Overclocked Bundle
*OVERCLOCKED* Intel Core i7 920 D0 Stepping (SLBEJ) 4.00GHz / Gigabyte EX58-UD5 Intel X58 Motherboar

  • Representing the cream of the crop of today's bleeding edge performance hardware
  • OcUK's 'Extreme Bundles' are selected to satisfy the needs of the most demanding enthusiast.
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Stock Code: BU-003-OB

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Manufacturer: Overclocked Bundle

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Product information:

*OVERCLOCKED* Intel Core i7 920 D0 Stepping (SLBEJ) 4.00GHz / Gigabyte EX58-UD5 Intel X58 Motherboar

Representing the cream of the crop of today's bleeding edge performance hardware, OcUK's 'Extreme Bundles' are selected to satisfy the needs of the most demanding enthusiast. Available with three different levels of overclock your ideal bundle is just one option away.

OcUK Overclocked Bundles feature carefully selected components tested to assure compatability & stability, guaranteeing the integrity of the overclock.

We worry about the fiddling and tweaking, you just enjoy the performance.

This bundle ships pre-built and pre-overclocked direct from our Technical Department. All you need to do is attach the CPU cooler and power it up.

- Maximum Speed
- Maximum Stability
- Maximum Compatibility
- Maximum Overclocking

This Bundle contains the following components:

1 X Intel Core i7 920 D0 Stepping (SLBEJ) 2.66Ghz overclocked to 4.00GHz!
1 X Gigabyte EX58-UD5 Intel X58 (Socket 1366) PCI-Express DDR3 Motherboard
1 X Corsair XMS3 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C8 (1600MHz) Tri-Channel (TR3X6G1600C8)
1 X Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 CPU Cooler (Socket LGA1366)
1 X Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Compound (3.5g)

Note - All Bundles are built and installed on demand and usually ship within 48 hours of the order being placed. During exceptionally busy periods this time can increase by 48 hours.

Note - Please note that adding in additional memory to the spare slots will require new BIOS settings and the maximum clock speed attainable may be significantly reduced.

Note - The bundle operates above manufacturer specifications, as such it requires a quality power supply to operate with guaranteed stability. OcUK recommend a quality brand PSU for use with all our bundles such as the Corsair TX & HX range.

Note - Updating the BIOS on the overclocked bundle range will void the warranty on the overclock. If you update the BIOS we will no longer be able to provide support for configuring and maintaining the CPU overclock.

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Lovely Jubbly

Love it!!!

Flawless 8 second load time on windows 7!

TF2 max settings: 300 fps (with ATI radeon HD 4870 512mb)

COD:MW2 max settings: 200 fps ( same card as before)

Great setup! 5*

(1 thing, it comes with thermal paste already on and some in a tube, presumably for later top up)

Bertie Humphreys 2010-01-12

good un

ordered this bundel 22dec it arrived 24 dec at 8:30 in the morning you cant get better than that instulation no problem up and running no problems,i have to admit it is not the vast differance i had expected,old system= asus p5n-e sli /e6600 dual core /4 gig ocz ram/ xfx 275
but if you compare this bundel with another top company in the uk just check out the mother board this one at over clockers is far better.
thanks very much garry and all at overclockers merry xmas and happy new year to you all

bob 2009-12-25


Excellent Bundle
Went from a AMD Quad core and Gtx 260

to this and a ATI 5850 that was recommended by OC
cant fault it,cpu runs around 40c
Fantastic service as always from OC

Chris 2009-12-18

Well Pleased

Great buy, running at 3.87GHz would like to get it to 4GHz. Would like to see Win 7 reporting the overclock can't understand why it does not. But it you won't regret it.

John 2009-12-11

Great bundle highly recommended

Got the 4Ghz version, great bundle and rock solid, good temps and pretty much eats everything I throw at it for breakfast. I do conversions of hundreds of Raw files typically in the 14 mega pixel range to jpeg or tiff format and this thing simple flies through them. The only problem I had was at first I assembled the cooler incorrectly and this caused the machine to repeatedly crash after a few seconds, so pay close attention to the instructions when you put it together

Joe 2009-12-11


Just received mine today, and finished installing and oh man this bundle is fast.

Upgraded from an E6600@ 3.55ghz and it's like night and day :D

Great service arrived day after ordering. As always fantastic service, stable @ 4Ghz... Absolute beauty :D

thanks again OCUK!

Jeremy 2009-11-10

Great Product

Ordered this as I was too lazy to learn how to O/C the new I7 range!
The kit is great and I have had no problems with it.
It does run hot in Prime95 stress - 90c but this OK!
Another point to note that this cooler and MB only allow one safe orientation, that is because if you have it in the traditional "point at back" way the mounting bracket looks like it is touching the ferrite cores!


