Samsung C49RG90SSU 49" 5120x1440 VA FreeSync 2 120Hz QLED 32:9 Curved Gaming Monitor

C49RG90SSU 49" 5120x1440 VA FreeSync 2 120Hz QLED 32:9 Curved Gaming Monitor

  • 5120x1440 Display Resolution
  • 49" Screen Size
  • HDR 1000
  • 4ms Response Time
  • FreeSync 2
  • Panel Type VA
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • Height Adjust
  • HDMI
  • DP

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Manufacturer: Samsung

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Product information:

C49RG90SSU 49" 5120x1440 VA FreeSync 2 120Hz QLED 32:9 Curved Gaming Monitor

Dual QHD Display
The CRG9’s 5120 x 1440 Dual QHD resolution provides a super ultra-wide aspect ratio that lets you view more content in superfine detail. With screen space equivalent to two 27-inch QHD displays side by side, the 49-inch curved monitor delivers a wider view for winning play.
Super Ultra-Wide Curve
With a Super Ultra-Wide 32:9 ratio, the CRG9 curves around your field of view to immerse you in all the onscreen gaming action.
HDR1000 and QLED
HDR1000 supports a peak brightness rating of 1,000 nits for true high dynamic range (HDR content). And with Samsung QLED technology delivering DCI-P3 95%, colors are purer, brighter and truer to life than ever.

AMD Radeon FreeSync™ 2
Based on the adaptive sync technology of the original AMD Radeon FreeSync™ 2 HDR Technology to reduce stutter and screen tearing, premium features in FreeSync 2 include support for HDR content display, reduced input latency, and Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) for effortlessly smooth gameplay.

120 Hz Refresh Rate
The rapid 120 Hz screen refresh rate minimizes image lag and motion blur for smoother gaming. The user-friendly 60 Hz settings let you quickly optimize performance via the on-screen display without having to access the display setting menu.

Play to Win
The game-optimized monitor is designed to let you play to win. Turn on Game Mode to instantly adjust contrast and color settings for any game genre, switch to Low Input Lag Mode for even faster response times, and target your enemies more accurately with Virtual Aim Point onscreen crosshairs.

With Picture-by-Picture you can connect and view input sources without degrading the original image quality. Picture-by-Picture offers convenience for PC games. For example, you can watch a movie and do a web search whilst playing your favorite game.
Eye Comfort
Eye Saver Mode reduces fatigue-inducing blue light emissions and Flicker Free technology suppresses distracting screen flicker, letting you play for longer with less eye strain.

Optimized Viewing
The swivel/tilt and height-adjustable stand offers all the flexibility you need to position the screen for maximum comfort. The panel’s VESA Standard mount also offers the option of mounting on VESA-compatible arms.


Screen Size (Inch)
Screen Size (cm)
Screen Size (Class)
Flat / Curved
Active Display Size (HxV) (mm)
1193.472 x 335.664mm
Screen Curvature
Aspect Ratio
Panel Type
Brightness (Typical)
Peak Brightness (Typical)
Brightness (Min)
Contrast Ratio Static
Dynamic Contrast Ratio
Mega DCR
HDR(High Dynamic Range)
Response Time
4(GTG) ms
Viewing Angle (H/V)
Color Support
Color Gamut (NTSC 1976)
Color Gamut (DCI Coverage)
sRGB Coverage
Adobe RGB Coverage
Refresh Rate

