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Official Overclockers UK Elite Gaming Mug

  • Designed and engineered for maximum 'Hot Drink Holding' performance. The Overclockers UK Official Mug leads the way in the fight against thirst.


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Stock Code: WC-043-OE

EAN: 00000000


Manufacturer: OcUK Value


Product information: Official Overclockers UK Elite Gaming Mug

Introducing the Overclockers UK Official Mug:
'The Ultimate Desktop Peripheral'

Designed and engineered for maximum 'Hot Drink Holding' performance. The Overclockers UK Official Mug leads the way in the fight against thirst.

Desk Mountable for increased stability, the Overclockers UK Official Mug allows you to safely hold hot beverages with its large, ergonomic, easy to hold handle.

Featuring striking graphics on both sides of the Mug, friends and co-workers will know you mean business. It doesn't matter if you are a serious gamer or an overclocking guru, the Overclockers UK Official Mug takes the capabilities of the mug to a whole new level.

A triumph in design, you will never grace your desk with a more capable item.
Developed in conjunction with expert technical staff and overclocking experts, the OcUK mug gives the end user the edge no matter what the scenario

Technical Specification:
• Sleek Black design
• Wide tapered rim for dribble free operation
• Heavy Duty build quality to withstand the hottest beverage
• Unparalleled 'Hot Drink Holding' ability
• Ergonomic Handle Design
• Overclockers UK Logo on both sides
• Better than an umbrella with a torch on it.
• Advanced Wireless technology
• SLI and Crossfire Compatible
• Available in right and left handed configurations
• Unique 'Mug & Play' features
• Compatible with a wide range of hardware configurations

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Customer review "Official Overclockers UK Elite Gaming Mug"

Average customer rating
Star Rating
(from 57 customer reviews)
Nice sturdy bit of kit. Does exactly what you'd want and expect. It'd be 5 stars if...
Before this mug I was constantly struggling to hold hot beverages in my hands, now I...
Abraham darby-Zaier
Getting Blue Screen of Death when I put two of them in SLI. Waiting on some firmware...
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86% (49)
7% (4)
4% (2)
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4% (2)

Good quality bit of kit!

Nice sturdy bit of kit. Does exactly what you'd want and expect.
It'd be 5 stars if
a) It had better volume capability
b) It had better thermal dynamics (allowing me to fit that one last fiddly component or get that one last death match in while keeping my cuppa hot!)


Needs watercooling

I bought this mug and overclocked it by adding boiling hot tea, but the main surface grows very hot after just a minute or so.

This product is good but would benefit from more cooling options.



Before this mug I was constantly struggling to hold hot beverages in my hands, now I have this awesome mug it keeps them contained and out of my keyboard.

Abraham darby-Zaier 2013-04-19


Getting Blue Screen of Death when I put two of them in SLI. Waiting on some firmware updates... I think I need to check the Flux Capacitor .

Ryan 2013-04-10


Ordered this tuesday morning, arrived the next morning, was surprisingly well-packaged for something so small.

first thing I did? sat down, nice cup of tea and enjoyed the packet of Haribo they included with it :)

Highly recommended, Thanks Overclockers!


Ricky 2012-10-09

awesome cup may get one

can someone help with a mod im thinking of will making a hole at the bottom improve air flow?

Brian 2012-10-07

Mug has several uses!

Received my mug this morning and had a good cuppa tea in it. I then 'really' needed the loo about an hour later only to discover it was in use.
And so, through this difficult experience, I learnt that this mug also hold's a full bladder worth of pee.

Many thanks overclockers! You saved my carpet!!!

Phil 2012-09-15


Had my coffee from it this morning, totally blew my mind!

Wes 2012-05-24


I thought I had it all - before I got this mug.

VasVas 2012-04-27


Even the cheapest coffee tastes good in this mug!!!

Daniel 2012-04-26


Best purchase ever.

Jason Clouston 2012-04-13


Being a lefty, I noticed the product description and was so impressed that I can use this product.

And because of the logo on BOTH sides (yeah, I KNOW - RAWK!) it give sthe same experience as if I were a righty.

