Check out Glorious PC Gaming Race's new Pro-Level Gaming mouse! Get the edge with the Model O Gaming Mouse. It's the perfect addition to your gaming rig.


The arrival of the Revenger S mouse and the Attack X3 RGB Speedy keyboard from Cougar represent the ultimate accessories for hardcore gamers. The 2.000 Hz polling rate ensures that every shot hits its mark. The Attack X3 RGB Speedy has modern Cherry MX Silver switches with a low travel distance of 1.2 mm for extremely fast reaction times for when in game.

These new gaming peripherals from Cougar are available at Overclockers now!


Gaming Mice Examined

There's no excuse for keen PC gamers to be without a top-notch gaming mouse. A proper rodent can improve your accuracy, increase comfort levels and make games easier thanks to extra buttons, more features and better sensors.

If you've never considered a new gaming mouse then it can seem daunting, as there are loads of features to take into account – but we've explained them all here to help you make an informed choice. We've also rounded up some of our favourites to point your cursor in the right direction.


Cougar Revenger Gaming Mouse

Upping their game – and yours – yet again, Cougar introduces the Revenger. Wielding a PMW 3360 optical sensor for the most absolute accuracy currently available on the market and ultimate personalisation with full spectrum RGB illumination, this is it; the best mouse Cougar has ever created.

Upping their game – and yours – yet again, Cougar introduces the Revenger. Wielding a PMW 3360 optical sensor for the most absolute accuracy currently available on the market and ultimate personalisation with full spectrum RGB illumination, this is it; the best mouse Cougar has ever created.

PMW 3360 Optical Sensor - The Cougar Revenger ustilises the best optical sensor on the market today. With an upper DPI limit of 12,000, even triple 4K display setups won’t give you any trouble with navigating your screen space quickly and accurately.
16.8 Million Colour RGB Illumination - The Cougar Revenger integrates barnstorming RGB functionality using a 2-zone lighting array. Each zone is separate of each other and can be configured independently, allowing the user to create truly personalised lighting setups.
Cougar UIX System - Using Cougar’s UIX software which has received praise for functionality and being incredibly intuitive to use, the user can adjust the Revnger’s profiles, lighting, and pinpoint DPI adjustments from the desktop and easily keep track of your different settings.
Dominate all surfaces with the Revenger gaming mouse

The Cougar Revenger is designed and optimised for use on all surfaces, not limited to just fabric mouse mats, but also wooden or steel surfaces. The Revenger remains accurate and an absolute joy in operation wherever you use it. This is also in combination with anti-slip grip pads which flank the Revenger on both the left and right sides of its armoured shell, ensuring you remain in full and unwavering control of every single movement.


We stock the Cougar Deathfire, the perfect gaming package!

We are listing the Cougar Deathfire, a single package everything you need to enjoy gaming. All the essential functions a gamer needs have been included in the DeathFire. Windows key lock, media control shortcuts, mouse DPI switching and more functions are ready to make your life easier.

The DeathFire allows you to play in any environment and customise its appearance through its keyboard and mouse, 7 colour backlight. Control it easily and switch colors on the fly with the dedicated key shortcut!

The DeathFire Keyboard’s Hybrid Mechanical Switches and Anti Ghosting Technology join the mouse’s Adjustable DPI, OMRON Switches and 1000 Hz polling rate to provide quick, accurate and reliable responses for your commands.

The Cougar Deathfire is the perfect solution for those who want an affordable gaming setup, that not only looks great, but also performs! This is real gear, for real gamers!


We reveal the latest brand addition to the website, the Glorious PC Gaming Race. This brand of gaming surfaces and ergonomic wrist rests has been taking the USA and Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiast Community by storm, and we’re proud to be bringing it to the UK.

Glorious PC Gaming Race is exclusively available in the UK through Overclockers UK. The quality of these surfaces are fantastic with smooth cloth surfaces, high quality anti slip rubber bases and stitched edges on all products to avoid fraying.