General Feature

Samsung MagicBright
Eye Saver Mode
Flicker Free
Quantum Dot Color
Image Size
USB Super Charging
Easy Setting Box
Windows Certification
Windows 10
AMD FreeSync™
AMD FreeSync™2
Off Timer Plus
Game Color Mode
Screen Size Optimizer
Low Input Lag Mode
Refresh Rate Optimizor
Custom Key
Super Arena Gaming UX
Sound Interactive LED Lighting
Wireless Display
Dual Link DVI
Display Port
2 EA
Display Port Version
Display Port Out
Display Port Out Version
Mini-Display Port
1 EA
HDMI Version
Audio In
USB Ports
USB Hub Version
USB-C Charging Power
USB Sound Bar (Ready)
Operation Conditions
10~40 ?
10~80,non-condensing %
Stand Type
HAS(Height Adjustable Stand)
120.0 ± 5.0 mm
-2.0° (±2.0°) ~ +15.0° (±2.0°)
-15.0° (±2.0°) ~ +15.0° (±2.0°)
Wall Mount
100.0 x 100.0
Power Supply
AC 100~240V
Power Consumption (Typ)
100 W
Power Consumption (DPMS)
Less than 0.5 W
Power Consumption (Off Mode)
Less than 0.3 W
Power Consumption (Yearly)
146 kWh/year
Set Dimension with Stand (WxHxD)
1199.5 x 523.1 x 349.7 mm
Set Dimension without Stand (WxHxD)
1199.5 x 369.4 x 193.7 mm
Package Dimension (WxHxD)
1327.0 x 318.0 x 497.0 mm
Set Weight with Stand
14.6 kg
Set Weight without Stand
11.6 kg
Package Weight
20.1 kg
Power Cable Length
1.5 m
HDMI Cable
DP Cable
USB 3.0 Cable
Quick Setup Guide


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Product Specification:

Screen size
124.46 cm (49")
Refresh rate
61 to 122 Hz
Display resolution
5120x1440 UWDQHD
Over 120Hz Refresh Rate, AMD FreeSync, AMD FreeSync 2, Curved Display

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Perfect for a subset of gamers that don't mind teething problems of the cutting edge

Coming from a setup with three identical monitors in an arc, this single monolith of a panel was a nice refreshing change from all the bezels. Games that supported the ultrawide format looked awesome providing you have the power to push all those pixels.
Among the other highlights is the bright HDR capabilities of the QLED back light, looking directly at the sun in some games gave an impressive need to squint that I've never experienced with a monitor before. The resolution and frame rate at this price is good to see too, usually this format is 1080p or 60Hz as a compromise. I found motion smooth part in thanks to the addition of Freesync which is now compatible with Nvidia GPUs right out of the box by simply ticking it in the control panel. The pendulum demo came up great and performance in game was great too where my GPU power fell short of the monitors native rate. Lastly one set of feet and a curve is a great space saver versus multiple displays.
There are some downsides to being on the cutting edge as this monitor is. I did not get along with this display when it came to managing my programs. Samsung include some software to divvy up the screen into sections but it will only allow maximised windows and is all round rubbish. I bought and used Display Fusion but even that is not ideal, putting anything to full screen will do exactly what you don’t want and vertical letterboxes the entire screen, Windows is just not ready for Super Ultrawide. The QLED feature brings great HDR but it works in one-inch vertical strips down the entire screen, your cursor is a dead giveaway on a black screen and honestly it can be as jarring as very bad backlight bleed.
This monitor is ideal if you play a lot of games that benefit from the format, simulation games are perfect such as project cars 2, unprepared games like Subnautica just turn into a sub ocean stretched nightmare. If you lean more towards being power user that also plays games like me then I don’t think this is for you, I for one decided on two separate monitors instead. Mega-Nerds that want that huge POV in crispy 2k with blinding HDR at 120fps, go for it.

Ben G 2019-08-29

I bought the monitor to replace two older 21 inch monitors. I don't think I quite appreciated just how big this monitor was actually going to be!

Setup was a breeze thanks to the easy to follow quick guide printed on the box. The first thing I noticed was how much less space was taken up on the desk by the stand versus the the two previous monitors. Windows 10 picked up the new monitor without a hitch. The available screen real estate is amazing! It makes multi tasking a lot easier. The included software "Samsung Easy Setting Box" allows you to configure custom screen splitting so you can drag and drop windows into predefined areas. I found this to be a little tetchy at times; when it worked it was rather handy, but I found myself falling back quite frequently to the built in Windows positioning shortcuts. Gaming using the monitor offers an amazingly immersive experience, and HDR means that the colours really pop. Watching videos is an interesting experience given the super wide aspect ratio as there are large black bars to either side. Overall I'd highly recommend this monitor for both day to day development work and gaming during down time!

