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When it comes to speed, there’s nothing faster than motorsport. Creating world-class cars, takes world-class expertise; and that’s why so many choose RENDA.

We’ve worked with many different companies in the motorsport industry including a world renowned F1 team - Designing and optimising their underlying hardware platform for car design, simulation & testing. By replacing dated, stock hardware with our bespoke, frequency enhanced solutions they achieved an overall software performance increase of up to 70% when used in conjunction with software applications such as HyperMesh, Abaqus, Catia, OptiStruct and SolidWorks.

We at RENDA know that auto-motive research and development is an industry-wide endeavour with R&D cost’s easily surmounting a billion pounds.

In order to ensure a swift return on investment, we deliver systems which not only offer maximum performance and stability, but are designed with your future development requirements at the heart of construction.

RENDA systems are enhanced to improve software application performance across numerous motorsport digital disciplines, including:
• 3D engineering - CAE & CAD simulation
• Machine tooling simulation
• Tyre monitoring & simulation
• 3D car modelling – design & test
• Finite element analysis

All using industry standard software application packages, including:
• Catia
• SolidWorks
• OptiStruct
• HyperMesh
• HyperView

Digital Forensics & Law Enforcement

With advancements in computing, law enforcement has taken on the digital battle ground. From digital forensics to encryption our systems ensure you are at the forefront of technology.

Working with several of the UK's Police & Cyber Crime Offices including Merseyside, we provide enhanced performance solutions to support the ever expanding digital operations. Our unmatched reliability ensures an average 99.999% uptime with a support team ready to respond to any potential issues that might be encountered. All of our systems come free of any preinstalled bloatware unlike standard off the shelf solutions. This ensures RENDA systems are not compromised from the very start offering unparalleled data protection and security.

Academia & Scientific Research

RENDA has a long running history working with education establishments providing hardware solutions for the next generation of academics and ensuring that they have access to machines which can complement their extraordinary abilities. From deep learning, Robotics and aeronautical applications at Oxford, to Earth sciences at Bristol - we power the scientific discoveries of tomorrow.

Utilising high performance computing we enable institutions to conduct research and testing at a substantially improved pace. This allows for rapid development and immediate implementation of concluded research.

One of RENDA's latest projects involved engineering 32 of the fastest visual rendering nodes ever created for the KPMG Data Observatory at Imperial College London. The project drives a resolution of 30,720 x 4,320 across a warp-around screen made up from borderless displays. That’s over 132 million pixels being updated continuously, 24 hours a day. Researchers at the college now use RENDA hardware to analyse everything from US presidential speeches to global Bitcoin transaction patterns in real time.

We have designed unique HPC for the following applications:
• Robotics
• Deep learning
• Aeronautical
• Mathematics
• Earth Sciences and Climate Research
• Medical Research
• Simulation
• VR

Creative Industries

Graphic workstations are the modern-day workhorses for media based content, generating visual effects, creating immersive environments and even rendering CGI. By using high performance computing (HPC) computers from RENDA you ensure rendering times are minimised, allowing you to invest more time perfecting your digital content.

RENDA actively work with content creators such as Slightly Mad Studios and many of the UK's leading digital & media content creation studios, to commission workstations which not only provide state of the art performance but the reliability to operate around the clock.


Finance is an industry where performance, endurance and reliability are all key to the design process. in order to take advantage of economic opportunities, there needs to 24 hour data analysis and the ability to anticipate market trends, something which requires thorough planning, multiple redundancies and the ability to run machines consistently over prolonged periods.

RENDA works to provide machines which can not only handle the extreme performance requirements, but also the solutions to maintain them under constant, heavy load. Off the shelf machines can’t offer the reliability that comes with a bespoke system and when you’re handling finances, even a small amount of downtime could be financially devastating.

High Frequency Trading

High Frequency Trading, or HFT, is all about speed, Keeping latency low and frequency high. You need the data to be received as quickly as possible and for it to be processed even faster. Bespoke systems offer unparalleled performance, allowing the exchange of data and transactions faster than any stock system competitors might be using. Tailoring systems specifically for the use of stock trading algorithms is something we’ve done for several leading HFT firms in the UK and with the percentage of trading done through this platform rising exponentially, it’s important to ensure you’ve got the hardware to keep you at the forefront of the latest marketing data.

Constructional & Architectural Engineering

RENDA has worked with several construction, engineering and architectural firms to create workstations specifically for the use of conceptual models and rendering. As well as being able to provide the hardware, it’s also important to optimize our solutions to perform effectively with software such as Revit, which we’ve increased performance by up to 33%. RENDA systems on average offer performance increases of around 45% when compared to rendering done through MacOS.

RENDA can additionally offer a variety of redundancies which protects vital investments and existing projects against corruption and data loss.


Risk management is all about the ability to process large volumes of data into a quantitative model of operational risk and insurance analytics. High performance computing is the only way to sustainably maintain this ever-growing need for analytics, with strict regulations and so many variables to consider. RENDA bespoke solutions not only provide the computing power needed to compile this data, but the ability to ensure reliability and data protection with multiple redundancies to prevent data loss.


RENDA currently designs and builds workstations for both the mining and transaction of virtual currencies; taking into consideration the excessive heat and extreme run times associated with such activities. We can build bespoke systems, tailoring water-cooling solutions using CAD/CAM and a 3D printer to ensure that space is used efficiently and components are cooled effectively. Compared to stock systems, bespoke mining rigs will offer a dramatic increase in mining performance and considerable increase in component lifespan.

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