These products really do deserve the rave reviews they have been receiving from across the pond. If you are looking for the ultimate complimentary product to your new keyboard then Glorious PC Gaming Race have you covered.


The Zowie FK1 is on our Christmas Calendar!

Treat yourself to the massively popular Zowie FK1, which is on today's Christmas Calendar Daily Deal for only £39.99 - that's a £10 saving.

With an ambidextrous design, it's perfect for claw grip users, and features two buttons on either side - making it comfortable for either right or left handed gamers.

Used by gamers of every level, from new comers to enthusiasts to pro-gamers, the Zowie FK1 is a great choice for all gaming types.


The all-new COUGAR 450 Series!

The COUGAR 450M is available in black or white, a mouse for all gamers, with an ambidextrous design that is unique in that it manages to achieve an unparalleled level of comfort both for right and left handed users, ideal for a gamer that uses a mouse for a prolonged period of time.

The 450M utilises OMRON Micro switches, providing total accuracy and an incredibly long life, with a guaranteed minimum of five million clicks; this mouse is going to serve for a long time. To further the durability, the mouse has a solid and reliable braided cable and a gaming grade scroll wheel, the ALPS encoder and rubberised surface of the scroll wheel will provide an extremely accurate tactile feedback, making sure the user never choses the wrong weapon!

With a 3-Stage DPI LED Display and On-The-Fly DPI fine-tuning, the user can switch DPI at any time to fit their needs, and can check which DPI mode is being used with the 3-Stage DPI LED Display. – The 450M also has a multicolour backlight system, with two backlight areas the DPI button and the COUGAR logo add both a powerful visual effect and the possibility of using them to identify the three configuration profiles stored in the on-board memory.

All 8 buttons on the mouse can be controlled by the COUGAR UIX, the user can store 3 configuration functions, allowing them to have access to a total of 27 functions with a single hand, allowing the user to get the absolute most out of the gaming mouse.

The COUGAR 450K brings the user all the features expected from a high end gaming keyboard. – With extremely comfortable hybrid mechanical switches the 450K provides the accurate tactile feedback of fully mechanical keyboards and a durability far above other keyboards of its class, while at the same time offering a superior level of comfort and less finger strain.

The 450K also sports impressive customisation capabilities that include macros, remapping and the adjustment of several key settings of the keyboard.

The splash resistant design lets the user live free from the fear of liquid spills, the keyboard will suffer no damage from liquids falling on it.

The 450K will always allow you to press any 6 keys. For a set of keys (including, among others, WASD, direction keys and space, among others) a special anti-ghosting technology is implemented that allows you to press all of them and produce accurate input.

The keyboard also has a 3 colour full backlight, allowing the user to change from red, yellow or green.


Cougar 700M eSports gaming mouse perfect for gamers!

The Cougar 700M eSports gaming mouse is packed with technology and features, making it a perfect choice for any enthusiast or pro-level gamer!

With an ADNS-9800 8200DPI laser sensor, 16.8 million colour backlight, aluminium framing, and adjustable palm rest - the 700M eSports gaming mouse offers true excellence.

Available in blue and white or red and black, the Cougar 700M eSports Limited Edition uses the Cougar UIX, allowing the user to set the functionality of all the buttons, assign pictures to profiles for graphical recognition, store macros and share them, all with a very convenient and intuitive interface.

Find out more about the Cougar 700M eSports Limited Edition gaming mouse here.


The ZOWIE FK1 comes with FREEBIES!

When you buy the award winning ZOWIE FK1 Gaming Mouse, you can get yourself a OcUK 3XL Gaming Surface AND the new OcUK Extreme Gaming Mug XL FOR FREE!

So not only will you be set to game, but you'll also have a make-shift blanket and a mug to drink the tears of your enemies from.


