Samsung U28D590D 28" 3840x2160 TN 4K 60Hz 1ms Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

U28D590D 28" 3840x2160 TN 4K 60Hz 1ms Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

  • 3840x2160 Resolution
  • 10,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1ms Response Time
  • 300 cd/m2 Brightness
  • 2x HDMI Input
  • 1x Display Port
  • 2yr On-Site Warranty.
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Stock Code: MO-204-SA

EAN: 8806086094177


Manufacturer: Samsung

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Product information:

U28D590D 28" 3840x2160 TN 4K 60Hz 1ms Gaming Widescreen LED Monitor - Black

Samsung U28D590 the Main feature of novelty is the resolution 4K (3840×2160), exceeding Full HD (1920×1080) four times. Natural color reproduction with soft color transitions is achieved, in particular, by playlist 1 billion colors. Response time is 1 MS, which perfectly fit to play the game content. Also amongst the peculiarities of the availability of an updated Picture-in-Picture (PIP 2.0). With its help it is possible to reproduce a picture of a small window in the original resolution up to Full HD (1920×1080 pixels) as the main picture is reproduced in UHD. In addition, when playing content small-resolution, innovative function UHD upscale will improve the clarity and quality of the image to the maximum possible resolution of 4K (3840×2160).

The novelty provides connectivity, audio-video devices: include 2 HDMI port and one interface connector Display Port. It is worth noting that the monitor can be connected at once two PC and play back content from both devices without any loss of quality, resolution images with each PC will 1920×2160. This monitor can be easily connected Xbox or PlayStation 4 via the HDMI.

- Size with stand (W x H x D ) : 660.9x486.3x169.4 (mm)
- Without stand (W x H x D ): 660.9x410.0x64.7 (mm)
- Packaging (W x H x D ): 794x452x109 (mm)
- Display Screen Size: 28" (70.8cm)
- Aspect ratio: 16:9
- Panel Type: TN
- Brightness: 300cd/m2>
- Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 (Typ)
- Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 10,000,000
- Resolution: 3840x2160 (Only over DisplayPort at 60Hz)
- Response Time: 1ms (GTG)
- Color Support : 1B
- Viewing Angle (H / V ): 170 ° / 160 °
- Connectivity: 2x HDMI (30Hz), 1x DisplayPort (60Hz)
- USB Hub: NO
- Speakers: NO
- Warranty: 2yr (On-Site with Samsung - 0330 726 7864)

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Awesome !

Got this monitor a while back from OCUK, This thing is gorgeous and even though it's TN it's as close to being IPS without being IPS, If that makes sense :P

For production type work this is a god send, So much real estate it's a joy to work with.

As for games, Well, The detailed crisp images are breath taking and this is coming from an IPS snob, Performance wise you will need a beefy rig tyo play the latest and greatest but playing older games even on a single card at 4K max settings at 60FPS is a wonderful experience not forgetting to mention this monitor is 10bit which make the colour seriously pop.

The viewing angles are pretty much on par with IPS apart from if you look at the monitor from below but unless you lie underneath it while using it this is not an issue.

Compared to other 4K monitors this does not have a lot of adjustability, No speakers and no visible menu buttons, Thankfully this is handled via a rear joystick but this just adds to the nice minimalistic look of the monitor which is a good thing in today's cluttered world.

The stand can be a little wobbly but if you're not banging into your desk then this will not be an issue.

All in all this monitor is 10/10, Awesome service from OCUK as usual :)


Great if you don't mind some certain fla

It's one of them monitors where if some of the negatives do not bother you then it's perfect. The biggest negative for me has to be the lack of tilt, but there are others like no height adjustment and you can't wall mount it. Luckily the options on the monitor menu like Samsung Magic Angle make up for the lack of good tilting though I still would of liked that feature.

Moving on the positives, my god 4K is stunning...... First thing I did was look at a load of 4K content on YouTube and get some really sweet looking 4K wallpaper. Colour on it is fantastic and there are some games I can just manage at 4K that look so much better thanks to higher resolutions and better contrast. I know it's going to be a while before graphics cards handle a wide range of games at 4K, but at the price I paid for (on sale), I still feel like I made the right decision. This monitor is going to last me years.


