Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse (910-001759)

G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse (910-001759)

  • For MMORPG
  • RTS and FPS gamers who don't want to compromise – the performance of a corded connection with the freedom of wireless.
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Stock Code: KB-186-LG

EAN: 5099206022515

MPN: 910-001761

Manufacturer: Logitech

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Product information:

G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse (910-001759)

The Logitech® Wireless Gaming Mouse G700 keeps you comfortable, in control and deep into your game. Its 13 programmable G-Keys can be used to perform single actions or complex macros with a single click. The natural curves fit your hand for epic levels of comfort, so you can keep at it for as long as you want. And its full-speed wireless connection gives you gaming-grade performance coupled with wireless freedom. It comes with a quick-connect cable that charges your mouse and can transmit data over the cable. When your guild gets together, you'll have all the control you need to do battle, complete quests and level up your character. Logitech® SetPoint™ software required for initial setup and is available at logitech.com/downloads.

- 13 individually sculpted, programmable G-Keys let you perform either single actions or intricate macros with multiple keystrokes, mouse events, user-defined keys and repeating. No matter what your game, you'll get deep into it. You have the control you need to play better. To conquer more. To win.
- With natural curves that fit your hand, you get epic levels of comfort, while smooth-gliding feet let you manoeuvre effortlessly. You'll play comfortably, without distraction, for as long as you want.
- Full-speed wireless (1,000 reports per second) helps eliminate lag so you enjoy gaming-grade responsiveness and wireless freedom. You get a steady, powerful connection with no dropouts.
- A quick-connect cable for recharging and data transfer lets you plug in fast and continue your campaign without pause. You'll never run out of power. And you'll always have a backup for reliable connectivity.
- You get a mouse that's crafted just for gaming. The gaming-grade laser gives you game-changing precision at any hand speed. Onboard memory lets you store up to five profiles*. And the dual-mode scroll wheel can switch from click-to-click for weapon selection to free spinning for hyper-fast scrolling.

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Recommended for gaming!

I bought this from a different site ages ago and has had a few big bashes and is still working fine.

very comfortable! 12 completely programmable buttons with 5 setups you can customize, name, add, remove and completely play around with to do almost anything you want! I only chose to have a browsing a gaming setup but that's just me, with the browsing having back page, forward page, vol up+down, ctr V/C, and the gaming having buttons I don't have time to or uncomfortable to reach such as T, G, X, Z, and also a button that lowers sensitivity to my precocious sensitivity choice for sniping and I still have setups and buttons spare! also very responsive for a wireless mouse too ;)

when wired up it's a little disappointing (wired means charging it up btw). it gets heavier and more difficult to control with a big plug to go into the front and a very stiff cable making it uncomfortable to move in some certain ways. that's the only downside for me


Step up from MX518

I've had difficulties finding a new mouse that I could stand for any longer than a week... And that's because my first proper mouse was a MX518.

There is a cult following around the MX518, and there's a reason for it. Well, I'd trudged through many highly-rated mice, which I could appreciate were excellent - but did not satisfy my hand.

Returning to Logitech then, I was starry-eyed when I saw the shape of the G700. Though it does not replicate the shape, it follows the same concept; very comfortable, wide, relaxed grip. Mice are a very personal thing, and I am comparing the two because these are the only mice that have 'felt right' in my hand. If you ARE a fan of the MX518 and reading this, you'll find the G700 pleasant also.

The rest of the statistics are as you would expect... The G-keys are excellent, easily accessible and responsive, though not intrusive for regular use. As too is the Logitech software it comes with. Battery life is a downside, but keep a set of rechargable AA's on hand and you'll never have a problem. The design is sleek, simple, and it looks lovely sat next to a 6GV2.

The mouse is responsive and accurate - but more than anything, beautifully comfortable.


Same issue with buttons

Basically, if you are even a remotely heavy user, expect to have issues with the buttons eventually. It IS a stonkingly good mouse in every other way. There's no noticable difference between cabled or wireless, it's super comfy and does everything right but the switches for the left and right button aren't built to last. I'm on my second after sending 1 back when the right mouse failed. Tried to be a bit more careful with it and the left's going/gone, right has had it's moments. I like it so much I'm even tempted to break out the soldering iron and try and source some more sturdy micro-switches but it really does need a bit more effort from logitech to sort the button degradation.
Buy it if you have a light touch or don't mind having to RMA it yearly. Otherwise, unfortunately, look elsewhere.

Paul 2013-01-02

Good but has issues

I have always loved Logitech's, and have had this mouse for about a year now. It has been absolutely perfect in every single way except for one irritating issue which Logitech are aware of and, if you google it, many users of this mouse are having. The main left and right mouse buttons have a tendency to double click whenever they feel like it, something which Logitech acknowledged they are aware about, and then put it down to wear and tear. Personally, a 70 quid mouse should not be experiencing faulty switches, especially with less than a year under its belt, as many other users of this mouse have also discovered.

