Philips BDM4065UC 40" 3840x2160 VA 4K 60Hz Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

BDM4065UC 40" 3840x2160 VA 4K 60Hz Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

  • 3840x2160 Resolution
  • 500,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 3ms Response Time
  • 300 cd/m2 Brightness
  • 2x HDMI Input
  • 1x Display Port
  • 1x Analogue
  • USB 3.0 hub
  • 2yr On-Site Warranty.
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Stock Code: MO-022-PH

EAN: 8712581727543


Manufacturer: Philips

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Product information:

BDM4065UC 40" 3840x2160 VA 4K 60Hz Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

See the big picture with all the details. The expansive 40" class Ultra HD professional Philips display gives you the room to spread out, see the big picture and all the details in Ultra HD. Expand your viewing experience with the monitor that is designed for the way you work.

These latest Philips screens deliver UltraClear, 4K UHD (3840x2160) pixel images. Utilizing high performance panels with high density pixel count, enabled by high bandwidth sources like DisplayPort, HDMI, Dual link DVI, these new displays will make your images and graphics come alive. Whether you are demanding professional requiring extremely detailed information for CAD-CAM solutions, using 3D graphics applications or a financial wizard working on huge spreadsheets. Philips displays will give you UltraClear images.

Philips VA LED display uses an advanced vertical alignment technology which gives you super-high static contrast ratios for extra vivid and bright images. While standard office applications are handled with ease, it is especially suitable for photos, web-browsing, movies, gaming, and demanding graphical applications. It's optimized pixel management technology gives you 176/176 degree extra wide viewing angle, resulting in crisp images.

SmartImage is an exclusive leading edge Philips technology that analyzes the content displayed on your screen and gives you optimized display performance. This user friendly interface allows you to select various modes like Office, Photo, Movie, Game, Economy etc., to fit the application in use. Based on the selection, SmartImage dynamically optimizes the contrast, color saturati on and sharpness of images and videos for ultimate display performance. The Economy mode option offers you major power savings. All in real time with the press of a single button!

Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) is a mobile audio/video interface fo r directly connecting mobile phones and other portable devices to high-definition displays. An optional MHL cable allows you to simply connect your MHL capable mobile device to this large Philips MHL display, and watch your HD videos come to life with full digital sound. Now not only you can enjoy your mobile games, photos, movies, or other apps on its big screen, you can simultaneously charge your mobile device so you never run out of power half way.

- Expansive 40-inch class brilliant display
- UltraClear 4K UHD (3840x2160) resolution for precision
- VA display gives awesome images with wide viewing angle
- MultiView enables active dual connect and view at same time
- SmartImage presets for easy optimized image settings
- LED Technology ensures low power and natural colors
- Slim bezel design for a stylish look
- Powerful 7-Watt speakers to unleash your content
- USB 3.0 Hub for convenient access and fast charging
- SmartConnect with DisplayPort, HDMI and VGA connections
- MHL technology for enjoying mobile content on big screen
- VESA mount allows for the perfect setup

- Display Screen Size: 40"
- Aspect ratio: 16:9
- Panel Type: VA
- Brightness: 300cd/m2
- Contrast Ratio: 5000:1 (Typ)
- Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 500,000,000
- Resolution: 3840x2160 (Only over DisplayPort at 60Hz)
- Response Time: 3ms (GTG)
- Viewing Angle (H / V ): 176 ° / 176 °
- Connectivity: 2x HDMI (30Hz), 1x DisplayPort (60Hz)
- USB 3.0 Hub: Yes
- Speakers: Yes (2x 7W Stereo)
- VESA: 200x200mm
- Warranty: 2yr (On-Site with Philips)

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40inch 4K... What's more to say...

Packaging: Adequate; foam and soft wrap plus a 'cardboard standoff' protecting the screen during transit meant it arrived spotless.

Assembly: The stand is easy to attach

Build Quality: Surprisingly light and easy to move sits sturdy. The joystick to access menus works well enough.

Performance and my overall experience after 6 months of use: Uniform color, contrast and brightness in all games. DTP works fine in 4k with Win10 scaling. Media looks great, the gloss finish might be an issue if you have the sun behind you during the day; it's pretty reflective compared to a mat finish. As far as colour is concerned VA-IPS gives perfect black, the gloss finish helps colours to 'pop' a little but not as nice as a true IPS screen.

I've owned this monitor for six months, if I was given my cash back I'd probably re-buy it. In an ideal world, it would be 75 or 90Hz, but for the price - it's solid value.

Mark Whitfield 2016-03-17

Possibly the best computer screen ever

First saw the Philips 40" 4k monitor for sale about 6 months ago and finally purchased one this week having spent 6 months debating if it would be worthwhile ditching my Iiyama 27" 2560 x 1440 which is only just over 1 year old.

Having received delivery - on time thank you overclockers - earlier today, I wanted to share my initial impressions.

Delivery via the courier was excellent. GPS information was provided in more or less real time, so no surprises when the driver arrived on time.

