Logitech G930 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless USB Headset (981-000550)

G930 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless USB Headset (981-000550)

  • A fast wireless connection lets you level up without being tied down - and 7.1 surround sound puts you right in the middle of the action.
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Stock Code: SP-094-LG

EAN: 5099206024250

MPN: 981-000550

Manufacturer: Logitech

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Product information:

G930 7.1 Surround Sound Wireless USB Headset (981-000550)

Level up without being tied down. Gaming-grade wireless gives you a lag-free, interference-resistant connection with a range of up to 12 metres (40 feet) - so nothing stands between you and victory. 7.1 surround sound powered by Dolby technology delivers a detailed, positional soundfield that lets you hear your opponents before they see you. You'll have total command over music, voice morphing, chat clients and more with three programmable G-keys. And a memory foam-lined headband fends off fatigue, while plush ear pads ease pressure points and seal out unwanted noise.


Hear them before they see you
Hear the game the way the developer intended. Dolby 7.1 sound output appears to surround you as if it’s coming from all possible directions.

Lag-free. Interference-resistant.
Speed and agility keep the signal clear and strong. Rapid-burst transmission is faster and less susceptible to interference. Frequency agility ensures optimal performance.

Control the signal-to-noise ratio
Control in-game elements with one-touch. G-keys are conveniently located on the left ear cup. Music, hotkey macros, and more. Customize G-keys with easy-to-use Logitech Gaming Software.*

*Logitech Gaming Software (LSG) is required to for some profile settings.

Filter ambient noise
Be heard loud and clear without the distraction of background noise. The mic picks up only your voice. Rotate the mic boom up and out of the way to mute. A red indicator reminds you that you are muted.

Outlast the competition
Play for up to 10 hours on one charge.*

*Actual wireless range and battery life will vary with use, settings and environmental conditions.


3-year Limited hardware warranty
Windows Vista®, Windows® 7, or Windows 8
USB port
7.1 Surround sound requires software installation*
*Surround sound requires Logitech Gaming Software to be enabled. Available at gaming.logitech.com/support.
USB wireless adapter
Charging base*
User documentation
*Rechargeable batteries have a limited number of charge cycles.
Driver: 40 mm (1.6 in)
Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
Impedance: 32 Ohms
Sensitivity: 90dB SPL/mW/Mw

Microphone Pickup pattern: Cardioid (Unidirectional)
Type: Pressure Gradient Electret Condenser
Frequency response: 50-20KHz
Sensitivity: -40dBV/Pa re: 0dB = 1 Pa, 1KHz
Test conditions: 3.0V, 2.2K Ohm
Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound
Seven discrete audio channels
Low-frequency effects (LFE) channel
Rapid-burst transmission
Agile frequency
Noise-cancelling mic
Rotate-to-mute mic
Battery: Up to 10 hours per charge

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Im not normally one for reviews but this headset just oozes quality, upgraded from an old Creative HS800 Fatal1ty that i had for years and the difference in sound quality just blew me away.

They fit on my head really snug and cancel out most outside noise much better than my old headset. The 7.1 surround sound has been a great help while playing Rainbow Six Siege.

Well worth the money. One happy gamer.

Joe 2016-12-17


After countless hours looking for a 'decent' gaming headset, I decided on going for these. Are these worth the price, no. They look cool and are quite comfortable for about an hour/two but that's really it. The little connector thing is broken and doesn't work when I install the 'gaming software' the headset fails to connect. Its a little plasticy and for this price I would expect something which worked. Logitech after-market support is absolutely terrible with long waiting times and useless reps online. I will be ringing up soon to complain and see if they can fix this issue.

Would I recommend these: No save your money and buy something else.


Great overall

Ordered late Thursday, came Friday morning.
Great product, No interference from my router, wireless mouse or wireless keyboard which are next to the reviver. The bass and surround sound is good, the range is good. The only problem is the software that comes on this disk as it stopped working, but downloading the new version from Logitech's website fixed the problems.

Mitch 2013-01-04

Good BUT

Can't fault them for sound quality or clarity but I'm afraid they do feel rather plasticky when I brought them. Have had them for about a year now and I have not had any trouble with them, comfortable, once they are positioned correctly and great sound but really don't like the way they look (cheap)! But it may be Logitech put the money in producing the sound quality which I can understand...but they need the looks for bragging rights at this price. Something on the lines of the Corsair's maybe!

Mr Jonathan Holmes 2012-11-14

ecellent headset, but has flaws

i havw had to change this headset 3 times so far and still has the same faults. the screw on end caps on the extendable headband cracked with in 2 weeks of receiving the set on each set, and the ear cups disintegrate. once fixed this headset will be the one, sound good, range good, battery life good, shame about the manufacturing flaws, considering the price. varies on which program your using as to how the keys do and do not operate. this set could easily rate a 5 once sorted, excellent otherwise.

derek voellner 2012-06-21

Sailing Close to Perfection

Thought I'd post my thoughts on this headset as I've been using it for almost a week.

This is the best headset I've owned, without question. This is THE headset for Battlefield 3, use home cinema setting ingame and you will have a amazing experience.

Wireless range is very good, I've used the headset around the house with no audible lowering of sound quality.

They are also good for music, the soundstage is good with a lot of seperation to the instruments.

