GeForce GTX 970 OC Silent "Infin8 Black Edition" 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card **World

  • Core Clock: 1178MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1329MHz
  • Memory: 4096MB 7010MHz GDDR5
  • Stream Processors: 1664
  • SLI Ready
  • VR Ready
  • PhysX/CUDA Enabled
  • 2 Years Warranty.
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Stock Code: GX-010-GX

EAN: 4895147118482

MPN: 970EXOC_Infin8

Manufacturer: KFA2

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Product information:

GeForce GTX 970 OC Silent "Infin8 Black Edition" 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card **World

Virtual Reality is upon us with the likes of Oculus Rift already available and HTC Vive coming very soon. Valve have released a SteamVR benchmark which will test your system for VR Readiness, we advice customers to run this benchmark as the minimum specification to be VR Ready is a GTX 970 from camp NVIDIA. VR is a game changer for games such as Elite Dangerous, Portal 3, Flight simulator, Project cars and who knows the elusive Half Life 3 may make an appearance from Valve as being VR optimised, lets keep our fingers crossed.

Since Overclockers UK introduced our Infin8 system range, demand for high performance zero compromise systems has exploded. Our Infin8 brand represents performance hardware coupled with a unique and stylish aesthetic.

Since the release of high end Maxwell architecture, the hardware game has changed. The new GeForce cards offer revolutionary new technologies and class leading performance alongside low operating temperatures and impressive power consumption.

The KFA2 GeForce GTX 970 OC Silent "Infin8 Black Edition" is a collaboration of one of the largest Nvidia board partners worldwide, Overclockers UK Graphics Specialist: Andrew Gibson and Overclockers UK Technical Specialist & Overclocking World Champion, Ian ‘8Pack’ Parry.

Originally the KFA2 970 EX OC Black Edition was intended as a high performance option for customers looking for the ultimate gaming experience with class leading performance. Our close partnership with Galax allowed us to specify a list of important modifications that would make the KFA2 GeForce GTX 970 OC Silent "Infin8 Black Edition" a real show stopper.

Primarily, to fit the Infinity aesthetic, we demanded that the external design of our Black Edition card was sleek and stealthy. Adding to the already imposing look of the KFA2 design, this new, aggressive appearance really highlights the intent behind this product.

Additionally to the colour change, we included a nickel plated I/O plate, heatsink and heatpipes to compliment the premium nature of the product. The already impressive backplate on the card has been accented with a stylish "Infinity: Inspired by 8 Pack" decal.
The imposing looks of the card would be nothing without the ‘go’ to back up all the show.

Building on the already impressive performance of the GTX 970 platform, world class overclocking expertise from 8Pack has been implemented to fine tune the BIOS of this card to achieve maximum safe, reliable performance from the GTX 970.

As an industry leading gaming and high end hardware specialist, Overclockers UK understands the importance of offering a product that meets a customer’s expectation. A major worry for any enthusiast is operational noise under load. We have used this knowledge to reduce coil whine by using higher quality components and also using glue to attach the inductors to the PCB to help reduce electrical vibrations which help reduce whine.

This collaboration with Galax has allowed us to build what we believe to be the finest example of a GTX 970 on the market today.

This product is exclusively available from Overclockers UK and Caseking group throughout UK and Europe. We suggest European customers visit www.caseking.de to purchase this card in Western Europe and Eastern European customers purchase from http://www.kellytech.hu/

- OcUK Zero Coil Whine guarantee*
- All Black Design!
- Nickel plated I/O Plate
- Nickel plated heatsink and heatpipe
- All black shroud/cooling design
- Black PCB
- Black Backplate with Inspired by 8 Pack logo
- Inductors placed in higher quality containers and glued to PCB to reduce coil whine
- Extreme factory overclock with huge OC potential
- Anodized aluminum backplate protects components and reinforces the PCB
- All new Silence Extreme cooler reduces temps by up to 10C
- Silence Extreme technology switches to single fan cooling at idle for almost noiseless operation
Quad mixed-gauge heat pipes ensure maximum heat dissipation
- Copper base with solid aluminum cover
- 5 + 2 Phase enhanced power system with 8 + 6-pin inputs delivers up to 50% more power for overclocking
- Voxel Global Illumination Technology (VXGI)
- NVIDIA® Super Resolution technology
- NVIDIA® GameWorks technology
- NVIDIA® GameStream technology
- NVIDIA® TXAA Technology
- NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0
- NVIDIA PhysX® Technology
- NVIDIA FXAA Technology
- NVIDIA Adaptive Vertical Sync
- NVIDIA Surround
- Support for four concurrent displays including: Two dual-link DVI, HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2
- Microsoft DirectX 12
- NVIDIA® 3D Vision® Ready
- NVIDIA SLI® Ready Technology
- NVIDIA CUDA® technology
- PCI Express 3.0 support
- OpenGL 4.4 support
- OpenCL support
- NVIDIA G-Sync Ready
- VR Ready

