

Manufacturer: Intel

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Product information:

Core i7 920 D0 Stepping (SLBEJ) 2.66GHz (Nehalem) (Socket LGA1366) - Retail

Hardcore multitaskers rejoice. The Intel Core i7 processor delivers maximum processing power in response to peak demands. You'll fly through everything you do on your PC - from playing intense 3D games to creating and editing digital video, music and photos. With Intel Turbo Boost and Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, you get intelligent performance when you need it most. You'll multitask applications faster and unleash incredible digital media creation. In fact, you'll experience a maximum level of performance for everything you do and for years to come.

- Core Size: 45nm
- Socket: LGA1366
- Quad Core
- Frequency: 2.66GHz
- Multiplier: 20x
- L2 Cache: 4x 256KB
- L3 Cache: 8MB
- QPI: 4.8 GT/s
- Voltage: 0.8 - 1.375v
- TDP: 130W
- D0 Stepping (SLBEJ) for extreme Overclocking

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Good overclocker

Overclocked to 3.9GHz (195x20) with turbo mode on so load is 4.1GHz, less than 1.3v vcore, hardly raised the VTT/uncore.

All other stock settings, just lowered the memory multiplier so it wasn't too high

Stable under intel burn test and prime95, but gets hot temperatures

Had it 4GHz + turbo = 4.2GHz stable just over 1.3v vcore but temps went up farther, had to raise VTT some more, I'm happy as it is.

Built with Foxconn FlamingBlade GTI and 6gb Corsair XMS3 1600MHz

If overclocking... turn off vDroop!

Aaron S 2010-04-13

overclocking dream

Overclocked it to 4.0ghz @ 1.25v temps 71 deg .. gigabyte ud5 board

first time overclocking and this chip was easy

demonfatality 2010-03-29

Very good

Overclocked it to 4.0ghz @ 1.25v and HT off as it is useless for gaming, just extra heat.

Stan 2010-03-23

Does what it says on the tin

Got it running quite happily at 3.5Ghz on stock cooler, stock voltages.
Plenty for me, but know when i get bored i can try to push it further;-)
Bargain for the money!

Rob 2010-03-21


Bought this around 2-3 weeks ago, overclocked it to 4.2Ghz using the Corsair H-50.

Running solidsince I got it. Worth every penny.

Slightly overpriced with the 930 at your feet for an

Scott 2010-03-08


Yes, that is nice CPU, but price is to high. Core i7 930 coming soon, for the same price as 920.

Peter 2010-02-23


just a update of my other review succsesfully overclocked to 4.53ghz and heavily overclocked my gtx 295 everything is super fast crysis on very high with 8x anti analising getting over 65fps and pushing close to 100 fps on high settings

Dan 2010-02-23


Running at 4.2ghz prime stable idling at 28c. Absolutely incredible, you'd have to be in a mental home to pay the extra

Will 2010-02-20

Not bad

Just installed this with a Gigabyte UD3R board and 6gb of Corsair 1600mhz GT Ram, Corsair H50-1 cooler.

Not happy with Corsair H50-1 performance, runs 40s on idle and touches 70c at full load in Prime95.

Clocks very easy on stock voltage to 3.8ghz, damned if I can find a way to get it to 4.0 or 4.2ghz however. Seeking advice on the forums atm, sure its down to user error, however I have boosted all the usual voltages, starting to wonder if I got a duff one with the temps being so high on that Corsair H50 cooler ??

OC UK provided an excellent service yet again.


Mark 2010-02-19


Bought this in conjunction with a intel x58 GA-EX58-UD3R and 2 x 2gb sticks of g.skills DDR3 1600mhz.

I've never spent so much money on a new build before, and its my first intel/nvidia (gtx275) crusade coming from a back catalogue of AMD/ATI tech.

I can safely say, it is an unbelievable system, and will keep me happy for years to come without even looking and new hardware.

Had i have not had so much money from student finance, i probably would have gone with the highest spec and cheaper phenom as i know there is not a MASSIVE difference. but i wanted that little extra to make sure i was safe for the long run, and have not been disapointed.

Overclocked to 3.5ghz currently, and will be going higher once iv bought the appropriate sized bracket for my bigger cooler.

Thumbs up overall.

