Agility 3 60GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s Solid State Hard Drive (AGT3-25SAT3-60G)

  • Read Speed: 525MB/Sec
  • Write Speed: 475MB/Sec
  • Flash: MLC
  • Controller: SandForce SF-2281
  • Buffer: 0MB

Stock Code: HD-075-OC

EAN: 0842024026792

MPN: AGT3-25SAT3-60G

Manufacturer: OCZ


Product information: Agility 3 60GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s Solid State Hard Drive (AGT3-25SAT3-60G)

As the third generation of the Agility Series, OCZ Agility 3 Solid State Drives are designed and built to unleash the full potential of the 6Gbps SATA3 interface. The OCZ Agility 3 pushes the limits in both sequential and random data transfer rates, significantly improving your gaming, multimedia, and overall computing experience over traditional mechanical hard drives. In addition to maximized productivity, a Agility 3 upgrade makes a hard drive equipped notebook more portable than ever with superior durability and reduced power consumption. Using the latest break through controller and flash technology, Agility 3 SSDs workin perfect harmony with next generation platforms and operating systems to deliver the industry’s best storage solution.

- Capacity: 60GB
- Controller: SandForce SF-2281
- Maximum Read: 525MB/sec
- Maximum Write: 475MB/sec
- Max I/O Per Second (IOPS): 50,000 IOPS (4KB File)
- NAND Flash: Multi-Level Cell (MLC)
- Interface: SATA-III / 6Gbps (Backwards compatible with SATA-II / 3Gbps)
- TRIM Support (Requires Windows 7)
- Warranty: 3 Years


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Customer review "OCZ Agility 3 60GB 2.5" SATA 6Gb/s Solid State Hard Drive (AGT3-25SAT3-60G)"

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Simply stuning :) This is my first SSD and it was worth every penny. My PC boots up...
matt brough
this ssd is a brilliant buy i have 2 of these in raid and gettin just over 1GB/s...
i finally bit the bullet today and went out and got one of these, all these other...
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Bart 2013-01-12


Simply stuning :)
This is my first SSD and it was worth every penny.
My PC boots up and goes to Win 8 Pro login page in a matter of seconds (8-10). I also put some utilities on it, making it my system drive, and everything runs smoothly, without choking on data.
Definetely recomended.

matt brough 2013-01-03

brill ssd

this ssd is a brilliant buy i have 2 of these in raid and gettin just over 1GB/s transfer speed atto benchmark tool, need to update firmware to 2.25 in order to rectify blue screen/ crashes, very good value and performance

james 2012-11-08

Great bang for buck

i finally bit the bullet today and went out and got one of these, all these other reviews are right it goes from having to wait a bit to near instant loading its brilliant! if your thinking about joining the world off ssd then go for it

Chevallier 2012-07-13

Tip top

I'm not saying this is the best or fastest SSD out there but for those of you wondering whether or not to add one to your system, the difference is night and day. I cannot stress enough how much faster this is than a standard HDD. I'm having a retro gaming sesh lately and have been playing through Dragon Age Origins and the area transitions have gone from 15-20 seconds to nothing. You heard me correctly - nothing. I go through a door into a new area and where once was a black screen with a 'loading' sign for 20 seconds there is now the new area seamlessly loaded before i can take my finger off the mouse button. This is like playing on an N64. I'm using mine just as a Steam drive, no room for an O/S.
Thinking about going for an SSD? Don't think, just buy.
Cold hard facts are 450 read 400 write on an AMD Gigabyte 890GPA-UD3H on SATA3 (6) but the reality is that it is much more than 4 times faster than my WD Caviar. Came needing a firmware update but that took about 10 seconds

Treefrog 2012-07-11

Jaw-droppingly good

For years I laboured under the misapprehension that the offers ran from 0900 Thursday to 0900 Thursday. I'm therefore extremely grateful to OcUK for taking pity on a hot and sweaty cyclist who made this mistake! And who allowed me to buy this at the offer price even though I was out of the offer period by a few hours.

As for the drive itself it's scarcely believable just how fast it is compared to a rotational drive - orders of magnitude faster - literally! The only downside is that now I don't have time to make a cuppa between powering on and Windows loading ;)

Phil 2012-06-11


This Thing is so fast its unbelievable!

Sean Hawkins 2012-05-10

Great all rounder!

Amazing little SSD, runs faster than Usain Bolt in my 13" MacBook Pro.

Went from a 40 second boot up to a 10 second before the 8GB ram upgrade and now... well who cares! It's amazing. Enough said!

Rich 2012-05-05

Super fast but failure

Recieved one drive, seemed glitchy but a few months later it failed. Recieved a new one quickly thanks to OCZ good RMA service. The new one is amazing so fast and no problems what so ever.