Conceptually incredible, designed well (who would of thought on doubling up on logos?) and the build quality does the thing justice.

Now I can have a good tea session as if I were a righty and no-one will ever guess.

Ross 2012-02-29

A truly excellent product!

An excellent product, this thing has so many cooling options it's hard to beleive! Being a reference PCB (Porcalin Cup Base) it was very easy to find a compatible water block. Watercooling is recommended as it tends to run a little hot under full load and sometimes even enough to produce steam, this doesn't seem to hamper its performance however as it has been designed to cope with the extreme temperatures!

All in all, a 5 star product and 5 star service from Overclockers!!

Michael 2012-02-28

Exceptional Mug

Ingenious and incredibly inovative. A must have for the computer enthusiast.

One drawback, the design is best with a liquid cooling setup which i wasnt aware of so i had to buy that as well.

Other than that fantastic job overclockers, you've done it again

Chris 2012-02-22

Support Required

I split coffee on mine. Can someone tell me what I can do?

Spok50 2012-02-17

The Joy Of Mug

I cannot fault this mug in any way. It does so much more than i can list but, suffice to say it works flawlessly. There is minor leakage at the top but that is to be expected. I have lived with less satisfying mugs but nothing comes close. Its by my bed after my coco & is still there awaiting its hot refill (unlike somethings i could mention). I get home from work & its there again unquestioningly & pleased to see me (again unlike somethings i could mention). When we relax together at the end of the day, its always close at hand, doesn't hog the remote never wants to watch the soaps. Its been asking me to get another so we can have a threesome but, i just cant bring myself to share it. I awoke this morning to find all my other mugs in lots of little pieces all over the kitchen floor & my Overclockers mug standing proudly above them on the draining board. i'm sure i saw it smile. My God What Have I Unleashed?

James 2012-01-29


These are amazing, unfortunatly not yet Three way SLi compatible but two of these is plenty, word of warning they get pretty hot so EK milk cooling is necessary ;)

Sn0w 2012-01-27


Amazing mug.

I used to drink tea out of this mug just like you.

Then I took an arrow In the knee.

POE 2012-01-21

Refreshing but hot

Ok ive bought 2 of these to run in sli, however in use they get really hot, i would not recommend these inside a new i7 system as spillage may be a problem.

I chose to run mine outside the case with a riser card due to the heat issues, thats why unfortunately i can only give them 3 stars.

thingemajib 2012-01-19

Exceptional beverage holder.

Its been (accidentally) proven to hold tea much better than my laptop does at a fraction of the price. 'Nuff said

anon 2012-01-16


I don't own one of these but 5 stars for the product description! Do these take a H60?

Daniel Parker 2012-01-13

Amazing In Sli

Got 2 of these originally 1 for work and 1 for home, but they are that good I have to use them both at home and Sli them and the performance is outstanding. Benchmark an easy 120 CPH (Coffee's per hour) you won't find a better setup for your Sli Drinking needs.

ToxicTBag 2011-12-03


I was looking to upgrade from a rather grey and shabby tcup and saucer, i need not have worried about this kit at all. Packaging was excellent allthough watercooling is new to me this thing rocks, larger than average fill-port and easily manoeuvered with the all purpose handle.
5 Stars all the way TBag loves his upgrade :-)

David Thomas 2011-11-28


I haven't bought one yet but hoping to get some xmas spending money to allow a system upgrade. Its air cooled as standard and should provide near silent top end performance without any annoying whirring fan noise. Here's hoping Santa is kind to me!

Jake Billing 2011-11-25

Completes any SLi setup

Bought 4 of these.
Turns out you can create a quad SLi setup on any desktop.

Fantastic purchase!

Peter 2011-11-24

Windows experience idex

Replaced an older model and now the index says 11.0, result!

Spencer 2011-11-20


This mug is the best I have seen in a while. Performance Mark is higher than ever and it runs at a nice hot temperature after a few Crysis 2 Benchmarks. I have managed to overclock her to 4.6ghz and she still runs very hot! My tea will never be the same 35fps again!

