Vertex 2E 120GB 2.5" SATA-II Solid State Hard Drive (SSD2-2VTXE120G)

  • Read Speed: 285MB/Sec
  • Write Speed: 275MB/Sec
  • Flash: MLC
  • Controller: SandForce SF-1200
  • Buffer: 0MB
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Stock Code: HD-048-OC

EAN: 0842024018131


Manufacturer: OCZ

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Product information:

Vertex 2E 120GB 2.5" SATA-II Solid State Hard Drive (SSD2-2VTXE120G)

Based on a cutting-edge new architecture, Vertex 2 Solid State Drives raise the bar once again and deliver unprecedented performance for the complete gamut of gaming and professional multimedia applications. OCZ designed the Vertex 2 to surpass the competition where it counts most, pushing the limits in both sequential and random read/write rates. With spectacular performance in 4k file writes up to 50,000 IOPS, these latest drives take productivity to the next level with over ten times the performance of the previous generation. Using the latest controller technology, Vertex 2 not only provides a faster, more responsive PC experience, but promotes cooler, quieter, and more energy efficient conditions compared to traditional mechanical hard drives. OCZ Vertex 2 SSDs come backed by a 3-year warranty and 2 million hour MTBF for ultimate peace of mind.

- Capacity: 120GB
- Controller: SandForce SF-1200
- Maximum Read: 285MB/sec
- Maximum Write: 275MB/sec
- Sustained Write: 250MB/sec
- Max I/O Per Second (IOPS): 50000 IOPS (4KB File)
- NAND Flash: Multi-Level Cell (MLC)
- Interface: SATA-II
- TRIM Support (Requires Windows 7)
- Warranty: 3 Years


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Still a top upgrade

Bought this as part of a mini itx build ,,, didn't manage to get sata3 so went for this for the amazing price. Very happy , windows boots to login in 8 seconds and everything very snappy. Getting around 200 mbs on benches. At this price why not.

McstylisT 2012-10-24

games drive

got this while it was on sale
well worth the money paid
looking to use fast games drive
and to replace a couple of old Seagate ST3500641AS hhd in raid 0
thus freeing up my sata ports for larger storage drives

stuart 2012-09-08

Excellent SSD

another quality product from OCZ.. had this now since the end of August from OcUk and it is fault free.. I have it running in my 2011 MBPro 13" with 8Gb ram and it out performs any other laptop I know of and even my high power Ultimate PC which has 2x 750gb hdd raided for performance, (Amd PhenomII x6 @3.2 & 16gb pc1333 ram). Well done everybody..

Jonathan 2011-11-10

Fast and Furiously Happy

Have had this drive for a while now, since August, and it boots my MBPro 13" 8gb ram still in under 8 secs. Extremely fast performance even with adobe cs5.5 and even outperforms my pc. My pc is no slouch (16gb ram, Amd PhenomII 3.2) but doesn't yet have ssd. it has 2x 750gb wd black drives raided. They can't keep up with my Laptop. Well done OcUk and OCZ.

Jonathan 2011-11-09

Once you go SSD you'll never go back to

Absolutely amazing performance. In comparison to my old 7200rpm drive the difference is like night and day. Installing and running Windows 7 on one of these is like having a new PC, it's seriously that good! Should come as standard in all new pre built systems.

Installing anything but one of these in a high spec computer seriously 'gimps' the user experience (especially when the performance of HDD's deteriorate which will happen as you fill it with crap!)

The difference is so significant that I'd recommend upgrading to one of these before buying a new pc.

For the majority of users this upgrade will probably be enough to give another few years use out of an older system (vs the cost of a whole new system) even if it's not you'll have a super fast drive ready to pop in a new pc.

Makes me wonder how many upgrade to a new CPU, mobo etc.. without realising it's their old drive crippling their performance.

Rod 2011-07-19


I've been considering an SSD since i got my Envy 14 laptop and finally cracked and got this and, wow!! the performance difference is immense!! for once i don't mind rebooting, it only takes a few seconds!! installing Visual Studio and Office, i actually wondered had the installer crashed or something! and opening applications is just *SO* much snappier!! even iTunes works quicker and that's saying something! This was well worth the investment and to anyone considering an SSD, believe me, GET ONE!!!

Andrew Fletcher 2011-05-31

OCZ Vertex 2E 120GB

After waiting quite a while for the prices to drop, I finally purchased one [from OC's]. I was so impressed with it's performance [Photoshop CS5 opens in less than 2 seconds] that I ordered another for a second PC. Use for operating system drive. Highly recommend.

Alan Duncan 2011-03-24

My First SSD


I could end my review there, but I won't. This is my first SSD, and it is expensive - very expensive compared to a normal HDD. If money *is* an object, and you've not got anywhere else to dump your larger files or libraries then this is a show stopper.