The monitor is well packaged and there is nothing complicated in setting up the monitor. Took 5 minutes and 3 of those were spent dragging my jaw off the floor! The monitor is huge in comparison to any other monitor I have ever seen. My fear was it would be TOO big. Fear not - the size is just fine so far. I have used the monitor for work and tried a few games. All that desk area if just great for work and having lots of windows open is a breeze. Playing games at 4k in 40 inches is an experience in itself. For both work and play, I have found the dot - pitch just about perfect with no need to scale. It is about the same as the dot pitch in a 1440p 27" monitor. Numerous reviews I read have suggested that 40" would appear to be the ideal size for a 4k monitor - anything much less and the dot pitch is too fine to read resulting in needing to scale windows to make the contents legible. From my limited experience, I agree with this. 4k on a 32" monitor would be an eye!
strain for me.

The quality of pictures, text, videos and games all seem extremely good although I am not a professional user so you may want to do more research if you are a graphic designer or photo professional and have very specific requirements. You probably wont be reading this review if you fall into that category of user though anyway :D

As mentioned in other reviews, you should remember to switch to display port 1.2 and connect to your computer using a display port connector. I found the one that came with the monitor a good length.

I also purchased an Invision


Best monitor i have owned

This is the best monitor i have ever owned, easy on the eyes, great colour for 40 inch and really sharp. i had a superwide before this and tried a couple of 32 inch 4k, the superwide was fine but not as great quality or immersive aas this and the 32 inch monitors were too small (as in the font size) and caused me eye strain

This on the other hand is a perfect size, perfect for working on, gaming, programming, watching movies. everything looks sharp and the icons are the right size, no squinting required. i play alot of dota 2 and it looks awesome on such a large screen, ive tried games such as the crew, crysis 3, witcher 3 and everything looks awesome and sharp. if your looking for a bargain 4k monitor for gaming, movies and general work then this is the one to get. truly brilliant.


A brilliant monitor!

This replaced my Dell 2713 and it really is very good indeed. It's enormous, it scales to lower resolutions perfectly for more demanding games e.g.Arma 3 and has superb picture quality. Fiddly adjustment controls take getting used to but otherwise I can't fault it.


Very nice

1. OCUK next day (sat) delivery, nice and timely. Delivery company/man didn't damage the box this time and all is in good quality and working order [Score 5/5]

2. Some assembly required to mount stand to L plate thing and then to monitor unit (very easy nothing complicated, it was harder getting the thing out of the box) [Score 4/5]

3. It's weighs about 1/2 the weight of the Samsung 40" 1080p TV it's replacing if not less [Score 5/5]

4. It comes with UK power lead (warning: this is quite short) [Score 2/5]

5. It comes with a crazy short Display Port 1.2 cable (so unless your PC is no more than 2 or 3cm away from the monitor DP port then I suggest you buy a 5m DP1.2 cable like I did, just make sure it's a DP1.2 Cable or you wont get the resolution or refresh rate. AND make sure the monitor is set to DP1.2 and not DP1.1 which it is by default! [Score 0/5]

6. Monitor at 30Hz is rubbish, not worth it at all, do not buy it if you haven't got a machine that can run this at 60hz (note make sure you have DP1.2 cable and monitor is set to DP1.2 or you wont get 60hz option, DEFAULT IS 1.1 Cable!

7. The stand has no movement, at all, but does the job however I've had to put some folded cardboard under the rear pads to correct the lean back tilt [Score 0/5]

8. Monitor at 4K is very nice, however I found the text a bit too small, and as windows font scaling is **** I opted to go for 1440p, so now I have a 1440p 40" and next to it a native 1440p 32". 1440p at 40" I didn't expect to like but for programming it's a big yes. I couldn't read 1/2 the menu items, property panels etc in most of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications at 4K and windows font scaling doesn't affect Adobe Applications due to them using their own GUI code. [Score 5/5]

9. Monitor can switch between 4k, 1440p and 1080p with ease!
I had trouble using my old Samsung 40" 1080p TV with some games as they would start up in a resolution which wasn't supported by the TV and thus they wouldn't run or screen would just go blank and say check input, this should stop all those issues! [Score 5/5]

10. Picture quality is lovely, compared to the Samsung 1080p TV it's replacing it's worlds ahead [Score 5/5]


4K near perfection at 40"

Where to start?
Background: I have evolved monitor wise over many years and owned and tried a good deal of Monitors. I use my PC for work connected to my Macbook and for editing movies/photos and for pleasure... the latter from browsing, watching movies to FPS, Racing sims and recently back to Elite. The last monitor I was truly happy with was a Dell 2407WFP which my wife still uses today, but the size and resolution was restrictive for Sim Racing for me, so I bought 3x Dell 2415's and was not happy with the bezels or the lack of uniformity across the 3 screens or having to go SLI to get the framerates. I ended up resigning myself to going back to a single screen and got a BenQ 27" VA panel. It was fantastic! 2560x1440 res, but no good for Sim Racing, so made up a 84" 170 degree curved screen and got myself a 1080p PJ and swapped between the 27" 1440 and the PJ as and when needed, using Downsampling and more recently DSR from 3840x1600.... I missed the real estate of the 3 screens though fo!
r editing and daily use so ended up getting a Sammy TN 28" 4K. This was great for everything apart from the sim racing still and had upgraded to a single GTX 980 by this time, which holds it's own on high rather than Ultra settings in most modern games and ultra and beyond in older titles.
I had a weird moment where I went and bought a 55" curved Samsung UHD TV, but it didn't do 4:4:4 chroma and input lag was massive and so it went back... it was too big anyhow.

