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OcUK Mega Mat XXL Elite Tactical Gaming Surface

OcUK Gaming
OcUK Mega Mat XXL Elite Tactical Gaming Surface

  • Gaming Dominance: The OcUK Mega Mat Is an all in one tactical input solution.

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Manufacturer: OcUK Gaming

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Product information:

OcUK Mega Mat XXL Elite Tactical Gaming Surface

Gaming Dominance: The OcUK Mega Mat Is an all in one tactical input solution.

Engineered to exacting specifications, The OcUK Mega Mat XL Elite Tactical Gaming Surface is a revolution in gaming surface technology.

Featuring the striking Overclockers UK logo, subtly placed on the Surface, your opponents will tremble before you in the knowledge that their system is simply not as fast as yours.
Your desk environment will be transformed, offering you comfort and precision that is unavailable with other, inferior gaming surfaces.

Ground-breaking woven fibre technology and anti-glide resistance coating gives mouse sensors the optimum surface to track on whilst maintaining responsive and uniform tracking capability.

The high grip rubberised base layer provides excellent mechanical grip to the desk surface ensuring that your movements are accurate and that your peripherals are secure.

Ideal for LAN party regulars, The OcUK Mega Mat XL Elite Tactical Gaming Surface provides an excellent method of keeping warm or a comfortable and soft place to sleep on long gaming sessions.

The OcUK Mega Mat XL Elite Tactical Gaming Surface is fully compatible with the Official Overclockers UK Elite Gaming Mug. These items can be used in conjunction with each other to achieve ultimate gaming performance.

- Sleek Black design
- 890mm x 450mm x 3mm
- Stunning Overclockers Logo printed on the surface (15cm long)
- Smooth cloth surface
- Rubberised grip base to reduce any movement
- Fully compatible with the Official Overclockers UK Elite Gaming Mug
- Large surface area for increased desk to gaming surface traction
- Spill resistant
- SLI and Crossfire Compatible (especially with the Official Overclockers UK Elite Gaming Mug)
- Available in right and left handed configurations
- Compatible with a wide range of hardware configurations

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Amazing product, love the size. The Logitech G502 mouse glides across the surface like its on some shiny sheet ice.
The mat lays flat out of the box with no curling edges. The mat stays put on surface and doesn't slide about the place.

One thing I wish was different is the overclockers logo was at the top left rather than bottom right since the colour will come off after using the mouse arm on it for prolonged battle periods.But this is more from aesthetics than actual functionality.

Nick 2017-10-11


Its a great mat at a great price. Smooth on the mouse and hold my keyboard in place well.

My only compliant would be that there is no edging/bordering to it and the edges can be quite sharp. So depending on your resting position the edge can rub quite nastily against your wrist/arm.

If your arm or wrist rest on the edge of your mat you may wish to go for the slightly more expensive OcUK Mega Mat XXL Premium Elite Tactical Gaming Surface, which should resolve this issue

That and there was no haribo in my box.

James Silcox 2016-08-02

If you eat/drink @ your pc you must buy this

Most of us progamerelitepvpgod/divinedivine people do have cup of tea , burito , pica, meals or alcohol next to us when operating our heavy machinery there for this mat makes sense.
At first i was carefull. no mugs or food arround it! Then as it happens i was playing my favorite games while consuming beer, spirits, food and ninja unicorns with huge horns. And yes I have spilled it on this amazing HUGE mat. First reaction was oh NOOOOO but actualy it was more than OK.
Recomendations after 4month use are as fallow:
1. if you do spill drinks (more than few hundred ml) leave it over night to dry (hang it).
2. There will be no damage if you place HOT cups, plates on it.
3. Works on 450-3500 dpi without problem.
4. Only down side i can think of so far is OC logo. It should be top left corner or there should be another identical product with out it.
5. If you have read most of reviews dont look for other options this is it PRICE+qualtityXsatisfaction! JUST BUY IT!

Mr Marius Jomantas 2015-12-19

just really good

before this, i've used both control and speed versions of goliathus, and hated the speed version because it was mushy and the mouse sank in it. this mat is somewhat similar, but the mouse doesn't sink in it nearly as much. with a bit of pressure down on the mouse, you artificially lower the sensitivity, which is good for those sniper shots.
and this thing is HUGE. i've managed to run off the side of my goliathus XL a few times, but with this, it's impossibe.

i got mine for free when i bought a GTX 770 from OcUK, but i would gladly pay


Great Buy!

