Overclocked Bundle
Krypton Intel Core i7 960 3.20GHz @ 4.00GHz

  • Intel Core i7 960 3.20GHz @ 4.00GHz
  • Asus P6X58D-E DDR3 Motherboard
  • Corsair XMS3 6GB 1600MHz C9
  • Corsair A50 Cooler
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Stock Code: BU-029-OB

EAN: 00000000

MPN: BU-029-OB

Manufacturer: Overclocked Bundle

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Product information:

Krypton Intel Core i7 960 3.20GHz @ 4.00GHz

Designed by experts the "Krypton Intel Core i7 960 Bundle" is a pre-configured high performance "plug and play" bundle featuring hand-picked components and highly optimised settings. The Guaranteed 4.00GHz overclock has the processing muscle to power through the most intensive applications, including the latest games and video editing programs at a price point that will lift your system performance to a new level.

Why You Should Buy This Bundle?
- A solid, optimised 4.00GHz overclock profile provides outstanding processing performance
- Prebuilt, overclocked and configured. Just "plug and play"
- 8 Hours stressed tested and quality controlled
- 6GB of Triple Channel DDR3 memory delivers unlimited bandwidth
- X58 Chipset provides SLI and Crossfire ready support for any GPU configuration
- USB 3.0 & SATA 6GB/s compatible offering lightning fast transfer speeds

Bundle Specification
- CPU: Intel Core i7 960 3.20GHz @ 4.00GHz
- Motherboard: Asus P6X58D-E (Socket 1366) DDR3 Motherboard
- RAM: Corsair XMS3 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz Triple Channel
- Cooler: Corsair A50 CPU Cooler

Service Package
- Full 12 Month collect and return warranty
- Each specification is assembled from handpicked components for compatibility and stability
- Telephone, web note and forum technical support

Note - Please note that adding in additional memory to the spare slots will require new BIOS settings and the maximum clock speed attainable may be significantly reduced. OcUK recommend a quality brand PSU for use with all our bundles such as the Corsair TX & HX range. Updating the BIOS on the overclocked bundle range will void the warranty on the overclock. If you update the BIOS we will no longer be able to provide support for configuring and maintaining the CPU overclock.

*Please allow between 24 and 48 hours for your system to be built and configured. This may take longer during busier periods.

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Nice and speedy

Bought this along with a 60gb OCZ SSD and its perfect. Ive got a 5850 ATI card at the moment which is the only thing that prevents games running on their highest settings but for everything else, it all works instantly.
Windows boots to a useable state within roughly 20seconds and every other programe opens within a second of having clicked/double-clicked to open.
I received a G1 Sniper MOBO by Gigabyte and Kingston Hyper X Genesis RAM (all specs the same as the corsair advertised) although the G1is a better motherboard in my opinion.
The cooler works amazingly. CPU temps alwasy nice and low even under load and despite the overclock.
I did however have to mess around in the BIOS a fair few times to get the OC profile to stick. But now it's sorted i've got another 6GB RAM on the way and a new graphics card within a few weeks so im all set.

I wouldn't hesitate to buy this system again if i was to make a build for a friend.

Rob Breckles 2011-11-08

Does what it says on the tin

I got this bundle because my old system was getting a little underpowered for some of the new games (I want to play Guildwars 2 at it's max).

I have had it for a few days now and it is a very fast bundle and am very happy with it. No issues, easy to install.

Just tell a little info for you if your buying one. I got the Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R reversion 2.0 board (the new model, there was meant to be some sata issues with version 1.0), so I presume that everyone will get the 2.0. version. Thanks OC :)

Simon 2011-07-28

Fearsome Upgrade

Had it for a few days now and the package & support have been tip top. My own setup caused a slight issue but the online support gave me clear, simple and concise instructions making it really easy to understand and correct the issue which was chosing the 'ocuk' setting in the Bios.
Windows is a lot more snappy and rendering in 3DSMax has changed from a slow trudge to frenzied render buckets. Worth the money and impressed with Overclockers

Paul Shewan 2011-02-22

All Good

Brought this bundle to upgrade from my original Intel Dual core...have to say its rock stable it didn

Kev 2011-01-24

Superb Quality Vs Price

I have purchased this in October 2010 with the Asus P6X58D-E Intel X58 board and the Corsair H50-1 cooler. This is a really good setup with the increment of performance by the overclock. The system remains as stable as if it was normal clocked. Temperatures are low and with my Antec 1200 case with a push pull configuration i am managing to get really low temps. I will recommend this to anyone that wants a simple and good professional gaming machine. With Windows 7 64b installed my performance is 7.7 out of 7.9. In Passmark i have a score of 3257.0.

