Samsung S32D850 32" 2560x1440 VA Widescreen LED Professional/Gaming Slim Bezel Monitor - Black (LS32

S32D850 32" 2560x1440 VA Widescreen LED Professional/Gaming Slim Bezel Monitor - Black (LS32

  • LS32D85KTSR/EN
  • 2560x1440 Resolution
  • 10000000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 300cd/m² Brightness
  • 4ms Response Time
  • 1x DisplayPort
  • 1x DVI
  • 1x HDMI 1.4
  • USB Hub
  • 3 Year On-Site Warranty.
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Stock Code: MO-205-SA

EAN: 8806086458870


Manufacturer: Samsung

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Product information:

S32D850 32" 2560x1440 VA Widescreen LED Professional/Gaming Slim Bezel Monitor - Black (LS32

Experience unbeatable picture quality with razor sharp resolution and billions of colours The SD850 has what it takes to provide truly superlative picture quality for your professional working needs.

A professional ergonomic monitor for truly professional needs
The advanced ergonomics of the SD850 allow you to maximise productivity in your professional work space conveniently and comfortably. Samsung’s unique HAS design lets you adjust the monitor height by 130 mm to perfectly match your eye level. You can also a pivot, swivel, and tilt with ease, for quick adjusting and readjusting if you are working in groups, and change the perspective from horizontal to vertical. It even supports Auto OSD Rotation so you never have to change the aspect ratios when you want to pivot.

Unparalleled backside design created for a lasting impression
The SD850 not only gives you a professional viewing experience, it also makes your office more distinguished and announces in the most luxurious way possible your status as a professional. With a sophisticated back and incomparable professional look, it is perfectly suited for an open office environment where everyone’s monitor is exposed. It also features an advanced bezel that enhances the premium look and provides a deeply immersive viewing experience that lets you concentrate on the important tasks at hand.

Expand functionality and convenience with advanced connectivity
The SD850 provides a broad range of useful and advanced connections that can enhance your productivity. • Triple Interface: Provides seamless connectivity with your PC and AV equipment with DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, and DVI-D Dual Link support. • USB 3.0 Hub: 4 fast USB connections replace the need for a docking station. • USB Super Charging: Charge mobile devices 3 times faster with USB 3.0

Be entertained from every angle with a PLS panel
Get the best view from any angle with the SD850. Unlike conventional monitors, your Samsung LED Monitor has an extra-wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, vertically and horizontally. This means great picture quality from even more perspectives – whether you're sitting down low and playing games or if several people are sitting around the monitor to watch a video. Whatever the situation, you can enjoy great viewing

Use only one WQHD monitor to see 2 different contents
This advanced multitasking technology lets you do things you could never do before. With Picture-by-Picture, you can connect two PCs to the same monitor and see the desktops of both simultaneously on one screen that's divided into two. Thanks to PBP and the WQHD resolution size you won't have to worry about losing any of the glorious picture quality and resolution. Plug in your laptop and your desktop and use both easily without needing to keep looking between different monitors - it's all there at a glance.

Multi-task and watch everything in its true glory
The latest Picture-in-Picture 2.0 technology lets you multi-task and watch videos that maintain 100% of the source resolution. Whether it's 720p or 480p, PIP 2.0 doesn't downscale contents and maintains the exact same resolution as clear and crisp on its own. It supports resolutions up to HD and you can adjust the PIP resolution and position to fit your needs. There's no loss in quality, so you can really have everything you want with no compromises.

Comfort your eyes while helping the environment
The SD850’s Eco light sensor adjusts the screen brightness to match your environment so that the screen is always visible and appropriately set for your eyes. The technology has also been certified by TCO Display, EPEAT, and Energy Star, meaning that not only are you getting a brilliant visual display, you’re getting a more comfortable viewing experience that saves electricity and is far better for the environment.

- Screen Size: 32"
- Panel Type: VA
- Backlight: LED
- Brightness: 300cd/m
- Contrast Ratio: 10,000,000:1 (3000:1 Static)
- Resolution: 2560x1440
- Pixel Pitch (HxV): 0.27675mmx0.27675mm
- Response Time: 4ms
- Viewing Angles: 178/178
- Colour Support: 1.07b
- Connectivity: Dual Link DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, USB Hub
- Speakers: No
- Stand Type: Height Adjustable (130mm), Tilt, Swivel & Pivot
- VESA: 100x100
- Set Dimension with Stand (WxHxD): MAX:741.3×630×280, MIN:741.3×500×280mm
- Set Dimension without Stand (WxHxD): 741.3×441×68.5mm
- Review:
- Warranty: 3yr (On-Site with Samsung - 0330 726 7864)

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Great Panel BUT.........................

