Why buy a gaming PC from Overclockers UK?

PC gaming is booming thanks to new players, incredible games and innovative technology, and that means there are plenty of options when it comes to your next desktop. 

That’s easier said than done. If you’re a beginner, then poring over pages of components can be daunting – and it’s still tricky at times for experienced users. That’s no surprise, given that the market is stuffed with thousands of components that can be assembled in millions of ways.

For us, of course, there’s only one choice – and that’s buying a PC from Overclockers UK.

An Unbeatable Range

Few companies offer the range available at Overclockers UK: we’ve got affordable home machines, high-octane gaming machines to suit every budget, and prestige PCs built by our world-class team to offer unbeatable power and style.

Our range of gaming machines start at around £400, which proves that you don’t have to break the bank to get a proper gaming PC – and those machines have current-generation components inside stylish cases with LED lighting.

Our favourite right now is the Kinetic H3, which deploys a Pentium processor and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti graphics card. It costs just £404, and it’s got the power to play games at 1080p without breaking a sweat.


Machines that cost less than £500 are good enough for day to day tasks, and spending nearer to £1,000 unlocks systems with huge gaming power – enough for multi-monitor setups and VR – alongside overclocked processors.

Heading above £1,000 unleashes gaming PCs with top-tier graphics cards, high-end quad-core processors, lightning-quick SSDs and stunning design. Take the Titan Virtual Force: it costs £1,157, has an overclocked Core i5 processor, and comes with a brand-new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card, which has 8GB of memory and can power the new wave of VR headsets.

Our home and media PCs cover full-size desktops to tiny living room machines, and all come with enough power to handle general-purpose computing, media tasks and light gaming – all while looking good and keeping quiet. 

The Overclockers UK range of small-form-factor PCs packs huge performance inside tiny, good-looking enclosures: perfect if you want a quiet gaming system or a tiny powerhouse to slot beneath the TV. We’ve also got an extensive range of office machines that can be configured with the perfect components for specific software.

The World’s Best PCs

One thing is common across our ranges: extensive research and development. We test huge numbers of components in hundreds of different combinations to find the right specs. That’s especially important for our luxurious high-end machines.

We offer three tiers of bespoke machines for world-class computing. Our first systems emerge from the OcUK Techlabs, where we cut no corners and make no compromises to deliver PCs that look as good as they run. 

These PCs have stunning water-cooling shown off with clever lighting and huge case windows, and they’re built around hand-picked components overclocked to their stable limits. These machines cost between £2,000 and £3,000.


Want to spend more? Check out our Infin8 range. These systems are inspired by Ian “8Pack” Parry, and they’re built using many of the same standards, processors and components that he uses – so they’re ideal if you want a taste of his hand-built machines at a lower price. 

These systems combine hand-picked chips with inventive water-cooling, incredible lighting and huge overclocking, with prices between £3,172 and £5,767.

If you’re after unmatched attention to detail, world-class performance and incredible, eye-catching design, though, there’s only one place to look: the 8Pack range. Ian “8Pack” Parry works in his own bunker at Overclockers UK’s HQ, tweaking components to find the planet’s fastest parts – and his exhaustive knowledge of motherboards, CPUs and graphics cards mean that every machine benefits.

Those components are reserved for 8Pack’s own range. By the time a chip gets to grace one of these rigs it’s often been chosen from hundreds of other contenders, so you’re getting the absolute best.

Every aspect of an 8Pack PC is designed by the man himself, and he works with our most talented system builders.  That means every 8Pack system doesn’t just come with bespoke, world-class overclocks – they look the part, too. 8Pack machines have complex water-cooling, incredible lighting, spectacular attention to detail and coherent, smart visual themes.


These systems will attract attention and envy, and each one comes with its own signed plaque with a serial number.

8Pack machines start at £4,554, with prices ranging into five figures, and they’re perfect if you’ll accept nothing less than world-class hardware.

Build Your Perfect PC

We’ve got dozens of configurations, but we also recognise that every customer is different – and so every one of our machines can be customised before it’s built by one of our expert technicians.

Every system has a huge range of customisation options. Take our OcUK Techlabs Chameleon, which is one of our favourite high-end builds: a water-cooled gaming PC that pulls no punches and costs £2,661. The system follows its “Chameleon” namesake in allowing buyers to select a colour scheme and the hardware configuration will follow based on the colour selection of the case. Different memory and storage configurations can be fitted, a second GPU can be slotted inside, and the colour of the water-cooling can be switched in seconds.


Our customisation options aren’t just limited to the Overclockers UK website. Customers with specific requests are welcome to phone ahead, which means that every PC can be made to exact specifications.

Peace of Mind

It’s easy enough to pick out the perfect components, but it’s vital to know that your PC is going to be built with care and skill. That’s exactly how we put together PCs at Overclockers UK.

Our experienced technicians pick parts and put them together by using expert knowledge gleaned from years of system building. Every machine goes through a 35-point quality control check that’s split into two intervals during the build process, so any faults can be found and eliminated. 

Every Overclockers UK machine goes through even more testing – this time with our custom in-house software. This tool deploys a range of industry-standard benchmarks to ensure that the machine and its overclocks are running stably.


We’ll only allow a system to leave our factory once it’s been through these checks. When a machine is finished, it’s packaged using our secure double-boxed method – a system that’s been praised by reviewers and customers. Once the machine is in place, we throw in a handful of Haribo – and only then can the system depart.


We’re proud of our PCs, but don’t just take our word for it – look at the hundreds of awards we’ve won from the media around the world.

Our systems have brought home trophies from Custom PC, TechRadar, Trusted Reviews, KitGuru, PC Advisor, Micro Mart, Computer Shopper and many other titles – so we clearly know a thing or two about PCs!

Payment and Protection to Perfection

We understand that buying a PC at any price can be a significant investment, which is why we’ve got a fantastic range of finance options.

Our “buy now, pay later” options give you the freedom to get your hands on technology while you save up to pay for it further down the road – perfect if you’ve suffered an unexpected technological failure and you need a new system.

If that doesn’t suit, affordable credit options divide the cost of your PC into affordable monthly repayments. We’ve got a host of different time periods on offer, and generous interest rates mean monthly payments can suit your lifestyle.

Our finance plans are backed up by transparent, industry-leading warranties. Our standard warranty is a three-year deal which includes two years of collect-and-return service and a year of parts coverage, with the last year offering labour coverage.

Customers outside of the UK get a return-to-base warranty, and all of our standard warranties include a three year free labour upgrade service. And that’s not all – any customer can pay extra to upgrade their warranty. 

Our Silver package lasts for five years and adds two years of labour coverage to our standard warranty, and the Gold deal upgrades the warranty to three years of collect, return and parts coverage, with a labour deal only used for the last two years of the warranty.

What are you Waiting For?

We’re passionate about PCs at Overclockers UK, and we’re confident that shows in our systems – every machine, from budget home rigs to our high-end 8Pack builds, is put together with care and attention to detail to ensure a perfect experience from the moment it arrives.

If you’ve already picked out a rig or want to discuss something more bespoke, then it’s time to get in touch – and that couldn’t be easier. We’re available over the phone and with our live chat system, and you’re welcome to leave a Webnote – the perfect way to make a sales query or ask for some technical advice and get a quick reply from a member of our team. You can even get detailed support from 8Pack himself if you’ve splashed out on one of his machines.

It’s never been easier to get in touch with us, then, and our range of PCs has never been this good. All you’ve got to do is pick out your perfect PC – and we’ll look forward to hearing from you soon!

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