Don't believe the Hype Please for everyo

4K/UHD where next? Has anyone actually measured the pixels available to them, are there really that many pixels and if so why then do larger displays of the order of 165cm/65" or greater have the same amount of pixels and not more. Surely the pixel pitch should be identical across the board and the resolution made up of the size of the display i.e. a 68.58cm/27" monitor with a pixel pitch of whatever it is (as I can not be bothered to work it out anymore) for this display would have a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 = 8.2944 Mega pixels and a say 165cm/65" monitor would have the same pixel pitch but more pixels so the resolution might be 11,000 x 6,480 = 71.28 Mega pixels. Then when you have such an industrial open platform like you supposedly do by varying displays and graphics cards you can adjust the output resolution of the graphics card/s to the resolutions of the various displays. And start doing things properly and not like a bunch of fucked up I don't know what as animal!
s and five year old have better brains. The squirrels in my garden have more manners than any human being I have ever encountered in my 38years on this planet. The Overlord!


Great except for the stand.

This monitor picture wise is fantastic, The detail is beautiful but the one thing letting this monitor down is the overly cheap standard Samsung decided to use.

After having this monitor for 1 month I can safely say I should of spent the extra


nice 4k but standard monitor

this monitor is a nice monitor the colours are sharp and bright and playing in 4k you can see further on the right games, and it is also supposed to be able to display over a billion colours, basically its a standard 4k monitor, it does not have a whole plethora of mind boggling controls and settings, which for me is great, but the interesting place for the controls at the back of the monitor is a bit of a throwoff as it takes some getting used to, but it does its job well and the display port option is the way to go to get a full 60hz not like some others that need dual hdmi for the same effect, the stand is a bit flimsy and it can wobble when people walk past behind me, other than that its a nice monitor


Ultra budget 4K

If you sorely need 4K then yes this will do the job but honestly I'd recommend the Asus 4K monitor instead, The build quality of this thing is pretty sub standard to be honest.


Great monitor with duff pixels

I purchased 2 of these from OC, both have stuck pixels which ruins an otherwise great picture.
The stand could be better also


Absolutely cracking monitor at this pric

For transparency, Samsung sent me a U28D590 to review - but all thoughts and opinions of this monitor are mine alone.

I've had a good play with this monitor now for a week or two, and I've been so pleased with it. The 4K resolution is truly immense -- both Lightroom and Photoshop look absolutely incredible, and have greatly improved my productivity. The multiple inputs work great, with both DisplayPort and HDMI. DisplayPort supports 4K @ 60Hz, which works beautiful -- although I do have to say that my ATI card seems to really struggle with the monitor sleeping via DP, and resets my window placement. This seems to be quite a common issue, and is definitely an issue with ATI cards rather than the monitor -- so hopefully a fix is coming soon! Picture-in-picture, using both DP and HDMI ports simultaneously, works incredibly well -- and gives you numerous options to either split screen (still at 1920 resolutions!) or a more traditional PIP.

As the screen technology is TN, rather than IPS, there is a little colour shifting evident, but the colours are incredibly vibrant with good granularity across the gamut, with both whites and blacks looking great. The colour is a little cool compared to my IPS screen, but I managed to tweak the colours to get them very closely aligned.

As a pure monitor, the Samsung U28D590D provides phenomenal resolution, performance and picture quality at this price. It lacks a few of the features such as VESA brackets and a built-in USB that I prefer in my monitors, but otherwise this is a fantastic addition to my photography rig.

Pros: 4K @ 60Hz! Price, picture quality, colour range, light and portable, great PIP feature.

Cons: No VESA bracket, no USB hub, a little colour shifting.


A billion reasons to be Ultra-Impressed

A billion colours, 8 million pixels, 28 inches, 4K experience, 1ms response time - you can do the maths; it all adds up to one brilliant monitor.

Pleased to see this technology making its way into our homes. Having used the monitor for the past week, reverting back to non-Ultra-HD content is sort of going back to standard definition after watching HD. It's just not the same.

The 4K experience is really the overall winner here. Has to be seen to believed. The upscale performance is perfect. Can't wait for 4K video to become more popular; this monitor a really future proof piece of kit.

Was also taken back at how unassumingly simple the design is, very slick looking. Very slim, a head turner even before you switch it on!

One of the clear winning features for me is the seamless picture-in-picture technology that allows you to view two screens, uncompromisingly sweet resolution making for a truly fantastic multi-tasking experience. This is a feature I will be leaning on a lot.

Conclusion: If anything the base could be a solid, but as it stands this monitor is really pushing the bounds of consumer electronics. Well priced and a really uncompromising beautiful display. Once you go UHD you don't go back!!


