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Overwatch Ceramic Mug "Roadhog"

Gaya Entertainment
Overwatch Ceramic Mug "Roadhog"

  • Take a breather
  • Standard size Overwatch "Roadhog" ceramic mug
  • Officially licenced
  • Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

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Product information:

Overwatch Ceramic Mug "Roadhog"

Roadhog has a unique Tank playstyle that's focused on singling out vulnerable enemies and yanking them in for the slaughter with his Chain Hook. His Scrap Gun gives him powerful short to medium-range damage, while Take A Breather allows him to remain a persistent threat, even without a friendly Support. However, his lack of any kind of barrier makes him a lackluster pick when your focus is on protecting your teammates. He functions best as a flanker, where his chain can catch enemies unawares and kill them before they can react. With his large heal on a medium cooldown, he can operate for long periods of time away from his team.


7'3" (221 cm) tall, and 550 lbs (250 kg), Roadhog is a ruthless killer with a well-earned reputation for cruelty and wanton destruction. He remains silent most, if not all of the time. He wears a mask with "hogrogen" inhalers, which contain a pressurized chemical mixture that helps counteract the effects of radiation exposure.


After the Omnic Crisis, government officials gifted the Australian omnium and the surrounding area to the omnics that had nearly destroyed their country, hoping to establish a long-term peace accord. This arrangement permanently displaced Mako Rutledge and a large number of the Outback's residents, a scattered collection of survivalists, solar farmers, and people who just wanted to be left alone.

Furious over the loss of their homes, Mako and others turned to violent rebellion. They formed the Australian Liberation Front and struck against the omnium and its robot population to take back the lands that had been stolen. Events continued to escalate until the rebels sabotaged the omnium's fusion core, resulting in an explosion that destroyed the facility, irradiated the region, and littered the Outback with twisted metal and wreckage for kilometers around.

Mako watched as his home became an apocalyptic wasteland, and he was forever changed.

Adapting to his environment, he donned a mask and took to the broken highways of the Outback on his ramshackle chopper. Little by little, his humanity was forgotten. The last vestiges of Mako faded away and the ruthless killer Roadhog was born.

On the Road

Junkrat & Roadhog
Roadhog came into contact with fellow Junker Junkrat, who was being hunted by gangs, bounty hunters, and opportunists, due to secrets he'd gleaned after exploring the ruins of the omnium. Roadhog grudgingly agreed to be his bodyguard in exchange for a 50/50 share of the spoils. The pair left the Outback, and embarked upon an international crime spree leaving nothing but havoc and bedlam in their wake. They were responsible for a string of robberies, arson, murder, and other crimes stretching from Sydney to King's Row. They had a creed of "no job too big, no score too small." It is known that they performed a heist of the Banco de Dorado by digging a tunnel. While in the United Kingdom, they stole the crown jewels. Their spree of mayhem and chaos caused untold millions in property damage around the world.

British, French, and Latin American authorities offered rewards for information on the fugitives, and theorized that they were intent on crossing the Atlantic to North America. Their activities were reported on by A Moment in Crime, by which point the bounty on their heads had reached $25 million.

Going Legit

The Junkers face off against the cop bots
At some point during their escapades, Roadhog and Junkrat were offered a job by a "Suit" from Hyde Global. The Suit claimed that a factory of his in downtown Sydney had been attacked by omnic terrorists, with his workers taken hostage. The Suit told the pair that he wanted to keep the police out of it, and that there "was no-one better" at keeping things quiet than the duo. The pair accepted the job, and made their way to the factory. Their 'quiet' approach consisted of detonating explosives on the roof and entering the factory in force. They blasted their way through the factory's robots, exited, and brought the whole structure down. As Roadhog reminded Junkrat, there were meant to be hostages, except there were none. And the robots they'd destroyed weren't omnics, but cop bots. At this point the actual police arrived, but the two made their escape. Upon realizing they'd been set up, the pair headed back to see their corporate friend. They strung him up on a crane and headed off, leaving the suit to die in an explosion that consumed the entire Hyde Global building.

Roadhog's nationality

It has long been assumed that Roadhog has been of Australian ethnicity-along with his crime partner Junkrat, but evidence strongly points to Mako as being a Kiwi. This has come in the form of Roadhog's name being Mako, which in the New Zealand Maori dialect means "Shark". The meaning and use of Mako in his legendary skin supports this as well. Also, the legendary Islander and Toa skins are strongly linked with New Zealand over their neighbours Australia, as Toa is used as an adjective to describe "Brave/Bold/Victorious" in Maori, New Zealand also has the biggest population of Polynesian ethnicities- which is reflected through the Islander skin that also uses a Tamoko/Tatau/Tattoo to reflect his heritage.

Mako can also be heard in a PTR on Dorado as saying "If I wanted to go to the wop-wops , I could have stayed at home." The use of "wop-wops" is strictly an informal noun in New Zealand as opposed to Australia which uses "out in the sticks" to imply that it is out in the middle of nowhere .

(In knowing that Blizzard takes careful measures in the backgrounds of its characters, it is highly doubtful that they have made a 2nd Australian Hero with Kiwi traits by accident. It has also only been speculation that he is Australian, because of his location and affiliation with Junkrat- there has been no word of him being Australian from Blizzard.)

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