- GeForce GTX 970
- GPU: GeForce GTX 970 (GM204)
- Core Base Clock: 1178MHz
- Core Boost Clock: 1329MHz
- Memory Clock: 7010MHz
- Memory Size: 4096MB GDDR5
- Bus Type: PCI Express 3.0
- Memory Bus: 256-bit
- CUDA Cores: 1664
- DirectX 12: Yes
- DVI Port: 2x Dual-Link DVI, 1x DisplayPort & 1x HDMI
- DisplayPort: Yes
- HDCP: Yes
- HDMI: Yes
- Power: 1x 8-Pin & 1x 6-Pin
- 500W PSU Required
- 150W TDP
- Dimensions: 260mm (L) x 120mm (H) x 40mm (W)
- Zero coil whine guarantee
- KitGuru Review: http://www.kitguru.net/components/graphic-cards/zardon/galax-geforce-gtx-970-oc-silent-infinity-black-edition/
- Warranty: 2yr

*If your card emits any coilwhine when used on a decent power supply that is 80+ Gold rated or higher then OcUK will refund or exchange the card. These cards incorporate our exclusive Coil Whine Reduction technology to help reduce and eliminate any whine.

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Product Specification:

Virtual Reality
OcUK Recommends, GeForce GTX VR Ready

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Replaced my 390x - Best Decision Ever.

So i loved everything about the design of this card when I saw it but had my concerns. I was moving from an XFX 390x with 8GB VRAM and with the GTX 970 VRAM concerns being thrown about I was wary.

I put them aside and went for the purchase.

There is something about AMD cards that just does not feel right. They have so much performance on paper and looking at GPU Z you think to yourself why am I not seeing better results than the 970.

This card arrived and confirmed exactly what I thought because it blew my 390x out of the water even though on paper it appears to offer less performance. It is faster, simply faster and the frames are bumped by at least 15-20 in most games not to mention the added features in Witcher 3.

The temps in comparison are extreme my 390x would sit around 80oC with no overclock and could not overclock without artifacting. This card sits at 56oC and when overclocked it beats the 390x in all 3DMark tests (1300mhz core, 2000mhz mem) it did not pass 64oC with these figures and there is still headroom to overclock higher. Consuming 200watts at stock and 222watts when pushed at full load.

I have a very slight whine but only when listening to the card close up, inside my case it cannot be heard so I certainly won't go through the RMA process for such a small noise.

The cost, design, performance, temperature, power draw, overclocking and comparison to my old card just show why no matter how much you want the AMD to perform as expected it cannot compete with Nvidia.

Thank you Overclockers.co.uk.

Christopher Dallaway 2016-02-29

26 cm of goodness

This is a large, black card. It was a squeeze to get it around my PC wiring but once in all was well. In my case the match-up of the hdmi socket and the hole back could have been more precise but I can just about plug in and it works well.

The card came on fine straight away and ran quietly. I wasn't aware of any noise other than the CPU and case fans.

Fallout 4 didn't work at all on my ancient Nvidia GT240. This GTX 970 runs it on ultra at 1920x1080. I'm not a measurer of FPS but I can say that the gameplay feels smooth and consistent.

I ramped up the settings on a couple of old games and with everything maxed out they too were as smooth as butter.

It's a big, solid card. It has a backplate and it's so quiet I wouldn't know it was there. There are two large fans. I prefer this to solutions where you can't access the fan much because I can see what to clean like this.

At the time of buying there was an offer for one of two games: Assassin's Creed: Syndicate and Rainbow SIx: Siege. The redemption of your chosen game is slightly fussy as you have to make an account with a game platform called Uplay. I chose Rainbow Six: Siege and I found it a bit confusing because the game isn't out at the time of writing so comes up as preordered. The activation code was rejected. Nvidia support said this was normal and would work closer to the actual release date. A Steam activation or a disc in the post would have been nicer. I didn't want Uplay at all but to get the game you have to have it.