However, if you've got (or are willing to use) an external drive, maybe even a NAS, then moving to an SSD like this is by far the best upgrade you can do. You'll be surprised by how much quicker your computer can be when it's not waiting around for the hard drive to give it some data.

For the record, I'm using this in my 2 and a half year old Macbook Pro and it is like a new machine. I'm not even thinking about replacing it with a faster model now.

If you like benchmarks or fixed numbers, then I posted the numbers up on my blog at http://www.pinkegobox.net/2010/12/30/is-it-worth-putting-a-solid-state-drive-into-my-macbook-pro.html

Rob Gough 2011-03-22

Brilliant upgrade

Truly amazing speed difference going from a standard SataII 5400 drive to one of these. Steam used to take 1 minute from hitting keyboard shortcut to a usable interface. Now it takes 7.4 seconds. Getting into a TF2 map from desktop used to take about 4 minutes. Now its under 40 seconds.

Truly astounding and well worth the investment. Get one and you will not regret it.

hugo 2011-03-08


Been thinking about buying one of these for a while. Shouldnt have put it off so long. Truly incredible speed. Like a new machine. I now get 7.8 for hard drive transfer speed. Incredible. Worth every penny.

Malthus 2011-02-04

ocz ssd 120 gb

This ssd is very easy to install, and to update. it installed windows extremely fast.

My computer boots in to windows in about 10sec after the bios screens.

i am really pleased with my purchase and would reccomend these drives to anybody that wants to start using ssd's

i would say check your motherboard instructions as mine does not let you run raid and sdhc at the same time so i had to format my 2 raid drives to get the best performance form the ssd and you have to have the bios set to sdhc to update the firmware.

Peter maddison 2011-01-06

Extremely fast, reasonably large

This thing is a beast. Load times are nearly nonexistent. Windows7 boots in 7 seconds.

Just make sure you set your BIOS to RAID before installing the OS, install the latest Intel RST Drivers and update to the latest firmware (1.24 atm).
You may also want to disable indexing, just make sure you check the forums for the latest tips.

Comparing to other SSD's, price is not too high, and it has enough space for an entire OS and a generous set of program files.

Cheaper SSD's are too small.
Bigger SSD's are too expensive.
This one is just right.

João Neves 2010-12-29

Very Very Quick

This is my first SSD, so was expecting a big jump in performance, which I got.

However, on benchmarking this drive I actually got results far in excess of the spec - I get 273.8MB/s read and 262.9MB/s write (according the CrystalDiskMark) after minor tweaks.

Delivery was quick as always with OC products. Highly recommended SSD.

Mike Warner 2010-12-03

Great Drive

Wow, what a great little drive, it's extremely quick, Windows boots in just a few seconds.

WEI score for this drive is 7.8 for me. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Mike 2010-11-27


Just got this incredibly fast ssd drive from Overclockers UK today. Firmware was 1.23 and flashed immediatley to 1.24. It is running very good on my maximus extreme x38 mobo. Not a single issue so far! Windows 7 WEI score is 7.7! This is my first ssd and was without words on how fast
windows 7 installed from my corsair usb pendrive! Boot times are almost under 10seconds on my machine! holy crap! I wonder what happens if I get another one to setup in raid 0. I am very happy with this OCZ SSD! it is a sandforce based ssd and OCZ seem to have the best relationship with sandforce.
OCZ latest firmware 1.24 is very good! This is the biggest/best/noticeable upgrade I ever made in years! Finally i have 0.1ms seek time bye bye to my 3x wd caviar blacks! SSD is the way to go..no more mechanical harddisks that are more prone to failure! Thank you Overclockers UK for the fast shipping!

Kenneth Micallef 2010-11-24


If you're on the fence about whether or not to fork out the cash for one of these beauties.. do what i did - take the plunge!!

It is everything you hoped for... and more! Load times are ridiculously quick.. i find myself constantly laughing at how stupid i was for holding back for soo long.. is

Peter 2010-11-24

Nice And Fast

this is a cracking little ssd, when i did the windows experience it wasn't as high as i expected so i had a look on the ocz web site this is a must for every1 Firmware up date!! i get 7.7 now :)

Rab Clark 2010-11-17

Decent SSD

Prices coming down so now a decent time to buy.

Currently coming with firmware 1.23 (the latest at this point).

Worthwhile having a look at the OCZ forums before buying / installing. Everything you need to know about OCZ SSD's.

Runs fine with the standard Microsoft AHCI drivers that W7 installs. And also Passes the TRIM command fine. Though you can install the latest Intel RST drivers (version 9 recommended).

WEI score 7.7
ATTO benchmark shows drive running at advertised speeds.