Mike 2009-11-04

Great but a bit hot in my case

This is a first class bundle of quality components. Mine came with a 4ghz OC although I hadn't specified this and hadn't paid the premium. My good luck I guess!
Also got Corsair RAM instead of Crucial, as advertised. I prefer Corsair so good luck there too. I've put it in a Cooler Master ATCS 840 case with a Be Quiet! 850 Watt Pro psu. This case is massive and beautifully engineered but it might not be the right one for this bundle as my temps are not that good. I'm idling at 44/45 c. I've not really pushed it yet but after half an hour of Unreal Tournament I was up in the 60s. The Noctua cooler soon brings it back down to the 40s though. I've had a few BSODs in Firefox but I suspect this may be down to something other than the OC. All in all it's a great bundle and good value. Also Overclockers service was first class. I'd recommend this to anyone but maybe think about the case or get a different cooler. John W

John Williams 2009-11-02

Awesome but needs a good PSU

One day in and I'm loving this. Would certainly recommend it.

3 lessons i've learned though:

1) The thing in the product info about having a good PSU is spot on. My PSU (only 16amps on the 12v rail) is buzzing like a power station. So, save yourself 2 lots of delivery charges (unlike me) and get one at the same time if you dont have one already.

2)The BIOS for the Gigabyte EX58-UD5 allow you to save bios settings in 'profiles', which is where the lovely OC types have saved their profile. So, if you need to restore it go into the bios and look at what its says at the very bottom of the screen.

3)The cooler is a LOT bigger than it looks. The fans are a bit difficult to attach if you've installed the motherboard and heat sink before you try to attach it. I had to remove my PSU as getting the clips on was impossible. Great cooler though, really keeps the temp down for the low noise you'd never know you were runnning the system so hard

Tom 2009-10-27


I chose the 4GHz option and it's superb. Installed in a P183 with a CP-850, a couple of extra fans & a 4890. I've had no problems at all. Worth every penny to get an I7 guaranteed to run at 4GHz.
As always, Overclockers.co.uk service was first class - Thank You.

Tomdaws 2009-10-22

Excellent kit beware the overclock

The hardware is solid, I purchased it with the overclock option though and found it left my system very unstable. after restoring the factory settings and spending five hours with a friend, we managed to get the system back to 4 ghz and stable though.

The motherboard has 'features' that control the power and multiplier of your CPU, DISABLE THEM! They just make the system unstable. Need to run a few more tests, but so far my overclock has proven stable through 100gig file transfers and a futurmark test.

I would recommend this package, but remember to turn off the power saving features on the mobo!

Evis Tyrer 2009-10-20


The bundle cost me

Alan C 2009-10-15

Fantastic bundle, poor fan choice

Great bundle, booted up straight away and lightning fast.

Windows 7 RC installed in under 15 mins and boots in under 30 seconds.

Loads programs at the click of your fingers and idles in the low 30s.

Knocked one star off due to a poor CPU cooler, the fans are an absolute nightmare to fit, suggest you ask OCUK for a different CPU cooler.

Mark 2009-09-14

brilliant, if you avoid these issues

ordered on thursday morning and these were shipped on friday!!! Super fast! Including overclock cost me

EviL Ras 2009-09-12


Cannot go wrong with this bundle, from a stock q6600 to this, there is no comparison.

Games load in seconds, appications install almost instantly and with 4 x wd caviar blacks short stroked, I'm getting tranfer rates of 370 - 400mps.... buy it, buyt it now!

Gavin 2009-09-09


I am using the keyboard with a toilet brush attached to my forehead as this is so fast, it scorched my fingers.

Seriously, it is blazingly fast and stable. Well woth the money but an alternative would have been to buy the Titan Goliath and saved myself time.

Waiting for the X25-M 80GB (G2) to complete the beast.

Trevor Roberts 2009-09-06

Flipping Great

I should mention that I was looking at the temperatures after flicking back to Windows in Coretemp, actual temperatures when running games where between 65 and 71 degrees max

Overall a great purchase, recommended!!!

Icancurvebullets 2009-09-02

Absolutely Outstanding

Runs great at 4Ghz at the shipped voltage of only 1.3 Vcore!

Temps can get quite hot (using the Fenrir cooler) with Prime 95 pushing it up to 93 degrees in Coretemp, but I tried Crysis and it reached only 50 degrees with Far Cry 2 reaching 62 degrees max.

