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OcUK Gaming OcUK Kinetic H1M - Micro ATX Intel H310 Configurable Coff...

Intel Core i3/i5/i7, Asus H310 Motherboard, Up to 16GB 2666Hz Memory, SSD/HDD, 7.1 HD Audio, 500W Bronze Rated PSU, Micro ATX Form Factor

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OcUK Kinetic H1M - Micro ATX Intel H310 Configurable Coffee Lake Gaming PC

Built To Order


OcUK Gaming OcUK Kinetic H1 - Intel H310 Configurable Coffee Lake Gam...

Intel Core i3/i5/i7, Asus H310 Motherboard, Up to 16GB 2666Hz Memory, SSD/HDD, 7.1 HD Audio, 600W Bronze Rated PSU

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OcUK Kinetic H1 - Intel H310 Configurable Coffee Lake Gaming PC

Built To Order


Overclockers UK - Custom Intel Gaming PCs, Intel Desktop Computers

Overclockers UK’s range of Intel gaming PCs bring superior performance to gamers looking to enhance their playing experience. No matter if you’re a casual gamer, or a little more hardcore, a powerful computer system is vital to getting the most out of any sort of game. From League of Legends to Counter-Strike, the rigours of modern gaming increasingly demand systems that are optimised for speed and processing complex graphical textures, for which you will need a CPU configuration that is up to the task. At Overclockers UK, we specialise in dedicated Intel gaming PCs to meet, and even surpass these demands, based on our years of experience and expertise. The range from our master overclocker 8Pack, in addition to the wealth of other top systems on offer, provide unrivalled performance based on the most powerful CPUs currently on the market.

Intel Gaming PC CPUs

A powerful CPU is integral to any high-end gaming system, with one main goal: speed. The Intel Core processor family—consisting of the i3, i5, and i7—are ideal for this purpose, having been produced to the very highest standards. Long seen as one of the leading brands in microprocessor technology, Intel gaming PCs boast several powerful features to ensure exceptional performance when gaming.

Model Numbers

When you buy an Intel PC, it’s easy to ascertain which model meets your requirements once you understand the manufacturers system of numbering. The format is: brand modifier (i3, i5, or i7), generation number, three digit SKU (stock-keeping unit) number, and product line suffix. The product line suffix denotes a feature of the CPU. For instance, if the processor number ends with a ‘Q’ then it has four cores, a ‘K’ indicates that it’s unlocked for overclocking, and a ‘H’ means the CPU features one of Intel’s high performance-graphics units. These suffixes may also be combined, so a HK processor would be unlocked with high-performance integrated graphics. A cursory glance at these product codes will quickly reveal to you some basic, but vital details you need to know about your Intel PC’s processor.

Hyper-Threading Technology

Depending on which model of processor you choose, your Intel gaming computer may also feature hyper-threading technology. To establish whether your desired CPU is hyper-threaded, be sure to look up the processor number on Intel’s website. Simply put, hyper-threading allows a processor core to act as two virtual cores by assigning individual tasks to multiple ‘threads’ simultaneously. A thread is essentially a stream of data that a processor core must normally process individually. Hyper-threading reduces the delay time tackling one task at a time by scheduling tasks to separate threads. This technology is ideal for your gaming on an Intel computer because it optimises the speed at which your processor can run and even allows for much improved multi-tasking; perfect for those who stream their gameplay on Twitch or Skype while playing.

Turbo Boost

Intel Turbo Boost Technology provides another strong advantage for your Intel Core gaming PC. Turbo boost effectively boosts the clock speed of the CPU when faced with demanding tasks, as long as the conditions are right. During ordinary usage, it’s not necessary for all processor threads to be running at maximum capacity because not all applications require heavy CPU usage. Turbo boost technology takes advantage of this surplus processing potential by reallocating it to a thread with a high workload. Because speed is of paramount importance to gaming, this maximisation of the CPU’s clock speed is a powerful tool for your Intel Core gaming PC.

Processor Cache

The role of the processor cache in gaming is sometimes underrated, but it is key to high-level performance. The cache is a bank of memory built into the processor used to store copies of data from the RAM of your computer. This allows it to perform often repeated tasks much more quickly than usual since it has immediate access to the necessary data. Therefore, the bigger the cache, the better. The CPU of an Intel gaming PC has an abundance of cache memory and is therefore ideally suited for gaming applications.

Configure your Own Intel Gaming PC

To complement the rapid speed of Intel’s CPUs, you’re free to configure your Intel Core gaming PC with all the latest quality components from trusted manufacturers. At Overclockers UK, we stock the very best parts to meet the desired technical specifications of even the most demanding gamer. Complete your gaming system with SSD storage to cut booting and loading times, a cooling system if you plan to overclock your system, and of course a powerful graphics card to maximise your frame rate. When you buy an Intel computer from Overclockers UK, you have the freedom to make your system the very best it can be.

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