Logitech G35 Gaming USB Headset PC 7.1Ch Surround Sound (981-000549)

G35 Gaming USB Headset PC 7.1Ch Surround Sound (981-000549)

  • The Logitech G35 headset. Game-changing immersion with 7.1 surround sound powered by Dolby technology. Featuring swappable headband pads
  • customizable G keys
  • and on-ear audio controls.
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Stock Code: SP-070-LG

EAN: 5099206014572

MPN: 981-000549

Manufacturer: Logitech

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Product information:

G35 Gaming USB Headset PC 7.1Ch Surround Sound (981-000549)

The Logitech G35 headset. Game-changing immersion with 7.1 surround sound powered by Dolby technology for a detailed soundfield - hear your enemies before they see you. Featuring three swappable headband pads so you can choose the best fit, for long-lasting comfort; three customizable G keys for one-touch command over music, voice morphing, and more; on-ear audio controls for quick access to volume, microphone mute, and surround sound adjustments; and an adjustable, noise-canceling microphone that focuses on your voice and reduces background noise.

- 7.1 surround sound powered by Dolby technology delivers a detailed soundfield - hear your enemies before they see you.
- Three swappable headband pads let you choose the best fit, for long-lasting comfort.
- Three customizable G keys give you one-touch command over music, voice morphing, and more.
- On-ear audio controls provide quick access to volume, microphone mute, and surround sound adjustments.
- Adjustable, noise-canceling microphone focuses on your voice and reduces background noise.
- 2-years limited warranty

- Part Number: 981-000549
- 3-year Limited hardware warranty
System Requirements
- Windows® 8, Windows® 7, or Windows Vista®
- USB port
- Internet connection for optional software download*
Package Contents
- Headset
- 3 headband pads
- User documentation

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Not the Best

Had the headset for 6 months now. Sound is second to none but the build of them is cheap and the ear pads have worn Very fast. Drivers also Never updated so to change from speakers to headset you have to put the pc to sleep and boot it back up not the my idea of a "great headset"


I prefer these to the Razer

I bought the Razer Megalodon and I hated them, the sound quality is good but they let so much sound out and in. on top of that they have the worst mic ever that seems to want to pick everything up.

So I sold them to a mate and got a pair of these and while the bass isn't quite as good, the sound quality is. Also the mic is so much better, it doesn't seem to want to pick anything up but your voice which is good. Also it doesn't let much sound in or out compared to the Razer, which is great. They're slightly more uncomfortable than the Razer if you're in a hot country or the Summer, I noticed they make your ears sweat which the Razer doesn't.

I much prefer these purely because the mic is so much better and the speakers don't let much sound out. However the down sides are they aren't as comfortable and don't have as good bass.

Miffy 2012-07-21

Well worth it

Great product, there are no downsides except one minor problem I had with mine. After a while the braided cable began to twist,knot, and eventually ripped.

Although they still work perfectly ( great sound quality and nice fit) my cable has been vastly shortened.

But other then that they are great for me and my late night gaming :)

mack 2011-04-21


Top quality headset from a top quality brand, not cheap but you pay for the quality ie. tough cable, interchangeable head pads and so on. The mic is crystal clear and they are generally very comfortable. The software that comes with them is quick and simple and runs in the background nicely.

Nicholas Alkins 2011-02-19

Brilliant Buy

I was considering going for the Razer Megadolons, as all my gaming tech is razer. However, i couldn't afford them so I went for these. I had no idea what they would be like, and you know i do not regret buying these at all.

I am a serious audiophile, after tweaking with logitech's equalizer i found that music in stereo mode to be absoulutley amazing, bass response is perfect, and all higher frequencies are not over whelming. 7.1 mode in counter strike and black ops is also mind blowing, you quite literally can pin point exactly where people are around you (this is very fun in blops). I will advise that the 7.1 doesn't work in every game as not all of them actually support 7.1, and i found that you will need to update to the latest version of the logitech drivers for all the channels to work properly in Battlefield 2. Overall, this is a mind blowing headset for the price and i seriously recommend it.

Jake Patrick 2011-02-08

A correction and my thoughts...

Just to correct the review given by 'Robin (Guildford)' on 27 Aug, 10, 2:11 pm, the reason he was experiencing missing/quiet channels was probably because the said games were preset to output true 5.1 surround sound, for his full system.
The virtual 7.1 created by the headset is supposed to draw from a stereo source, not a 5.1 source as I suspect his games were configured to. The said effect on channels is apparent if this is the case.

Myself, I've owned them for nearly a year now. High quality build, great quality audio. The virtual 7.1 wasn't as 'oh my word, that's incredible' as I expected, but I certainly can't game without such technology now as stereo audio lacks depth and immersion, which can only be a good sign.

The headset can be a little tight on the head after a long session of gaming, but a short break always relieves this. I highly recommend them.

