OcUK Optic VR Gaming PC + Rift + Touch For £999

Following the launch of the Oculus Rift bundle deal, we have created a brand new virtual reality focused PC system, the OcUK Gaming Optic! Designed with a very specific budget in mind, the OcUK Gaming Optic - bundled with the Oculus Rift deal - costs only £999. Following the launch of the Oculus Rift bundle deal, we have created a brand new virtual reality focused PC system, the OcUK Gaming Optic! Designed with a very specific budget in mind, the OcUK Gaming Optic - bundled with the Oculus Rift deal - costs only £999.99.

Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers. That's right - An Oculus Rift, Touch Controllers, and a full VR focused gaming system capable of running all the latest VR game titles for under a grand. A UK first!


8Pack Approved Gaming Bundle only £329.95!

8Pack, the world class renowned overclocker has created an incredible gaming bundle, this bundle is not only super fast, but also great value for money!

The choice of the gamer has always been i5 K unlocked edition as it has both the clock and core speeds to play all of the games to the max. This bundle smashes Skylake and motherboard vendors have finally been able to unlock BCLK overclocking for non-K Skylake chips. With the help of the world's number one overclocker, this has enabled us to bring you a superb value dual-core gaming bundle with a rock solid 4.4GHz overclock!

This Bundle has been developed in house at Overclockers UK to provide end users with a safe, reliable and fast base for any powerful system. Ian '8Pack' Parry has approved the use of every component in this bundle to ensure that it not only meets the expectations of our customers but it exceeds them in every way.

As an introductory offer there is FREE DPD Next Day delivery, so no shipping costs are involved, not only that, the bundle has also been discounted, with a starting price of £329.95. Included in the bundle is an ASUS Z170-E motherboard, i5 6400 processor, 8GB DDR4 HyperX Fury memory, and a Alpenfohn cooler.

Here are the key facts about this bundle:

The ASUS Z170-E motherboard was chosen as it is a low prices solution which is feature rich and very solid when overclocking.
The HyperX memory is manufacturers by Kingston and are fantastic manufacturers of DDR4 memory, giving real overclocking headroom and stability.
The Alpenfohn Brocken cooler offers truly great cooling on a budget, very easy to install and the fan is quiet and does not obscure any memory slots.
The AIO watercooling unit offers a silent and solid upgrade to the standard Brocken cooler should the customer require better temperatures and even higher overclocking headroom.
Thermal Grizzly thermal paste is included in this bundle, it is simply the best TIM and the 1g sizing is perfect for more than one application.

For more details on the overclock settings for this bundle, see this thread on our forum.

If you want to pay even less, there is even an i3 alternative!


The first 8Pack approved OC bundle!

People normally associated anything 8Pack with insane specification, hugely overclocked and huge cost, meaning for 99% of end-users just a dream.

Gibbo and 8Pack decided to look at something which is more affordable but at the same time 8Pack is very happy to endorse because it represents a great overclock, great quality and performance, but whilst remaining affordable.

Not only that, this bundle we are guaranteeing a minimum overclock of 4.50GHz on the processor and not even charging you for the privilege, actually we are so crazy here at OcUK that for the first 100 of these bundles sold were even discounting the bundle by approx. £50, yes you heard that right the bundle has a guaranteed overclock on the processor (FOR FREE) and the bundle also has a huge discount.

You simply cannot buy these components anywhere else for less and to top it all off we guarantee the processor stable at 4.50GHz.

We believe this bundle is a superb upgrade bundle, the latest SKYLAKE processor, 3000MHz 16GB DDR4, 256GB PCI-E M.2 NVMe SSD, Asetek (Techlabs) cooling solution, this is one kit that will last you for many years to come.

No competitor can touch this value for money and the fact were throwing in the CPU OC guarantee for FREE is completely insane.

The discount is limited to the first 100 bundles sold and remember that right now several of the bundle components are on weekly offer making it even cheaper, so discounted items, then bundle discount and then FREE OC guarantee.


P.S. When you order this great bundle, we only supply the parts, you need to assemble and OC yourself, the settings for the OC shall be provided by 8Pack as a response to this thread, so when you get your bundle check back here for what settings to input within the BIOS, but trust us it is very easy and guaranteed.

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