Jamie 2019-08-09

Great bit of kit!

What an awesome piece of kit this monitor is. I spend 8 hours a day for work in front of my monitor for work and then a couple of hours for gaming. This monitor handles both with ease and has made my work life so much easier. Excellent resolution, brightness and color range means I can do my design work with such accuracy and professionalism. The width and ability to split my display also means multi-tasking is so simple. All in all a great monitor and would recommend to anyone

Rob White 2019-08-09

Are you a creative? BUY THIS MONITOR NOW!

For years I've worked with photo and video, using two 27" monitors side by side, with 2 separate screen set up on the computer. Frustrated by the massive bezel gap in between them I was keen to try this monitor out. That keeness has transformed into absolute delight and I'll be an ultrawide 32:9 evangelist for life! This monitor is astonishing, super sharp, great at 120Hz (flicker free and easy on the eyes). Picture quality and colour accuracy was amazing, and I'm sure it's an epic gaming monitor but it's the sheer joy of the working experience while editing video that has me absolutely hooked. Having an editing timeline that stretches 2/3 of the width of my screen, having tabs and windows open just as I need them, the 3 window wide split screen for apps all superb. The picture in picture mode is also amazing as I can plug in my macbook pro into one input and my PC into the other and have both on screen at the same time. The ultimate in productivity! Honestly I could go on and on. I don't think I'll ever go back to a boring 16:9 monitor again. As I said in the title, if you are a photographer or filmmaker... then what are you waiting for? Buy this monitor, you will NOT regret it.

Steve T 2019-08-05

Expensive but amazing for both gaming and productivity

Had this for nearly a month now. I am a tech journalist so spend 40+ hours per week writing, then maybe 5 hours gaming. So, I mainly bought this for productivity.
I have never spent anywhere near this on a monitor before, so wasn’t 100% sure about it at first, it is a crazy amount of work.
I expected it to be very large, what I didn’t realise was how deep it was with the stand, I use an Ikea dining table for my desk and it eats up about half the depth. I will eventually wall mount it once I find a suitable mount.
Set up was a breeze, and the mount itself is excellent quality, giving decent vertical adjustments.
For productivity it has been much better than my old 40” 4K TV. Cheap TVs just don’t work great so I had to have 125% scaling. With this I am at 100% so get 2x2560 windows snapped left and right which is amazing for productivity.
For gaming everything looks amazing, I don’t really have a GPU to push it to its limits but the FreeSync/G-SYNC help me get the most out of it.
OSD control is also good, which is helpful as I have brightness very low for work but then turn it up for games and this can be a pain with some monitors.
So far I have noticed no issues with dead pixels or back light bleeds.
For this kind of money, I would have expected USB-C/Thunderbolt – but I rarely use them so it isn’t exactly needed in my case.
Overall, if you have a high-end rig that can push games to their max on this then it is an amazing gaming monitor and you have probably already spent several grand so this isn’t that much of a leap.
For productivity, over a long period of time I think this will pay for itself, and it certainly makes working a little bit more pleasant.

James Smythe 2019-07-31

I love it end of.

