Overclockers News Roundup: 16th April



Just Cause 4 thumbnail

Free games this week:

A host of game developers are doing gamers a huge favour at the moment and giving away free titles. Epic games give away freebies each week to top up your library and from the 16th of April, you can get your hands on the action-packed Just cause 4 and storytelling Wheels of Aurelia. On Steam from the 17th April Polyball is free to keep and from the 18th April, Red Gate is free to download and keep. Polyball is a classic ball rolling game, Red gate is an early access adventure game. Uplay is currently offering Assassin's Creed 2 for free and it will remain free until 2 pm, Friday 17th April in the UK. Another game free on Steam in the coming weeks will be Total war: Shogun 2. The turn-based strategy RTS will be free to keep on April 27th until May 1st.

noblechairs fallout chair

Noblechairs partner with Bethesda:

noblechairs are a well-established gaming chair company that is known for creating stylish, ergonomic gaming chairs. This week they announced they are teaming up with Bethesda to manufacture officially licensed gaming chairs. In Q2 we will see chairs featuring Fallout and DOOM but there is also the possibility of future designs for The Elder Scrolls, Rage, Wolfenstein and any other future games from the developer. To find out more head to our article which you can find by clicking the thumbnail.

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Resident Evil 4 remake is coming:

Resident Evil 3 had remarkably good sales with 2 million copies shipped within 5 days of its release. So it’s no surprise there would be a Resident Evil 4 remake however we didn’t expect it to leak quite so soon. There are reports from several sources that all point to the Resident Evil 4 remake arriving sometime in 2022. According to the rumors, the remake has a bigger team and a longer development schedule than both the previous Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, so it’s going to be quite a bit different to the many RE:4 ports and remasters we’ve seen over the years. That leaves 2021 as a big gap in the calendar that Capcom is set to fill with a true sequel to Resident Evil 7: Resident Evil 8. It looks like gamers are going to have plenty of Zombie slaying horror content to get through in the next few years.

Resident Evil Original HD Edition Trailer

Asus rate my gear thumbnail

Asus Rate my Gear campaign:

The Asus rate my gear campaign is on and if you make a qualifying purchase before June 30th, 2020 you get a guaranteed £25 cashback. There’s also a chance to win a £50 Gameplanet voucher and ROG hamper every week. The ROG Hamper includes a ROG branded jacket, ROG branded t-shirt, one set of stickers, one lanyard, and a baseball cap. The first step is to purchase any valid Asus product such as the ROG Strix Flare Keyboard or TUF Gaming GT501 PC case. There’s something for everyone with a selection of motherboards, coolers, PSU's, Monitors, graphics cards, headsets, mice, backpacks and routers included. You then need to leave an honest review of the product you purchased and submit a registration before the cut off date to get your cashback. For more info make sure to click on the thumbnail which will take you to the official rate my gear website.

Valorant Beta  thumbnail

Valorant is already a huge success:

The new title from Riot Games (makers of League of Legends) Valorant exploded onto the scene on April 7th and the Beta is already proving to be extremely popular. Over 34 million hours were watched on Twitch on its first day breaking the single-day watch record. Valorant is a tactical shooter influenced heavily by Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Blizzard’s Overwatch and with Riot games esports experience it’s set to be an extremely popular Esport with a large fanbase. It’s been notoriously difficult to get one of the closed Beta keys however Riot announced that they are now making it possible for keys to drop on not just select Twitch streamers, but all Twitch streamers who have access to the game. This should increase your chances of gaining access and server load capacity has been increased by 25 percent to account for the spike in new players. The ban hammer has also been brought out by Riot with any key sellers losing access and their keys being redistributed to people who actually want to play the game. The Beta gameplay looks to be brilliant fun and the latest hotfix will patch several exploits and fix audio issues that have seen sound drop after consecutive games. There’s no telling exactly how long the Valorant beta period will last at the moment but it appears more regions are being added and ranked mode is soon to be released.

Valorant closed Beta announcement

Steam controller patent thumbnail

New Steam controller in the works:

There hasn’t been any official announcement from Valve but a patent has surfaced that appears to lay out plans for the upcoming controller. The first controller was released in November 2015 and discontinued in November 2019 after Steam reduced them to only £4 during the Autumn sales. It wasn’t a hugely popular product thanks to its awkward design and time consuming set up. With this new controller, Valve seems to have taken an approach similar to the Xbox One Elite controller and the patent mentions changeable parts on both the front and back. There is the possibility of swapping a Joystick for a D-pad, swapping in a shorter Joystick or replacing the trackpads depending on preference. It’s worth mentioning that filing for a patent doesn’t mean Valve is going to make this controller and it could end up being a completely different design. If you want to see it for yourself click the thumbnail to check out Tyler McVicker’s original tweet.

Meeple Station leaves early Access:

Meeple Station is an isometric pixel-art space station building and management sim that came to Steam early access at the start of last year.  The idea is to build a space station up from the bare essentials and a skeleton crew, into a bustling metropolis of activity populated with Meeple. Meeple Station uses a robust Z-layer system that is seemingly uncommon in many similar style games. The system allows up to 32 vertical floors so your stations can get gigantic. After a string of promising updates the game now has a complete story mode, full tutorials, a hyperdrive that lets you travel to procedurally generated star systems, threatening pirates, and smarter AI for meeple to make gameplay more realistic. The developers have even more exciting updates planned for the future and the full game is now available on Steam for £14.99. 

Meeple Station Launch Trailer



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