I think I will be picking a different mouse from a different company shortly

Paul 2012-08-19

Great Mouse

Quite a good mouse all round, easy to programme buttons, very comfortable.

Battery life is very poor though, mine came with a generic looking plain battery, rated at 2000mAh. For the battery life it gets 1 star less.
Replaced battery with a more powerful battery, and is a little better, seems this mouse is quite power hungry :)

Rich 2012-03-22

Best mouse I owned

Very comfortable 4 thumb buttons (not sharp at all). It's nice and big and my thumb doesen't have to bend much to reach all 4 of them.

Left finger buttons take a little getting used to, but different angles make them easy to recognise by feel.

Top middle button unlocks/locks the wheel (so its either smoother or clicks) and the button below that changes profiles and a bit too hard to reach for regular use. The wheel is firm enough not to scroll when using it as a button when in click mode.

As for battery issues. It uses AA battery, you can either use a regular battery re-charger (single charge from a wall socket makes mine last a good 30 solid hours of gaming, or a week on and off). You can also use a standard micro usb phone charger to achieve the same effect, or even just leave it plugged in. The usb cable supplied is a little stiff, but can use any micro usb cable in stead. Software dead easy, but did require a restart during install...

Perfect mouse for me.

Yev 2012-02-27

Good buy!

Having had this mouse for a few months now, I can safely say that it is ridiculously comfortable. The price is reasonable for those gamers who are aspiring for that extra edge when gaming. I love the fact you can change the sensitivity in a click of a button on the mouse, that really is useful for when playing different games or when other people prefer a different sensitivity. I have recently discovered that unfortunately, one of my sensitivity buttons has broke and won't work, hopefully Logitech will provide the good customer service that they are renown for. All in all, a good buy.

Mark 2012-02-14


Went from a G500 and a Naga MMO to this and really like it as I have big hands and this feels very comfortable and responds very well.

Jenz 2012-01-30

Sadly not what I was expecting

I needed to replace my venerable MX518 so bought this hoping for equal reliability and quality.

For a logictec product this feels very light - too much so. Really lacks that sturdy build feel.

The thumb buttons have a very narrow raised edge to them which can make them uncomfortable to use for strafing (as i do).

The top side buttons feel cheap and tacky.

It does the job but it really doesn't feel as if it should cost as much as it does. I'm now looking to replace it after only two months.

David 2012-01-28

Great mouse... If it's got juice!

The mouse is comfortable to use, responsive and very customizable. Everything you want in a gaming mouse, except the horrific battery-life.

Expect to have to scrabble around like a madman mid-game because your mouse just shuts down with no warning. Or, expect to spend another tenner on some good batteries (try the GP ReCyko AA NiMH).

Simon Mansfield 2012-01-26

Great Mouse

Had this mouse about a year now and it's still perfect. No scratches or marks on it, only very minor wear on the left and right buttons where my fingers sit. The mousewheel is still working perfectly, and the latch for smooth/notched rotation is exactly the same as new. The base has minor scratches on the pads, but still floats effortlessly (if other people use it they always say it's too responsive).

My only gripe about this mouse, is some programs/games don't recognise all the buttons (1-5 are fine) even with the software installed. But it's never been a big issue for me.

Rob 2011-11-17

Simply fantastic!

Don't waste your time reading this review, just buy one! The price tag is quite steep, but well worth paying. Excellent design - comfortable, yet practical. There are supposed to be 13 G-Keys, but in reality there are only 10 that I can find, and two are hidden on the scroll wheel (left and right rocker).

Still, an excellent buy, would recommend to professionals as well as gamers.

A final thought is that it's worth paying the price for this mouse, which will not break on you unlike Saitek Cyborg products.

PS: Why are you still reading, you should have bought one by now.

Ed Bird 2011-11-03

Pretty damn good

Very precise, very ergonomic, and looks like something Weta Workshops would design for a big budget sci-fi film.

Recommendation: build up a reserve of patience for when you install the thing and downlad the various bits of software for it. It has alot of buttons and you can do alot with them, so take the time to experiment with everything and get a feel for it all.

Well worth the price tag, even if you're a casual and/or non-hardcore MMO player like me. OCUK and their delivery service, as usual, are top notch.

Damo 2011-10-17

Great mouse but small problem

Fantastic mouse, comfortable to hold and also feels nice

the small problem for me is that i didnt do a good enough research... I bought this mouse along with a logitech wireless keyboard (K360) and had the hopes of using the single Unifying receiver.
This mouse cannot be paired with with the unifying receiver.

Still only a small problem for me and apart from that its a fantastic mouse

Edd 2011-09-29


Got this bad boy about 4 months ago now but decided to write a review as ive just set it up on a new rig. Great service from OcUk as usual!

I gave it 5 stars as i can't really fault the mouse to be honest. The battery life can wear down fairly quickly, i would say 12-18 hours full usage but im quite gd at recharging it. The side buttons are really nice on the thumb but may take a bit a bit of getting used to if coming from a conventional mouse. The dpi is more than enough especially for mmo players such as myself and the buttons over all are more than enough for hotkeys. Also rather light.

