Logitech MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse (910-000616)

MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse (910-000616)

  • If you´re going to play at the highest level
  • you need a mouse that gives you an edge. The Logitech MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse does exactly that with its ultra-high resolution.
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Stock Code: KB-060-LG

EAN: 00000000

MPN: 910-000616

Manufacturer: Logitech

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Product information:

MX518 Gaming-Grade Optical Mouse (910-000616)

The Logitech® MX™518 optical gaming mouse gives gamers a precision advantage. Its 1800 dpi optical engine delivers pinpoint accuracy. A sculpted comfort grip helps reduce strain, and slick polytetrafluoroethylene feet glide smoothly across almost any surface. In-game sensitivity switching lets you easily control cursor speed and responsiveness without ever having to interrupt play.

- 1800 dpi optical engine - Delivers precision targeting and pinpoint accuracy
- Sculpted comfort grip - Helps reduce strain
- Polytetrafluoroethylene feet - Glide smoothly across almost any surface
- In-game sensitivity switching - Lets you easily control cursor speed and responsiveness without ever having to interrupt play
- Eight programmable buttons - Provide added control and efficiency
- 3-year limited warranty

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Good but a bit light for me.

Everyone raves about this mouse and rightly so, i will not bang on about everything thats always been said.

The only thing for me is that i feel it is a little light and with no option of assing weights its a slight annoyance at most. Great mouse otherwise.

I have been popping a few skulls on BF2 already :)

Joe 2011-07-30

so good I went back

Well had my MX518 over 2 years ago until I bought a rat 3 which was a lot more to pay but after 3 months of the Rat driving me mad I went back to my trusted MX518 and I am once again enjoying games with out a doubt the logitech mx518 is a class gaming mouse and I will be getting a new one from OCUK

Dean 2011-07-11

Buy it

Been using one for years, not a single problem, very robust and feels good too.

Sandy 2011-07-10

Very good mouse

Excellent mouse! feels solid comfy and smooth, just to clarify it looks dented but isn't to the feel, i think it gives it a nice and unique look, i orded this on a friday moring and got it monday afternoon (2nd class royal mail) overclockers continue to impress with there delivery times, thumbs up.

Phil Goodson 2011-07-04

Great mouse

Got this mouse after being recommended and so glad I asked for opinions now. Probably the best mouse I've used and it's a fantastic price too.

Gary H 2011-05-28

Bestest Ever

I keep coming back to it - nothing has ever beaten it over the last several years. Cant go wrong!

Dan 2011-04-25

Most robust on the market

Owned my this mouse for over 5 years, use it for several hours a day minimum, still works and feels perfect.

5 stars logitech.

Andy 2011-04-22

good mouse bad software !

this mouse is probably 1 of the most robust on the market I like the feel and the buttons and design well impressed with the mouse it self . the reason for the 3 stars is the new set point drivers 6.22 it don't recognise some software/games so I cant use customized thumb buttons in some games witch if you play wow like me and use shift mods is is well irritating and logitech have know this problem for a while as the forums say and haven't done any thing about it so 5 stars for mouse -2 for bad software !

maddox 2011-04-15


Used one of these for years (as in - the same one). Easily the best mouse i've ever used and very reliable. Buy one now! Highly recommended.

Stuart 2011-04-10

Still the best

Don't listen to Mark below me! He's clearly new to gaming or has little experience. Especially when it comes to FPS, opticals beat lasers - there is no contest.
Mouse is old now, but is still BY FAR one of if not the best. It's common knowledge the DeathAdder and 518 are ranked the best. I used to be a huge DeathAdder fanboy untill I tried the 518. Now I've had 3 of them on the trot.
Somebody phone Logitech and tell them to start developing the mx520 already!

Rich 2011-03-30

MX518 good G500 BETTER

I bought this mouse and found the middle wheel squeaks when you turn it slowly. Also found that it was diffcult to control at high dpi, compared to the G500 I replaced it with. Go for the G500 instead. Also the look is a bit strange described as dented by my son. G500 definatley looks better.

