DeathAdder Respawn 3500 DPI Xtreme Precision Gaming Mouse - Retail

  • Pin-point accuracy from the precision 3500dpi sensor will enhance your gaming experience and ability to new levels of professionalism.
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Stock Code: KB-043-RA

EAN: 8886419330028

MPN: RZ01-00151400-R3G1

Manufacturer: Razer

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Product information:

DeathAdder Respawn 3500 DPI Xtreme Precision Gaming Mouse - Retail

The Razer DeathAdder is the weapon of choice for gamers seeking a combination of comfort and unbridled gaming precision. Enjoy extended gaming sessions in comfort with its right-handed ergonomic form factor crafted for the world of competitive gaming; and when the difference between victory and defeat is determined between heartbeats, the 3500dpi Razer Precision 3.5G infrared sensor translates your every movement into frags with pinpoint accuracy.

- 3500dpi Razer Precision™ 3.5G infrared sensor
- Ergonomic right-handed design
- 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ / 1ms response
- Five independently programmable Hyperesponse™ buttons
- On-The-Fly Sensitivity™ adjustment
- Always-On™ mode
- Ultra-large non-slip buttons
- 16-bit ultra-wide data path
- 60–120 inches per second and 15g of acceleration
- Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ Teflon feet
- Gold-plated USB connector
- Seven-Foot, lightweight, braided fiber cable
- Approximate size: 128mm (length) x 70mm (width) x 42.5mm (height)

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Hard to Fault

I bought this mouse as a second choice; I originally went for a Steelseries Diablo III but it would not play nicely with my PC. By comparison the Razer seems a little plasticky but that's unfair, as it's a really nice mouse. Ergonomics are great for me - it's very like an original MS Intellimouse Explorer. Speed and precision are impressive and I have really got to like it. Highly Recommended.

Guy Tittley 2013-04-16

Aimbot mouse

This was given to me by a friend of mine. Couldn't help but write a review on here regardless because it's such a fantastic mouse.

A good quality mouse is essential for gaming and this is one of those. I can line up my cross-hair with a target almost as fast as my eyes can look at it and that is no exaggeration!

The wire is also braided which makes it near enough impossible to ever tangle.

The free Razer software is seriously amazing. When I did a clean install of windows I thought I would have to reconfigure the mouse but after reinstalling the software my mouse was at it's original sense settings. I didn't even have to log in my account again, this mouse SAVES your account details and automatically logs you in when it detects the correct software.

If you want a mouse that will never let you down, get this!

Joe 2013-03-28


I have had the original DeathAdder going on 3 years now and it is still going like a dream, from playing fast paced games like Crysis to more slower games such as Shogun 2 this mouse holds up to any task!

Even my girlfriend has said how comfy it is and she has no clue about what a gaming mouse is!

I will be looking to upgrade in the new year as the LED's have stopped working and it is looking a bit worn.

Seriously considering getting this, may have to go for something green though to match my brand new BlackWidow 2013 :D

A timeless classic and a must have for any up and coming gamer!

Tad more expensive then I remember but well worth it!

5 stars every time from me!

Well done Razer for not defacing the classic :)

Adam Cliff 2012-12-18

So precise.

I'll firstly start by saying that I've not been a fan of Razer at all for years since buying the Razer Diamondback as that was an awful mouse!

But upon reading all of the great reviews for the DeathAdder I decided to give it a go, and it is the most accurate mouse I've ever used.

In the past I have used TOO MANY mice! Here is a list that I feel this DeathAdder is better than from my expericence; Logitech MX518/G400/G5, Steelseries Sensei, Roccat Kone, Razer Diamondback, Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer 3.0.

The shape is very similar to the Intelli 3.0 but slightly modified to fit your hand better. I have always been a big fan of the MX518 shape which I have used for years, but as soon as I plugged this in I was amazed at the accuracy of it.

It just feels so precise when aiming, and the shape of it makes it feel like you are not holding a mouse at all.

Get this - it is definitely the most accurate mouse I've ever used for gaming.

Bradley S 2012-08-03


I got this mouse today and i am really pleased with it. I upgraded from a RAT 3 and im so happy with it. It feels good in the hand and is very smooth.

I havent got large hands and i honestly cant fault it!

Chris 2012-04-24

Very impressed

My first gaming mouse, I would say my hands are med/large and it fits perfectly.
So comfy to use and the clicks are positive.
Software was very easy to use and set up.
Quality piece of kit, I used to sit on the fence about having an expensive mouse but this has really impressed me, I can't imagine how good the ones double the price are.

Steve C 2012-02-02


So smooth in movement, it just seems to glide! It's the only mouse I have ever owned that have made my friends go "mate your mouse is awesome". Well worth the money if you got it spare.

Jim 2012-01-21


Amazing Mouse. Accuracy in game is crazy good, had this mouse nearly 9 months and i've had 0 problem's Well worth the price

Thomas 2012-01-17

Razer all the way!

Had a Saitek GM3200 but decided to change to razer since the Saitek drivers don

Jack 2011-12-15

Must Have

I was waiting to write this review so I could have a proper play about with the mouse and I must say, I was expecting to find at least something wrong with it but I really can't. This mouse is the dogs ****** best mouse I have ever purchased. If I really had to say anything bad I would say the mouse is a little bit light but thats not to much of an issue for me.