Overall great mouse for gamers and always gunna be reliable from logitech. Def worth the money!

James 2011-05-16

Fantastic product

My last 4 mice have all been IntellMouse Explorer 3.0 as I found them most comfortable for general use and gaming. In the past, Logitech mice have all been too 'tall'/large for comfort but this G700 (while slightly 'taller' than the Intellimouse) is extremely comfortable.

Comfort aside I echo the sentiments of the other reviews here. This is a high quality product with a good/reasonable battery life (I'm still using the initial 'low' out of the box charge).

My favorite feature of this mouse is the button to toggle the mouse wheel 'style' from that clicking/notched roll forward & back to smooth-roll forward & back. In FPS games I can easily select weapons but when scanning documents/other it's much quicker/less irritating to scroll large pages.

MP 2011-01-06

Great Mouse One Flaw

Had this mouse for over a month now and it really is amazing, the buttons are in easy to reach places and the shape is very comfortable. for me this mouse has 1 problem, the battery life from full (3 lights) to 1 light is around 7 hrs, this then means i need to connect the wire making it wired.

Overall i would recommend to anyone aslong as they don't mind the charging.

Joe 2010-12-30


Best mouse I ever touched. The marco buttons are in great location and very quick to use. I use this to play StarCraft II and I can see a significant change to my gameplay. I cannot notice any diffrence to the accuracy of the mouse when its wireless, it works perfectly well at all times.

Dihan 2010-12-27


brilliant mouse, durabale, comfortable but i have to knock off 1 star for general polish issues: the three buttons on the side of the leftclick are great but if you need to be buttonpushing at 120+ apm in serious games 4 buttons 'bound' to 1 finger is a serious designflaw, and that may sound picky but it is supposed to be a mouse for serious enthusiast gamers it is however still far superiour to the naga ( its main competition ) because it dosent break every couple months.
never used it's wireless capabilitys, again enthusiast gamers will not use this because any possible interuption, however small could = loss.
the wired connection is perfect and
software is complicated but perfect otherwise.
also you can push the mouse right with your thumb without pushing buttons
(unlike the razor series)

conclusion: great mouse, could use polish but still one of the best around.

Lug 2010-12-17

Pretty impressed

I have been running with an MX revolution for a while now and decided I wanted a new mouse as a Birthday treat. As an MMO fiend I want buttons.....I got buttons.

The glide pads on this mouse are even better than the MX revolutions, the mouse is heavier giving it a more "meaty" feel so you KNOW you are moving the mouse.

The wired connection is done through a fairly long cable which comes with an extension lead to boot. While I agree the cable is a little stiff, when arranged correctly it does not interfere at all.

I really like the fact that I can keep it wired most of the time, jumping over to wireless when I choose to.

The DPI settings on this thing are insane...going up to 5700 dpi. At this level you look at the mouse and the pointer moves on screen. It is fantastic.

My only negative point is they replaced the velocity controlled flywheel of the MX revolution with an un-lockable flywheel. Other than that, this is the best rodent I have owned to date.

Richard 2010-10-29

logitech classic

Have had my fair share of gaming mice, the previos one being G9x, this mouse takes gaming to another level, sits very comfortably in my hand, great accuracy.
the only down side is you cant customise the weight, minor price to pay though as in all the mouse is very, very good

Rich 2010-10-25

Good... but...

Overall, I'd say a good mouse, not totally flawless, as gamers hold their expectations generally a lot higher than the mass buying public.

Lots of buttons in a comfortable arrangement, weight is light with only 1x AA battery (I prefer lighter mice, less strain when picking up and repositioning). IMHO, maybe has bit plastic hollow feel, an example would be the thinner plastic of a g500 vs a more solid g9. Main buttons and side buttons were solid with tactile clicks, however my units button 8 to 11 (the top ones) had a little play, but still acceptable.

As a wireless mouse it's good. I'd score 4.5, loses half mark on short battery life - about 20 to 24 hours "continuous" usage on max sensitivity/polling. Reduce these settings to trade for more battery life.

Wired mode needs some improvement, a 3.5 score, inserting the cable makes it front heavy. The cable is a stiff rubber and is unbraided, thus it drags on everything.

Last note - Setpoint software works now, and not so bloated.

Pat 2010-10-15

Conisiours Mouse

I seem to have developed a taste in fancy rodents having owned a 2 MX mice from logitech, 2 razers and a steelseries all in about the last 2 years.
This is a very solid effort from logitech. The build quality is very high and a lot of times been spent thinking about the layout and handy user features. A lot has been done before but has been done very well here. My ONLY gripe coming from the WoW mouse (which I put up with as after a little coaxing along mine behaved and has been decent + OMG BUTTONS!) is the missing slim buttons either side of the roller. Its a small addition but the only thing I miss. The tracking is excellent, the buttons all have the right kind of feel, the grippy texture is decent and battery life superb. It's definitely a mouse i'd recommend.

Paul 2010-10-06

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