Hi everybody I would like to start this review on the Samsung CRG9 super ultra-wide screen monitor with the box, because when you see it for the first time and absorb in the size of this beast you know you have something that is that bit more special hidden away inside. I was like a kid who just had the best Christmas ever just looking at this thing before me. After cutting through the tape and opening the box lid you are greeted with printed instructions on both sides for fixing the leg to the monitor and for getting the monitor out of the box. What did I tell you, what an amazing box with its useful build instructions.
Now we get to the admire the contents, parts to be added or used with the monitor. They are all laid out on the top half of the polystyrene encasement. Ok that was for dramatic effect it’s all wrapped in polythene to protect it. I have added a photo of the contents unwrapped of cause so I don’t have to list them here.
If your one of those people that don’t read the manual, you’re in luck you don’t get any. Well not the paper type anyway, the manual comes on a mini CD. Remember you do get the instructions on the box lid and a brief open out sheet with some on too.
Ok now we have unboxed everything we need to stop ourselves from grabbing the screen and pulling it out like we did with our new television when we got it, It’s a big no no due to the curve in the screen. Simply put it will not lay down flat so don’t do it.
You first need to build the leg then fit the leg while the monitor is still in the box.
The leg of the monitor is a heavy and well-built bit of kit that you know is going to hold the monitors weight well. The leg is built from metal then a plastic shroud is fixed over this, Solid bit of kit indeed. Building the leg is so easy, you simply put the two parts together then using the two wing nuts on the bottom to tighten them up by hand, you can then use a screwdriver to just give them a nip. A lot of force is not required. Once you have the two bits together you fit the leg with the four screws which are pre fitted to the body of the monitor. Having fitted the leg to the monitor you now get the disk in two halves. These get cupped around the neck of the leg and then pressed into the monitor. The role of this is to defuse the blue LEDs that encircle the top of the leg support.
So far I have managed to complete the tasks myself but now I need to call on the good wife. Because when I went to lift the monitor out the box using only the leg of the monitor using two hands as stated in the instructions, I found this beast heavy, very heavy. One thing to note this thing is front heavy and until flat on the table it wanted to tip forward.
Once the monitor is flat on the table you need to remove the plastic shroud off the leg by sliding it up just a little. Once removed this gives you access to the channels for the wiring to be embedded behind the shroud, so you see no ugly wires hanging down. There is also a cover to hide the sockets on the monitor
Wow that was the unboxing and loved every minute, now I can look at this beast in all its glory. What a thing of beauty, well kind of.
I say this because it’s kind of saying “I am solid”. And solid it does feel. Its dark colour also adds to is solid look over beauty. The monitor looks so slim from the front but look around the sides and you think bugger you put some weight on. In a day and age when everything else is getting thinner this beast is big and proud. That said when you fire the monitor up it just busts out in glorious colour, but we will talk about that later.
The monitor needs a lot of real estate to tame its size. It measures 120cm across end to end, it also stands 50cm from the top of the monitor screen case to the tabletop.
The monitor hides at its back blue LED lights that encircles the top of the leg. You will also find the Power in socket, HDMI in, 2 DisplayPort’s, Headphone jack, Service jack, Microphone Jack, Microphone out jack, PC in USB 3.0 or lower, 2 USB 3.0 one giving you superfast charging, 2 USB 2.0.
All these ports are hidden behind a plastic cover that follows the contours of the monitor beautifully, it has a hole at the top to let you feed the wires out keeping everything nice a tidy as mentioned before. You will also find a slot for an anti-theft lock to keep your new prized possession where you left it. The lock is an extra purchase, such is life so don’t go looking for it. Also has the words SAMSUNG in small metallic blue letters emblazoned on the back.
On the front you will see a thin metal bezel top and sides of the monitors screen. The screen image has a 1cm border around the top and sides, so image is very close to the edge but not quite. The bottom of the monitor has a brushed metal front same colour as the edge bezel 2cm in height. Samsung is written in the same metallic blue letters that are emblazoned on the back. To the right of the screen on the bottom edge you find a tiny blue light that’s illuminates when powered on. The power ON multi directional JOG button is hidden under the monitor beneath the blue light and printed icon. To the left of that you will see three printed circular icons pinpointing you to more buttons hidden under the monitor. These three buttons are shortcut keys to access custom games settings that you have saved to the monitors menu.
There is so much information in the menus that it would be difficult to approach in detail here, that said in a nutshell you press the power ON multi directional JOG button. This gives you five options to choose from. They include MENU, this allows you to access the On-Screen Display (OSD) your monitors features. SOURCE allows you to change the input signal. PBP (Picture by Picture), allows you to split the screen between two sources. POWER OFF, I am guessing here that this turns the monitor off.
The dual QHD screen on the Samsung CRG9 pops when fired up, it’s like being at a surround screen cinema. That said if you do play DVDs on this monitor you do get a black border each side. But that’s understandable, when did you last see a cinema screen this wide. But the important thing here is the image quality is crystal clear and text is easy to read. I don’t play too many games but with a decent graphics card this monitor will blow the gamers mind as they immerse themselves deep in the game scene. This due to the Samsung’s super ultra-wide 1800R curve that can put out a 5120x1440 resolution on a crisp QHD display, all helped by the brightness rating of 1,000 nits giving you a fantastic true high dynamic range (HDR).
Pros – Samsung really hit the mark with the CRG9, it’s great for gamers with its 120hz screen refresh. they would find it difficult to go back to a standard monitor after playing their favourite first person game on this beast of a monitor. What this monitor does, it does it very well. A pleasure to use in every way. For people out there like me who use computers for productivity, the Samsung CRG9 wipes all other monitors away. The working area is fantastic for running multiple programs or windows. Seeing your productivity software stretching from one side of the screen to the other just made your working day get so much easier, its as simple as that it just does things better.
Cons – Cons with the Samsung CRG9 are in my opinion just nit-picking. For instance I kept wanting it to be higher, but then I would need it longer so it still looked super ultra-wide, then I would need wheels on my chair so I can move to one side of the monitor to the other and the list would go on.
So let’s leave it there. two words of advice Buy it.

