EPIC Series Real Leather Black

  • One-of-a-kind luxury gaming chair by noblechairs in black with precious genuine leather cover
  • premium design
  • high-precision manufacturing plus ample features & adjustment options.


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Manufacturer: noblechairs


Product information: EPIC Series Real Leather Black

Avant-garde office chair brand noblechairs raises the bar up high by bringing you its impressive EPIC series swivel chairs pioneering the world's first gaming chair featuring valuable and exceedingly durable real leather covering. Next to this most pivotal innovation, the entire range of noblechairs' classy gamer seats shares the same stellar German design that strikes a perfect balance between luxury car-inspired appearance and materials as well as idiosyncratic gamer chair styling and ergonomics descended from racing car seats. The resulting discreet design without garish colouring creates an air of noblesse and renders the noblechairs gaming chairs simply beautiful.

Delightful aesthetics, finest details and choice materials

The chairs' elegance is furthered by many loving details like the subtly debossed logo that crests the headrest above an elliptical aluminium emblem with relief lettering which adorns the backrest. The breathable genuine leather cover of the contact areas possesses an intriguing natural surface texture and is embroidered with a gorgeous diamond pattern stitching. This all-black version of the noblechairs real leather range of gaming chairs comes with black seams along with a black logo patch with golden embroidery and its easy-to-clean black leather is nicely framed by black stripes. Combined with a stunning list of features the noblechairs EPIC series indubitably constitutes the pinnacle of gaming chair development.

High-precision manufacturing for superb ergonomics

As behoves a premium product, any noblechairs' enviable sitting comfort is fabled due to its dimensionally stable high-class upholstery made of freshly moulded cold foam with 55 per cent density straight from the factory instead of recycled waste scraps used in many lesser, competing products. Its open-cell cold foam structure delivers optimal breathability in conjunction with the luxurious cover materials employed, which allows for a pleasant climate regulation and brings along increased robustness and longevity. The gaming chairs are perfected with fully automated manufacturing processes akin to those applied by car manufacturers that warrant a flawlessly pristine build quality.

A plethora of features with plenty of adjustment options

An advanced rocking mechanism, that allows for rocking the chairs up to 14 degrees, is accompanied by softly cushioned 4D armrests made of polyurethane, 360-degree swivel rotation, flexibly adjustable seat height via a safety class 4 gas lift and a sturdy steel frame mounted atop a durable five-star-base made of pure aluminium. The pertaining five smoothly running 60 mm casters with nylon core and polyurethane coating are attached to the base and equally suited for soft and hard floors. The noblechairs gamer seat's tilt positions can be locked and the tilt tension can be dynamically adjusted. Also the angle between backrest and seating area can be statically adjusted through a practical side lever.

Two velvet pillows in matching colours included

Such sovereign adjustment options and flexible ergonomics render the noblechairs the most sophisticated gaming chairs available on the market. To adequately support the neck area and lumbar region, two removable pillows that allow for ultimate relaxation are included with every unit. Thanks to their unrivalled set of properties combined with long-awaited innovations, the EPIC series gaming chairs are not just suited for gamers and pro gamers, but for virtually everyone who craves for a truly comfortable office chair with chic design made of superior materials and produced with utmost quality.

All noblechairs gaming chairs are compliant with the UK Fire Safety Regulations for Furniture and Furnishings (BS 5852) and therefore possess a fire-retardant layer that has been applied to the surface material to minimise fire hazards.

Only choice materials and advanced features:
  • Timeless and classy luxury car look "Designed in Germany"
  • Precious real leather cover with coloured seams and fine embroidery
  • Rear cover made of 100% vegan PU faux leather
  • A sturdy frame that consists of solid steel
  • Height-adjustable safety class 4 gas lift
  • Comfy & breathable high-density cold foam upholstery straight from the factory
  • Durable five-star base and logo emblem made of pure aluminium
  • 60 mm casters with nylon core and PU coating for soft and hard floors
  • Softly cushioned 4D armrests made of PU
  • Advanced rocking mechanism up to 14°
  • Flexible adjustment options for individual adaptability
  • Two pillows included for the lumbar and neck area
  • Reinforced outer packaging for safe and sound delivery
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty most obligingly handled by OCUK

