G500 5700DPI Gaming Mouse (910-001262)

  • The Logitech Gaming Mouse G500. Your weapon of choice for precision and control. Gaming-grade laser gives you game-changing precision (200 to 5700 dpi) at any hand speed.
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Stock Code: KB-176-LG

EAN: 5099206016132

MPN: 910-001263

Manufacturer: Logitech

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Product information:

G500 5700DPI Gaming Mouse (910-001262)

The Logitech Gaming Mouse G500. Your weapon of choice for precision and control. Gaming-grade laser gives you game-changing precision at any hand speed. Onboard memory lets you save and take your settings for your favourite title with you. Weight tuning gives you up to 27 grams of extra weight for personalised feel and control. Dual-mode scroll wheel with hyper-fast scrolling provides click-to-click scrolling that's perfect for weapon selection. On-the-fly adjustable dpi gives you the right level of precision, from pixel-precise targeting (200 dpi) to lightning-fast manoeuvres (up to 5700 dpi), for whatever game you're playing. And ten programmable buttons put valuable macros in your hand.

- Gaming-grade laser gives you game-changing precision at any hand speed.
- Onboard memory lets you save and take your settings for your favourite title with you. No software required.
- Weight tuning gives you up to 27 grams of extra weight for personalised feel and control.
- Dual-mode scroll wheel with hyper-fast scrolling provides click-to-click scrolling that's perfect for weapon selection when you're gaming. Or switch to frictionless hyper-fast scrolling to fly through long Web pages when the boss is looking
- On-the-fly adjustable dpi up to 5700
- Ten programmable buttons put valuable macros in your hand

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Great Mouse

Great Mouse. Best I've ever had, side buttons in the perfect place to be pressed and the scroll wheel is pretty smooth.

Harry 2012-12-26

Another good while it lasts review

I notice that there has already been a review to this effect but the mouse can lose and reconnect which is intolerable for a gaming mouse. It started happening after 2 years and has 3 year warranty. I'm probably not going to be able to post this link but its a common problem:

Nigel 2012-12-15

Great mouse

No problems yet had it for a few days now would(and have) recommend(ed) it to friends. testing with different weights is also pretty handy.

Great mouse and glad of my choice

Before this I had a Logitech MX518 before that broke after 3 years of gaming service.

Brad 2012-10-19

Good when it Works

This mouse is very good when it works. However I and a lot of other people who purchased this g500 have had problems with tracking. It suddenly gives up tracking if there is a tiny spec of dust and sometimes due to bugs. Even with the latest drivers it has tracking problems, which is a shame as it is a really good mouse. I returned it and bought a new mionix naos mouse instead and works a treat.

Ali 2012-08-21

Not so good

Bought a few weeks back and to my amazment was defected with a broken scroll wheel. Apparently thats a major fault with the mouse apart from that it felt ok when using it. Glad Logitech as good service and sent me a new mouse

mark 2012-03-12

Perfect for gaming

I purchased this mouse two years ago to accompany my new system. I still have the mouse today and it's in the same perfect condition, no wear or tear after countless hundreds of hours of MMO and FPS gameplay. Able to tailor the weight to your liking. Extra buttons for additional ingame hotkeys is always nice.

If you want something reliable and solid for the price, then I will always recommend this mouse.

Bond 2012-01-26

Nice mouse, doesnt last

It's a nice mouse and performed well for about two years. Then the cord connection between the mouse and wire caused it to constantly disconnect and reconnect (sometimes not reconnecting at all even when I unplug it from the PC)

Further research I found that this is a common problem with this model of Logictech mouse.
I would avoid this one if you want a mouse that lasts

James 2011-11-16

Spot on Mouse!

Bough this to replace my well-thrashed MX518 which I've gone through 3 of so far - I like 'em that much.

Went for the G500 this time as it looked to be a slight upgrade from the good old MX518 but the word "Slight" couldn't be further from the truth.

Aside from extra buttons which are better placed than those on my old mouse, the finish is a lot better, with the old MX518's they started to peel on the rubber parts after a while, the G500 has a much more durable feel to it while still maintaining that grippy feel that makes the MX518 one of my favourite mice ever.

