ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

  • Core: 850MHz
  • Memory: 1024MB 4800MHz GDDR5
  • Stream Processors: 800
  • DirectX 11 Support
  • ATI CrossFireX Ready
  • ATI Eyefinity
  • ATI Stream
  • ATI Avivo HD
  • 2 Year Warranty.

Stock Code: GX-216-SP

EAN: 00000000

MPN: 11163-02-20R

Manufacturer: Sapphire


Product information: ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

Now, more people than ever can experience real innovation in DirectX 11 gaming with ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series graphics processors. Loaded with advanced technology, these GPUs have the power and premium features you need for fully immersive gameplay. Expand your visual real estate across up to three displays and get lost in the action with revolutionary ATI Eyefinity Technology. Using ATI Stream technology, accelerate even the most demanding applications and do more than ever with your PC. The first GPUs in this class to offer full support for DirectX 11, these GPUs enable rich, realistic visuals and explosive HD gaming performance so you can dominate the competition.

- Core Clock: 850MHz
- Memory: 1024MB GDDR5
- Memory Clock: 4800MHz (Effective)
- Memory Bandwidth: 76.8GB/s
- Processing Cores: 800
- Bus Type: PCI-Express 2.1
- Display Connectors: 2 Dual-Link DVI-I, 1 HDMI & 1 DisplayPort
- HDCP Capable
- DirectX 11 Support
- OpenGL 3.2 Support
- ATI CrossFireX Ready
- ATI Eyefinity Technology
- ATI Avivo HD
- ATI Stream Technology
- Warranty: 2 Years

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Customer review "Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card"

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(from 30 customer reviews)
Great product by Sapphire... quick and easy install with all the necessary bits....
wicked delievery by overclockers and awsome cards got two of these in crossfireX for a...
This is a great card for the money. I previously had two X1900-xt in crossfire and...
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3% (1)
Bobbojonno 2010-11-09

Bang on

Great product by Sapphire... quick and easy install with all the necessary bits.

Great service from OC.... quick and easy and affordable.

Dez 2010-10-24

Dam Good

wicked delievery by overclockers and awsome cards got two of these in crossfireX for a temporay build and all i can say i wont be changing these cards for a while i see :)

Chris 2010-10-06

Fantastic Card

This is a great card for the money. I previously had two X1900-xt in crossfire and slightly overclocked that gave me 7500 in 3DMark, one 5770 is giving me over 18000.

Sean 2010-05-13

Best DX11 budget cards

This is the best deal i have seen and for anyone who was having DX9 and DX10 problems. It was not the card it is the drivers as i had the same problem when i upgraded to Catalyst 10.3.

Matt 2010-05-05

Great Card

Ordered on the saturday before bank holiday monday and came on the tuesday, great service in my opinion

Card installed easyily and have had no problems, would get another for crossfire but budget says no :(

jonny 2010-04-13

Duff card twice

Had problems with this card running games in Directx 9 sent it back for fault, got my new one today and its the same thing, will not buy sapphire again.

Craig 2010-04-08


Excellent cards :-D I now have two of these in a Crossfire X setup and they work great. Standard bench marks show they out perform a 4870x2. Though will do some more testing.
Recommend these to anyone looking to upgrade to high end graphics with DX11 abilities. Though if you use a large LCD like me check your refresh rates out as the card is adapted for newer screens.

My forum also rates this card very well. Feel free to come and see what we say

This 5770 Rocks.

*NOTE* These are not the cards show in the picture. They are the newer release ones on the Sapphire website


Rob 2010-04-08

awsome card

great card,great price,great performance need i say more !
money well spent for a change :P
deffo waiting for a price drop before going for cross fire,
this card runs every thing on max no problems at all

Damian 2010-03-29

what a difference

got this card to replace geforce 9500 gt, OWG what a difference this card makes, can wait to get another one. thanks overclockers.

Martin T 2010-03-16

Cool quiet and awesome

Very happy to upgrade to this from an 8800GTS 512mb. Looked at a lot of reviews and almost bought an 5850. Glad I didn't bother though. This is a significant improvement over my old card. The reduced temperature of the case is a real bonus as well.

Yorkie 2010-03-11

Good value and performance

I had to replace my failing 9600GT. This is my first Radeon card and I chose it due to the very good price (bagged it while on offer) and high specs. I was a little worried about Nvidea config games but the card works fine.

My games have definatley gone up a notch, Eve online, Supreme Commander,DOWII and Star Trek Online all nice and smooth at full HD 1920 resolution on my 27" monitor.

I can now hold off on a CPU upgrade as this was just the boost I needed.


Paul Clarke 2010-03-11

HD5770 Great Card but

I am glad I picked this card up, I had 2x3870 in Crossfire and this was a great improvement. I did have one issue. When I first installed the card, I had no display. This was nothing to do with the card, My motherboard K9A Platinum did not support it, a quick BIOS flash fixed the issue. Check your MOBO before upgrading to a 5xxx card.