This card runs off two VGA power leads, one six pin and one eight. I had these available from a new PSU although it comes supplied with leads to feed both of these power inputs from a single generic internal power connector if you have one spare.

Going to Nvidia's site for 900 series drivers was a doddle and my projector sprang into life the moment these were installed.

My actual order didn't work online but Overclocker staff were very helpful advising me about the product on the 'phone and were able to take the order by 'phone too.

A lot of people have had coil whine which I found worrying. This is at the bottom of their info and details on this product:

"If your card emits any coilwhine when used on a decent power supply that is 80+ Gold rated or higher then OcUK will refund or exchange the card. These cards incorporate our exclusive Coil Whine Reduction technology to help reduce and eliminate any whine."

I thought it was good to see someone addressing that issue and it certainly saved me a few headaches not having to worry about it.

It's funny to see this card next to my old one. It's like a Jag next to a Smart Car. I'd recommend it. My whole PC feels a bit quicker. The GTX 980 would be even better but the 970s are a much better price and do well in technical reviews generally. They are currently at 'the sweet spot' between price and performance.

I had hoped to get some of the legendary Haribo but it didn't happen. Obviously I'm bitter and twisted about that but the card is lovely.

Mr Steven Newit 2015-11-19


Jack 2015-11-14

Happy but not impressed.

So I received this card early March, very impressed with OCuk delivery time (about 23hrs from purchase). I brought this over a 290x 8gb due to the power savings and coil whine guarantee, however the one I received had coil whine so purchased a gold rated PSU last month (July) so I could RMA it (was lacking the money to buy one straight away). The second one I received last week and also has coil whine, however I have decided to live with it rather than go through the RMA process again.

So why 4 stars?
The card itself is exceptional and the only game that will max out on is Star Citizen Alpha which isn't optimized yet, my 4690k struggles with it more anyway.

What I would like to see is OCuk/KFA2 show any extra steps that are taken (if any) to try and guarantee you do not get a card with coil whine.


Great card but...

Handles everything really well, I'm using a surround setup with 3 1080p monitors and I've only come across a couple of games I can't run at maximum settings at this resolution (GTA5 and Lords of the fallen) out of 500 or so in my library.

In my Phanteks Evolv I can not hear the fans at all in light gaming and only slightly under full load.

Temps are excellent (max of about 60 under full load after 30mins) which would certainly have plenty of room for overclocking... which brings me to my only negative, but it's a big one.

Voltage is locked. in a card that's designed and touted for its overclocking it cant actually overclock well at all. for the same price or less you could get an Asus or Gigabyte that will, after overclocking, out perform this card.

I can't not recommend this card enough, all the extra bells and whistles you are paying for are completely irrelevant if you take into account the fact you can't overclock this card as high as cheaper models will go due to the voltage lock.


Fast Silent Cool Sexy!

Awesome card! Wouldn't have thought of it to be this great.. Just had this card for over 2 weeks now and I'm enjoying my gaming better than before! It's a bit more pricey than the other 970s out there but this card beats all of them! Very nice design as well though not the best looking card there is. It is still sexy! And like the others mentioned it is very quiet indeed!


Runs hot

Struggles to keep temps down under full load because only has two fans. Audible when fans hit 55%, quieter than case fans (almost silent) below that. Silent when in normal desktop, non-gaming operation.

For example, running Witcher 3 at 1080p is very noisy even with a Fractal Design Define R5 noise insulated case. Had to adjust fan profiles with Afterburner to make it quiet enough, and then the temps start to nudge towards 90 degress C (too hot). I think I will trade in for one with 3 fans, eg Gigabyte G1 Gaming. This has a larger heatsink, 3 fans and my friend's one is stable at 1550MHZ.

Good OC out of the box, but can be pushed higher with Afterburner, though obviously this drives temps up again.

Good solid design and build quality. No coil whine.


