ATI Radeon HD 5850 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

  • Core: 725MHz
  • Memory: 1024MB 4000MHz GDDR5
  • Stream Processors: 1440
  • DirectX 11 Support
  • ATI CrossFireX Ready
  • ATI Eyefinity
  • ATI Stream
  • ATI Avivo HD
  • 2 Year Warranty.
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Stock Code: GX-215-SP

EAN: 00000000

MPN: 1162-00-50R

Manufacturer: Sapphire

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Product information:

ATI Radeon HD 5850 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

Prepare to experience a riveting high-definition gaming experience with the ATI Radeon HD 5800 Series graphics processors. Expand your visual real estate across up to three displays and get lost in the action with revolutionary ATI Eyefinity Technology. Using ATI Stream technology, accelerate even the most demanding applications and do more than ever with your PC. The first to deliver full support for Microsoft DirectX 11, these GPUs enable rich, realistic visuals and explosive HD gaming performance so you can dominate the competition.

- Core Clock: 725MHz
- Memory: 1024MB GDDR5
- Memory Clock: 4000MHz (Effective)
- Memory Bandwidth: 128.0GB/s
- Processing Cores: 1440
- Bus Type: PCI-Express 2.1
- Display Connectors: 2 Dual-Link DVI-I, 1 HDMI & 1 DisplayPort
- HDCP Capable
- DirectX 11 Support
- OpenGL 3.2 Support
- ATI CrossFireX Ready
- ATI Eyefinity Technology
- ATI Avivo HD
- ATI Stream Technology
- Warranty: 2 Years

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Very good graphics card...runs anything super even runs crysis at 8xaa all very high...however...ATI do need to work on their drivers a lil...for what this card is (hardware wise) should outperform a gtx470 and 480..but sadly it doesnt..and i do think it was a lil overpriced when i bought it for

Milkman 2010-09-17

Best yet.

This card is amazing, it takes everything you throw at it and never gets above 50c. The visuals have to be seen to be believed, I never knew games looked this good.
Worth every penny.

Crosswire 2010-08-05

Mistake on previous review!

Sorry, i made a mistake on the review below!... 60 and 61.5 max DEGREES! It stays nice and cool! Get crazy frames in CODMW2 (around 480 max!) but mainly in the 150 - 300 range

Dave 2010-08-03

Amazing Card!

This card is AMAZING! Overclocks like a dream! I've replaced with the cooler with a Zalman VF3000-A, just to lower the temps a bit! Used MSI-Afterburner to change voltages and clocks (yes - you can use it to change the clocks if you know what to do!) Overclocked it straight to 875/1200mhz with 1.1V stable with 20mins of atitool and a run through heaven benchmark and doesnt go far above 60 (61.5 max so far). Absolutely fantastic card!

Dave 2010-07-31

Great card!

My 2 year old '8800 GTS 512' graphics card was being push to the limit by some of the newer games (e.g. Battlefield: Bad Company 2).

Replacing the old 8800 GTS with a 'Sapphire Radeon 5850 card' has give a big performance boost to my system (q9550 2.83Ghz Core 2 Quad cpu, ASUS Maximums Formula X38 motherboard, 4GB's DDR2 RAM, 2x 500GB hard drives).

the new card has produced big performance benefits in games like Far Cry 2, Supreme Commander 2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at 1280x1024.

Where the old card was struggling, this one is barely breaking a sweat in these games.

Another bonus is comparatively low power consumption and noise, compared to other mid to high end modern graphics cards.

At Idle in Windows (with Catalyst driver 10.3), the cards fan is spinning at 21% of its top speed, the GPU is running at 157Mhz and the onboard 1GB RAM is running at 300Mhz.

A great all-round graphics card.

Mike 2010-07-08

Perfect Sapphire

Have used Sapphire for last 4 personal Cards, they do not dissapoint, never ever, no failures after plenty tourture!!

Runs at 8751175mhz scoring 22394 in 3d06 with AMD 1055t at 4.0Ghz!

Crysis smooth at Very High 1920x1080 4xaa 16xaf min frames 35, average 54, i have never played past first Alien contact because I wanted full details, I am only now playing Crysis through and boy I am glad I waited!!! ( used to run med details no aa 1680x1050 with c2q and 4870 rubbish so would not waste game on setup!!)

Card runs cool, max 55 celcius on 3d06 multiple runs, cooler is not fefault and does dumpsome hot air into system, but is quiet, very very quiet, no audible untill over 55% fan in coolermaster scout case!

It is long, just fits in scout case in top slot, will be getting crossfire but will have to modify drive cage for second to fit!

Overall, The best Card for money at moment in High end!!!!!