Games run really smooth especially Prototype in which my framerate practically doubled over my old E8600.

Crysis still dips into the 40fps but I just use set everything on full detail and use FPS limiter to get a smooth 30fps...

Overall I'm well pleased and would highly recommend this to anyone seeking an upgrade, you won't be disappointed!!!

Icancurvebullets 2009-08-29

Fast and Stable

Had the 4.0Ghz with Noctua for a few days now and it's simply amazing. Coming from an Athlon 64 3000 this speed is immense and runs everything I've thrown at it so far. Coupled it with a Sapphire 4890 Vapor-X.

Installation was straight forward and as the CPU was already mounted there was no worries about bent pins.

Running Windows 7 and has been stable since first boot.

One slight issue is that the fan speed for all fans running off the motherboard are stuck at 100% speed and can't be adjusted through the BIOS or Easytune software.

Temps are fine too, even with LNA fitted to Noctua dual fans.


Tony 2009-08-28


This bundle is amazing, I got it with coolmaster 1100 case and its a dream, The loading is so fast its insane.

Luke 2009-08-19


Got this along with a 4870X2, fatality champion sound card, corsair hx1000 psu, falcon 64gb ssd, in a antec 300 case with a couple of extra case fans, all fitted in fine though was a tight squeeze.

Overclocked to 4.2ghz its a very fast machine :) everything is instant, in cs source at 1024 (still usin my old 19in crt!) with everything as high as possible i get between 400 - 600 fps online rofl and plays everything ive tried with ease. Its idling at 32 degrees atm :D

Would highly recommend!

Brad 2009-08-07

Excellent but beware

I bought these parts seperately and my rig is identical except I went with Corsair memory.
Overclocks totally stable at 4GHz. Matched with a GTX 285 it plays pretty much everything on very high.
Once caveat. Be careful about the case you put this in. The Heatsink is HUGE and you may have problems getting it to fit in alot of cases. Go for a full tower if you can. I have mine in a Coolermaster Cosmos S which is a big case. Even so, I had to remove the side panel fan to get the door to close.
Overclockers have done a blinder with this bundle. Wish Id seen it before I spent out on mine. It cose

Iain 2009-08-03



read 17000 MB/s @3800MHz
latency 50 ns

MW 2009-07-28


Great kit, amazing speed, upgraded from a Q6600, what a difference.

Purchased the 4.0Ghz kit which shows as 3.8 but runs at 4 on turbo, benchmarks run away from a 975 extreme which is

Andy 2009-07-23


Well after a while of getting this sorted I love it. It's the upgrade of your dreams!!.....I had to update BIOS to sort out SLEEP issues but apart from that it's the shizzle.

Hopefully no new PC required for ages - maybe a SSD when they are cheaper etc but thats it - looking to get a good 4/5 years out of this.

I swapped cooler for megahalem with 2 noctua fans and its much cooler even at the 4ghz.

A decent case is essential antec 900 and above etc.

Boiden 2009-07-23


Quick next day delivery by OC. Bundle is a great bargain especially with the overclocking all done. Paid for the extra 4.0 GHz. Surprised to see Bios showing only 3.8 GHz. Apparently, it only becomes 4.0 when the RAM turbo kicks in (explanation given by me).

Would be better if OC include some sort of documentation regarding the overclocking settings in case it gets resetted. On top of that, the game not arrived (out of stock) and no communication from OC.

Chang 2009-07-20

very happy

Received packaged well beware the cpu cooler is massive, so large case needed and a good power supply.After installation pc runs very fast so a worth while investment being as future proof as pc can get, can see several years of use in this setup. Only thing missing was the pen with my overclock settings but overclockers responded and are sending it to me i hope?? otherwise it will ruin what is a very good service from them.

roger laker 2009-07-20


GUYS - what can I say - another fantastic bundle from overclockers....

Well pleased with my purchase, a little dubious as I have always been ASUS, Nividia etc etc, but this Gigabyte board is the most stable I have ever seen, the Noctura Fan keeps the board at 39 and the chip at 36 for me which at 3.8 to 4ghz is totally fantastic.

Would I recommended to all you ASUS fans - buy it....you wont regret it!!


John Lawrence 2009-07-19


Just got this all set up running the RC of windows 7. Very fast, very smooth and very responsive. Fenrir fan seems to me making a racket but I'm sure I just need to adjust a setting for that. I've also put an SSD in there and it installed the OS in under 15 minutes. I've also converted a 1.3 GB avi file to DVD format in just 8 minutes. Amazing. I've been building my own PCs for years and this is the best upgrade I've ever done.

Dave 2009-07-15

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