Mark 2011-03-17

Brilliant mouse

What a mouse, I have used Lachesis and Deathadder. Lachesis is like too twitchy and complicated. Lift off for deathadder is too high.
This is just perfect, gets the crosshair where you want it, when you want it.

I set my polling rate to 500hz and it absolutely rocks.

Joseph 2011-03-16

Great mouse for the price

I've owned this mouse 2-3 years now, it's still going strong.

+2 thumb buttons, very easy to use.
+Ability to adjust DPi on the fly without drivers - I rarely use, but occasionally it comes handy
+Right handed
+Low cost
+Looks great

-It's large - Not suitable for the claw style grip.
-Click force is "medium" in my opinion, so maybe not the fastest for clicking. Same goes for the wheel scroll/click and side buttons. It's fine for most situations, but less force = faster (as long as you don't accidentally click), so not optimal for gaming.
-The logictech logo under your hand wears away quite fast
-Not laser, so it can get disrupted by even quite mild reflectivity.

Overall: Great, but think carefully about it if you have small to medium hands.

Leo Simon 2010-11-18

Excellent Mouse

I bought this as a semi-impulse buy to replace my old brick of a mouse, and have been greatly impressed by both the solid build quality and the wonderful comfort it provides. On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment is an absolute godsend. Two issues arose: the Setpoint software bundled with the mouse refused to install (downloaded latest version off Logitech website, works perfectly well now), and the close fit of my hand around the mouse tends to mean that the mouse picks up sweat with alarming efficacy, which gets a little irritating. Excellent product overall.

Matt 2010-10-29

Value for money

Bought this Logitech MX518 Gaming Optical Mouse as security to replace my ageing Logitech G5, and at this price i am very pleased to get such a cracking deal.

Having used an MX510 mouse in the past, i can highly reccomend this newer MX518 version update. As i loved my MX510 to death, you cannot argue about getting such a great gaming mouse & quality brand name to boot.

Jules 2010-10-14

the best

simply the best mouse i owned. have it for about 2+ years now. works like a charm and VERY comfortable

ED 2010-10-09


Does exactly what it states on the box. Its a perfect mouse for gaming, especially for wow and BC2. Would defo recommend to anyone! Best value for money / quality item available!

jake barratt 2010-10-06

Good, but what's that noise?

I bought this a few months ago, really like the feel of it, and being able to adjust sensativity on the fly is quite handy when doing fiddly things in photoshop etc. the only negative thing I have to say about this mouse is that it emits a high pitched noise... It's only noticable when it's really quite, but still it can be annoying. 4 Stars because of the noise, otherwise I would've given 5.

Rob 2010-10-01

Best Mouse

Used a 510 for a few years and when that (finally) gave up the ghost I thought I would try MS and Razor after reading the hype.

Ended up selling them and bought this.

Can't fault it and it is very good value for what you receive.

I guess I was used to the shape already which helped but even so - this is THE mouse to get.

Nate75 2010-09-22

Simply Stunning

For this price and even late 2010, this is still a superb mouse. Will be buying another when mine eventually bites the dust!

Gareth 2010-09-19


I really wanted to link an in depth review between all the top gaming mice which shows this performing amazingly. The movement and quality of this mouse is ridiculously good. I've had mine for over 6 years, and am so tempted to buy another 2 just incase they stop making these bad boys.

Thinking this was an amazing mouse, I upgraded to their Laser equivalent mouse a couple of years ago, but that mouse was greatly inferior.

Please buy yourself this mouse, at this price this mouse is an absolute steal.

Jaydizzle 2010-09-19

Excellent for games

I bought the Logitech G11 gaming keyboard from OcUK a few weeks ago which has actually imporoved with age, and this Logitec MX518 mouse is the perfect partner for it. The weight, feel and response are all excellent, particularly in FPS games, this is a very quick and precise mouse, it will work on practically any smooth surface, with or without a mousemat. Highly recommended.