James 2011-11-19


Only just noticed this just placed an order as well >.< wish had seen befor awesome cup and pics guys last one was funny as well :P water cooled cpu should attach it to the kettle :P keep it hot :)
next order am getting one ^_^

Daniel 2011-11-15


I can confirm this also fits the Coffee architecture.

Bleech 2011-11-14

Very Stable

I ordered the right handed version of this beast. As a stand alone product its amazing. Temps are very stable. However, its turned the rest of my system into a complete bottle neck. All I can do now is drink tea/coffee, albeit at 120 FPS. Overclockers need to sort out the rest of their product line up to get the most out of this monster. Buy one, but be warned, it will ruin your life!

Eddie 2011-11-10

Stable Cuppa

Gave me a top notch overclock on my morning coffee without any need for additional voltage. Temps stable and sensible. Also compatible with green tea.

More seriously, it's a perfectly good mug, better than you'd pick up in a supermarket for a couple of quid, and amuses others in the office. Perfect way to fill up the extra space in your order box :)

BK 2011-11-10


Still works even atfer pouring a mugful of water in it (amount approx). Superb

Neil Machin 2011-11-01

Nemas from ashby

Wow. What a beauty. Already overclocked with a 1.2 volt increase. Now my tea is running sweeter on a mid temp. Watercooled as well for the added bonus after a small wait...5...10.....maybe 15 mins
Very nice cup and well worth the money. Buy ocuk fans

J.A.F.O. 2011-11-01

Too powerful

I haven't bought one of these yet I don't think the rest of my system is up to scratch. I guess it may be worth getting one soon though as it is pretty future proof. I really can't see mugs moving on significantly for at least another 4/5 years.

Adam Todd 2011-11-01


This is my mug, with out me my mug is nothing, without my mug i am nothing. This is my mug. This gains near identical fps to my old athlon rig that being faster than I7 on the market thanks ocuk

Essex H 2011-10-29

Really easy to overclock

This little beauty will future proof your gaming rig. The latest chipset combined with the all new unparalleled porcelain architecture, will blow any of your previous chips out of the water (boiling water+ tea that is). I found that overclocking this chip was a doddle-even at 100 degrees and 8.6 ghz-. Perhaps the most impressive feature is its built in water cooling capability-temps always drop down from around 95 degrees C to about, well room temperature i guess.
This product is not to be mistaken for something that you dunk richteas in ;)

Sarcastic al 2011-10-27

xfire compatible?

im gonna wait until the price drops then buy another and Xfire them ^^,

Sir Mugsalot 2011-10-27


Upon first installation of this product I was very pleased. It ran super cool and quiet. However, it wasn't long before I started to get BSODs, I tried updating the firmware but to no avail and now it's consigned to the fate of all failed cds of being a coaster.

keith 2011-10-26

My Review via the forum

Please see here for full product review.

paulh 2011-10-26

Beverage not included

After my initial disappointment with this product when I learnt that it in fact the device did not come with the hot beverage pre installed and having to spend ages installing my own hot beverage!!

I can honestly say my hot beverages just feel faster and more responsive, it has handled everything I have thrown in it!! I have done 4 complete reinstalls of different beverages and the results are the same every time.

Nice one OUCK!

Steve 2011-10-25

Best purchase ever

I can't speak highly enough of this product. I have been using a variety of similar devices in the past to hold my coffee including rolled up newspaper, an old slipper and a sieve from the kitchen. These have all had one major flaw - leakage! This new product from OCUK totally solves this problem. No more scalded crotch for me. Amazing

wheeledrazzor 2011-10-24

great mug

well after reading all the reviews and being a such a "GLASS" fanboi i decided to take the plunge and im glad i did! after a cup of realy strong coffee my fps went up to 500fps i couldnt stop talking and i kicked the dog! since owning this mug iv lost my job split up with my wife what a cupper. but i did hear a rumour about an overclockers cup and saucer but thats not planed until Q2/2012 but this will do till then. happy drinking