Qualms? I have a big head and after a while wearing them my ears feel a bit sore. Also the build quality, I would transport these in a hard case if I were you so perhaps not ideal for going to lan's. Its the swivel joint above the earcups - this doesn't feel like it can withstand a lot of pressure.

I have no other qualms, battery life is excellent it lives it up to the indicated and claimed 10 hours.

I have tried this headset with a lot of games now and the game that benefits the most is BF3.

So if you like BF3, get these!

David Eames Maund 2012-05-10

Great but has flaws

I love them when they work, the majority of the time they do. I've had mine for about 6 months at least now. The biggest problem with all Logitech products is poor driver support and the G930 doesn't fail expectation there. There are a lot of disconnection issues which causes lapses in audio 10 seconds or so whilst it reconnects to the headset, sometimes it isn't detected at all as the drivers have completely failed. Two botched attempts by Logitech and some of the issues have been eliminated but the driver problems still exist.

The headphones themselves are absolutely phenomenal, the range is great, audio quality and comfort. The charge can last a while however I have found on some USB ports on both my laptop and desktop whilst charging it causes a slight whistle in one ear.

Another negative is the on button... sometimes it can take me over a minute of fiddling to finally get them to turn on and off.

I would recommend these based on how great they are when they perform.

Jallan 2012-01-28

its up there

ill make this quick and easy to digest;

it all worked 1st time with me and easy to get running

quality is great well made and you get used to the buttons on the head surprisingly quick

charge lasts 10 hours

no cable stops me getting it stuck in my chair and breaking every headset i seem to have

over all highly recomended but price is a little to high

dave 2011-12-25


had these headphones for 6 months or so now, there great! range is fantastic, must be like 30 meters or so! sound quality is great probably as good as u will get without having studio headphones which would probably be diffy a microphone and definitely not be wireless.. the battery life is about 10 hours but u can still use them if you plug them in to the usb charger.. installation is really really easy too.. the only drama i have with them is sometimes on startup of my pc the tray app for the headphones crashes and i have to kill the task then reload it which works fine, and very rarely it can loose signal but within a few seconds it will reconnect and continue playing sound.. the worst thing about them (and im being really anal) is that you have to hold down the on/off button too long to turn them off lol.. if your looking for a high quality gaming headset LOOK NO FURTHER, ive converted all of my mates to wanting / getting these!!

Charlie 2011-10-01

Don't but these

I would have given this a rating of zero if that was possible, a total waste of money.

It only works occasionally & only in certian USB ports. It seems to like USB 3 ports better than USB 2. It never works first time. I have to unplug the USB stick 3 or 4 times before it eventually works. I've tried it on 3 systems & all have the same problem. I hoped the new drivers would fix it but no. Sound qualty for Music is awful, about on par with Iphone standard headphones or maybe not quite as good. Pretty good for gaming when it works.

Ricky 2011-09-03

Logitech G930

I didnt buy the Logitech G930 from overclockers but have bought many things before top service from OC, the sound quality and comfort of the Logitech G930 blows any other headset I have ever owned very long battery life and easy to charge cant fault them.

killerbadboy 2011-06-28


Excellent piece of kit. The sound that comes out of these are crystal clear and has awesome bass.
Can hear all your enemies footsteps much easier when gaming.
Having no wires attached is the best for me and the headset lets you know when the battery is going flat and other various things. Would recommend to anyone

Icemanza 2011-05-01

Logitech g930

First off , great service from Overclockers as from reading the reviews i have come to expect! so far the headset has been great , wireless range gets shortened sometimes but i think that is due to things like microwaves etc.. that give off the same signal i think. great sound quality , you can really tell which direction the enemy's are coming from. also great for hearing footsteps in game. Overall a great headset , good price from Overclockers and a great service. 5*

lorcan o'driscoll 2011-04-01

Top of its game

After having used these for a few months I can honestly say that these wireless cans are a smashing piece of kit.

You get about 10 hours of wireless, you can charge while you play with the microUSB so no loss of functionality there. Wireless range is about 10 metres or so I guess. Sound quality is really really good. Swap between 7.1 and stereo in an instant. The mike is one of the best headset mikes ive ever seen.

Just very sleek and impressive in general. I'll never go back to wired!

Dan 2011-01-24

Market Leader

When it comes to the gaming market Logitech really filled an increasingly demanded place for a gaming grade, high quality wireless headset. The software bundled with these cans lets you assign any macro function to them. Not only that, but Logitech also support third party softwares and mods- letting you integrate this headset in to any FPS/RTS/MMO you desire. The sound quality is also great- although for wired products of the same price range there is certainly much better quality out there. That said, these headphones would serve absolutely brilliant quality for anyone but audophiles. The battery lasts for a highly commendable 6-8 hours off charge, and charges in 2 (which can also be done whilst in use). Although these headphones are a little on the heavy side, it's a price to pay for the technology inside. Logitech have really outdone themselves here, there truly is no competition if you're looking for some absolutely top dollar wireless gear.

Jim 2010-11-02


Excellent Bass. Realistic Surround sound. Fairly Light weight. Good Mic clarity. Feature packed.

What more could you ask for in a wireless headset. Tried many 5.1 and a few 7.1 headsets and this is the best I've heard!

Only down side is the price and the warm ears!

Gavin 2010-09-16

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