Jack 2010-12-27

Great headset

So it's been a year since I bought these, and I still love them. They masively help in games like CoD and MoH to hear where shots and footsteps are coming from with the 7.1 virtual surround. They are great for watching films etc as well.
If I had a negative it would be the fake leather ear cup trim doesn't wear too well if I have some stubble, I would have prefered the standard fabric finish

Dave 2010-11-16

Not bad

The first batch of these had screeching in the left cup but after a ear I got a replacement from logitech and it seems the new batches have fixed the screeching. Best thing about these headphones is the crystal clear microphone, I havn't heard a clearer one.

Simon 2010-10-28

Face ache

I've owned these for a little over a year and weirdly enough, now i'm actually unable to wear them anymore. The large ear cups are pinching and cramping my jaw muscles so bad I feel like I have tooth ache.

Quality and audio wise, perfect.

T 2010-10-25

Great after teething problems

I bought this over a month ago to upgrade from my Creative Fatal1ty headset. That's a damn good headset, so I knew it was going to take some beating.

After a couple of hours from the first time I'd put it on though, I felt some great discomfort around my ears. I had to take it off. As someone who games for 5-6 hours at a time on average, this was going to be a huge issue. I was forever adjusting the earcups to different lengths, which was pretty annoying. Eventually, after about a week, the discomfort stopped and I can now wear the set for the amount of time that I need to.

Since then I've been having a great time with it. In FPSes you can really hear minor details in the environment, and footsteps are very audible in, say, MW2. Having the volume control on the left earcup is also handy. Finally, wearing the headset takes some getting used to. It has the noise cancelling effect of putting your head into a bucket of water!

Elliot M 2010-09-21

Qualms, qualms, qualms.

I was sceptical of virtual surround, especially that of the USB variety, when I took the plunge to buy these headphones. I already have a 5.1 speaker set, but I wanted something more discrete, and USB meant no fumbling around at the back of my PC when I wanted to switch between headphones and speakers. I was impressed by the features that I had read about prior to purchase, but unfortunately they may have been slightly bending the truth with some of their specifications. Firstly, the 7.1 surround sound is virtual. Virtual surround has often been frowned upon, but in this day and age audio processing has become advanced enough that it can sound extremely effective. Virtual surround is created by mimicking the delays and variations in sound that occur when a sound is emitted from

Robin 2010-08-27


Just recieved the headset this morning, and wow what a headset it is! No problems installing and setting up, works perfectly with my games and on Teamspeak 3, despite the complaints otherwise. As always, first class service from OCUK, delivered before estimated time and very helpful when I asked for info on the product. 5 out of 5.

Jack Tyler 2010-08-26

not all that sturdy

Bought these around 6 months ago.
Fell of the top of my p.c. (about half a metre) and plastic cracked near right hand ear cup on head band and a small peice of plastic broke off. They lasted a short time then the ear cup section came adrift, This rendered them useless as the plastic is so thin i could not repair them. So they are not as sturdy as they look. Other wise they are a very good with regarding to the sound output. I supose i was a little unlucky that they must have hit the carpet floor at the perfect angle to make the plastic give way.

Roger 2010-08-22

Who said 'not so good'?

>From Razers Barracuda HP-1 to These was a vast improvement, the surround sound works a treat! Bass is very effective/impressive and does work. People commnet on how heavy they are? Not sure why? they adjust to my head(its quite big) and once on, you are totally immersed in the game...not even noticing the headset. watching DVD's etc is virtually like being in the cinema.

Zingaw 2010-08-07

Not so good

Sound quality was clear but lacking in bass. Mic was very clear. What was annoying, and not sure if there was an easy solution, but logitech software only allows you to control volume, bass, treble and mic volume- Is there a way of changing individual channels 7.1? ie more sound from rear/front or left/right. Anyhow these have been returned and will be ordering medusa 5.1 (not usb) which allows channels to be changed via sound card or on cable controls. The service quality supplied by overclockers and return dept were 1st class as always, and this is a product related issue - Not true 7.1 surround sound imo.

tony diver 2010-07-12


Quick and simple , they are very good and the sound quality is amazing , this includes the quality of the mic ! However if you are moving from a light headset to these , the weight difference will take a while to get used to !

Mike 2010-04-04

Simply the best

I've been playing The Wall for years and it's never sounded as good as it does with these phones. I wish I had them when I was tripping with Floyd. It's not like having them in your room, it's like your with them in their room.

Money well spent.

Alan 2010-04-02

Sweet Zombie Jesus

These things are worth every penny.

The ear pieces are like huge comfy ear warmers, albeit a little more hi-tech. Having your ears totally encased really adds to the whole "Wow I'm actually there" effect, and greatly improves the noise cancelling.

A note on the noise cancelling, I actually thought my mouse was knackered because the buttons weren't making their usual clicking noise!

The 7.1 surround gave me a shock when I tested it, the "Rear Channel" snippet almost made me look over my shoulder.

