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Mayhems Ultra Pure H2O Watercooling Fluid 1L

Mayhem’s are rapidly becoming the leading manufacturer of liquid cooling solutions in Europe.

10+ in stock

£4.99 inc VAT
(£4.16 ex VAT)
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XSPC Raystorm 750 EX420 WaterCooling Kit

The RayStorm 750 EX420 kit maintains the same cooling performance alongside the AX360 although only holding 2x 120mm Fans.

3 in stock

£179.99 inc VAT
(£149.99 ex VAT)
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PrimoChill Revolver Compression Fitting Acrylic Tube 13/10mm Diamond 10-Pack - Purple

PrimoChill is adding a little spice to the fitting family with the new Revolver Rigid Tubing Fittings.

10+ in stock

£49.99 inc VAT
(£41.66 ex VAT)
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XSPC RayStorm D5 EX240 WaterCooling Kit

A revolution in watercooling starter kits. High end products gathered together to make things easy for the beginner or enthusiast alike!

2 in stock

£246.98 inc VAT
(£205.82 ex VAT)
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XSPC RayStorm CPU WaterBlock (Intel)

The development of the kryos was the most extensive development of a CPU waterblock in Aqua Computer history

Out of Stock

£51.98 inc VAT
(£43.32 ex VAT)
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OcUK Tech Labs - Corsair Obsidian 750D Windowed - 750 EX360 Watercooled Case

Average rating of 5.0

OcUK Tech Labs pair together the Corsair Obsidian 750D case with high quality watercooling hardware

Built to order

£284.99 inc VAT
(£237.49 ex VAT)

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Hardware Labs Black ICE Radiator SR1 420

The Black Ice® SR1 platform is the new PC radiator technology from Hardware Labs designed for ultra-low airflow applications.

10+ in stock

£89.99 inc VAT
(£74.99 ex VAT)
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XSPC Razor R9 290X / 290 VGA Waterblock

Full cover R9 290X / 290 Water-Block with multiport connector.

4 in stock

£94.99 inc VAT
(£79.16 ex VAT)
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Water Cooling PC

Cooling a full computer system with water may be a far fetched thought for most at first. Even so, those who works with computers on a daily basis, are aware of the usual issue: computers with extraordinary processing power (all current CPUs and graphic cards) produce an abundance of heat, which needs to be disspated as efficiently as possible. Air as a cooling medium does have its advantages, but also rather noticeable disatvantages. Produced heat is absorbed inefficiently and even a high volume of air can only transport a fairly small amount of heat away from the components. Higher cooling performance can usually only be achieved by using larger and faster fans, which result in higher noise levels as well. Water can conduct 3000 times as much heat than air in an equal volume. Just because of this, the enthuasist user should take a closer look at water cooling their system.

How is Water Cooling set up?

Similar to automotives, water needs to pass by heat sources directly to collect the generated heat. To do so, a copper block is applied to the CPU using a thin layer of thermal interface material to pass the heat from the processor to the water block, through which the liquid flows. The heated water passes through special tubing to a large radiator, which in turn cools it down again. Aiding this cooling process are usually low rpm, high-pressure fans, while a pump ensures that the water is circulated properly. The pump works at near silent noise levels, pushing the water from the reservoir back to the CPU water block. Such a setup represents the most basic variant, but one may expand the water cooling loop to include the graphic card, motherboard chipset, hard drive or even power supply. With such a complete cooling solution, the need for fans within the chassis is reduced or even eliminated completely - further reducing the overall noise levels.

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