Rob 2012-05-03


I finally took the leap into the world of SSD's, and this thing rocks!!

Intalled XP without any issues whatsoever, and in no time at all (without updating the firmware - No BSOD's yet, and keeping my fingers crossed).

>From restart, this thing boots into Windows in 7 seconds!! I will definately get a second to run in Raid 0.

Note: My mobo is the Asus M2N-Sli Deluxe.

Thanks to the OC Team for a great product and next day delivery as promised.

William Smith 2012-04-29

Works well Linux + Windows

Had one of these about 6 months now, pushed it hard with all sorts of different configs in my linux box (I was writing SSD-HDD caching layer in Linux, see 'flashcache'). Now moved to my Windows box as a 2nd SSD, my 1st is getting full. Works well in both, no surprises.

Pete 2012-04-15

Fast little SSD

Thought I'd invest in one of these with a new bundle from OCUK, works a treat with Win7 x64.

No need to say to your friends on messenger "brb i gotta reboot" because you can do it within 30 secs fully loaded :)

Harry 2012-03-16


As everyone else has said incredibly fast, had 7 64 on and all my drivers up in about 15 mins. Loads levels in less than half the time. Ace.

James 2012-03-04


Windows 7 64-bit booting in about 5 seconds! This thing is amazing!

stewie 2011-12-02


recived today , install was simple windows 7 installed quickly boots windows in secounds , best price as allways from ocuk , was a little gutted that it did not come with a 2.5 to 3.5 addapter tray like my ocz vertex 2E came with same size box and packaging yet no tray and it cost moor , for this i can only give 4 stars

Huw Sharpe 2011-11-30


Upgraded from a Vertex2 to get the full benefits of the Sandybridge chipset and glad I did. The real world performance difference between the two is obviously low in terms of average usage, but when moving files, converting and so forth there is a noticeable difference. The advertised speeds stated above says 525/475, yet mine actually gets 556/492 using ATTO Disk Benchmark so most impressed.

susmita 2011-11-10

wonderful product

Great product

Dean 2011-10-30

Bad Boys !!

Had one of these installed now for about 6 weeks. I pre-formatted it before putting it in, which lost me about 5 GB. (Expected). However, the speed is blistering. Opening anything that is installed on the drive (ie. Office apps), you blink and you completely miss the flash screen. Even browsers load up fast. The only downside with this is the limited space, most of which is taken by the Windows install, Office install and other progs you want to load onto it. The best advice I can give anyone is to set up a secondary drive to store all your user profiles on. Then anything you save into your documents folder won't be on the SSD, but on your secondary. If you do this, you'll be surprised how long a 60GB drive can take to fill. I still have about 30GB left. As a primary drive, would definitely recommend if worked correctly.

Thomas Tibbetts 2011-10-28


Got this today with new build and blimey it is fast!
If you are worried about the space on it, you can clean up your windows installation like I did, search 'Freeing space on Windows 7'. I got mine down to about 10GB so 50GB left for me! (Minus formatting)

This is an excellent SSD and well worth getting if you want some high performance out of your computer.

Matt 2011-10-14


Bought one of these with a new mobo and CPU and like the other reviews state windows 7 installs in no time and boot time is about 15-20 seconds. I wasn't sure about these at first but so glad I took the plunge, well worth it

Dave 2011-10-12


Windows 7 installed in 5 minutes, windows updates in a flash. Boot up time is about 20-30 seconds!

Rob 2011-10-01

Oh My God!!!

Just bought one of these today and this is the first SSD I have had. I have put this in an old Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz system with 4GB DDR2 Ram and is running Windows 7. It is without doubt the best upgrade of any system I have ever done. It took a while to install all my software on but everything is now instant. It is like a brand new machine. I was going to build a full new system but have just saved myself

Rob 2011-09-23

Lightning Fast

WOW! just put in my new MacBook Pro 15" upgrading the standard 500gb 5200rpm drive. This is amazing, boots in about 10 seconds from hitting the power button! Done stress test on BlackMagic Hard Drive test for mac, got 460mb/s read and 490mb/s write! Applications load instantly... what more could I ask for, great service from OCUK and a great upgrade for my new mac. Would recommend anyone to get this drive, for

Tom 2011-09-14

Awesome stuff!

Windows 7 installed in around 7 minutes and 17 seconds from the POST screen disappearing to Windows being ready to use... Best upgrade I've ever bought!!!!

Shame about the mini heart attack when HDTune reported a temperature of 128c ^_^ (ignore it!)