Stevie 2010-02-07


purchased this with asus p6td deluxe board and ocz 6gb triple kit, went from stock to 3.8ghz with no voltage increases, then it went to 4.4ghz using 21x 210 qpi
1.45 vcore , 1.9 cpu pll voltage 1.3volts for both ioh and ich

only problem is windows doesn't recognise the 21 multiplier so in windows the cpu is at 4.2ghz but cpuz shows the cpu running at 4.4ghz

now it's at this speed every game is so fast and I haven't started to overclok my gtx295 yet

Dan 2010-01-11


i had a pentium 4 before this, so this chip is the bomb, i installed it in my new build and omg it runs everything, no problems when editing video or running anything i throw at it.

kaisersozai 2010-01-01

Great chips

Got a brilliant late B batch chip. Hits 4Ghz on 1.22 volts (can probably reduce this further), and temps peak at 69c under LinX stress testing with a Cogage TRUE Spirit Push-Pull.

I have no doubt it will hit 4.2 on about 1.28 volts, just have to find the time :)

Superb at stock and Overclocked - big upgrade from an E6600.

John 2009-11-25

Extremely Quick

Absolutely loving this cpu at the moment and is probably the best cpu i've ever bought in terms of price/performance. Running it here now on a UD3R motherboard + Corsair H50 and clocked to 4Ghz with no problems at all. With rendering and encoding its superb and in gaming nothing stresses it. If you're looking for longevity and the best price/performance look no further!

Rich 2009-11-19


i used to run a very good pc before i purchased my i7 920 but dam it now i got my i7 rig up and running going back to lga socket pc would be like going form the xbox 360 to the atari...... dam this cpu is a beast, got mine running 24/7 @3.6ghz but have reached 4ghz (i found no need for extra power)

amd phenom what?

funkysnair 2009-10-16


Clocked to 4GHz and compared to my Q6700 is way faster at rendering work and development, and more importantly games.

David 2009-10-03


My old system was no slouch (A Q6600 @ 3GHz, 8GB RAM, P45 Mobo and 4870 GPU) but felt I needed a bit more 0omph in rendering/encoding and of course, gaming :)

So I bought the Gigabyte UD5, the i7 920, 12GB DDR3 Patriot, BFG 275 GTX and booted up. Wow. Not just a regular Wow but I mean wwwooooowww!!

Very very fast processor. Rendering times have improved tremendously, general OS usage and gaming is smoother.

A very worthy update which I expect to last for a few years. An excellent buy :)

ManMountain 2009-08-29

Simply the best

I have 2 systems based around this processor, and I really can't fault them at all.

They are a amazing for overclocking as well, although there is quite a lot of variation from chip to chip, I can get 4.2GHz with one of them, and the other one I have only managed to hit 3.8GHz so far, although I haven't played around with it as much as the one at 4.2GHz, but it requires more voltage to do 3.8 than my other chip does for 4.2, so it is a hit or miss really as to whether you get a really good one, or an average one.

It seems to be that the D0 stepping chips from the first batches are the best when it comes to overclocking with lower voltages, however, they are great chips even at stock!

i7FTW 2009-08-26

Blown away

Just built a system for my partner and i am really impressed, in fact each and every time i use it (which is a lot, my system is now very very lonely (intel d960 cpu)) i get even more impressed.

low temps, low volteges, insane speed (without overclock) and like what has been said below, future proof.

if you are thinking about getting one, just get your card and get it.

Danny 2009-08-17


I bought this CPU as part of one of OCUK's overclocked bundles @3.8ghz to help me out with some heavy 3d rendering I have on a project at the mo.

In Maya (3d graphics package) on a head to head rendering test with a core2 2.83ghz it was almost exactly twice as fast which roughly translates as one i7 thread @ 3.8ghz is as fast as one 2.8ghz core on a q9550.

Runs very hot under prolonged load -hovers in the high sixties but it is VERY stable and as of yet has never blue screened on me no matter what i throw at it.

Russ 2009-08-17

Core i7 920

Really excellent cpu. Blows the other quads away with its performance and it will be some time before there is a usage out there that will exploit its full potential - future proof.

As everyone says, it overclocks very well and without much hassle. Mine is running at 4GHz with nice low temps and low voltages.

Would recommend you get a good quality cooler (like a Noctua) and motherboard to look after it, especially if you plan to overclock it.

AC 2009-08-08

Oh gosh

Fantastic CPU, have no problems with OCUK on the cpu alone. Really amazing, running a extreme gaming rig and nothing touches it.

Did originally order a OEM version but due to overclockers failure to keep my happy on another stock issue they gave me a retail instead of OEM to save any further delays.


Max 2009-07-22

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