Yes as said in previous review this is a great panel until it comes to gaming...the vertical ghosting lines on screen is sooo off putting in games and 3d apps. Within windows and art packages its fine, its a shame because its lovely looking monitor just let down if you want to game on it.

I am giving it 2 stars because the purpose of this monitor for me was gaming and it quite frankly it sucked at doing that :( , if however u don't game its one hell of a monitor :)

mine is currently waiting RMA


Brillant Monitor

Firstly the box it comes in is HUGE and I mean HUGE. I wonder why it was so big but its only when I opened it up I realise why it


Decent panel but not ideal for gaming

I've had this monitor for a few months now and on the whole I'm pleased with it. How some can say its great for gaming though is beyond me as its simply not. In some games it's not too bad but in fast paced FPS games its poor. I've just been playing Wolfenstein New Order on it and its terrible. I have a GTX 980 and the screen tearing is very bad, to the point where its spoiling the game.

To be honest I'm not normally one to notice things like this but with the Samsung its hard not to.

So it's a decent all rounder but if your main use is gaming especially FPS then I'd say keep looking.



great for gaming

Running this with 2x 290 amd cards using there virtual super res that allows me to run games @ 3200x1800 res,
No lag input from what I can see it reacts instantly.
I find it perfect for gaming, Great colour and contrast no ghosting.
Using display port and set it to 1.2 in the menu.
10/10 for value and a perfect dot pitch scale.
I find it ideal for gaming I don't know why they would say its not for gaming 60hz it plenty.


EIZO or bust

In fact my Eizo developed a fault with the


Great monitor, but not for gaming.

I purchased this back in September and have recently had an RMA due grey lines flashing the height of the screen in most of my games, regardless of which display cable I used.

Having contacted Samsung they explained that this monitor is strictly a professional monitor, and NOT gaming/professional as it is advertised above. This monitor is not designed for gaming!

As the majority of my PC use is gaming I had to have it returned, but found that for other uses such as CAD etc this monitor is absolutely superb. Would not recommend as a gaming monitor, but for anything else it is excellent.


No faults perfect for my needs

I already have a LG 27" 2560x1440 monitor but this size 32" seems to suit the 2560x1440 resolution better than 27"
Great for gaming no noticeable lag or ghosting and is large enough to double as a TV in my small apartment, also streamed movies in HD look gorgeous.
Mine was perfect straight out of the box. No damaged pixels or light bleed. The colour i did not have to touch, it was spot on, only reduced the brightness to 80 and set speed to fastest.
Very pleased a good buy


Should be so good

I went for the large size monitor so that the dot pitch wasn't too far off my Dell U2709W until I upgrade to an OS with per monitor DPI settings and get a 4K monitor. The extra real estate is welcome and the contrast is sharp. The colour on the old Dell now looks very poor in comparison as the aging backlight cannot be corrected for.

Comparing the construction of the two, the stand for the Samsung is far more flimsy. Pressing the power button, right in the corner of the monitor as always, puts enough torque on the stand causing the monitor to twist with even a light press. At least the real buttons work well unlike the capacitive Dell buttons. The bezel is less sturdy but it is narrower which I prefer.

I am not a fan of usb ports pointing back out of the screen, even if they are easier to reach as the cables put more strain on the connector. The lack of vga meant an older laptop is not getting connected to this one but that just means it is time to upgrade.

Unfortunately my monitor came with three stuck pixels, two of them adjacent. All three look red on a white background. I am contemplating a return direct with Samsung. That would be the only real negative but it is a big one.


Massive difference from 22" syncmaster

Replaced an old samsung 22" syncmaster, massive upgrade - was slightly overwhelming with size to start but after 2nd day of use would dread going back. Tried monitor with films/civ5/xcom and no complaints at all :)



Just taken delivery of my monitor and i'm very happy with my purchase.Saturday morning delivery when ordered at around 4pm on a friday is no easy feat to pull off at this time of year but full marks to Ocuk for managing this.If anyone is thinking of this monitor i say go for it build quality is excellent, the picture is nice and sharp and games look stunning but if i was you be quick as i bet they dont stay this cheap much longer.


Very nice sceen, great all round!