So good I bought 2 of them

I bought one of these cards as a bit of a risk as I usually go for MSI or Asus, but the price was great and the 'no coil whine guarantee' drew me in. The card looks great and overclocked to about 1490Mhz. Not particularly quiet but about average - one fan does stop spinning at low temps so that does help and generally at full load and overclocked the card runs at about 55-60 degrees (28 when idle). I did get a bit of coil whine during loading screens when the fps goes through the roof, however that was with a 650 Bronze PSU. I recently bought a second, identical card for SLI setup, upgraded to an EVGA 850 gold PSU and the coil whine is gone (I then noticed in the spec it does say, no coil whine when used with Gold rated PSU or above) So comes good on the promise. When i set up my second card which overclocked to 1560Mhz. I noticed I was able to overclock the first card to the same, which proved impossible when it was in a single card setup. Not sure if this is an SLI benefit!
but now both cards running beautifully at well over 1500Mhz and staying around 55 degrees. I would definitely recommend this card and as always great service from OCUK.


Very nice card

Purchased this card due to my previous card being far to noisy & I have to say I am very impressed much better then my Power Color R9 290

good temperatures under load & at load
Fans are quiet



Ignore any 3.5/4gb crap, bought this card as an upgrade to play witcher 3 / gtav and it performs flawlessly. Plays witcher 3 at 1440p, all settings ultra* (*-grass density and foliage draw distance both on high) with hairworks on, and various other forced upgrades from nivdia control panel (anistropic filter x16 etc) at 50+ fps with 0 drops (50 hz HDTV @ 1440p).

(Running alongside: 4,2ghz i5 4690k and 16gb 1600 mhz ddr3)

Would highly recommend this card over similar priced alternatives. Quality is excellent, all metal construction is wonderful. Temps are low (never seen it go over 68 celcius even under huge load), and uses more than 100w less power than an ati alternative.

My only concern would be running this card at 4k resolution; I would recmommend the extra spending on a 980 if you want 4k.


Great card, best 970 around if you arent interested in the EVGA step-up program.


Quiet & Powerful

I am very impressed with the Infin8 Black Edition 970. I have not seen the temperature get much higher than 52 degrees under high load, while remaining very quiet and with zero coil whine. Boost at 1475mhz is perfectly stable and I am sure it can be pushed higher still.

Highly recommended, get one before Overclockers raise the price again!


another review

Well its a graphics card.
I've strangely decided to upgrade from a 680 directcu ii. My main decision was that i wanted a quieter card, and I guess the card is a little quieter than the ^^ however probably not worth the cost of replacing it.

Dont play bf4 so cant say wow and all that. Do play planetside 2 however that is a cpu heavy game and didn't moan about the 680.
Been playing Blackguards2 lately and it seems to handle that pretty well.

Purchased with the bundled witcher and bman games.. presume they're steam downloads.


Card does not disappoint

Replaced my old video card yesterday, and it looks amazing. As soon as I plugged it in though, my wife went all crazy. I think it's she is jealous of the PC now, as it's just super sexy with this new card. Had sex, card does not disappoint.


KFA2 GeForce GTX 970 OC Silent "Infin8 B

Zero coil whine as advertised. The card is silent when idle, at 40% fan speed. My case(HAF932) 230mm fans produce more noise than the card's cooler, unless if the gpu fan speed goes above ~60%. Under load it is audible but in no way annoying(to me at least). My previous card was a 5870 with reference cooler and at 50% fan speed or more it was driving me crazy.

I played around in MSI afterburner and have a stable overclock(Tested with Benchmarking software and gaming for 1-2 hours) with the following:

125% Power Limit/91C Temp Limit
+120 Core Clock
+300 Memory Clock

Using the default custom fan speed curve on MSI afterburner, I got the following results after testing:

Max Power: 117%
Max Temp: 76C
Max Fan Speed: 75%
Max Core Clock: 1552MHz (Not sure of the average, but I monitored it from my logitech G19 LCD and most of the time it was over 1500 when gaming)
Max Memory Clock: 3787MHz
Max Memory Usage: 3532MB

Overall I am very happy with the results. For the price(was 269 pounds when I bought it), I think this must be one of the best GTX 970s currently available.



Bought one of these in April 2015 as an upgrade from a 7950. It eats through everything I have tried at 1920x1080 and I am very pleased with noise/temps and overall performance.

Top quality!


Incredible card

Amazing card. Was worried after reading some reviews here that the users had experienced coil whine, but my card has none whatsoever.

Runs GTA V on very high settings, smooth as silk at 60+ FPS (1080p).

Can't speak highly enough about this card. My only moan being that I spent


beast of a gpu

this card is well worth the money
i can play all my games at 1080p with about 70fps avg
it will oc even further

the only bad point i can think of is my card has a slight coil whine while loading big games but its not very noticable and it only lasts for 10 - 20 secs


value for money, and more!