The Logitech Setpoint drivers that came on the installation CD are v4.80 and way out of date, download the latest setpoint v6.15 drivers from the logitech website.

Kevin 2010-09-03

it's alright

A bit in the light side, but not bad for the price.

medicX 2010-08-31


As with the review below, I've been using one of these for about 4 years and it's never missed a click.

The worst thing that has happened is the Logitech logo has faded from the upper shell, through 4 years of a sweaty palm.

This mouse will stand the test of time.

Bleech 2010-08-31

Incredible Mouse, 4 Years on!

I've had this mouse now for going on 4 years, and let me say, it's still incredible.

I moved up from a ball mouse at the time and thought "this optical stuff is amazing". It cost me around

Drew 2010-08-28

Super Duper Mouse

Had one of these baby's for 5 year. Been well and truly abused in it's time. This is the definition of value for money. Only problem I have is where to purchase replacement mouse feet (or glide pads to be correct). Logitech replace them free of charge but they sent the wrong ones last time.

Gordon D 2010-08-27


Awesome mouse! very pleased with my purchase indeedy, went up to overclockers today and replaced my piece of junk tsunami bargain bucket special with this beauty! as i play in the competitive FPS scene and raid end game content in WOW this mouse is pretty much perfection for the small price tag it comes with. Go grab yourself one today you won't be displeased ;) P.S; i would much rather have this than the razer advertised on the site thats

ryan 2010-08-27

MX518 Review

Been using this mouse for a few weeks now after I killed my Microsoft Sidewinder. I have to admit this is one very impressive mouse, less than half the price of the Sidewinder and more than twice as good!

Stuart Sinclair 2010-08-25


Possibly the best gaming mouse ever created.

I've had mine been reliable for three years now and I couldn't live without it.

Lets just say if it broke, I'd be straight on to Overclockers buying a new one.

Richard Todhunter 2010-08-12

Still the best mouse!

I used to have the model down from this (the one that came in blue), but that was wearing out a bit, so bought this one.

This mouse design is still the best I have used to date. I have tried others in the past but this just works and well amazingly!

I don't even use function buttons near the wheel, on the fly sens changing isn't my thing.

But for sheer performance and comfort for games and everyday use this mouse is exceptional!

The only mouse I have used that comes close is the old MS Intellimouse3.

Simon 2010-07-28

Best Bang for Buck Gaming Mouse

I bought this mouse 5 years ago and it still going strong. In the past I have tried many other leading competitors for gaming mouse like Razor (various types) to Microsoft etc. This is without a doubt the best mouse i have ever used. It such a excellent all rounder. Don't be fooled by the "weird battered" design, it strong, Light, Sturdy with a great feel and grip. Most importantly has excellent response. For such a picky gamer, i am amazed this mouse has kept me happy.

Andy 2010-06-29


It's a nice mouse, looks stylish. The dpi change function is useful and the setup allows for nice variations custom to the user, and the forward/back thumb buttons are very handy. My gripes however are that it lets off an irritating high pitch whine which is noticable in a quiet room, and also the thumb indent is too high on the mouse meaning my thumb sits on a thin edge rather than in the indent which is a minor annoyance.

Ben 2010-06-15

Amazing and Durable

I got one of these mice with an Alienware system 4 and a half years ago and it has been used every day since I got it, it has NEVER not worked it has NEVER let me down.

Its a simple design the buttons are springy and responsive it moves beautifully and I cannot recommend it enough.

needless to say if it does ever stop working I will be buying another one, you cannot improve on perfection :P

Neil 2010-06-09

Very Impressed

I'd just like to start off by saying that I never feel the need to write reviews, I can just never be bothered - but I really do feel that this mouse deserves it.

It's very precise, fits my hand perfectly and is a good weight. The buttons are perfectly placed and even though I've had this mouse for 2yrs and used it everyday for a number of hours, its got minimal wear.
It looks nice and is pretty darn cheap.