John Hansford 2019-07-28

It's incredible!!

Every game I have run on it so far looks crazy! Doom running at 5120x1440@120 with all the setting maxed will make your eyes pop out!! The combination of the 32:9 aspect ratio, high frame rate and the HDR makes playing on this thing like nothing else I have seen. I can see enemies on screen that other people can't.

It's curve is 1800R, more curved than a TV. You sit so much closer to it that it has to be more aggressive. Once you are sat in front of it you don't really notice the curve but you do notice how much more comfortable it is on your eyes.

I have an RTX 2080ti in my PC. I think if you want to game on one of these an RTX 2080 is the minimum. It being so large and you sitting so close to it means that any drop in settings you do, to get framerate up, ends up looking muddy, you're kind of defeating the point of having it. If you get one, be prepared to have an irresistible urge to buy a stupidly expensive video card.

With nVidia enabling G-Sync on Freesync monitor you get full VBR support on AMD and nVidia cards. It works great on the standard Freesync setting.

I have always used multi-monitor setups so upgrading to this monitor has meant that I can now run my desktop on one monitor yet have more screen estate than before. It's amazing how much more productive you can be with a 5120 x 1440 desktop.

The games that I have tried in HDR look great but the real star is Netflix. I found that Netflix didn't want to show me HDR content. I installed "HEVC Video Extensions from Device Manufacturer" from the Windows store.

I'm completely blown away by this monitor.

Chris Mossom 2019-07-26

No More Dual-Monitor Gaming/Multi-tasking

I give this monitor 5 stars because it accomplishes what it set out to do perfectly. But beware, you need to know what you're getting with this beast. I can now comfortably put three windows side by side to do my work and that alone is worth the price of admission. Gaming wise this thing is fantastic. I have paired it with a RTX 2080 Ti and all games run beautifully. Everything looks nice and crisp on the high resolution 5120×1440 screen and HDR1000 makes the colours and brightness pop. Freesync works from 48hz up to 120hz and you can also simultaneously use FreeSync/G-SYNC and HDR. The view is so immersive, it's just fantastic. This monitor has a DPI of about 80. This monitor has no speakers at all. I have it mounted on my monitor arm with no problems. The monitor weighs 33lbs which many will find heavy. Getting it mounted was quite the chore and nearly led to my wife divorcing me, but we did it. I have to say overall I love it. I can fit everything I need comfortably onto the screen. No more switching desktops. It's been a great productivity and "staying in the zone" boost. My only complaint is how it changes sources, it's a bit tedious. My productivity, focus and happiness while working has increased so much with this monitor, and gaming is fantastic. I use Linux with a tiling window manager. To be honest when I'm in Windows or OSX then this monitor isn't quite as godly. The automatic tiling really helps squeeze out the full worth of this giant beast. I've had zero issues with it. No matter what machine, OS or whatever, it has worked 100% perfectly, it's simply stellar.