OC and Sapphire rock!

mike 2010-06-30

Damn good card

My 1 arrived this morning, after reading these reviews i thought id give my card a go at OC'ing see what it can handle, managed 875/1200 in the end very stable, overclocks very well, definately a huge upgrade from my 9800gtx which was bottle necking my pc. Bought the i7 930 bundle from overclockers few months back but didnt have enough for a new gfx card, now my setup is complete.
This card i definitely recommend to anyone that is thinking of upgrading huge 5 stars!!!

Tim 2010-06-17

Good card

Giving it 5 stars as overclocks well (850/1150) with no problems. These cards now appear to be non ref design with no possibility of modding bios or setting gpu voltage via software so be warned if you are thinking raising the vgpu will get you a better OC, it's not possible.

Dave 2010-06-11

Careful, volt adjust not happening on th

Good card, powerful and overclocks well, however, should you be the type who likes to overvolt to get more speed then these newer cards won't allow it due to the type of voltage regulator they use. They're a non ref design so no software will unlock the volt adjustment as I understand it.

McGaddster 2010-06-08

Very impressed

Bought this card and overclocked it to 850/1200Mhz and its basically an HD5870.Great buy.Takes everything I throw at it @1920x1080.

Ast3r 2010-05-22

1st and Last

this is the 1st and last graphics card i will buy for atleast 6yrs anyway :)
untill there cheap enough to get another one to crossfire! :)

play all my games on 26" at 1920 x 1200 8xAA Vsync on n not a flutter!

evrygame i play jus looks so much more amazing!

i have a small case and it only just fits in by mm, so be aware if u have small cases! :)

Stephen 2010-04-18

Good card when u get it to work

I purchased this card to run on a asus P5n32E-sli plus unning win7 64bit.....I had nothing but problems from day one. screen with lines down it occurring on games from wow to BC2 first I had to install the newest bios from asus to fix long boot problem...couldnt get newest drivers (10.3) to work. 9.11 where only ones that worked. RMA.D the card and was told it was ok.
So tried windows changed drivers from sapphire then ati....tried everything and no joy could only play bc2 for about 15 mins b4 crash........chipset on my motherboard was yes more money than sense ....I bought a intel motherboard....Still had problems....could only install drivers that came on cd...all others would fail to install untill I managed to install from device manager using the inf file....Now would I buy this card again? Now I know how to fix it ...yes the graphics are awesome in BC2 ...but be very careful...just google ati 5850 crashes

Hock 2010-04-11

Overclocks like no other

This card is the best value for money of any card on the market today, no need for a 5870... i was obviously very lucky got a good batch as it overclocked easily at 870/1270 on stock voltage with no judder from the EEC ram! A few of my mates have the same card all be it different brands and there's struggles to clock to 800 1200 even on increased volts! im waiting a few weeks before i increase voltage just for temperature issues in my old antec case, may have to get a nice lianli pci cooler later in the month ready for summer as these cards are very very loud if you run them at 50%+ fan speed

Sam birdman 2010-03-11


This card is not only great at games with stock clocks (1680 x 1050) but it is also an amazing overclocker.

I managed to get this card up to 850/1200 @ 1.1625v then I went for 970/1200 @ 1.2v and it works perfect.

Crysis at 1680 x 1050, very high, 4xAA dx10 (of course) ran at an avg of 40fps with my 965 c3 @ 4ghz

Mike 2010-03-01

A no-brainer

Will play anything on a 22" monitor at full-tilt woth all the bells and whistles. Remains cool, quiet and is plays nicely with my lowly 650W supply.
Do you REALLY need any more poke from your graphics card than this?
Get one in!

Billy The Fish 2010-02-10

Brillant Card

Coupled with my i7 @3.8Ghz this beast cuts through every game i have like butter.
Easily Overclockable to outperform a stock 5870 this card is a must buy!
Currently running this at 950mhz core and 1300mhz mem no problem. Be warned however when the fan reaches anything much past 45% it becomes LOUD, anything over 70% is unbareable.. IMO.

Still Highly Recommended! :)

Ollie 2010-02-06

Took my breath away

I replaced my older ATI card with this one. The performence increase was very noticable. My fps sky rocketed to new levels. Far Cry 2 maxed out on DX10 and my fps was at a steady 60-80. (although DX10 on Far Cry 2 is buggy as I soon dicoverd) L4D:2 Is beautiful with higher detail.

I'm already saving up for a second card and will be having it cross-fired!