This card replaced my old gtx 560ti as it was struggling with newer games and the fans had started to make a lot of noise under load.

Installation took all of 5 mins, whip old card out plonk new card in done.

As soon as a fired it up i popped open COD:AW that my 560 was having a hard time hitting 40fps in, and this thing keeps it at a constant 90fps on ultra.

Next came ARMA 3, boom up from 20 fps to a good 40-60 fps on ultra.

And this is the same story for all my games.

under load its silent and my 550w bronze rated PSU has no problems powering it at all.


Awsome card

I upgraded my card from the GTX670, I knew I want the GTX970 but wasn't sure on which brand, having read the reviews on the site I decided on this one, and without testing the other brands I am one happy customer, all my games are set to ultra (wow brings a whole new level to gaming) and it runs absolutely silent.. great purchase next upgrade will be another one of these to run SLI.


A no brainer

Runs silent, packs a hell of a punch and uses half the power of the next model up the 980. Brilliant...


Insane card..!

I've had this card now for a couple of weeks (missed the free Witcher, dammit!) and I absolutely love it. No coil whine during gaming and only sometimes when I'm stress testing, and I have OCd it to some high figures. This is without changing voltages/bios - GPU Clock 1349MHz, Memory 2003MHz, Boost 1500MHz. I'm sure it would go even further w some fine tuning.
The card runs Dragon Age Inquisition at 60fps at 1440p on mostly Ultra settings (MSAA off, is not needed w 25' monitor) and only hovers briefly round 50 when there's an absolute riot on the screen. It is virtually silent, I can't hear it over my CPU cooling.
I research everything to death before I make my decisions and I always want the absolute best of what I can afford at the time. I am convinced that this card is it. The price is unbelievable for what you get performance wise, it looks great and the build quality is solid. If you are looking for a GTX 970 you can't go wrong with this card. Oh, and the delivery and service from Overclockers was spot on.


Excellent card

I'll keep this brief.

What should you expect?

With a 4790k and 16gb of ram, this runs Far Cry 4 at 1920 x 1080, full everything 4 x AA 16 x AF at a constant 75 - 125fps (125 if you look at the sky! never below 75 anywhere else)

Titanfall, full everything, 4 x AA never ever drops below 50 - 90

Crysis 2 full everything, 90 - 110 fps

World of Tanks, full everything, never below 70 fps

Brilliant single GPU.

I have read about, but not experienced the stuttering issues that have been mentioned, perhaps alot of this has been patched out now? I can't say as i've only owned this card for two weeks.


Fast, quiet and well priced

I bought this as a cheap replacement to two bad encounters with the GTX 780 and a GTX 780Ti. ive not had one problem with this card runs games better than the 780 did and almost as good as the 780Ti (but at almost half the price)

This card scored 10600 in 3d mark fire strike with an i7 3820 stock clocked. my 780 got 9000 points and my 780Ti got 11500 points.
so all in all a very happy customer, great service from overclockers


Very powerful, very quiet. Done.

Bought on a whim - great purchase. Very high overclock, everything maxed out at 1080p, BF4, Tomb Raider, FSX, GTAIV, Crysis 3 no worries. Outperforms GTX Titan regularly in benchmarks.

Bit of coil whine at first, however mine has died down after a couple of months to in-audible now. Coil whine is simply not a problem, don't believe everything you read.

Fully recommended.



Just put together a new gaming machine and thought i'd take a punt with this card as it's not one of the "big brand" names.

I have to say, it's fantastic.

It operates (practically) silently when idle, only one fan slowly spinning, yet maintaining a very cool temp. When under load things naturally get louder but for a card of this caliber it is as quiet as you can probably get, no coil whine! and i've only ever had the fans spin up fully under serious stress testing in a highly overclocked state. Speaking of which, this thing clocks amazingly, considering it is already coming with some of the highest clocks for the 970, i've managed to squeeze out an extra 700mhz on the memory and 147mhz on the gpu with ease!


r9 290 beater..

a friend bought this card for me as my r9 290 developed alot of faults with the latest driver update, anyway im very impressed with this card 0 noise runs my games and my pc better and cooler also no longer have any issues at 4k res im so happy with this card im gonna purchase another!

benchmark wise this card our performed my 290 by around 10% on most and really beat it in unigine at 4k !