  • Appearance:
    Main colour: Black
    Side strip colour: Black (smooth feel)
    Stitchings colour: Black
    Logo segment colour: Black
    Logo embroidery colour: Gold
    Pillow colour: Black with golden embroidery
  • Measurements:
    Total height (with base): ca. 1310 - 1410 cm
    Height adjustability: ca. 495 - 595 mm
    Width backrest (shoulder level): ca. 545 mm
    Width backrest (pelvis level): ca. 520 mm
    Width backrest (point of contact): ca. 295 mm
    Length backrest: ca. 870 mm
    Backrest adjustability (static): 90° - 135°
    Width seat (total): ca. 560 mm
    Width seat (point of contact): ca. 350 mm
    Depth seat (total): ca. 565 mm
    Depth seat (point of contact): ca. 495 mm
    Width armrests: ca. 105 mm
    Depth armrests: ca. 270 mm
    Rocking mechanism: max. 14°
  • Armrests adjustable: Yes (four-dimensional)
  • Maximum weight (user): 180 kg
  • Net weight (chair): ca. 27 kg
  • Gross weight (chair): ca. 29 kg
  • Package dimensions: ca. 84 * 38 * 70 cm
  • UK Fire safety compliance: BS 5852
  • Manufacturer warranty: 2 years

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Technical Details

Chair brand noblechairs
Accent colour Black
Main colour Black
Seat cover material Fabric, Leather
Adjustable back rest yes
Height adjustable yes
Adjustable arm-rests yes
Maximum load 180 kg
Weight 27 kg
Seat belt openings yes
Deepest seating position (adjustable) 49.5 cm
Highest seating position (adjustable) 59.5 cm
Seat tilt yes
Seat width (inside) 35 cm
Seat width outside (widest point) 56 cm
Seat length 49.5 cm
Backrest height 87 cm
Back rest width (inside) 52 cm
Backrest width outside (widest point) 56 cm
Overall height (with base) 131 - 141 cm
Head rest cushion included yes
Lumbar support cushion included yes
Base material Steel

Customer review "noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather Black"

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(from 8 customer reviews)
Darren L
I've been sitting in my EPIC Leather Noble chair for a few months now and I would...
John Cobb
My previous gaming chair had given 10+ years of excellent service, but I was in the...
Arash Sarai
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Darren L 2016-11-11

Reassuringly expensive

I've been sitting in my EPIC Leather Noble chair for a few months now and I would recommend to anyone wanting that extra level of quality and build level.

It's expensive but worth it. The amount of adjustment and seating position options really make a difference to getting that "perfect" way of working/playing for long periods.

The assembly was simple and I managed to put it together alone so the instructions are simple enough for the most simple of folks!

There are no bangs, squeaks, clunks or wobbles as seen on previous office/gaming chairs so I'm pleased I paid that bit extra. Let's hope it lasts.

One thing that I feel people should know before buying is that it's VERY firm. The cushioning on the chair is extremely firm with very little travel. I dont mind it but some may find it too hard after coming from chairs with more give than support.

Oh and lastly, the best thing about the chair is the headrest cushion.... I love it. It makes leaning/laying back to watch that latest film or youtube marathons so much more comfortable.

John Cobb 2016-11-06

Fantastic char! Worth every penny.

My previous gaming chair had given 10+ years of excellent service, but I was in the market for a new one when one of the casters broke. I'd received an email about Noble chairs from Overclockers the week before, so dug it out of my Gmail and went to the site to take a look.

After a lot of deliberation, I decided to go for the real leather version, and despite hovering over the buy button a number of times before finally clicking it (this is an expensive chair!), it was on its way to me.

After a few weeks of use, I can say I'm extremely happy with this chair. I'm very tall (6'6"), and the back on this chair is long enough to provide good support. Add the head pillow (very soft), and leaning back becomes a real joy! I didn't use the lumber pillow. The chair is overall very comfortable. The seat cushion is quite firm, but I personally like this. The adjustable arms are also very great (previous chair did not have those). Of course, having real leather means it feels and looks great and will be hard wearing.

Assembly was straightforward, although as has been said in other reviews, the seat back spring mechanism is extremely powerful, so if you have small children around that would like to "help" put this chair together, I'd say keep them well away for that part of the assembly!