The addition of the weight cartridge is an interesting one, I have to admit I thought it would just be a gimmick but adding an extra 28g of weight to this mouse gives it an outstanding feel of quality and does improve the control you have over it.

As for people who moan about the scroll wheel - it's got a lock-down switch on it so you can make the scroll wheel "clicky" rather than "whizzy" and it's much more managable

Andy Higginbottom 2011-10-14

Much better now

Had the replacement mouse for a week and it rocks. Logitech support is fantastic, they pay for carriage both ways and no testing fees. OC refunded their testing fees as well. Only 4 stars due to the initial failure, but I did alot of web searches and didn't find anyone else with a similar problem. So may have been a one off

Rob 2011-10-10

Not so good

Great mouse, pity it only worked for 1 hour, then only worked on worktop surface and no mouse mats (previously worked fine on the mouse mats) after trying the mouse on 4 different pc's I had to RMA this back to OC's
Unfortunatly they sent it staright back as no fault found, and low and behold it worked for 1 hour 10 minutes before going non responsive again. I've now had to take this up with Logitech as with OC's RMA test costs, carriage and telephone costs it will have now cost me more in shipping it back to OC's than the mouse actually cost. Hopefully Logitech will have a soluction (maybe a problem with there latest software) and I can come back and post that info here too

Rob 2011-09-20

best buy at this price

after buying a sidewinder x8 yes paid the extra and it broke with in hours i returned to well none store not oc uk got the g500 and cash back ive used it very heavey use every day for over 9 months many hours every day . i dont use the macros scroll is great flys throw pages very good fit in your hand . clicking gets better with age. the wieghts dont do a great deal but really dont beleave you get a better mouse for this money

owen 2011-05-11

Good (but not perfect) gaming mouse

A good gaming mouse with a great shape that fits your hand almost perfectly, and awesome DPI adjustment.

However, for gaming purposes, this mouse has two flaws:
The first one is the mouse wheel:
- The scroll is very loose, you'll end up scrolling more than you want.
- The middle mouse3 button requires a lot of precision, you'll end up making a left or right scroll instead.

The second flaw are the thumb buttons:
- The forward mouse5 button is very far from mouse4 and hard to reach, you'll end up pressing the middle thumb button instead (which has no effect in most games).

This is still worth 4 stars because you can get over these 2 flaws with the software that comes with the mouse.
You can give the left/right scroll buttons the same effect as the middle mouse3 button, and the middle thumb button the same effect as the forward mouse5 button.

Joao Neves 2010-10-21

Good price, Not bad

Took me a while to get used to this mouse, I personally find the dpi buttons annoyingly positioned, But in time I'm sure ill grow used to it.

It's got a rather cool function on the scroll mouse, a click of a button makes it spin smooth and forever if you wished, or clicks, which is how i prefer it anyway.

Weights I'm new to, rather like it being heavy so that's nice.

for the price its a good mouse with good function and a reasonable nice feel, I never bought a "gaming" mouse before, and I'm glad I didn't pay more, I come from a PCLINE laser mouse that cost 7 pounds, I do miss it.
Still, This is a solid mouse and a good price, Looks ugly though with a marble like effect, Not to my taste but never mind.

I also bough the g19 keyboard, Which is horrible

Dean Ashby 2010-09-12

great upgrade

Had a g5 for about 5 years, it finaly packed in rmb stopped working. So bought this as an upgrade feels exactly the same as the g5 which is good, only used it to play worms reloaded so far but glides effortless across my mouse mat.
not had time to try the macro buttons but the software downloaded its self and looks simple to use and the extra side buttons wil come in handy for bc2 and css.

All in all a very good upgrade and for the 29.99 asking price you cant complain at all

Rodney Morrison 2010-08-27


Upgrading from a MX518 has taken me a very long time due to it been so good. Finally went for one of these as its very similar to my old mouse. The side buttons been my main interest in the mouse, i find them no better or worse than my old mouse, the midle of the 3 button though i turn off.

The weights are a good feature, but dont make that much difference as i like the mouse light anyway. The setpoint setup to change dpi settings works good and so does the buttons to change them on the mouse.