Daniel Parker 2011-11-15

good mouse bad quality

Loved the mouse. only problem my first one the click jammed . Was unable to repair so got sent out another. 2nd mouse doesnt click or when it does click it double clicks. Out of warranty so will need to see about getting repaired or buying another

Mark 2011-10-24


As soon as i plugged this in i noticed the difference, the response time is really good and the mouse is very comfortbale, i have small hands and this is a fairly big mouse and it's really comfortbale and the feel is very good overall 5 stars it's a great buy.

Gianluca 2011-09-21


This mouse is fantastic, so much better than my old Microsoft one. The Dpi on this makes a whole lot of difference when gaming, the response time is incredible. Fantastic all round.

Well done to OCuk for the service once again.

Tony 2011-07-30

Never going back

I had always wanted to go Razer, but now i have, the title says all. I cant comment on OCs delivery because I bought elsewhere, but

It is very right handed ergonomic

It is the perefect size, between big and small (more towards big)

VERY fast response (1ms)

Scroll wheel and Razer logo light up, which i love, but tou can turn it off in the Driver menu

Every peripheral i buy from now on shall be Razer!

Anon 2011-07-20


I've never gone in for this dpi stuff with mice so i'm not really sure what made me get this. ALl i can say is i'm glad i did, the performance is excellent, i only spent a few minutes playing with the settings and already i've made a big improvement with my games and general windows use. The only thing it lacks is the left/right buttons on the scroll wheel which I like to set to changing tabs in browsers. Very smooth.

Steve 2011-06-01

3.0 on steriods

I am not a huge Razer fan but this mouse is a great solid 3.0 style rodent. Back when I use to play CS a lot the 3.0 wheel would play up a bit and when this first came out it was a savoir to all that loved the 3.0 but hated the poor build.

Personally I dont think the 3.5g brings anything great over the 3g which was already close to the perfect mouse for palm grippers. The best control speed of this is still said to be 1800DPI which is why it defaults to that without drivers but I guess some high sens players may benefit from the 3500.

Couple of picky points now. The liftoff can be a little high for low sens players. You can scotch tape the sensor and cut off a bit of the light which lowers it to 3.0 levels (just do a little google search)

The stock skates are OK but if you want smoother get some hyperglides, I actually use 3.0 steel series skates on mine to give it that 3.0 feel.

Still a 5 star mouse though and easily in the top 5 mice of all time.

Zen 2011-05-23


I have been an owner of this mouse for a while now and its great! perfect feel and just the right speed.
if your thinking of getting one don't, just buy one!

Rowan 2011-05-02

Get One!

Love it, Have had mine for a little over 4 months now and its top doller...

A very good gaming mouse.


Easy to use.
Simple to install.
Very fast.
Really accurate.
Looks Great.


Comes with a load of junk.
Can be too sensitive at its highest DPI. (thats also a good thing)

Overall, If you can see it and ur hand is fast enough, its dead!
this mouse will not let you down.

ProducerTactics [P.T] 2011-03-22

Well worth your money!

What a great mouse.So glad I got this mouse to replace my old crap mouse that I got with my PC 3 years ago. Very comfortable, everything seems right.

For the best use, pair one with one of the Razer Goliathus mats. The mouse sdoesn't track well on my desk, but with the mat it is brilliant.

Lolwithtim 2011-03-03

Great Feel

tested this mouse today along with razer imperator also. The deathadder may be the comfiest feel to a mouse ive ever felt better than g5, lachesis, mx518.
Glides very nice and perfect weight.
if only this site had 10 star solution.

jack 2011-01-23

Very good.

Im serious about mice. I had an original DA which was fantastic. It however broke. I bought a new respawn which had allsorts of issues. I assumed the sensor was rubbish and the internet said as much. I then had a G500 which was also defect i think. I didnt like the mouse however. I had a roccat kone v2 good mouse and a roccat kone plus another good mouse. Both in the end were too bulky for me shame really. I decided to order another DA respawn. The mouse is like my original. I do get high lift off distance though which is down to the surface im using and other factors.

This is in the top 3 best gaming mice out their easily.

Dexter Lake 2011-01-12

best mouse i've ever used

had a couple of the higher end logitec's and an intellimouse 3.0 in the past - this beats the pants off of them! very comfortable with super responsive buttons and tracking. there's a reason (well several) why so many of the pro-gamers use this model.

slothman 2011-01-06

Well Worth!

Bought this just over 2 months ago now, absolutely fab mouse, keeps up with everything, if anything too sensitive for me now! :D

Andi 2010-12-09

Razer Deathadder

The first Razer product I've ever bought, and certainly won't be the last!

Awesome mouse, I'm glad to see you can still buy quality gaming corded mice.

I'm not a fan of wireless ones, I find them much too heavy... and annoying when batteries run out of juice...

Anyway, this mouse is awesome. Very simple and comfortable design. Feels very smooth an accurate when used.

I play WoW, L4D2, SC2 and CoD:BO - all brilliant with this mouse!