Arash Sarai 2016-10-31

A Chair Fit for a GIANT!

Steven C Watson 2016-06-30

The New Standard

This chair is firm, comfortable and of good quality, both of materials and of manufacture. I too would prefer less of the plastic shrouding and metal/leather armrests. If the same quality leather is used it should last the same length of time as the leather on the seat and backrest. Personally I would be prepared to pay the premium for this; but what you get is a very good cost/quality compromise all the same.

Needless to say I judged this chair as a better product than others of the ilk and so it has proven now I am sitting in it; even if I have a minor niggle with the materials choices.

My compliments to the warehouse and delivery people; well packaged and fast to my door! Thanks and compliments to customer support for going above and beyond sorting an inadvertent cock-up I made with the order. Needless to say these are good reasons why you should choose Overclockers to others.

To sum up Overclockers/Caseking have roared out of the blocks with the first offerings of their Noble Chairs venture. The new standard.

Kevin Lee 2016-06-17

At Last A Really Comfortable Chair

I have had several different chairs over the years the last being one from a well known Scandinavian supplier which was comfortable for around 20 minutes and then made my back ache.

I have been looking for a decent chair for some time. Being taller than average I do have trouble finding a chair which gives me the right seating position as I tend to spend a long time at the keyboard. Many mean I have to hunch over the keyboard which becomes uncomfortable and I find my back and shoulders ache .

No such problems with this one from Noble. Its a superb chair and I wondered if the seat was taken from a Noble sports car as it is so supportive. When you first press the cushion you think its very hard but it is not it is a good well designed chair with plenty of support A nice touch are the adjustable armrests in addition to moving up or down they also slide forward to provide support. It is well made and has a good solid feel. Well worth the money.

A minor point when assembling an extra pair of hands might come in handy for aligning the backrest. which I found a bit awkward on my own. Apart from that assembly was fairly straghtforward

Mr Gareth Harmer 2016-05-25

Fully featured with a Premium Feel

As a new entrant into the gaming furniture market, noblechairs have pulled a bit of a blinder. The Real Leather Epic promises premium comfort, using cold-cut foam for firm support and high-grade components under your bum. But does it really live up to the marketing spiel, and is it worth that hefty price tag? After parking my rear in it for several 10-hour game sessions, I can confirm that’s a definite yes.

That said, this is a titan of a chair. The shipping box weighed in at a postman-destroying 30 kilos (that’s 66lbs), and is big enough to contain an entire internet of cats. If you’re going to tackle this thing, have a friend on hand to help lift and shift, and clear a space in your gaming lair to uncrate the parts before you build them. No tools are required, but an Alan key set and Philips screwdriver might come in handy.

Starting with the construction, the noblechair Epic is one of the easiest that I’ve built. Most of the lower seat was already assembled, and clear instructions were included showing how to finish the job. There was still the usual case of bolting on the tilt and gas cylinder control, and pushing the castors into the foot, but the arms were already in place. That said, the trickiest part was attaching the backrest while stopping the lower half from rolling away, so having a mate on hand is useful for these moments.

The actual design of the noblechair Epic shouts of the premium choices. Those 60mm castors are bigger than any other chair I’ve built, and contribute to a smoother glide across carpet. I’m also a huge fan of metal five-point feet, particularly after demolishing a few cheaper plastic ones over the years. Hooking it up to the seat, the substantial tilt mechanism bolts onto a sturdy steel frame. The result is a chair that feels firm – there’s no shakes, wiggles or rattles. I also really like that the arms are not attached to the back in any way, as it’s another weak-point that I’ve seen destroy previous chairs.

Visually, this is a classy, refined gaming chair that feels designed with care. Little details, like the double-stitched seams or powder-coated metalwork, go beyond that premium look. Designed in Germany, noblechairs describe the Epic as inspired by the luxury car market, and I’d have to say it works. Less Formula One, more Mercedes Benz

Comfort, though, is the big thing, and this is where the noblechair Epic delivers in spades. The cold-cut upholstery foam is firm to start off with, but gives slowly over time to feel incredibly snug and yet supportive. It’s also more generously shaped than other racing-style chairs, being less of a bucket that tries to hug you. The diamond stitch pattern actually does help to aerate the arse and stop that sweaty sensation part-way through a heavy gaming session, and that’s assisted by the leather used on the seating surfaces. Two booster cushions round off the padding, and although the extra lumbar support didn’t matter to me, the neck cushion was a welcome boost.