If you are after a gaming mouse - this is perfect for you - and now it has become so cheap that if you want a mouse just for your work computer - this is pretty much perfect for that as well.

The only gripe I have is since I've installed windows 7, the drivers seem to be behaving a bit funny and the sensitivity keeps changing but I'm sure that will sort itself out soon enough.

If you want a mouse for your computer, you have found it.

Alex 2010-05-28


just got this from ocuk with the usual fast delivery and wow its the best mouse i have ever used. glides sweet, very comfy to use and makes it easier for me to snipe people on badcompany 2 :)

Kevin 2010-05-25

The Benchmark

Had this for 6 years, still going strong. Theres nothing about this mouse to dislike, simply put this is the T34 of gaming mice,

Stuff blows up

Dont even bother looking at anything else.

Chris 2010-05-25


The cheapest out of the lot, good price, very comfy shape and to hold, smooth glide feet cover large surface area. Prefer optical over laser, dpi changing buttons on the fly are easily used.

Don't bother with the more expensive ones tbh :)

Craig 2010-05-21

No Dangermouse

THEE mouse for gamers, enough buttons to keep everyone happy. Great mouse and sets the standards for gaming mice across the board

Paul McCaw 2010-05-13


This is my first proper gaming mouse as beforehand i have just used the standard 3 buttoners. The mouse is awesome and glides easily over my bumpy desk surface, it is definately worth buying, delivery was also, as per usual, very fast.

Cutty 2010-04-09


A mx510 with added sensitivity. Proven design, and like its predecessor, built like a tank. After 4 years of abuse, my 510 is now enjoying retirement at work :)

papa lazarou 2010-04-05


Well i brought the to replace my old G5 mouse and dam my stats in Battlefield bad company 2 have inprove, in favct im being people acusing me of hacking cos my kill and skill level have gone stupid. You will regret this if you dont buy it.

Devilmaycry 2010-03-22


Top mouse!.. i will be keeping this for a very long time even thinking about getting a second just incase.

James 2010-02-24


As good as mice worth

sOuL rEapER 13 2010-02-19

Very good

This mouse is amazing best one yet plus i have just got the G11 keyboard great team and overclockers delivered as per usual on time.Works straight out of the box very smoth.

WRAITH 2010-02-19

Logitech MX518

I bought this mouse when it first came out and i am shcoled to still see it selling but that only goes to show how durable this mouse is.

Ive fully customised my SPI settings and i have 6 presets i can easily switch to at a touch of a button at the top and bottom of the scroll.

Im not even looking to replace this mouse as its practical ergonomic and great for games.

Ahmet 2010-02-06


Been using this mouse for around 10 months. It's a tough well ballanced piece of kit, well worth the money.

If I had a gripe it would be that the cable is a little fat and not that flexible. This can be a pain if you push the mouse and the cable is hitting something and pushes the mouse back at you.

sxndy 2010-02-02

Great Mouse

I've had this for almost 5 years now and still going strong. As you can imagine, after all this time, the feets wore out and I replaced them with feets from a

Makh33 2010-01-29


I was after a reasonably priced gaming mouse and I'm dead pleased with it. It's really smooth to use, and is great for the user with average-larger sized hands.

Al 2010-01-27


I replaced my CyberSnipa SWAT mouse with this and it feels so much better. It glides so smoothly even on my ageing mousemat, i love the DPI buttons although i dont use them that much in games, normally just stick the mouse to 1000dpi with High acceleration and its fine in most games. nice looking mouse too, i always thought the black spots were indented, lol.

Dave 2010-01-21

Everything you need in a mouse

Bought this last week to replace a 5 year old MX510. The MX518 has the same body but a much upgraded and configurable optical engine. They stopped making mice with this body some while ago then re-introduced it with this beast. I'm betting its return was down to people asking for it, it really is that good. All the buttons in just the right place and the Logitech SetPoint software to support it is very good too.

