Gaming Chair Buyer's Guide: Get the Right Gaming Throne!

Gaming chairs are enjoying a renaissance, and not without good reason: Many renowned YouTubers, Twitch-streamers and eSports athletes use them. As a result, this piece of office furniture has earned itself a place in the public eye, even gaining traction outside the gaming community. Many manufacturers have a range of models on offer, each with different designs that use a variety of differing materials. But what distinguishes gaming chairs from regular chairs? What differentiates them from traditional office chairs and what what is it about them that gamers find so appealing?

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The Perfect Addition to Your Gaming PC

At the heart of every gaming setup stands the trusty gaming PC. Yet getting your PC set up with the right input devices, peripherals and monitors is just the beginning - a lot of furniture will stand out like a sore thumb against the background of a shiny new gaming PC. Because gaming gear often has its own particular style: sharp edges, vibrant colours and angular aesthetics tend towards a sporty and aggressive look.

noblechairs EPIC GeForce GTX Edition

Gaming Chairs for Every Taste

Gaming chairs aesthetics draw heavily on designs, some more commonly found in the world of racing or even jet fighters. This is something that gaming chairs of all levels and prices tend to hold to: Whether we're talking about a Nitro Concepts C100 or racing chairs like the noblechairs EPIC and the Nitro Concepts S300, they all offer users the possibility of extending the theme of their desktop setup to include the furniture around it.

This can range from bearing the logos of the chairs' manufacturers, that of a hardware manufacturer, or even an eSport team - gaming chairs are available in a variety of vibrant, high-contrast colours, as well as in straightforward black, while their dynamic sports-oriented design makes them slot perfectly into any setup.

Comfort and Ergonomics

That said: Appearance isn't everything. Gaming chairs take ergonomics seriously, seriously enough to make users' lengthy gaming sessions as comfortable as they can possibly be by effectively reducing the load placed on the user's back. This is what helps to minimise the aftereffects of a lengthy gaming session or tournament.

Upholstery of the Nitro Concepts S300

Premium Cold Foam Upholstery

In order to make all this possible, manufacturers like noblechairs and Nitro Concepts rely on breathable, deformation resistant cold foam which offers greater thickness for the upholstery on the seat- and backrest of the gaming chair. This ensures that the chairs maintain their ergonomically optimised form in the long term.

Yet the premium quality foam is not just a design choice that helps to ensure the chair maintains its dynamic design for the long haul, in fact the design is also such that it provides much needed support and resistance to the users' neck and lumbar regions thereby effectively encouraging a healthier posture.

Accessories for Maximum Comfort

noblechairs Footrest
Things aren't always tense at the top, however - and when the time comes to relax, noblechairs owners will enjoy the opportunity to kick back and put their feet up, hopefully with a noblechairs footrest. This not only offers comfortable cold foam upholstery, it also includes a pivot and rubber dampeners while allowing it to tilt by up to 57 degrees.

The footrest can be used with any gaming chair and is available in a variety of PU- and real leather versions, either individually or in combination with a noblechairs seat at our online shop.
Memory Foam Cushions from Nitro Concepts

Cushions for Any Taste

The classic gamer's racing-style gaming chair usually comes with neck- and lumbar pillows complete with logos. These are attached to the backrest via elasticated straps or used standalone to allow users to get the exact balance of comfort and ergonomics needed.

At our online shop we have a range of cushion sets from noblechairs available. They can be used to upgrade or replace an existing set. Nitro Concepts offers pillow sets specially developed for the S300-series Memory foam cushion sets. They are filled with modern memory foam and offer even more comfort than the bundled cushions.
Reclining backrest of the Nitro Concepts S300EX

Significant Differences in Ergonomics

There are meaningful differences in ergonomics, differences that also express themselves in the form of prices differences between models: the five-axis base helps users to evenly distribute their weight across the chair while the smooth and quiet-running casters allow users to position themselves properly at their desk.
More affordable models will naturally offer the ability to spin 360 degrees freely, usually with height adjustment thanks to a gas lift. These basic functions are essential in every office- or gaming chair. If gas lifts of differing lengths are required, we also have a variety available.

Ergonomics with a noblechairs ICON

Functions Increase with Price

A reclining backrest and 3D- or even 4D armrests that can be adjusted in multiple directions are available on premium models like the Nitro Concepts S300 and noblechairs‘ EPIC as well as the ICON. These gaming chairs are also supplied with padded neck- and lumbar cushions that enable the user to get the perfect ergonomic posture.

The noblechairs HERO is particularly well designed for taller users and also includes adjustable lumbar support. This is integrated into the backrest to help support the muscles around the lower back, relieving excess strain on the user.
noblechairs Hero Measurements

How Do I Find the Right Chair for Me?

In order to find out which gaming chair is best for you, you should consider your own physique : For an ergonomic sitting posture, both feet should be firmly placed on the floor. Knees and elbows should kept at right angles as far as possible and peripherals should form a right angle with the elbow.
To pick the perfect gaming chair for your body, try to measure the distance from the heel to the hollow of the knee in order to correctly determine the ideal seat height. For smaller users, for example, it may be useful to purchase a different gas lift. Your own shoulder width and length can also determine sitting comfort and a healthy sitting posture, as the different models are designed for different body sizes. Finally, a look at the maximum load capacity is also useful to ensure long-term durability and minimise the risk of accidents.

Different Materials and Coverings

Additionally, gaming chairs differ in their use of different materials : For the construction, plywood, plastic and metals such as steel and aluminum can be used, among other things, and this is what creates differences in the load capacity and durability of the various models.

Gaming Chair with PU Leather

Textile, PU- and Real Leather Upholstery

Even when it comes to the covering of your gaming chair, there's a wide variety of options. Gaming chair manufacturers like Nitro Concepts offer the S300 for example, with its dense textile covering as well as the S300EX with its vegan PU leather.

Manufacturer noblechairs offers the ICON, HERO and EPIC gaming chairs with PU- as well as real leather upholstery. Needless to say, there's something for every budget and taste.

Cleaning and Caring for Gaming Chairs

Cleaning- and Care Set for Gaming Chairs

The Right Cleaner for Every Surface

These different coverings require individual care. This is where manufacturers step in to offer carious cleaning kits that are designed for use with their gaming chairs: Like the textile cleaner from Nitro Concepts that is designed for gaming chairs with a fabric covering.

noblechairs and Nitro Concepts alike offer cleaning materials for their PU-and real leather lineups with noblechairs offering a special cleaning- and maintenance kit that is precisely formulated for use with their real leather chairs.

buy cleaning kits for gaming chairs at OcUK

Florpad and Gaming Chairs Combined

Complete the Look with a Florpad

As a rule, gaming chairs are suitable for both hard and soft floorings. But in order to give hard floors extra protection and to customise your setup's look that little bit more, we recommend the use of a stylish protective floor mat.

The octagonal florpads are water-repellent and their hardened outer edges prevent fraying. These floor mats designed for demanding gamers are available in numerous colour combinations and designs as well as with the logos and lettering of various eSport teams available in our online shop.

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