This isn’t a perfect chair, though, and there’s definitely room for improvement. The plastic shrouding over the back angle adjustment mechanism seemed to detract from that premium feel, as did the arm pillars and rests, which are very firmly padded with some polyurethane rubber. I can understand the choice – it’s a hardwearing surface that will see the most movement – and going for something more aesthetically premium would likely be a compromise on durability. On other chairs I’ve had, leather armrests are the first to die.

In my opinion, though, the noblechair Epic is worth paying the premium for, over and above the baseline price for other gaming chairs, and that’s simply because of the components, quality and styling involved. Beyond that, pushing the boat out to go for the Real Leather version is more of a personal choice. The real leather of the seating surface blends well with the PU faux leather used on the back and sides, and adds a further touch of soft luxury that feels worth the extra every time I sit in it.

Mr Alexander Popowski 2016-05-06

Finally... Premium!

After having many problems with (I swear) nearly all of the other brands of gaming chairs, I was lucky enough to stumble across this new brand 'Noblechairs'. I was actually in the midst of returning *another* chair from another chair manufacturer, just as this real leather Noblechairs chair was being advertised on Overclockers. So I took a gamble on this newish company after doing some research on them. Their well written product description is bang on and they tell no lies.
What we have here is a firm chair, but that's what I like... I found myself sinking too much into the other brands of chair and then kept feeling something digging into my buttock.
Craftsmanship: the leather seems to be topnotch, the stitching is lovely, love the font of their logo, the lumbar cushion is firm (lower is a little if you feel it's arching your back too much), the neck cushion is like a marshmallow fit enough for your bed. The armrests of the chair do all sorts of gymnastics that they could win gold for the sport in the next Olympics.
Height-wise, the chair can tower or fit to the smallest of desks... like my own. The angle of the chair goes right up to 90 degrees+, so sitting up straight to kill back pain is possible and the tilt function is smooth, so relax.
One thing worth mentioning - the gaslift of the chair seems a little stiff but the brilliant customer ciar of both Overclockers and Noblechairs themselves have come up with a solution and I'll be trying out a whole new base for the chair, so that should fix that! Overall - very happy.

Mr James Buckley 2016-04-29

Fantastic chair

This chair is great, I never leave reviews but felt compelled to since this is a new chair and there are currently no reviews. I took the plunge and bought the genuine leather one and it is actually the best chair I've ever owned. I've been sat in it for the last 11 hours almost non stop and am not uncomfortable in the slightest.

The build quality is excellent as I suspected. The foam in the seat and back is quite hard and at not plushy so you may not think this is comfortable but it definitely is. I didn't think the lumbar cushion was comfortable so I am not using it. The head cushion however is perfect. The leather is good as well, very happy I paid the extra for it as it really does feel like a premium product. I cannot fault this product in the slightest. Assembly time took me approximately 30 mins and was quite straightforward with good instructions.

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Awards & Media Coverage

  • noblechairs EPIC Series Real Leather Black - Custom PC - Extreme Ultra

    Custom PC - Extreme Ultra

    "If you have the money, and you want a good-looking, easy-to-build and very comfy place to park yourself while gaming, the noblechairs EPIC is about as good as it gets."

  • TeakTown - Editor's Choice

    "This is the one. This is the gaming chair your ass deserves. Your ass deserves no less than the noblechairs EPIC Real Leather Gaming Chair. It's a pricey chair, but the luxury is worth it. This is the new Ferrari of gaming chairs."

  • KitGuru - Worth Buying

    "The world’s first real leather gaming chair has a lot to offer. It is expensive but certainly feels built to last and worth the cost."

  • OC3D - Enthusiast Grade

    "The uncompromising quality of the materials bestrides our build experience like a colossus. Everything is unbelievably solid. The steel frame and high density foam combine with careful shaping and thick, soft, leather to produce something which is more pleasant to sit in than it is to look at, and we love looking at it."

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