Coil whine

The good things about this card is that runs good and quiet + It stays low on temps.
But was so unlucky to get a version where there was coil whine right out of the box, Ive RMA the card.
And hope to get a replace without coil whine, A Bit Disappointed :(


Superior card

So got one of these and love it, almost on par performance wise with my sli 770 I had, plus better benchmark in 4k cos of higher ram.
IT DOES HAVE COIL whine, every card can experience this, I know it could be my aftermarket cables from psu that cause it, but it's minimal and I am about 9 foot from rig, seriously not a problem.
Love it enough I'm going for a second soon. Do watch out though fairly thick with backplate so don't buy too many at once for sli without measuring up!!

As usual overclockers gave outstanding service.


Awsome card

Upgraded from a 5780 and my fps has gone through the roof..

playing DayZ and arma3 now with nice frames bf4 runs like a dream on ultra.. card is very silent can not hear it at all..

fits in a antec 300 gaming case witch is not the biggest.

recomend this card its a great bit of kit.


Well worth the money!

It's been a couple of years since I was last able to make a purchase like this, and decided I needed to breathe new life into my ageing Sandybridge system and I am not disappointed by this!

It is a massive upgrade to the GTX 570 I've replaced....

What I will say is before installing this beast, make sure your bios is up to date as I had hours of troubleshooting and head scratching as to why it wasn't working, seems it doesn't like an old bios!


hmmm well yea.. not silent.. but not bad

i have had two of these, purchased as part of a new build. the first one whined under any load... witch i sent back and the second one only whines on cut scenes / games that are rendered with over 100+ fps if i lock the games to 60fps there is no whine.

so the cards are not "Whine free" there are reduced but that's as far as i would go with the description.

i have a 570 that is "whine free" and under any load new or old games there is no noise, and i have tried it on 3 different psu's (Evga G2, Seasonic x, Be quite E9) and 2 different system builds so its not the rigs that are causing the issue.

i would strongly look into when purchasing these if you are wanting Cooling performance or a "Reduction" in whine.
as other companies sutch as Zotac or even MSI. even though 63 is not that bad at load but the fans to ramp up..

i could be wrong but i have had two and both the same whine sound but just not as loud on the second one. i hope i just got unlucky to a certain degree as i don't want others to be put off by this but at the same time i want buyers to be aware!.

i hope you allow this post as it would help the consumer market. and also show your commitment to the consumer in providing true descriptions on the items and allowing all feedback to be presented :)



A lot smaller than l imagined, excellent premium look and feel, works well in my case with MSI Z97M black and red theme with red LEDs on the 120mm fans fitted to case.

The black and nickle finish on the card imo is emaculate.

Temps are great, zero, zilch, nada coil whine.

Love the fact one fan runs when card is at idle.

Quick blast of Fire Strike with a i5 4670k @ stock and the card @ stock yielded a nice 9703 combined score.

Idle temps are @ 26'c in a Corsair 350D and load temps with FS @ 55'c.

Going SLi with these would let you build biceps like 8Pack!


Amazing GPU!

I purchased one of these recently and I must say I'm really impressed with this card. There is no game out there that this thing can't handle. It's silent, no coil whine whatsoever. Idling at 28 degrees Celsius, top temp 70-75 degrees C. I love it!



Thanks OC.uk, nice extra surprise with the card :), it was a really quick delivery. This graphic card as an amazing performance on every new game at ultra settings, I can recommend it 100%. Get this one if you want a good performance and you do not want the gigabyte G1 noise! No coil whine at all until now and never gets hot! Thank you for everything guys, really professional.


Oh my...

I was stuck deciding on which GPU to get for many moons. I narrowed it down to 2 cards. This Galax and the OCUK/Manli reference design. My tiny indecisive mind couldn't choose between the two cards. I split the screen down the middle, with the Galax on the left and OCUK reference on the right, then sat back in my chair. I closed my eyes and started to spin, cautiously pointing a finger at the screen, trying not to destroy the entire contents of my desk. Once I had stopped spinning, I opened my eyes, finger still firmly pointing. My vision started to blur less and less and then, I realised... I had picked the Galax.

This was a choice which, with a Corsair 250D, I felt may come back to haunt me. I threw caution to the wind and paid via the Amazon service. A very efficient service which made my first time shopping with OCUK as quick and breezy as one could ever imagine. Free DPD next day delivery service was included as standard, another perk which came from wielding my mighty finger of choice. Sure enough, the card was received the next day and installed that very night.