Stunning Visuals

The Samsung UHD590 Monitor is a state of the art display screen that uses the same technology as their award-winning Ultra High Definition TV's, providing four times the resolution of full HD displays.
This is a 28" screen, with 384 x 2160 resolution, compatible with Windows 8.1 and MAC.
Well there's no doubt that the Samsung UHD590 delivers on looks. It really has achieved a stunning minimalist look that sits beautifully in any home. It's sleek, slim and very well thought through. You can see here, that sitting on my very slim desk suits it well, and I'm quite happy having it in my home.
The monitor does UHD up-scaling and converts low resolution content to create shaper images which is perfect for watching movies and playing games. We would certainly agree!
We managed beautiful FHD from our Blu Ray player. It was truly stunning and a wonderful picture, and it's exciting to know that this technology is on the way, and we'll have the right monitor for it, when it arrives.
Another thing to point out is, remember this isn't a tv screen, and so you'll need to connect it to a pair of speakers to get any sound. It's just something to consider if you're wanting to use it in multiples ways. While the children were watching their favourite YouTube Frozen videos from my laptop they, of course needed sound.
To be honest, we're not gamers and so haven't connected it to any gaming devices. We didn't think it could give the Wii graphics any boost particularly!
The size is amazing and really enhances the imagery. We've watched a few films, and we may well connect it to a spare HD Freeview box too. The 28" screen size is perfect for that. For day to day working, I'd say it's quite large on my desk and it's not something you need to be too close to. You'll need a good-sized desk, so you can sit further back and enjoy it at its best.
Overall, even though we've not been able to achieve the full UHD experience, this is still a beautiful monitor that we'll get plenty of use from. It's at the cutting edge of technology, and I'm sure once films and games are available in 4k we'll be right there. The size is perfect, the imagery stunning, and the versatility fantastic.
I think you have to be seriously into your high-tech pieces to be considering this product, but I think those amongst you that are, won't be disappointed.


Incredible Fidelity!

I've been using this monitor for just over a week now. And boy, I'll struggle to go back to 1080p now!
Firstly, I'm running this 28" beauty with:
i5 2550k
16gb Ram
780ti 3gb

So I thought I'd struggle to get anything decent to run in 4k.... I was wrong, but only just.
Most games will run in 4k without any tweaking, however some just flat out do not support such a high resolution.
The games that did run, still ran on nearly Highest settings, although some intensive parts dropped frame rates to 30fps.

the monitor, is stunning though. Incredible colour depth. Great response time. Stupendous amounts of screen real estate for day to day usage.
For me I would much rather choose 4k over 144hz right now, and am glad I did!


Fantastic for photo and film editing as

I wanted to see how the 4K display would handle our daily consumption of digital doings, and so lined up a stream of real-life activity and then watched with interest to see just how well it handled it all...

JMG couldn


Stunning colours, fantastic resolution,

For the past few weeks, I've been using a Samsung U28D590D 4K UHD monitor courtesy of Samsung and their UK PR agency. It's the model made for the UK market, manufactured in May 2014 (it says on a sticker on the back). And it


Amazing !

Having tested both this and the Asus 4K panels side by side the only difference I can tell between both is that this doesn't have speakers or a height adjustable stand.

Truly a real steal at this price, 10/10


So happy with this...

The actual monitor:

I upgraded to this monitor from 2 IPS 1080p monitors and, with the U28D590 being based on a TN panel, you can notice the difference. Nonetheless, the increase screen estate and lack of bezels is absolutely amazing.

If you are thinking of buying a 4K monitor I would wait it out for a few months. The Asus PB287Q is coming soon and more will surely follow.

Some warnings / notes for potential buyers:

Although the monitor is dual voltage 120v/240v it only came with a 120v cable (2 pin power) so you might need a converter.

When browsing the web, using an operating system like Windows 7, etc you will notice that most things are optimized or designed with 4K in mind. Text is tiny, you can scale it up if your eyes aren't great but it definitely takes some getting use to. This isn't really a problem with the monitor but with the software it is running on; developers need to step up.

You need to use the display port (a cable is included) if you want 4K at 60Hz, the HDMI ports (there are 2 but no HDMI cables included) only do 4K at 30Hz.


nice screen, shame about the power cable

screen is fantasic, stand is not so great , as there is very little adjustment
Overclockers sent a power lead for the monitor, unfortunately the wrong type. They sent a 3 pin kettle type lead, unfortunately a 2 pin is required, lucky I had one.