Brian Badonde 2011-10-21


Obviously a sleek piece of performance hardware only manufactured by the most elite gamers known to man. Currently running this cooled with a Noctua NH-D14 with 1viper van with idle temps around 15*c. Pretty good lol :)

Leon Mugluvin 2011-10-21


Having heard great things from the reviews, i dedcided to take the plunge and spend my year of savings on this bad boy. Despite my wifes initial impression when it first arrive that it looked just like the mugs we have in the cupboard. I kindly explained what this machine can do. Im not going into details, but i took this in the bedroom the very same night, and lets just say my wife was happy. It must of overclocked me. Overall really impressed what this beast can do. Defo worth the price

Maul218 2011-10-20

Best Description Ever

This is the best description ever!

I want one, why don't I have one!

How have I lived this long without one!

John 2011-10-19

I have one already

I have several of these cups in my cupboard but they don't say overclockers on them but I can confirm the dribble free aspect of them.

furyus 2011-10-18


Awesome cup, no spillage!!!

but sat down to watch a movie and realised it's not Compatible with Blu-Ray :(

MUG-FTW 2011-10-17

The Ultimate Desktop Peripheral


Buy it.


Snedie 2011-10-15

Best product on the market

This has to be one of the most well thought out designs for a product I have come accross. the ergomic handle enables the user to comfortable handle any berveages, be they hot or cold without any risk of an accident.

When an energy drink is applied to the product, users can expect to see their gaming potential increase exponentially over any given period of time. Perfect for short and long gaming sessions alike.

Can not be beaten on price!

Muglover 2011-10-15

Great Mug!

What can I say, probably the best mug I have seen in a while, just look at the design! Anyway I already have a test mug here and I have been doing some calculations, it would seem I can really bench this thing with some super hot water, even liquid nitrogen! Of course I will need some help, so I have decided to mount 3 waterblocks on the sides of the mug with loops each for max heat dispersal. If it is socket AM3+ I plan to Bulldozer it (despite bad reviews), I think I can get at least 4.6Ghz out of this mug, maybe with extra voltage and the waterblocks I can go to 5Ghz! Anyway would just like to say thank you Overclockers.co.uk for stocking this great item and I cant wait to finally get my hands on it. xoxo.

Mr. Topkins 2011-10-14

Blew me out of the water.

Wow, there is so much to say about this beauty.
For one, the insulation on it is great for coffee heating. It does the job well and quietly; I can only just hear it when I'm maxing out intense games like Quake Live (Extreme).

Great value for quality, I recommend.

Mr. Topkins, Mmmkay.

Cameron Harris 2011-10-14

100% WIN!

HAHAH the best sales pitch for a mug i have ever seen!


Dudley Dudley Snr 2011-10-14

Poor driver support marred the drinking

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these bad boys pre-launch, however my initial euphoria was replaced with dismay when I found out that the current driver suite makes drinking from the mug, a hard prospect to swallow. The problem started when I tried to make a cup-a-soup, but the mug returned an error saying that the current soup drivers only allowed the mug to used with chicken flavour and NOT tomato or minestrone (it also NO crouton support what-so-ever!). The soup disappointment behind me, I then set about calming my nerves and buyers remorse by making a standard straight forward plain old cup of tea, however this bought up yet another issue, the sugar trip out level is set to "1 flat tea spoonful" by default with no option to change it in the software provided, I tried to to make a nice sweet cuppa.. but after 2 spoonfuls the mug tripped out, spilling hot tea everywhere! (This is the SAME for coffee as well!).

1*/5* Avoid until drivers support sorts out the many issues.

ram 2011-10-13

Best upgrade so far

Connected this beast to my system today and it works a treat.

90C inside the mug only 17C at the handle.


Michael 2011-10-13

Excellent Mug

An excellent gaming mug, I have a few others in my time but non had the processing power as this one!

The only downside is that it does not support 3D yet.

Chris 2011-10-13


My tea went through my system 5 times faster with this!

Very impressive.

janos 2011-10-13

could only get it to 500ml

you can only get this to 500ml it wont overclock more

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