Joao Teque 2010-11-30

Best upgrade yet

i really cant decribe how good this bundle is, worth every pound!

Davy 2010-11-12

still going strong

bought this a few months back, as i wanted to upgrade from a normal quad to a i7 version, and fir a pre-oc version for the same price it was ideal.
also bought a extra 6gb of ram so, to make it 12gb in total.
have a pretty warm office, so i had to drop the oc to 3.8ghz to make it run stable and not overheat.
works absolutly fantastic, all i need to do is replace the old sli 8600's to something better and take full advantage of it.

amar 2010-11-09

great bundle

used this in my first ever build last week,went with the Asus P6X58D-E and the corsair H50.bundle came with ram and cpu installed on the board so just needed to fix the cpu cooler which was easy enough used push pull with 2 Sharkoon Silent Eagle 2000, every thing works great,nice stable overclock. temps for the cpu idle in a lian li pc-b70b
core 0-22c
core 1-22c
core 2-20c
core 3-20c
core 4-23c
well packaged and delivery was great
many thanks overclocker!

mark 2010-09-22

Sata Update!!!

A Little Update from my Previous Review.

If your Installing your Sata Drives, Use the Intel 3gbs Sata ports. The marvel 6gbs ports are Slower due to poor Drivers. Also 6gbs is a Gimmick as no Drive Including SSD work at these speeds.
Using Intel Sata Ports gave me almost 100% Increase, No Joke.
Update the Intel Raid Drivers and using 3x Caviar Black Drives i get 330mb/s Read Speed.

Martin 2010-09-16

Very happy with this :)

Went for the P6 MB plus the Akasa CPU cooler + extra fan for push/pull arrangement.
The Akasa cooler just fits in my Antec 1200 case (and I had to remove the side door fan) but is one nice piece of kit !

The bundle worked straight out of the box with no issues running with avg CPU temps 38 to 40c at min load, 60 to 63c playing games.

My rig also includes 2 (overclocked) GTX280's in SLI - the only qualm I have with the MB is the proximity of the PCI-E 16x slots so I may look to move one card to the bottom (grey) slot and configure appropriately in Bios.

Very happy with the purchase - OCUK have delivered as usual !:)

Paul 2010-09-06


Upgrade to my edit system and total re-build, Mobo is excellent as are all the other parts, sitting great in a nice new cool master 690 II.... still getting used to the raw speed i have now ! Great over clocked system, have ran it flat out for 12 hours rendering and composting video at 100%.... case got a little warm but totally stable, have now orderd some extra viper fans as they look soooo good. Great work guys and thanks for the fastest PC I'ved ever used !

richard knight 2010-08-23

Beautifully disappointing...

Delivery was superb, assembly straightforward. CPU and memory are prefitted so no issues there.

1st issue is the Gigabyte mainboard. The SATA ports are horizontal and fitted on the edge. As this is a full size mainboard the ports sit almost hard up against the drives making cable assembly a pain and only possible from the opposite side of the case. Not a major issue but a pain none the less.

2nd issue is the Titan Fenrir CPU Cooler.
In a word, it's HUGE. I have an expensive CoolerMaster ATCS case and it sits at least an inch past the side of the case. So now no side panel with Asaka acoustic foam meaning it's noisy and most of the cooling fans are redundant. Oh, and there is no smaller cooler aparently...

Overall a lovely bundle, however OcUK need to put more description on the bundles (Cooler height clearance etc) to pre-warn folks. Otherwise you'll end up with the same system issues I have, no resolution and over 1K ligher in pocket.

Duncan Whyte 2010-08-23

Nice upgrade

I took the Asus P6 Mobo option with the HD50-1 cooler & it does exactly what you'd hope for, fast & stable - a big improvement on my old q6600 system.

Didn't quite work out of the box but literally 2 mins with OCUK tech support fixed that, so I'm pretty happy with the service.

A word of warning for anyone running crossfire is that the 16 lane pci-e slots on the mobo are rather close together. My 2 x Powercolour 5870 pcs++ are actually touching - blocking air intake to the top one, so it's running rather hot and noisy while gaming. I'd advise giving OCUK a call before buying to make sure you don't have a similar problem.