We are official resellers for COUGAR, and will be stocking the new affordable COUGAR 250M gaming mouse, available in black and white. The mouse is designed for people who want to keep their budget under control while still enjoying an excellent quality product with a good sensor.

The COUGAR 250M is an ambidextrous mouse, designed with the collaboration of pro gamers, the design is both visually and ergonomically, unique. Giving left and right handed gamers longer gaming sessions, the mouse also provides high end gaming functionality that was previously only available in a more expensive mouse.

Quality comes first with a 4000 DPI sensor, giving the user the precision they need to enjoy gaming, the 1000Hz polling rate and 1ms response time ensure an instant response to user commands. All the precision and speed they need to unleash the full power.

All of the 6 buttons on the mouse can be fully defined by the user. All of this amazing functionality can be easily configured through COUGAR UIX. Once defined, up to three full configuration profiles can be stored in the 250M’s on-board memory, allowing the user to access up to 21 functions directly from the gaming mouse.

With OMRON switches, these provide absolute accuracy and an incredibly long life, with guaranteed minimum of 5 million clicks, this gaming mouse is going to serve well for a long time. The user can switch to the best DPI for them, with a DPI switch button available on the fly, they can change the DPI whilst gaming.

The scroll wheel’s RGB backlight can be configured using the COUGAR UIX, and this will allow the user to select a different colour for each configuration profile, allowing the user to instantly know what set of functions they are using.

The COUGAR 250M is the best option on the market for those who want a brilliant gaming mouse that is great value.


Cougar 500M & 550M Gaming Mice

We are official resellers for Cougar, announce the 500M and 550M mice.

If you engage in online gaming or are interested in it, if you love serious gaming and need appropriate gaming gear, 550M and 500M models are what you're looking for.

Both the COUGAR 500M and 550M becomes one with your hand and allow you to unleash your full power. The design is based on sound ergonomics, and goes a step further from mere comfort: it helps you enhance your control of the mouse.

The best gaming mice have to be based on the best mouse sensor, and COUGAR 550M comes equipped with a truly powerful sensor as its engine: the SDNS-3988 offering up to 6400dpi resolution accurately transmitting even the smallest movements, and allows you to adjust the DPI level on the fly. The 500M comes with the ADNS-3090 offering up to 4000 DPI

The COUGAR 550M and 500M bring you all the functionality you will ever need for gaming. 6 buttons allow you to access, using only the mouse, up to 21 different functions, including macros, shortcuts and more. With carefully located buttons, including the distinctive Trigger Button, using all this extended functionality will become natural, almost instinctive. All this goes a step further with UIX System. COUGAR's gaming device management system allows you to easily and intuitively manage all this power. COUGAR 550M's 512 Kb internal memory will allow you to store up to 3 full configuration profiles and bring them with you anywhere you go.

Cougar started in Germany in 2007 by a group of computer peripherals engineers who wanted to design with passion. Cougar believes to give gamers the highest quality and ultimately, beautiful products, a company needs to be in the forefront of technology.


Cougar 300M gaming mouse

We are now stocking the Cougar 300M professional level gaming mouse. Its powerful appearance is striking and excels in all areas.

With a 4000 DPI sensor providing reliable and accurate control, for casual and professional gamers, the 1000Hz polling rate ensures an extremely fast reaction time. In addition, its OMRON switches guarantee an incredibly long life of at least 5 million clicks.

There are 7 fully programmable and ergonomically located buttons that are designed to make them easily accessible whilst at the same time to prevent accidental or erroneous clicks. Its 16.8 million colour LED backlight will allow you to easily identify the configuration profile you are using and customise its appearance.

Finally, the soft-touch surface makes it comfortable for long periods of use and gives you full control. All the functions can be managed with the Cougar UIX System, a convenient and extremely powerful device software management suite that will unleash all the power of your cougar devices. The 300M's on board memory will allow you to bring with you up to three full configuration profiles and use them wherever you go.

The Cougar 300M is an ideal mouse for every gamer.

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