Overclockers News Roundup: 25th March 2020

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In this article Overclockers UK brings you your weekly technology and gaming news roundup.

Folding @ home has seen massive growth.

If you’re unsure what Folding@home is make sure to check out our article & video on the subject. Recently the project has had a huge number of new users all wanting to donate their computing power to help aid medical research on Coronavirus and other diseases. With over 400,000 people joining the network the software now has 27,433,824 CPU/GPU cores at its disposal equating to 470 petaFLOPS of compute power. For comparison that is double the world's current supercomputing record holder, the Summit. Folding@home is currently providing more computing power than the world's top 7 supercomputers combined. However, if you’ve recently joined the network and find your PC is often sat idle this is because Folding@home is struggling to keep up with the demand for Work units. This is completely normal and there are plenty in the pipeline with more being issued each day to keep all those CPU’s and GPU’s busy.

Testing Folding@home on a £32,000 8Pack PC

Nvidia Launches DLSS 2.0

DLSS(deep learning super-sampling) launched back in 2018 alongside ray tracing with the creation of Nvidia’s RTX series of cards. When the first games became available that supported DLSS it was never quite the wonderful futuristic AI tech gamers had envisioned. There were issues with artifacting and fuzzy textures that even after improvements on Nvidia’s side didn’t make the upscaled resolutions worth it.

However, Nvidia has just announced an updated version which aims to rid gamers of those unpleasant side effects. DLSS 2.0 is a new and improved deep learning neural network that boosts frame rates and improves image quality. It should allow us to maximize ray tracing settings and increase resolutions without seeing a hit to performance. Noticeable changes include up to x4 upscaling (1080p to 4K), more efficient use of tensor cores and faster game integration so we can expect to see more DLSS supported games. Games you can play right now that support this new tech include Deliver Us The Moon, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries and Control.

NVIDIA DLSS 2.0 | A Big Leap In AI Rendering

Doom Eternal outperforms Doom 2016 but reviews are mixed

Doom Eternal released on March 20th and the number of players on Steam peaked at over 104K. There were also over 125K people tuning in to Doom Eternal Twitch streams. This huge amount of concurrent players put the game at a comfortable number seven on Steam’s current top ten. When Doom 2016 launched 44,000 gamers entered the battle on day one meaning Doom Eternal’s launch numbers are more than double its predecessor. However looking at the reviews left by gamers on Steam, Doom is currently in the lead with 94% positive reviews and Eternal is only sitting on 91%. Some Gamers are touting it as an amazing addition to the franchise while others are saying it doesn’t live up to the Hype.

DOOM Eternal – Official Launch Trailer

Half-life Alyx: An outstanding success

The third instalment of Half-life dropped on the 23rd of March and as users power through the 15-hour campaign the feedback is “overwhelmingly positive”. Currently, 97% of reviews on Steam are positive and various publications are also praising Valves latest venture. At its peak over 42,000 people logged on to Steam to play Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx. However, the fan base appears to be far larger with concurrent viewership on Twitch passing 300,000. Unfortunately, Lack of VR headset and capable PC is likely why so many gamers are missing out. The specifications are reasonably steep as you can see in our article HERE. I wonder how long it will be before we see a modded version of the game that allows the use of a mouse and keyboard.

Half-Life: Alyx Gameplay Video

Computex 2020 postponed until September

Computex is a huge event in the technology calendar and we often see a plethora of new product releases centred around the expo which was due to start on June 2nd. TAITRA and the TCA, the two organisations that organise the event, announced they're rescheduling the expo to September.

Considering what’s happening worldwide right now this news isn’t surprising and it joins a long list of similar get-togethers that have either been postponed or cancelled completely. Mobile World Congress cancelled, Game Developers Conference postponed, E3 cancelled, Twitchcon cancelled, Insomnia 66 cancelled, EGX Rezzed postponed, and many others.

COMPUTEX 2019 Recap Video

Online streaming services have been forced to reduce video quality

With many people in Europe now forced to stay home it’s no surprise there has been a huge demand for online entertainment. Streaming high-quality film can take up huge amounts of bandwidth and with entire nations on lockdown, the strain on ISPs is greater than ever. Rather than decrease available resolutions companies are opting to reduce bitrate to lessen the amount of data that is being transferred. So for the next month or so any Movies, videos or TV shows streamed via Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney Plus, Facebook and Instagram might look more pixelated than usual.

Disney+ | Start Streaming Now

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