Dave 2010-08-21

Wise Buy

Bought this from OcUK the other day. Arrived promptly. Package is very decent. Overclocked and very stable. Recommend this bundle to anyone

Paul 2010-08-20

Great Stuff

Very well packaged including all the boxes,
Runs really well. im using this with the corsaid h50 cooler, cpu idles around 40 degree C
I run this setup along with a xfx hd5830 overclocked to 875mhz in a coolermaster HAF922 case and everything i play is done on the highest settings, well happy.
Would recomend this to everyone looking to build a good spec computer

Fletch 2010-08-18

what an upgrade

Asus P6X58-E
Corsair H50
Core I7 930

What an Upgrade from my old Q6600, add a C300 Sata6 drive and flatens anything it comes across.
Used for all types from encoding, gameing to Home network hub, it has been simple to install and matched with the ATI HD5870 Rev2, I cant get it stressed in a normal day.
Will in the near future stress test, just to check Temps and piece of mind with my install, (added Push-Pull fans to H50).
But you can't go wrong with either package or Overclockers service.

Dale 2010-08-16

Best Bang for your Budget

I have no qualm in saying this is the business.

bought this 2 weeks ago and it is running smooth and plays all my games i want.

i use this primarily for converting my movies and playing movies.
i will now use it to play games, as my old computer couldn`t do anything now.

got Asus P6X58D-E edition... also got an extra fan.

well worth for the money. recommending to all my friends..

scott taylor 2010-08-15

Top Class

I chose the Asus P6X58-E and Corsair H20 watercooler options. Arrived the next day and everything was packaged well. The cooler was easy to install and everything is running like a dream.
Thanks Overclockers top class product and service.

Mark 2010-08-11

Outstanding Package

Asus P6X58-E
Corsair H20 watercooler
Core I7 930 @4.02 GHz

Super fast system, running in a mission critical environment, Windows 7 64
Used for Video Editing in HD and After Effects with CS5.
Noticed a massive improvement from old Q6600.
Add in the GTX480 and you have 1 kick ass system.
Water cooler was easy to mount.
Low temps.
One of the best Core I7 Bundles about right now. Highly Recommended
It was here in under 24 hours of ordering. Now that's Excellent Service.

jon siddall 2010-07-21

Krypton i7 930 4GHz

Awesome Bundle. Takes all the worries out of overclocking a system yourself. (My first High budget OC system)
Performance is amazing. I primarily use it for Rendering with MAYA and it has cut my render times down immensely. Almost 1/4 of what they took.
Coupled this with 2x 6gb/s sata3 hard drives in RAID 0 and it flies. Windows 7 took around 9 mins to install a get to desktop.

Make sure to get Windows 7 64bit so you can use all of your 6gig or Ramm.

The system is also efficient too as when the processor is idle, it sits at it regular clock speed, only going up to 4.0 when being pushed.

The Fan is a little tricky to mount, you may need to remove the Ramm, but make sure you put the sticks back in the same slots they cam out of. Bios my reset the Overclocks otherwise. Also make sure it is nice and tight (use a screwdriver).

This bundle is also around

Martin 2010-07-02


Just amazing, what a joy to build a system that works with no messing about, went with corsair H50 cooler which is so neat and hassle free, also fitted with ssd drive, this system flys and is stable in a full on office enviroment, coupled with my Hp nvidea quadro FX3800, solidworks has never ran so fast and smooth, this is first sytem ive put together in over six years went almost to easy, think the ocz ssd vertex 100Gb harddrive has alot to do with it, windows 7 installed in under 15minutes office 2010 about the same, love this system. Top marks to overclockers for using DPD and putting such a sweet bundle together, this has made me wont to upgrade all of my buisnesses computer systems

Lee Frankis 2010-07-01

Krypton i7 930 4GHz Bundle

I got this to replace my Core 2 Quad, DDR2 system, it came with the motherboard box and everything, it was pre-overclocked which made it very easy as I have no previous experience overclocking i7's. I had no problems, just fitted it and away I went. My computer absolutely flies now, the CPU scored 51952 in 3DMark Vantage on High and plays every game I throw at it, from CoD to Crysis 2. A great value and an amazing performance product, highly recommended 5*! Thanks again overclockers!

Ross 2010-06-26

Krypton i7 930 at 4GHz

Bought the bundle to update my Core2 Duo 6600 as I needed some more HP for photo and movie processing.
Installation was fairly straight forward with the exception of the Akasa CPU Cooler which was probably one of the worst to install that we've had because the push pin system is not very reliable compared to other coolers (hence the 4 stars instead of 5).
The performance of the system is awsome - very quick in almost every aspect, especially when coupled with a decent HDD (Samsung T3).
I took the Asus motherboard option for the extra PCI slot - but unfortunately my GTX280 still covers the slot because of its cooler, also too few USB headers for a front panel card reader with 4 USB ports - but there is not many motherboards currently being produced at the moment which satisfies these requirements.
The overclock bundle worked straight out of the box - fantastic performance and reliability, even for heavy processing use - well done Overclockers for a brilliant bit of work here!

Tommy 2010-05-27

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