You will not be disappointed

Aesthetics: 4/5
Picture Quality: 5/5
Stand: 3/5
Menu system: 4/5
Cables 3/5

Wow what a monitor, coming from a just below 1080p monitor the difference is like night and day. There are a few things that you should be wary of when buying this monitor:
Only a European 2 Pin power cable is supplied
The stand is horrific, but does the job
The display port cable supplied is rather stiff which mean you might not achieve a flat fit to a wall
Windows 8.1 UI scaling at the time of writing this review is rubbish
Gaming performance is good but on the following build: i5-3570K @ 4.2 GHz, 2x7950 @ stock you will only be able to achieve 30-40 fps at high settings (No AA) AA causes significant performance issues.

In Conclusion, if you have the money and want to be an early adopter then jump in, you will not be disappointed. If you are a gamer and want to step up your game i would recommend the following: i7 and a better than HD7950 x2 set-up.


Detailed Review

Today I received my new U28D590 UHD (4k) monitor and decided that I'd leave a review for people to easily find who are on the wall about ordering this monitor.

In case you've stumbled on this review by accident or been living under a rock the Samsung U28D590 packs a 3840x2160 UHD '4k' resolution which runs at 60hz, the low price is due to the high quality TN panel.

Here is my experience...

After opening the box I saw that the unit didn't come with my countries power figure 8 power cable that goes from the power unit to the wall and this may be because I ordered off of eBay from a seller in Korea, I nipped down to the local computer store and picked one up which seems to work brilliantly. The monitor itself is super light, uses a semi glossy coating and a full gloss outer bezel with a plastic 'brushed' aluminum back, the stand was very easy to attach to the monitor, this monitor does NOT have any VESA mounting holes.

After plugging in the included display port cable and the power cable the monitor immediately came to life, the resolution was already automatically set to 3840x2160 without me having to even restart, the refresh rate is 60hz and that is the only option visible to me. There appears to be no MST by default and it just works at any resolution without any dual screen issues (I tried every resolution available to me including 4:3 ones). Everything seems to 'just' work as it would a standard 1080p or 1440p monitor. I use a GTX 780 so mileage may vary on older GPUs that may not be able to push 4k resolutions.

The first immediately apparent thing is that the text size is tiny, I can read it ok but you may wish to run the display at a lower resolution or increased DPI size if your vision is not 20/20 or better. There is an enormous amount of desktop real estate and I can see that this will be a great monitor for modelling and even gaming.

The colours look exceptionally good for a TN panel, the primary red, green and blue colours have very little if any vertical shifting, even colours such as pink appear nice and flat with no gradient. A grey image will unfortunately reveal the tell tale sign that this is a TN panel and will exhibit a small amount of shifting. Looking at the monitor from above or below will shift the gamma about slightly as you would expect from any TN based panel. Black levels are also exceptionally good.

This monitor is very good at picking out small details, nuances and colour variations in images, even more so than my U3011 which really surprised me for a TN panel, there are things I am seeing in images that just weren't there on my u3011, and these images are 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 sized images blown up to the full size of the display.

Colour work is possible to an extent on this monitor, for example texture design if you are into game development or rendering if it does not need to be 100% colour critical, this display could even be used for starter photography if being used correctly professional photographers and work that requires a colour accurate monitor may want to look elsewhere.

The coating on the display is very mild, however a very, very small amount of grain is visible as would be expected from any diffuser coating but it is almost invisible to the eye even on a white background, it is far better than my u3011 which has terrible grain.

Games on this monitor look absolutely awesome, I can see much further and things just look a lot cleaner and smoother (due to the increased responsiveness and reduced input latency of the TN panel), moving images just look amazing and this monitor could be used to give a serious advantage in e-sports due to the increased resolution, aliasing (stair step effect) is still somewhat visible but is greatly reduced and is 'almost' invisible, you'd still want to apply a small amount of anti-aliasing to eliminate the effect.

This monitor does not 'overclock' and will go up to about 66hz before glitching out, at 65hz the image exhibits frame skipping indicating it is still outputting a 60hz image. This monitor uses 'very good' PWM flickering at at lower brightnesses than 100% however this is not visible and does not cause any ill effects to myself personally (and I am somewhat sensitive to PWM flicker).

This monitor is an absolute godsend for 3dsmax and modelling work, there really is no substitute for this kind of resolution.

Overall I'd rate this monitor 8 out of 10


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