James 2010-03-10

Great card for the price

Great card for the price (

Devereux Purdon 2010-03-01

Great card for the price

Got this about 5 months ago as part of a budget gaming rig thinking it would be "okay" and that I'd upgrade later on. It's actually turned out to play most games at max settings 1920x1080 with good (and sometimes excellent) framerates, or at worst I just lower AA and AF to bump them up. I plan on getting another one soon to xfire, but only because I have the itch, not because I need to lol.
Great value without losing quality or performance. Very quiet fan, which is rarely above 50% anyway. Runs cool, even with a solid 945/1300 overclock (at stock volts). I would definately recommend it to those building a budget gaming rig.

Andrew 2010-02-27

Much better

Got this as upgrade for 8800gt runs about 20-30% faster really impressive card for the price.

Simon 2010-02-11

Graphics Card

I have just ordered this card, I hope it will put my 8800 GT to shame and that I will see the difference and jump in performance!! Judging from reviews I will be impressed :)

Robert 2010-02-03


Great card put my 2 9600GT's to shame really fast postage very happy.

Aodhan 2010-01-27


I bought this about 2 weeks ago. It is brilliant, quiet too. It runs Crysis at a steady 30fps 8x AA on high settings on 1024 x 768. I got this along with an i5, 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz RAM.

The card gets 200fps+ on Company of Heroes maxed out as well. It is definitely worth the money.

ReLentLeSS 2010-01-25


Well after upgrading to this card from an NVidia 9500 GT 512mb I was totally amazed at how much better everything looked, Crysis never dropped below 34FPS and I was running Colin McRae DiRT 2 with everything set at Ultra at a resolution of 1440 x 900

Everything looked so clean, must say very impressed and not one part of this card that has let me down, fully recommend this to ANYONE who's looking for a graphics upgrade! :)

nick thomson 2010-01-18

full tilt

cheep as chips and fast and quiet .
this is replacing my ati x1900 that ran call of duty waw2 at 55 fps 1450x1080

this hits 60+ fps at full HD and everything is set to max, beautiful card cant waite to crossfire it soon, shattered Horizon Dx 11 looks beautiful

mark 2010-01-17


Bought this is part of a

Oliver Petschenyk 2010-01-13

Does the job nicely

running this with i7 @ 4.0ghz and 6gb 1600mhz ram.
It's silent, relatively cool and works well with dirt 2. Have had a few problems with overclocking though, I haven't managed a stable overclock that makes a difference on 3dmark. I recommend graphics ram heatsinks.

PendragonUK 2010-01-11

Does what you need

First time in a while I've not spent big bucks on a G/Card. I have not been disappointed with this card. First off the boring stuff, it's shorter than a lot of cards. It uses a lot less power than the 8800GTS it was replacing.

Compared to the 8800GTS CoD:4 gained at least another 100fps! ArmA:2 can now run max everything with 5000Km VD and 150% Fill rate. Still get satisfactory fps.

Some benchmark results and discussion can be found here

The is the forum for the clan I'm in. You can see some other peoples test results there too. This is real world stuff, not the tweakers paradise you will find on the forum here.

Dave Chambers 2009-12-16


Ordered two of these beauties yesterday and received them both the next day. both in fantastic condition and both came with Dirt 2. i've tried games such as Crysis, Red Faction Guerrilla and Dirt 2 and all run amazingly.

I have the settings on the highest possible with all games and i get a minimum of 45 FPS on Crysis, 50 FPS Red Faction and 52 FPS Dirt 2 in DX11.

My screen res is 1280 x 1024 and i have 4 gig DDR 3 Ram, Core 2 Quad 2.8 and a RoG Rampage Extreme Motherboard.

I would advise anyone not made of money to buy these as having 2 of them is almost like having a 5870.

Thanks OCUK

James Blackman 2009-12-02


Bought one of these after having an HD2900 XT for a few years. That card was such a power drain, which meant that it would crash the PC as my 400W power supply was not up to the job. For the last year I've been running a separate power supply just for the graphics card. Put in the 5770 and voila - no crashes, great graphics and one very heavy HD2900XT card to go on eBay. One thing though, Colin McRae Dirt 2 does not appear to be in the box!!!

Martin Johnstone 2009-11-13

Need to know

Just got 2 of these today. Fitted and driver installed in no time.They come with an adapter for power, so no need for a special new PSU. I have an old 430W PSU with 3 drives, cdrom & quad core and everything is peachy

Peter Abblett 2009-11-12


Upgraded from 7600GT and was amazed. Worried about noise but it is just as quite as my old card. It is slightly longer so becareful about that, however most modern cards are longer still. Very happy with purchase and good price.

Jodt Friend 2009-11-05


up-graded to two of these cards in crossfirex from tri crossfired 3870s. The difference is amazing in all the games I tested cod4,cod world at war,half life 2,empire total war,race driver grid,fear2,wolfenstein all went at 80 to 250 fps. For the price they are fantastic.two of these cards in crossfire are nearly as fast as one 5870 but are faster the a single 5850 card.If you are not made of money this card is a no brainer.

wez the mule 2009-11-01


upgraded form hd3870 x2,was well impressed with 1st card so i brought another.plays everything you can play atm with decent fps. cod4 maxed out temps idel 49c load 69-71 with fan @50. dx11 card

chaotic-uk 2009-10-19


upgraded from crossfired 3870's which were the overclock models by gecube , i must say that this thing plays everything i test it with . i game at 1680x1050 and even crysis warhead never goes below 34fps , all i can say is many thc OCUK for lowering the price this week .
cheers guys :)

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