What Graphics cards are rumoured for release in 2020?

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The cycle of new tech releases is never-ending, and you can almost guarantee any shiny new hardware investments will be replaced swiftly by upcoming releases from some of the industries biggest names. There are two big contenders when it comes to gaming GPU technology, Nvidia and AMD, and we’ve not seen any new graphics cards from either party in quite some time. It was around a year ago AMD released Navi and Nvidia launched its Super RTX 20 series cards. A year is a long time in the world of PC hardware, and there’s been plenty of leaks and rumours pointing to a big release sometime in 2020. In this article, I have collated the compelling sneak peeks that have been floating around the internet and even though it’s not official it’s still exciting to plan any future PC upgrades!


AMD GPUs Rumours and Leaks:

Big Navi is a name that’s been thrown around in connection with the next generation of AMD graphics cards. The line up of big Navi GPUs is said to be based on new RDNA 2 architecture which is an update to the RDNA architecture used in the current generation RX series cards. AMD’s internal name for Big Navi is apparently "Sienna Cichlid", and the name has appeared in several Linux driver updates which revealed these graphics cards come with VCN 3.0 support and DCN 3.0. In contrast, existing Navi products come with versions 2.0. Another leak reports that there will be a refresh of the existing RX 5000 series cards based on the first generation RDNA architecture.

AMD Roadmap powerpoint

The information we have so far is that AMD is planning at least four variants of the Navi 21 GPU which will go on to power the enthusiast Radeon RX graphics cards. Three refresh cards are also expected based on Navi 10 using RDNA 1  to offer a better price to performance and fill the mainstream market. Current performance figures are of course not yet available, but new AMD graphics cards intend to "revolutionise the GPU market as Ryzen did the CPU market". AMD has confirmed the next release of graphics cards will support hardware-based ray tracing and variable rate shading while also being optimised for 4K gaming performance. If you’re wondering what AMD’s next-gen graphics cards look like, AMD has confirmed on Reddit that there will be no blower reference fans.

The date the latest AMD GPUs will be released is still unclear, but some sources name September as a possible release date. AMD CFO David Kuman has also suggested the new Radeon graphics cards will launch before the PS5 and Xbox Series X, both of which are set for a Q4 2020 launch. The only thing that seems certain is that AMD is sticking to the 7nm process for the production of its upcoming graphics cards.

Nvidia Ampere GPU GA100

NVIDIA GPUs rumours and leaks:

New NVIDIA graphics cards are likely well on the way, and the manufacturer presented the massive GA100 GPU, based on new ampere architecture, for data centres earlier this year. Ampere is said to be up to 20 times faster in AI applications than its predecessor, the Volta GPU architecture. Volta was the first platform to introduce tensor cores specialized for AI tasks, and with AI becoming more popular it’s no surprise Nvidia has focused on this area. Ampere will use TSMC's 7nm FinFET process which other large companies have been using for a while now and it will replace the dated 12nm process used for Volta. The technology allows the Nvidia A100 to pack in an impressive 54 billion transistors, 2.5 times as many transistors as its predecessor the GV100. That many extra transistors results in much better processing performance.

PC enthusiasts and gamers will be more interested in gaming graphics cards based on Nvidia’s 7nm Ampere that are set for release in the coming months. We’ve seen rumours for specs and performance, and potentially even a glimpse of the design. Multiple sources are suggesting Nvidia Ampere RTX 3000 graphics cards will launch in September 2020.

Heatsink for 3000

The specifications are reportedly impressive with rumours suggesting the upcoming RTX 3080 Ti will be 40% more powerful than the current RTX 2080 Ti. That boost in performance would have a huge impact on 4K gaming and raytracing technology that’s sure to make games look more incredible than ever. It's expected the three launch cards will use the GA102 GPU paired with GDDR6X memory. The RTX 3080 packaged with 10GB of VRAM, and a TBP of 320W. The RTX 3080Ti or Super will have a similar TBP, with 11GB of VRAM. While the RTX 3090 looks to be the new flagship and is expected to be the most powerful model, with a whopping 24GB of VRAM and 350W TBP. This is, of course, all speculation but there’s no doubt Nvidia will be revealing some Beefy new graphics cards soon.

GPU Leaked Image

All this extra performance requires some intense cooling, and probably the most accurate leaks are that of Nvidias new Founders edition cooler. Nvidia has launched an investigation to find out who spilt these pictures and it points to the manufacturers being at fault, namely Foxconn and BYD. Reportedly the new shroud and cooler for the incoming card costs no less than $150, which gives us a clue to how expensive these new cards will be to cover the additional costs. A Reddit user made a very clean looking render which helps to make sense of the design which you can see HERE.

Intel XE Concept GPU

New Intel graphics cards in 2020

The code name "Arctic Sound" has been circulating in connection with a dedicated Intel graphics card for two years now, and it’s been linked to Intels Xe architecture. Intel has split the Intel Xe architecture into three segments: LP, HP, and HPC. Each one will be suitable for different tasks with Xe LP for entry-level demand, Xe HP is for professional-grade and enthusiast graphics, and Xe HPC is being created with supercomputers and datacentres in mind.Wccftech.com published allegedly leaked benchmarks for a graphics card based on the "Xe DG1" graphics chip. This new hardware is expected to be used in Laptops and notebooks, and the results are reasonably impressive for a mobile GPU. A more recent leak of Intel’s Core i7-1165G7 which is part of the unreleased Tiger Lake CPU lineup shows the integrated Xe graphics outpacing the recently released Ryzen 7 4800U in 3DMark 11. You can see it HERE. Intel's XE LP architecture is what we can expect to be used in any future graphics cards for the consumer and mainstream market. Intel’s XE HP architecture would be vastly different to the mainstream XE LP and Intel is rumoured to be offering up to a 4-tile GPU with an estimated 16,384 Cores and 36 TFLOPs. Impressive.

What we’ve seen of Intel’s XE graphics venture so far looks promising, and it’s possible the final performance of Intel gaming graphics cards and graphics solutions for data centres will be similar to the level of high-end GPUs from other manufacturers. Intel Tigerlake CPU’s with XE graphics will be officially announced later this year, but it’s likely that we will have to wait till 2021 to see dedicated graphics solutions from Intel.



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    Intel GPUs - game changers!

    Be great if the Intel GPU speculation proves to be true. AMD/NVidia have carved up the GPU market between them for years now. You've a choice between over-priced NVidia cards for performance, or unreliable/flaky AMD cards for budget gaming.
    If we can get a third player coming back into that market and breaking that duopoly, it would be a big improvements for consumer choice.
    Gordon Wishart 22 June 2020

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