Top notch build quality, and looks very cool - especially with my new 'Ultima Viper' which also glows blue!

Now I just need to find a keyboard that glows blue as well...

Tom 2010-11-12

This is a great gaming mouse!

My only regret is not buying the Deathadder sooner. I've had an IE3.0, MX518, and an Ikai Laser before buying this mouse. Out of those 4 the Deathadder is the definite keeper. The 3.5G sensor is extremely precise in fps type games. The size and shape is similar to the IE3.0 but with many refinements and a much higher build quality. Lift off distance is higher than the IE3.0, but that hasn't been a problem for me. The shape, button placement and button sensitivities are close to perfect if you're a right-handed palm gripper. This is a great gaming mouse!

Kevin 2010-10-23


I bought this mouse from OCUK with amazing amazing delivery time (I did buy premium shipping) so i could use it for a SC2 tournament, im very glad i did, performance increased radically. It's like getting a new hand.
razer are amazing in themselkves, they even have a competition on right now http://l33t.razerzone.com/index.php?user_dtl=5a24368ff2cc683cc5bf7488dc32af36

Alex 2010-10-11


the razer deathadder is OBVIOUSLY a sleek piece of performance hardware. It is ofcourse the mouse of champions.

g e l i d 2010-09-01

Very Good

One of the best mice I've had in ages, very comfortable for gaming and extremely responsive, plus the goodies to boot make it a excellent buy

Gerard Guckian 2010-07-15


great mouse, pretty comfy, replaced a G7 carbon, nice to have 3500 DPI now its very smooth.

Needs a good mouse pad, i have the omega speed which is great, it wont track on my desk though.

Mike 2010-05-28

Mostly fantastic

Brilliant mouse. Incredibly comfortable even with my medium sized hands and very smooth to use. So why only four stars? It's amazingly responsive and accurate - but seemingly only with a mousemat. It doesn't track at all well on my smooth white computer desk even though no other mice I have used have had this problem. Still, pair it with a decent gaming pad and you can't beat it :)

Dan 2010-05-19

Very Cool Gaming Mod Addition

Just what the mod-doctor ordered. It matches my Antec 1200 and Logitech G11 very nicely.

Ordered 6:30pm on tuesday and got it in perfect condition 7:00AM this morning (thursday).

I am so chuffed with it, I had to rant about it on here ASAP. It is the Pups Nuts!

Believe those reviews. It is well worth the money. I could have gone for a money expensive Razer, like the Mamba or Naga, but you couldn't ask for a more responsive gaming mouse than this.

Razer Rulez! Much MUCH better than my old Ikari Xai.

If I could give this a rating of 'more than' 5 stars I would.

dugdiamond 2010-05-13

3g version is niceee

have just bought one of these and the service is great as usual, I was using the older deathadder for 3 years until it started double clicking like most razer mice do, and this is a big improvement over it, the cable is better and doesnt snag like the older one, the buttons feal a bit better and the 3500dpi is nice too, the only thing i would say is that you DO NOT get a driver disk included you need to go to the website and download them from there

Nick 2010-04-22


I haven't actually got to test this out in games yet as it arrived today. The mouse is a good size, not too big though for my prefference, i'd like it maybe a _tiny_ bit smaller. It looks great, the feet on it are very smooth and the packaging was perfect.

The mouse wheel doesn't scroll more times than you want it to. The buttons are easy to press but quite firm so you won't press them by accident just by putting weight on it.

It tracks flawlessly.

I'm not liking the lift height however. It feels like you can lift it a bit too high (~ 1cm) and it still responds to movement. I'm a very low sensitivity gamer and I took a chance on this mouse. I don't think it's terrible but i'd rather it be a little lower.

I might be wrong in this, but changing the DPI only gives you a few fixed options. 450, 900, 1800 and 3500. I like to keep my settings consistent and my previous settings have always been 500. I'd need to explorer the software more.

Overall, a good strong mouse, i'd recommend it.

Arx 2010-04-07

Not my cup of tea

I don't like the design or ergonomics of this mouse a single bit.

First off, I have medium sized hands and I still can't palm the mouse comfortable, so it's definitely intended for people with large hands. The main problem is the way the mouse increases in width at the top, it's extremely uncomfortable for my little finger to rest against.

I'm back to my Razer Copperhead for now.

Luke Russell 2010-02-20

Great product

I have been using Razer mouses for a long time now and bought this to replace my Diamondback 3G. The size of this mouse is big in comparison to other Razer mice aside from the size it is comfortable to use and glides smoothly.

Anon 2010-02-04


Bought this with an Omega Speed mousemat. The difference is just amazing, woudl totally recommend it to anyone!

Matt 2010-01-21


I have the original version of this mouse and I can only say that it's got to be the best and most comfortable mouse I have ever used. I have tried out various gaming mice Squeak Squeak and for a right handed gamer nothing is as good as this.

Nick 2010-01-20


As a css player this mouse is brilliant

Reuben 2010-01-15


Bought it for gaming,massively improved my aim.I dont game anymore but even web browsing is so great with it.Its so comfortable aswell.

Conor 2010-01-05

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