This thing is just insane! It's massive! I play alot of FPS games and I constantly found myself falling off of the end of my old SteelSeries QcK mousepad and it was time to upgrade; I'd been looking at getting a keyboard and mousepad awhile but couldn't find any that were as good value as this! The surface is smooth in ever direction and sticks to my desk like glue (my desk is the same as a cheap kitchen surface me and my dad built it but im sure it would stick to wood just fine if not better.) There's only two issues I've found so far and that there's a small blue line running down one of the letters of the company logo but really who cares it's tiny so really there's only one issue and that is my mouse doesn't seem to like the surface too much when set to 400dpi I think this is just a problem with my mouse as it has quite a high lift off distance so it would track slightly weirdly if I were to take my mouse of the surface to turn more in one direction although this was fix!
ed by boosting the dpi on the mouse to 800dpi and lowering in game sensitivity so really it's not an issue at all. Overall great mousepad would recommend to anyone.



Can't recommend this enough! It's big though, so make sure your desk will take it though. Grand!


Top Quality!

Ordered this mat late on Thursday night and recieved it on Saturday morning, it even came with a free bag of sour Harribos. The mat is huge so it fits my keyboard and mouse perfectly, the surface seems smooth enough for gaming as well although i've not tried it for that yet, only for basic browsing of the internet. I highly recommend it!



had a lot of mouse mats in the past and normally replace them every 6 months this one i have now had over a year and still works perfect and still in very good condition with every day use , this is the mouse mat to have for any gamer out there i use it with Sensei Pro gaming mouse and works amazing


Get one - if your desk is big enough!

Brilliant piece of kit. My Merc Stealth keyboard doesn't move at all whereas my Sidewinder X8 scoots for miles across the mat with just a quick flick of the finger up its bum. Best of all, my cat insists on sleeping on the spare corner (the mat that big!) and his hairy deposits just vanish with a quick puff of air.

Seriously - it's the only mouse mat I've ever had where cat hairs are not a problem!!


It's awesome, that's it

Simply put, it's a mouse/keyboard/desk mat and it is just awesome. The size is pretty much perfect for my ikea BEKANT corner desk and I still have enough space for all of my stuff. It's also very handy for when you're gaming at night and you put something down as it makes zero to very little noise.

10/10 would buy again, I may even go XXXL in the future, who knows :)


Absolutely Amazing

Received the mouse mat today, amazing service by Overclockers.
Mouse mat is amazing, Great Value, Sleek, Great Quality, A must even in the work environment. :)))))



This gaming surface is absolutely perfect for my desk. No issues with optical mouse nor does the mat slip or slide!

Excellent service and value!


Great work Overclockers! You've created

This pad is superb. For those that have had a taste of a lot of the mouse mats on the market this pad has a surface close to the Razer Speed pad or Puretrak talent. But isnt quite so slippy and has a good level of control. Its still more of a hybrid surface though unlike the QCK which is closer to pure cloth. So it has that satin style finish that I'm sure most people will love.....certainly better then pure cloth if you spill stuff on it.

Size wise its superb and if I had a bigger desk I'd get the size up. I use a low mouse sens of 60cm/360 in quake and other FPS games so using my 60% keyboard I can have well over 60cm of mouse pad which gives me more freedom then the classic 45cm width of Razer and Steel series pads. I paid full price, and this was still a bargain so if you get it even cheaper count yourself very lucky.

If I had to improve it a bit I would have liked a 4mm thickness and the logo half the size (I'd prefer no logo at all of course)

Great work Overclockers! You've created a superb product!



OcUK Mega Mat XXL

Wonderful mouse mat.

1. More than big enough for any sane mouse/desk configuration
2. Very high quality
3. Very nice feel, smooth and comfortable and warm!
4. Comes rolled up in a sturdy tube, but rolls out perfectly flat
5. Looks good, the OcUK logo is understated against black
6. Very reasonably priced

1. Uhh...

This with the usual superb delivery service from OcUK. Perfect!



This is a great mat, decided to switch up from just a mouse mat to something which would fit the keyboard as well (It is properly massive). So far it seems great and is comfy on the hands/wrists. For



As this is my first serious mousepad, I can say the experience so far has been pleasant. Laying down, it is perfectly flat. It does not move at all pushing from the top.
What I found interesting was the surface seemed rougher vertically, but silky smooth horizontally; a benefit for me as the sensitivity seems lowered when moving the crosshairs upwards in games.
Coupled with my brand new Logitech G400, I can't give it anything but 5*. Great service from Overclockers, thanks for the Haribo!

Dom 2013-04-11


Can't give this a higher rating than 5, ordered on monday, arrived on wednesday as said, and the quality of these surfaces are amazing! will not get away from my computer now as this is so soft and easy to glide you mouse on, this also fits my desk perfectly.

Highly recommended, Thanks Overclockers!


Ryan 2013-04-10


Just got this on 8f offer. I had other gaming surface from OCUK before.
Covers my desk and looks awesome.

lord_zed 2013-03-08


Bought this on a daily offer for 8.99.