My main problem with this mouse is that the mousewheel is just to slack when wheeling it up or down in games to change weapons. I dont think a gamer tested this mouse as its to sensative and often scrolls past the weapon your after.(This happens even when its suppost to be locked)

The press of the wheel is fine its just the sensativity of it that drops it a star and would make me chane it sooner rather than later.

DK 2010-08-20

Everything about this is top quality

I bought this to replace an MX620 which I reviewed (quite badly lol) and I must say, this is right for the high-end gamer.
Compared to the MX620, this is taller my about 1 inch (Standing Up) which isn't bad in any way, but even the MX620 filled my hand. The laser (as said by logitech) is very precise, good for sniping and accurate rifling. It is sensitive as well (At 1600 dpi) I had to set my sensitivity down by at least 10.0 in CS:S and other Valve games. I love the weight tuning, this thing feels like a feather once I remove the applied weights. I like the design on it, with random burn marks that make it look interesting, unlike the G9 and the MX518 that don't have any artistic designs. All in all, I love this. Much worth the money.

Craig 2010-08-03

G500 is no G5 replacement

Ok, First off I got this mouse as an upgrade from my g5 v2 , was really happy with that model so I thought it would just be an improvment.

The shape & feel are just the same which is great, and the new DPI placement is very nice.

My main problem with it is the thumb buttons. I use them alot and they just plain rubish on the g500.
You can only really use the 1 big one and the other 2 are basicaly useless.
This basicaly renders the mouse useless for me as I need to have a good thumb button for knife attacks in COD games. Hence the 2 star rating.

I have now replaced it with the g9x and I am really happy with that model.

Jason 2010-05-12

Very Impressed

This mouse has improved my Windows productivity greatly, allowing me to assign Ctrl+C and V commands to defferent buttons with Logitecs SetPoint software, that you'll need to google as it wasn't included.

The shape of the mouse is perfect even in my unusually big hands.

The only thing I don't like is the 'worn' effect they have.
There are two wear patches on the mouse, top-left and bottom-right, this - i suppoose - is to give the mouse a much used, much loved look, but just made it look second hand to me.

Apart from that great mouse and well worth the money!

Tony 2010-04-24

Epic Mouse win

ok this is the only gaming mouse i have ever used properly but it is so good allowed me to up my game tenfold. it has every feature you could posibly want in a mouse and you can tune it in anyway that you want

Jon Grantham 2010-04-20

cracking little mouse

Got one of these last week as an RMA replacement for my MX518, and I must say I am absolutely delighted with it!

The build quality of this mouse is superb, it is really comfortable to use, even after long CS:S gaming sessions, and there are plenty of extra buttons to assign things to ingame (I haven't used any of them yet!!)

Dave 2010-02-22

Like a Glooooove

Finally I have found a proper Gaming mouse!

The best feature is for sure the DPI settings on the fly that really let you adjust your aiming while playing. (sniping or close range combat).
away for that, this mouse is really precise and comfortable. it will also fit your hand like a glove. weight adjustement is cool but not essential as the mouse is already heavy enough.

Stephane 2010-02-01

At last

A great mouse. Fits great in the hand, well right hand as left-handers will hate this. Easily customisable buttons with independant x and y pointer speeds. DPI changable on the fly.

Plenty of buttons although let down by the middle mouse button which requires just a touch too much pressure to activate.

CC 2010-01-05

Great Mouse

Went back to Logitech after using a Copperhead and then a Deathadder and it feels far more natural.

The black sides are textured with no chance of slipping.

The 5700dpi setting for those who care really sends the pointer faster than you can keep up with so plenty of tweeking options.

All and all so far so good, just dissappointed I chose the royal Mail option and waiting 3 long days for it!!

Chris74 2009-11-05

Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse

Absolutly perfect mouse yet again from Logitech. Jam packed with features. Pretty sure it has a slight shape change from the G5 as the G5 always felt a little 'awkward' where as the G500 feels perfect. It has black teflon feet which I have read on forum was a concern for some but it works and feels perfect on my Everglide Titan Mouse mat. Definatly the best mouse I have ever owned and I have had a few,

Chris Lee 2009-10-23

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