Listening to music through these is fantastic, I'm noticing instruments/details in my favourite music that I never knew were there.

Important points:
-Software installation was trouble free, and it's easy to use.
-'G' Button profiles are a very nice feature.
-The microphone is crystal clear and has fantastic noise cancelling
-Comfortable design
-Decent, long, braided cable
-They even fit my huge man-head

Bad point
-The software has a voice changer which seems a bit daft and/or naff!

Jim Smith 2010-03-01

Top Notch

simply amazing headset. audio is so clear and feels like you in a cinema when watching movies. surround sound while gaming makes you feel like your really their and adds a whole new level to the gameing expirience. playing Crysis wars, you nearly pee yourself hiding in a bush when you hear footsteps behind you :p. the mic is excellent quality, picks up your voice very clearly and eliminates most backround noise very nicely. 3 costomizable buttons on the left ear can be used for quickly opening media player, skype ect or can be used to increase or deacrease bass or trebble.

excellent build quality, extremely comfortable, look great and a nice price.

only negative is a strange buzzing in the right ear when no audio is playing, seems to be related to the mouse as when i move my mouse the tone/pitch of the buzz changes and if i lift the mouse straight up off the matt the buzz stops. wierd. havnt found a solution but iv read its a know issue and logitech are working on a fix.

eoin 2010-02-13


I dont want to spend too long reviewing this, so ill simply say they are the best ive tried, and ive tried a range from poor to excellent. This tops them all, simple as. 5/5 +1. Sturdy, clear, superb. The price is excellent too for what you recieve.

Nathan Knight 2010-02-05

Best head set I've owned so far

Very good headset.
Build quality is top end with everything in soft touch plastic with a metal headband and a very long corded cable. I've own a few high end headsets over the years but these have to be the best.
Most games give great surround quality. OK so it's never going to be as good as speakers but I found these much better than my old medusa 5.1 cans.
Software is fun (voice effects) and easy to setup and offers some key features.
Only game I've had a problem with so far is Fear 2, everything else sounds great!
I've worn these for 3 hours with no comfort issues.
G key are useful, but volume and mute (with light) well placed.
Apart from it not working in Fear 2 I've not found a bad point.
Yes, they are

Matt S 2010-01-13

The Best

Got this headset on monday, such a perfect delivery.. It came at 7:30 just as i was leaving for work lol, i couldnt get over that. The headset its self is amazing, i still havent got it perfect for gaming yet but its just the best.. the 7.1 works perfect, you can tell where your enemys are straight away. It fits really well, so comfy.

Only problem i think is each time you turn your computer on you have to plug the head set in and out.. pretty annoying, but its well worth it ;)

Thank you overclockers very good headset and delivery.

Tommy Rogers 2010-01-08

Great set

I've come from using the Sennheiser PC350's. Arguably the sister set to these, however this headset blows the 350's through the roof.

The 7.1 sound is umbelieveable (for example CoD4 really cam alive when i got these this morning), build quality is amazing and the extra functions (Voice morphing) is great.

Only the nit i have to pick is that the ear cups are a little small. I prefer the ear cups being pretty big so they fit perfectly and well over the ears. These only just go over (and i don't have big ears at all)

Over all, definatley 5 stars. Defiantley worth the money and defiantley worth the upgrade. Get the!

Ben 2009-09-15

Almost Fantastic

For those of you considering these headphones.

The surround on these is fantastic and the bass they produce 'will' shake your head but they lack a little acoustic clarity in the mid to high end frequencies.

They are 'heavy'. Although once you adjust the headband to the correct length and put the best pad in for you they 'can' be comfortable. The only drawback is the fact that when not wearing the headset the headband adjusters will roll back in rather easily, which can be a little frustrating.

Another point to note is that these headphones act as a separate audio device to your soundcard, meaning that you will have to swap between the two when wanting to listen through your speakers. This also means you can only control the acoustics of the headphones through the Logitech panel, the soundcard settings have no effect on the headphones.

If you overlook these criticisms then 'overall' the functionality is perfect, they do what they are supposed to and you will be happy.

Korlagon 2009-08-05


Very good sound quality, it sorrounds the ears perfectly, isolating from outside noise, crystal clear mic, nice programmable buttons and the ability to turn on and off the sorround for when you just listen music. They are the best sorround headset i had.

Rafael 2009-08-01


I have had 20+ headsets.

this one is the best, ITS HUGE

fits me perfect mind as you can chance it all need for that in the box, the cable is same as the G9 kicky as hell fiber


sound is just woooooooooooooow bass is crazy HEADSET SHACKS !!! no joke is GG

drivers = fully ready for windows 7 and easy 2 install all usb

Adam 2009-07-28


Bought this headset the day it was released installed the software and I, have to say I was absolutely amazed with the quality of sound. However I was a bit niffed at the bass as it wasn

Louis 2009-07-17

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