I suffered from eyestrain over the past 6 months and headaches and recently I realised it was from the 28" 4k monitor so decided to try out some other options, which included the LG 34" 3440x1440 curved and the Dell 34" curved, both went back within 14 days as I couldn't get over the uneven glow and BLB.

The guy on the support desk recommended the Philips 40" 4K and I'm so glad he did. It's fantastic and I realise now that the Samsung 28" 4k was not smooth at all in comparison, which would not have helped the eyestrain at all along with everything being too small due to the incredibly tight pixel density.

The Philips ticks all the boxes and I have even tried some sim racing and whilst I don't get the immersion of the 84" screen wrapped around me, It's OK for a bit of casual practice or arcade racers... the fidelity of the picture is brilliant in games and in Elite it feels like it's 1:1 when in my type 7, everything is huge and space is a deep black.

The only reason I dropped a star is for the stand and lack of adjustment, but I've just spent <


Beautiful picture, perfect PPI

I have no regrets about buying this monitor. I am extremely fussy, so I was praying it would be a perfect monitor for stepping up from 1080p, and it most certainly is.

It has superb colour reproduction and quality of image, games & 4K video look stunning, and most importantly 40 inches is the right size for a 4K screen (i.e. pixel density).

4K gaming performance is very good on most modern systems - I run a 970GTX with an older i5-2500K and it runs very well on high settings in most games, with the exception of known "demanding" titles. Newer graphics cards coming in 2015 should be able to push 4K better - if you're struggling you can always turn the res down to 1440p or 1080p. Read the tftcentral review as it is an excellent guide to what this monitor is all about, but I would really urge anyone hesitating to just go for it - you will love it.


An ocean of pixels

I received this beast from Overclockers yesterday and spent the whole night rediscovering my desktop!

You get all the leads you need to run it. However, the power lead has a Chinese plug!!
The build quality doesn


Stellar value for the size & res!!

Had this a few days now and can honestly say I'm absolutely blown away by it!! Coming from a quality 30" TFT (ZR30w), I'm no stranger to a large monitor but this is in an entire league of its own (and by some way!). Great size for working and absolutely pin-sharp (using a mini dp cable).

I'm running a pretty beefy setup (4770k@4.7Ghz, 295x2) and most games run great at 4k, but one of the best things about this is that it scales down beautifully to 1080p/1440p for those extra demanding games that tax my system just a little too much :) A great bonus in my eyes! Also, TV Shows and Movies look spectacular too, something I do quite a bit of on my pc (hence the purchase)

Utterly recommended and a bit of a game changer when it comes to 4k and great value 8)



So just got the monitor set up and it looks amazing. After testing it on Visual Studio, Video, RPG and FPS it seems to be good all round. Obviously lost some frames going up from 2560x1600 -> 4k but actually it is not as bad as I had originally expected. Maybe it will be more obvious on newer games or in raids where there is lots going on.

One thing I will say is that the default setting for the display port is 1.1 which only gives 30hz, it makes a massive difference so don't forget to change it to 1.2. You need to have a graphics card that supports display port 1.2 to run this monitor I tried it at 30hz and it was visibly lagging and looked rough. Windows 8.1 auto adjusted the scaling for me which you don't need to do at 40" so I had to put it back manually. Also only ships with a Euro kettle lead, if you don't have a spare don't forget to order one!

Apart from that its sw-eeeet, very happy with my purchase and OCs were as efficient as always!


My best monitor purchase to date.

This is an incredible monitor. I have 3 other monitors (2560x1440 IPS, 1920x1200 IPS and 1920x1080 TN) and this one puts all of them to shame.
The amount of data you can fit on it is ridiculous and considering the DPI is around 110 (very similar to that of a 2560x1440 at 27") no OS scaling is required.
Amazing colours, deep blacks and bright whites, coating is very light (not as light as on Apple Cinema Displays, but still...)
I purchased the monitor strictly for work, not gaming so I cannot comments on that department but according to TFTCentral it has "Surprisingly good response times" for a VA panel.
The stand is has no adjustment capabilities (height, tilt or rotation), but the monitor comes VESA compatible.
Overclockers delivered it to me in less of a day, just 5 days before Christmas, amazing service as always :)


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  • HEXUS - Approved

    "The Philips BDM4065UC is a unique and attractive proposition for the PC user. The unfettered potential of the 4K UHD resolution shines through as a workplace display or as an ultimate gaming setup. The monumental size of the display will not be to everyone's tastes or needs, nonetheless there is certainly a market for this well-conceived display."

  • eTeknix - Editor's Choice

    “The Philips BDM4065UC 4K monitor is the perfect option for the workplace, offering crisp colours, high-efficiency and huge productivity! A welcome edition to the desk of anyone who demands huge amounts of screen space.”

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