Best money i have spent on the PC in some time. I just expected a big mouse mate. Its soo much better. My aiming in CSGO is now razor sharp. How i dont know but this is worth every penny of asking!

Simon 2013-02-27


My first review but not my first purchase from OC UK. Got a packet of the fabled Haribo thrown in side the tube too!

The quality of the mat is excellent and my Razer Abyssus flies across it. The size is HUGE but not ridiculous, cant thank OC enough for their stupidly fast delivery I ordered it about 11:am Thurs and arrived Friday 2pm and that was with STANDARD DELIVERY! Thank you OC Very happy customer.

Grab one while you can!

Brad 2013-02-15


Very nice mouse pad used goliathus control before this with my razer deathadder and it feels almost the same and the size is very good fits my monitor mouse and keyboard nicely.

Aiv 2013-02-08


The mat itself is a really nice material that your mouse just glides over and tracks great on. Its a nice big size with enough room for keyboard, mouse and monitor and acts as a nice cushion for your wrists and forearms, stop reading these reviews and snatch one while you can!

Robert 2013-01-21


Brilliant Brilliant Surface, I've used many but for this price this is awesome, Great tracking ability and very sleek design/Material.

Ty 2013-01-20


This mat is humongous, its a very smooth mat with not much resistance, and plenty of space and definitely the best

phil 2013-01-11


Absolutely amazing, one of my best buys fits my monitor . keyboard and mouse on perfectly whilst acting as a cushion for my wrist. Surfact is great for the mouse too now all i need now is an SLI capable overclockers mug

Asim 2013-01-09

Nice mat!

This is a biiig mat and covers most of my desk,nice smooth mouse movement,and I have seen my aim improved with this,Well worth it!

Dave 2012-12-23


Anthony B 2012-12-10

A great buy

Best mat I've ever owned. My corsair M60 mouse glides on it like an overexcited puppy on a polished mahogany floor. It's a change in size too from the usual sized mouse pads. The fact it covers mouse and keyboard make it easier to game as there's no "limits" on the travel of the mouse, so it does make a good difference. The surface is glossy smooth and looks relatively easy to clean. I'm going to give it a 4/5 as the quality meter on the Corsair mouse software only rates it 4/5 bars on quality, and a glossy birthday card actually achieved 5/5, so for that I can't give it 5/5. Don't be put off by that regardless, it's a cracking mat nevertheless and has easily beaten any other mat I've ever tried.

Andres Lopez 2012-12-05


I originally bought a Cyborg Glide 7 to go with my R.A.T 5, but found that it didn't track very well. The image of the Cyborg was where I used the mouse and had to move the pad over, which meant my k/b was 1/2 on and off.

Got my money back and decided to look for a better alternative which would allow me to have my K/B & mouse on the same surface.

Found this after they advertised the release of the 3XL version and although

Martin 2012-11-10

A Superb Mat

What a great gaming surface. It's huge...goes all the way to the ends of the earth and I got it on special offer for a bit of midweek madness too! Flat as a pancake right out of the tube and it

John Beaton 2012-10-23


Fits my G19 and G700 perfectly Much better than other mouse mats i've tried and best of all it lies flat as soon as it comes out of the tube!

Realscot 2012-10-20


quite simply the best gaming surface i have owned, roll it out of its packaging tube and its flat as a pancake and feels nice.
Awesome mat, with an awesome logo, just
AWESOME, Buy it.

NickOlphert 2012-10-16

Quality upgrade to most mouse mats

I have just ditched my roccat mouse mat for the mega mat! as I have said in the title....this upgrades most mats out there. Comes rolled up in a tube and fits flat on my desk. Keyboard, wrist wrest and mouse fit on with ease. Mouse sensitivity has improved dramatically and feels good on the palm of the hand. Keyboard and wrist rest sits firmly on the mat and does not budge at all. Mat is rubber backed so sticks solid to any desk. Top service from OcUK as usual, posted to door within a couple of days.

Neil 2012-10-09

stulid has tested this item, nuff said!!

I have done a very comprehensive overview here - http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?p=22898083&posted=1#post22898083

stulid 2012-10-04

Massive..ly impressive

Received mine yesterday, now early hours of the 14th, very impressed with the smooth glide and the sheer size of this monster. Could easily cover a lot of desks. Haven't used it excessively as it'd a new product, but I'm yet to be let down by overclockers

Chris 2012-09-14


Why are you reading it, BUY IT !

I've had a Razer and Roccat gaming surfaces and NOTHING compares to this Mat, OCuk have outdone themselves.

This is a BEAST of a mat, If you have got the space, its perfect. Its So smooth yet grippy on my keyboard and smooth on my mouse.

Lovely, clean logo at the bottom doesn't bother me at all.

Noel 2012-09-13

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