Dave 2011-09-10

I Ignored the bad press

Got one of these as an upgrade from the Vertex 2E which was a great drive (now donated to my flatmate)
It's been flawless so far and is blisteringly fast. I'd recommend one to anybody ;-)

Daniel 2011-09-09


First time i have used a solid state drive and i must say it the best. 5 sec window 7 boot time so now i have 2x solid state drive in my pc. might be looking to get antoher one and that will be it. Fast delkivery excellent service.

Dave 2011-09-01


Great speed, silent, efficient and affordable. Can't ask for more.

M. 2011-08-30

30 seconds

So far so good. I installed a fresh Windows 7 x64 OS and it takes about 30 seconds for the OS to be actually usable. That includes other software installed that boots up with the system, so this 30 seconds is not just OS, but other stuff as well.

Before, I had to wait over 5 minutes for my OS (win7) to boot up.

james 2011-08-06


bought one of these about a month ago was running abit wierd then went completely dead :( would highly recomend overclockers service tho the day they got it sent me a brand new one next day delivery and everything been fine with this one now 5 stars

Tom 2011-07-14


Boot time reduced from 54 seconds to 13! Applications load instantly. generally a much much faster PC!

Plus staff at the store are helpful and efficient and i feel confident that i could go back there if any problems arise with no trouble!

Thank you very much OCUK

Tim 2011-07-12

Incredibly fast

At the time of writing this drive is working flawlessly. Coming from HDD the performance gap is impossible to describe cannot believe something this fast exists. Have updated firmware so am hopefully safe from the renowned deaths. Excellent delivery from OC, highly recommended so long as it continues to work.

bill 2011-07-05

nice fast

only giving this 4 stars because i had the same problem as bens review

i found a solution to this after some google and it was to update the firmware

here is the link on howto


Emma Simms 2011-07-05


Holy cow batman this thing is fast and i dont mean a little fast i mean really fast. Upgrade from a sata 2 HDD to this and i will never go back to a normal drive again.

I got this to use in my Z68 for hybrid but ended up using it windows and Rift drive and its so fast u blink and its done.

Was delivered the next day as promised and will certainly use agan

Lug 2011-06-27


Faster than my old ssd's and mechanical drives by a massive margin

i got two of these and put them in raid0 and haven't looked back, they are blazingly fast games and films load instantly, some apps loading bars have disappeared entirely they are that quick.

highly recommended, another top ocz product, i love their ram too.

Ben 2011-06-23

Great speed while it lasts

These drives are blazingly fast while they last. I've had mine for two weeks, now it's dead.

They have known cold boot issues which OCZ have failed to address with any great success.

This is what affected mine after a few days of use (not that I knew about the problem at the time). I'd have to restart my PC several times to get it to boot.

This eventually escalated to the BIOS totally refusing to detect the drive regardless of settings, cables etc.

The numbers might look very good but do some research and you'll see that buying one of these is a very risky proposition.

Nemas 2011-06-20

Great Drive

This is a well fast drive. I had one issue of windows 7 x64 accasional stall and freeze but i updated the latest firmware and the problem went away. Before installing operating system do a latest firmware update to stop you getting problems. Dont be put off by my comments as this drive is truely amazing. Nice one overclockers

Mark AKA Scooby 2011-06-09

Instant Ban

If this baby was a car i would be banned from driving, it is that fast

Arthur 2011-06-05


7.9 windows rating
boot about 20s
very happy
don't forget use a trick and tips to speedy up ur ssd
I am using it with Asus p8z68 pro v
full support

Spike 2011-05-29


I had Win7 Pro installed in 5-10 mins max.. boot up time from windows logo to desktop is 10 secs max! Awesome product! Win7 rates this at drive at a 7.9!

Tony 2011-05-27

Pleasing first SSD experience !

I have this running on a StarTech (marvell chipset) PCI card and the results are pretty impressive, 230 -250 MB/sec write and 400MBsec/read, this is way below what it will do but only having SATA 2 ports on my MB i had to get a card. Even with this limitation i no longer need to suspend the PC when im busy as it's so fast to boot and shut down and im saving even more electricity.

Totally recommended, first class service from OC as usual.

Nathan 2011-05-18

Great little device.

I pre-ordered this device and got it a day after release (great service).

I have windows 7 ultimate running on this SSD. After all updates i had 15GB used.

Boot up time until use is around 10 seconds from the "windows is starting" logo. Rated 7.4 in windows index, very pleased with the quality and performance of this drive.

ashley 2011-05-17


Amazing just got it today really quick from OCK ... windows 7 ulitmate installed in 5mins on a sata2 interface ... was going well untill i found out the mrs threw the product key away ...

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