Very highly recommend.

Polski 2010-01-20

For the price, can't go wrong

Top mouse for the money guys. Until recently, I used one since release - you can't go wrong for a few notes over

Tom 2010-01-07


got this to replace a broken saitek mouse, and this mouse is amazing. by far the best bang-per-buck mouse you will ever use. only complaint is the mouse wheel button is a bit stiff. but im sure i will get used to it :P

the side buttons are easy to press and the mouse fits my big hands perfectly. get this now :D

Jesse Baker 2010-01-07

Still number one

Reviewed 11/12/09
I've had this mouse for over a year of hardcore gaming and it's never let me down. The only flaw that springs to mind is that it's not really suited to high-sensitivity gaming due to it's fairly unimpressive 1600DPI. If you're a low-mid sensitivity gamer though, get this mouse! I prefer the G500's texture and higher sensitivity but, for me, the mx is still the king of logi mice

Mike 2009-12-11

Excellent Mouse

I've just upgraded from a bog standard optical mouse, and I never knew what I was missing! This just glides so smoothly over my SteelSeries mouse mat. On top of that it looks very sexy!

Tom 2009-11-07

Insanely good

This is one of the best mice in the world. The main feature is the perfect shape - it is highly regarded as the optimal fps mouse. I ditched my deathadder for this and I won't be switching any time soon.
The only thing I don't like is the ugly pattern. I am also surprised that optical rather than laser provides such perfect tracking at a dpi which I have no problems with. Sluggish on desktop imho with acceleration off but I am a low sense gamer so it's perfect for cod and cs

Phil 2009-11-03

Thumbs Up

Bought this last week on offer, never used a gaming mouse and after asking around this came highly recommended.

Dont regret the purchase so far, really has a nice feel to it, the buttons are responsive and the on the go dpi changing is very handy.

Well worth a purchase for everyday users to casual or hard core gamers.

Dan 2009-09-24

Brilliant Mouse

Brilliant in game or genral use
Fantastic value for money
Highly Recomend
Does what it says on the tin

Monty 2009-09-22

brilliant mouse

Excellent mouse, cant believe the price its so good! I have a razer copperhead, and that was too long and uncomfortable, this mouse is perfect size, fits great and the on the fly dpi buttons are cool!

Buy it!!

B4Shock 2009-09-14

Buy One

Thought my MX400 was good, but the MX518 is in another league not just for gaming but general use as well. Great value.

chris 2009-09-05

Best Mouse I've Ever Owned

I'm now on my third incarnation, 1 broke and 1 got stood on, quite simply the best mouse I have ever used for gaming.

It fits my hand perfectly, not to many buttons and not too few. I have tried Microsoft & Razer, but always end up coming back to these.

Simply awesome.

Darryl 2009-08-26

Great value, excellent mouse

Best gaming mouse i've ever had, great precision and really comfortable. Love it so much, just bought my 2nd one along with my new OCuk rig today. Great price on offer too.

Paul 2009-08-18


Works great on my everglide titan mousemat. This mouse replaced an old boomslang 2100 and easily outperforms it for comfort, which means better precision. I just hope it lasts, considering I have big manly hands.

Chris 2009-08-13

Good Mouse

This mouse is definatly worth concidering if your looking for a comfortable good performance mouse at a cheap price. On the fly dpi changing is very handy works great for all games. Very good gaming/normal use mouse very precise.

Mitchell 2009-08-12

MX518 review

Excellent mouse. My KDR on c:ss has increased by a good 0.50 overall. Being used to a cheap argos optical wired mouse, this is excellent. Although, i find 1800dpi to be super sensitve and almost un-usable, unless using a weapons with ultimate spray and pray factor!
Great comfort, buttons are convieniantly placed, and you can change the DPI settings ingame without opening any other windows.

All in all, great mouse, great price, great service from OCuk.
Will be using you again.

alex 2009-07-15

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