Imzee 2019-07-23

Samsung C49RG - Gamers & Content Creators delight

First Impressions & Specs :
First things first, this monitor is a behemoth however with its of 5,120 by 1440 this thing is crisp, clear and as a Gamer or content creator, I have fallen in love with it the very second I started using it. The assembly of the monitor was really easy and self intuitive.

The Samsung C49RG90 curvature of 1800R is about right size; it does however require a distance of around 2 feet+ to be maintained from the screen. The HDR monitor and peak brightness rating of 1,000 nits does make the content stand out. The screen results are better than some of the top end TVs out there. The monitor provides sharp images and text, good colours, and contrast.

Content Creators Delight :
This monitor is great for the workstation, the widescreen (equal to two 27” side-by-side monitors) allows to scrub through the timeline. The 32:9 aspect ratio ensures there is plenty of screen estate however watching the video on the screen with black bars isn’t a great experience. The high resolution of 5,120 by 1440 means the text is not pixelated at all and appears very sharp.

Where are the built-in speakers and thunderbolt ?
The only con / drawback I have found in the monitor is the lack of built in speakers and thunderbolt. At this price point, its quite disappointing !

Overall, I am very pleased with the monitor and would recommend it to gamers and content creators without any hesitation.

Rizwan Khan 2019-07-19

Great Monitor to work and play.

Wow, just wow, that is most probably going to be your first reaction when you see it for the first time.

For gaming the 120hz 5120*1440 is like no other available on the market, the super ultrawide ratio is immersive increasing dramatically your horizontal field of view and the 120hz refresh rate gives an amazing connected feel.

The monitor is using a VA panel that gives a good contrast ratio but usually at the expense of the response time of the pixel. The good news here is that the panel is responsive at all frequencies and the smearing and shadow effect is invisible.

The monitor also supports FreeSync 2 HDR for owner of a Radeon graphic card over the 48-120hz range. It also supports LFC in case you get out of the range without flickering.

The HDR implementation is pretty good with great colour reproduction and a good contrast ratio and an impressive 1000nits peak brightness.

The monitor has 10 vertical dimming zones which is a bit on the low side, I wish Samsung had used an array local dimming solution instead but this is one of the best HDR implementation I have seen on a monitor and at this price range it doesn’t have any competition.

In order to use HDR you will need to make a small sacrifice though as the display port 1.4 interface can’t support this resolution at 120hz with a 10-bit colour depth. I personally restrict the refresh rate at 100hz, but you can also lower the resolution of use Chroma subsampling.

I also use this monitor for work and the real estate that this monitor provides is a real luxury. As a software engineer, I always have a lot of windows open going from my main code editor to documentation, emails, slack, and the application I am working on.

The CRG9 gives you a lot of flexibility. My favourite set up is to have a 16:9 windows right in the centre which host Visual Studio or my main work item and two half screens on each side of it for the rest of the info I need. But you can experiment and create a many configuration as you want.

And finally, you can use the monitor with two sources at the same time, like 2 PCs or a game console and a laptop.

Just keep in mind that HDR, FreeSync, and a few other features are disabled in this mode, your refresh rate will also be capped at 100HZ.

Overall, I love this monitor, it is a delight to work and play with. Samsung has fixed the issues if the previous generation, the HDR performance is enjoyable and within this price range you would be hard pressed to find a more impressive monitor.

Pierre-Yves 2019-07-18

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