This screen is Samsung 32D850D or as seen else where 32D850T (same thing).

Ordered from Overclockers UK on Friday, arrived today (Tuesday), boxes were undamaged and all contents were intact and in working order.

After a chat with a few people whom have had hands on with the BenQ 32" and this Samsung 32, 3/5 pushed me towards the Samsung, even the Overclockers guy I spoke to whom owns the BenQ said "I would get the Samsung if I were you".

First impressions:
1. It weighs a lot (I scraped my wooden table moving one into position)

2. I was concerned about the bevel, as it looks about 400ft thick in photos on the web however it's fine, more than fine, it actually looks pretty good, no reflections as someone complained about and having 2 side by side is fine.

3. Stand, solid as a rock, big square plate, doesn't budge when rotating the screen, could have done with a v leg stand or something wider instead of a square plate, but its good (got somewhere to put my router, hub and mobile phone now)

4. Setup was easy, supplied power cable is very short so had to use my own but HDMI, DVI, DP and USB 3 Hub cables were supplied, with backplate for vesa mounting

5. Menu system, simple and easy, no need for a manual unless your new to this kind of stuff

6. Screen colours and brightness on both screens are identical and with some colour tests and image viewing, I decided no calibration was necessary

7. Having down graded from 1080p 40" to 1440p 32", damn things are TINY! But at least I can read the text without using UI scaling, but it's close to my limits (I do have chrome defaulting websites to 125% now however)

Review after some use

Calibration and setup
After hooking them up and seating them where I wanted them I noticed I was at 1080p, so of to the screen resolution options I went in windows 7 and hmmmm 1080p was max resolution, this turned out to be the cable I was using (my old DP to HDMI cable for my 40" TVs, as soon as I used the ones that came with the screens, all was fine and auto detected).

As for setup and adjustment, I've still not felt the need to alter any settings in the menu on either screen, all looks fine. Whites are white, blacks are black and the colours are good.

Well it's going to take me a bit of getting used to but it's nice to see how sharp the images and text is on this screen compared to my 1080p 40" HD TV, the text is a bit on the small side for me but I'm getting used to it. I've noticed some delays in the kernel on task manager with the Adobe Creative suite but all appears to be fine after a few stutters here and there.

Programming using FlashBuilder, Ultraedit, Notepad++ etc are fine, fonts are readable and easily adjustable if needs be. Blanket reading of an A4 page of code is fine. I've finally got various debug outputs and code all in one screen without having to scroll outputs or deal with code wrapping.

Image work using Illustrator and Photoshop, all is fine, UI being scaled down more in 1440p is the limit for me, I couldn't imagine a 32" screen at 4K with the Adobe Creative Suite, it would be unusable for me. Colours are good, zoom and working to a grid is something I always do for pixel perfection, even more recommended now at this screen size

Visual appearance
It's got some interesting bevels, angled and in, very boxy, primitive 3D looking (something I didn't like the look of from all the pictures on the web), but I think they look good. I got the Black version of the screen and have one facing directly at me and another to my right angled at about 25 degrees, locked tight to the other one bevel to bevel, looks good, bevel size isn't bothering me in the slightest.

Looks great on what games I do have, haven't noticed any tearing or ghosting during gameplay, so far I've tried it out with hitman absolution, civ 5 & 6, Starpoint gemini 2, Tombraider 2013, Torchlight 2, TrackMania Canyon, WoW, XCOM Enemy Unknown, Grid Autosport and Far Cry 3. I do miss the immersiveness of my older 40" 1080p screen but things do look a lot sharper, even though everything is a lot smaller.

Video & DVD
MKV playback High Quality file, looks awesome, no tearing or ghosting I can see.
DVD playback again, looks great, no signs of tearing or ghosting I can see.
Blue Ray playback (not tested - but I would expect the same, note lag and tearing on BR playback can be software and CPU based)

Screen: 9/10
Stand: 9/10
Bevels: 8/10
In built audio: Not tested (never will - not even sure if it has speakers, don't care, hope it doesn't)
Connectivity: 10/10 (HDMI, DVI, DP, USB 3 hub and headphones, what more could one need!?)
Gaming: 9/10
Colours: 9/10
Blacks: 9.5/10 (So much clearer than what I had from my dell 30" and the 1080p TV screens)
Whites: 8/10
Backlight bleed: 10/10 (None noticed - best monitor I've seen for this yet!)
Uniformity: 10/10

Awesome screen, I'm very happy with them, highly recommended. If


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