Soft foam padding to protect the card and a thick matte black cardboard box. The quality of the card was evident from the moment I opened the box. But wait! What's this? The sharp edges of the fan shroud have pierced the anti-static bag! My stomach sank into the depths of my body and I feared the worst. Could this card be... DOA? I shakily removed the card from the bag, and firmly inserted it into my PCI-E slot. I connected my 6 & 6+2 pin connectors. I did not know what to expect. Foolishly, I reassembled my case, the tiny metal panels screaming 'what are you doing!?' as I twisted the thumb-screws tight. I powered the system on and lo! It was alive! And the noise, oh the noise! There was so little! At idle, this card is near silent.

Grinning maniacally, I opened Tomb Raider. I understand that this game isn't the most taxing but it was all I could think of at the time. I enjoyed a thorough hour with Lara, prancing through the jungle with animals and friends, but then I decided it was time to see what the temperatures were like. The fans had been relatively silent all the way through my hour long romp with Miss Croft so I assumed it was either ready to combust or I had picked the card with the greatest cooler on the planet. Naturally, the latter applies here! At idle, CPUID HWMONITOR reported a gloriously low 31C. The peak temperature, inside a Corsair 250D without fans blowing fresh air towards the card, after an hour on Tomb Raider... 54C! I know not of this magic but it surely must be an illusion. Quiet and cool. Every boys dream!

Obviously I'll have to throw many many hours of many many games at this card to find the true maximum temperature, but this is a promising starting point. Wish me luck on my quest!



The card itself so far is great with no problems so far (Had to swap it out for the terrible R9 290 from amazon which i experienced issue after issue with).

Also Overclockers UK really try to impress because they put in a packet of Haribo's with the package which i thought was pretty nice of them! haha


Oh my...

I cannot tell you how impressed I am with this card. It's not a brand like MSI or EVGA but maybe that's a good thing? Firstly, I don't think any other brand would have the guts to work with OCUK and secondly, because they allowed OCUK to be so specific, the card is a true winner. Coil whine? What's that? I haven't heard anything!

I have a Corsair 250D and wanted this card because of the height of the cooler compared to the PCI-E bracket. There are absolutely no problems whatsoever with this card in my case. I was worried about the temps being a little higher than what has been claimed in the past reviews and forum posts, but I am quite happy with them. This card idles at 31C and after an hour of Tomb Raider (everything set to Ultimate) the max temp recorded by CPUID HWMonitor was 54C. I find that impressive. Especially when I can barely hear the fans. I can hear my pair of AF120s over this thing! I've only had this installed for a few hours but, unless something goes horribly wrong, I doubt my opinion of this card will change.

Using the built in Tomb Raider benchmark, the minimum at Ultra 1080p was 58fps and the max was 62fps, an average of 60fps so, absolutely no problems there. There was no stutter whilst playing, no artifacts, absolutely nothing to worry about. I'm going to throw some more intense stuff at it and, if it falls apart or blows up then I'll come back and add another review. So far though, I'm over the moon!


Brilliant upgrade

Wow I'm impressed.

At first I wasn't so sure about GALAX as they don't seem to be as popular as the likes of MSI, Gigabyte, EVGA etc but I'm more than happy with my purchase. First off the 970 is a beast of a card. I no longer worry about cranking up those settings in the latest games and the vram requirement a lot of games seem to be wanting lately. This version of the 970 is so quiet and runs extremely cool. Current it's at 30C idle (30% fan speed) and after a while of BF4 the top temp I reached was 55C.

I was hesitant about the 970 because of the coil whine problem but didn't need to worry with this GPU as advertised I have zero coil whine.

If you're not sure about GALAX or the 970 I say go for it. You won't be disappointed.


Such a silent, cool GPU.

I'm so happy with this GPU. It looks so nice in a system, is very silent even at 50% fan speed and is very cool. Currently it's sitting at 24C on idle and when I was playing Thief it reached a max of 56C. That's insane. I'm very impressed by this gpu and it easily competes with the other brands. Unfortunately I did hear SLIGHT coil whine. When on the main menu of Thief it whined a tiny bit. It's nothing major like a lot of 970's but as advertised as coil whine free is slightly misleading. I haven't had the chance of overclock this bad boy because I really don't need to, it runs everything I throw at with very high settings.