Great as a boot drive. Though maybe not the life changing experience that some make out! Just depends on what your previous drive configuration was.

All round a good step up from a mechanical hard drive (even a Velociraptor like I was previously running).

mikeo 2010-11-14


Fair play this drive rocks , windows experiance score 7.7 well done OC for stocking this :-). Please note everyone make sure ur bios is running ahci also new firmware 1.23 for the ssd drive fixes smarterror reports as well as a few other improvments a must for any one id say.

craig 2010-11-02


Brillant drive its like upgranding your ram and wondering why I did not do it before. If your a gamer get this no more waiting for areas to load, boot time improved 60 %. online games run smooth and give you a big advantage ( Team Fortress 2 ). Money well spend for the time saved.

Emma-Peel 2010-11-02

Worth the Price!

Amazing drive! Totally changed my user-experience on my Mac. Everything loads blazing fast. Its' through that price per GB is very high compared to conventional drives, but believe me it's worth it! I use this drive along with a 320GB 5400rpm drive in my MacBook Pro so that I could keep personal documents and media files on the large (but slow) drive and, the OS and applications on the SSD for amazing performance!

Darren Scerri 2010-10-31


dont no were to start first of all ordred this ssd on thursday afternoon got it fri morning 11.45 to be exact well impressed .installed drive took less than half an hour then just revelled in the speed this thing is.its unreal best bit of hardware ive bought for pc in years.get your money out..

paul griffiths 2010-10-16

Amazing speed

I bought the Vertex 2 120GB from another site but the first device needed an RMA due to a controller fault - once I received my replacement I have to say I was more than impressed with it. It installed Win 7 64bit in 12 minutes including 3 reboots and setting up a password etc. Boot time was around 10 seconds and shutdown in 2 - once I had installed updates, AV software, a few apps and Mafia 2, boot time dropped to around 20 seconds or so. Takes a little longer to shut down but this also happens with HDD's. It's still blisteringly fast to use.

It's worth making some tweaks to Windows to avoid unnecessary writes to the drive which will shorten the drive's life such as making sure Superfetch is disabled on the SSD, moving user folders to a HDD etc, (check OCZ's forums for more info on this).

No longer is the HDD the bottleneck in your nice fast rig.


Andysocial 2010-10-10

V fast

What a beast, programs/games installed in a flash. multi-tasking, 1st in when server changes level , get this, it's worth it

Aden M-Bling 2010-10-07

Very fast SSD

This is the first SSD I've bought so I have no other SSD to compare it with. I read around that currently the Sandforce controller is the faster, more reliable one, even with competing products such as Crucial's RealSSD C300 that have SATA-III support. The write and read speeds on this drive are very, very high (amongst the highest I've seen, even when compared with SATA-III). Moreover, the 2,000,000 hour lifetime and three-year warranty gives you ultimate confidence in its reliability.

I bought this drive alongside a Western Digital Cavier Black 1TB SATA-III HDD with 64 Cache (for storage). Naturally, this SSD is now my primary drive where I install Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit. The OS installed in under 10 minutes. Shut down and booting times are extremely short, response time of the OS and its software is stunning (for programs and games installed on the SSD), etc.

This is a very reliable and very fast SSD at a very good price. Buy it now.

Kayron Mercieca 2010-09-24

Really is so worth it!

Got this and done a clean install of vista 32bit andit literally halfed my startup time. (im using 80gb of this badboy - mainly OS, WoW and Race Driver: Grid) and the startup time went from about 35 seconds to 40 (from the clean install with no programs to all programs).

I had added this HDD to my already powerful system - normal apps loaded very swiftly before, and to be honest I havnt noticed much change, but the startup/shutdown times are what I love the most and definately make this 200% worth it.

Finally, u know how when u buy a 1TB hard drive and windows only sees 950GB (or whatever)... windows sees 119.2GB for me so you really are getting the real deal!

This SSD + Overclockers UK + DPD = Perfection.

Alex 2010-09-03

Total transformation

Bought this to upgrade the internal HD of my Dell Studio 15 Laptop (1558). The machine is completely transformed from a moderately fast (320gb 5400rpm) hard disk to a lightning fast SSD. Boot for Windows 7 Professional 64bit happens in about 1 minute - applications open almost instantly and the battery life appears to have been extended by about 20%. I really can't recommend this SSD highly enough - I have a RAID 0 array in my desktop system (pair of Corsair 64gb SSD's) and this comes close in perceived performance.

MikeVG 2010-08-20

Unreal !

Bought this from another website before i came across overclockers and if i may say so this is by far the best ssd ive ever owned ! the read speads are unbelievable ill click on something and its instantly on my screen ready and raring to go ! highly recomended will be buying one from here soon for my other build !

chris T 2010-07-16


I want one :s

Dave Hicks 2010-07-08

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