Great card - though not necessarily for

My only problem with the card is that I chose it for overclocking, given its description and the line which reads:

"- 5 + 2 Phase enhanced power system with 8 + 6-pin inputs delivers up to 50% more power for overclocking"

However, I was disappointed to find out that this version of the card is locked at ~1.2v, and you cannot adjust this, either by afterburner, or modifying it's bios, it just remains the same. I can't even reduce it!

Some people have said that increasing the voltage wouldn't help these cards a lot anyway, but I'm stuck at just an 80mv core increase bringing the core to 4001mhz, anything more and i get crashes every now and again.

In positives:

- the memory clocked great, hit +570mhz before artifacting which was impressive.
- the card is very quiet
- performance at stock clocks is great
- looks great

summary - great but should be made clear that the voltage is locked on these cards especially when being sold as a great overclocker!


A truly excellent addition!

Upgraded from a XFX HD 5850 and... well... wow. It churns through anything and everything I throw at it on my 1920x1200px monitor; Shadow of Mordor and FarCry 4 looks absolutely stunning, and the card itself has a practical aesthetic that looks the business. So far I haven't seen the card exceed 55C mid-game at stock in a Silverstone FT02R with case fans on low and the card fans on default settings.

More than happy with this purchase; it's given a new lease of life for my aging system!


The Power!

This card is unbelievably fast. Handle ANY game 1080p, 1440p and even some games at 4k!
This card overclocks so well and remains at 62 Celsius at full load. Nearly 1.6ghz speed overclocked with this beast.
However once the card is under full load the noise can get noticeable but it is much less than my previous msi amd card.


Incredible! Handles everything without a

Took a gamble and bought this instead of the well known Windforce or MSI and not disappointed! The thing is virtually silent, handles everything at the highest settings without breaking a sweat, I even took the side panel of my PC to check that the fans were working on it because it was just so quiet and the temp is always so low

not even overclocked it yet!


Great cards

Had these cards installed for just over a week now and i love them, upgraded from gtx 780 to 970 sli. @ 1440p tbh 1 is enough to play any game @ ultra settings at high fps. but with two i can fully exploit G-sync @ 144mhz and the experience is amazing.
In benchmarking top cards highest temp seen was 80 bottom card normally 5-10 degs less, but when purely gaming, even after hours of play top temps 70 degs and yes i would say these are quite cards and overclock very nicely. I am not experienced oc'er, i dont play around with voltages, but today i played with msi afterburner and simply entered +6% (of a possible 125%!! my gtx 780 would only allow 106%)to power, +120 core and +100 memory and i have been playing for the last 4 hours boosting over 1500mhz, there normally boost to 1380mhz out of the box, so wow!!
Also no coil whine allthrough i have never suffered this, would i recommend this cards, absolutely yes even @


It punches quite some Packs!

This card is strong, sexy, silent and performs. Very happy with the purchase.
Great fast service from overclockers, as always.


Good card

- No coil whine whatsoever regardless of load
- Solid performance and good thermals
- Reasonably quiet under load
- Understated all black design
- There are still better looking 970s out there
- Slightly more expensive than e.g. Gigabyte or MSI

Other thoughts:
- Was quite apprehensive of the coil whine issues (going through multiple RMAs can be a hassle) and thus have been waiting for someone to release


Nice Card, no whine either

As Gibbo has mentioned, this Card should not whine and I cam confirm that I've met heard any. Not Overclocked it yet but out of the box its boosting to over 1400mhz and temps are 46 - 50 while playing BF4.

Great service, as always.


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  • pcGameware - Gold

    "The KFA2 GeForce GTX 970 OC Silent “Infin8 Black Edition” is the fastest Nvidia GTX 970 we have seen, not only that, it looks good, runs cool and is quiet, with a price of under £300 it would seem that OCUK has a winner on their hands…"

  • TechiCize - Performance

    "This collaboration with KFA2 has allowed us to build what we believe to be the finest example of a GTX 970 on the market today."

  • KitGuru - Must Have

    "Mean, lean and built to the highest standards. A fantastic graphics card."

  • Play3r - Silver

    "The KFA2 GeForce GTX 970 OC Silent Infin8 Black Edition graphics card is a pretty funny one as overall, it has a fantastic balance of performance, value and street cred in the way of having 8Pack associated with it."

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