Steve 2010-02-05


Bought this to replace a 2nd faulty BFG GTX 260, and boy am i glad i picked this card, i research thoroughly everything i am going to buy for my pc, and being a stout Nvidia follower i was looking at 275's, but after reading loads of reviews about the 5850, oh and Sapphire 5850 being voted the best card on the market in Jan 2010 i thought i'd give it a go. Had to wait a while though as there is a severe shortage of Sapphire card's 5800 and 5900's everywhere. But the wait was worth it. Brilliant service from OC's too, oredered on Monday, here Tuesday. Superb.

Darren 2010-01-30

Amazing Card

For the Price/Performance ratio, this card is great! Best card i've ever owned. Highly recommend this card.

Pyr0xx 2010-01-30

Excellent Card

Bought this to replace a Geforce 8800gts 320mb and boy does this thing pack a punch. Throw any level of anti-aliasing at this sucker and it just yawns. No game now below my native of 1900x1200 with everything maxed. (One word of warning - if you're looking to buy this to significantly overclock it, be aware that manually setting the fan to anywhere above 50-60% and you're literally getting vacuum cleaner sound levels).
Having said that - leaving fan alone and using ATI overdrive effortlessly gets you to 775 o'clock with no fan noise increase.
In conclusion I highly recommend. It also comes with a voucher to download Dirt2 on steam, best looking racer around with nice DX11 water effects on ultra.

James 2009-12-29


I decided to sell my 295 and get this and wow! when i had my 295 in crysis maxed out 4AA i was getting around 40fps and with this card crysis maxed out 4AA i get a surprising 35fps with it overclocked so im very happy im going buy anthor soon and kick some ass :) thank you overclockers top notch service.

daniel 2009-12-25


Awsome - Awsome - Awsome

Barry 2009-12-24

Bang for your buck

I got this delivered after waiting anxiously for it to arrive only to my pleasure to witness what a great card it surely is!

Ok i will say, the 5870 is faster and so is the 5970 but after being a teenager with a part time job i soon realized that hang on! i may not have the big bucks i need to buy the big! cards, so i bought this and MY GOD am i glad i did, Crysis maxed out at 1680 x 1050 with 4x AA and i still get 30+ FPS. Fary cry 2 Maxed out Ultra high with 8x MSAA and still 30+ FPS.

This is the card to have and if you have enough money to spare, get a crossfire motherboard and get two of these bad boys and then max out any games for a LONG LONG time :)

Ian Cross 2009-12-22

Great upgrade

Got this yesterday along with a 24in 1900x1200 resolution HP LCD.

Used to have an 8800GT and the difference is amazing. In combination with the new LCD its outstanding.

Got a decent overclock using the standard Util in the Catalyst driver.

All in all one of the best

Joel 2009-12-18


Originally an axidental perchase of me thinking i was getting a bargin on a 5870, i was shown it was still a great bargin for

Anthony Brain 2009-12-10

Great card

Finally gave up on waiting for the asus 5850s and paid the difference to switch to one of these.

Went to this from a 7950GT and never realised how much better TF2 looked with max settings! Went from avg 40 fps @1024 res to >200 fps @1280 res.

Very quiet and only hit 70C during furmark testing in an antec300 case.

Peter 2009-12-09

Awesome Performance

I bought this card, received it the next Day, and wow I'm impressed coming from a 3850 512mb to this, its like night and day.

I overclocked it right out of the box to 875/1200(4800Mhz eff.) with msi afterburner for voltage and fan profiles, and ati gpu clock tool for setting the clocks.

By doing this I gained 10fps+ in all my games above stock settings fps, even at stock this card destroys my games, but damn I've got this bad boy clocked to the same speed as a 5870!

James 2009-12-04

Great for a water cooling system

I have a pretty standard water cooling system, with this graphics card and a 2.66Ghz i7 in the loop and the radiator outside my house on an external wall and the temps on this card stay at 13*C-15*C idle, and 29*C full load.

I got the EK HD 5850 Acrylic Water Block for this card and it fits perfectly

Fantastic performance in COD MW4 and overclocks to the limit of ATIs drivers (775 & 1125) no problem.

Stephen Hickey 2009-11-30


I overclocked this straight out of the box. Stays at 40C in idle with fan at only 30%. This card annihilates my 4850. If you're thinking of a 4800 card, just save a bit more and get this. You won't regret it!!

Will be getting another one in crossfire sometime.

Lewis 2009-10-24

Ati convert

Mind blowing performance so far. I recieved it just an hour ago and man this thing tramples over my trustee old 8800gtx which was no slouch mind you. I have literally experienced doubled performance in some cases. Crysis yields over 40 fps at 1680x1050 which is not close to the 60fps mark but considering i only managed an average of 20 fps before, its fantastic. This is all at stock settings by the way. Still running tests and im sure it will be a blast when i overclock it. 5 big ones :)

Bilal Saeed 2009-10-13


Decided to update my system and chose this card. Absolutely awesome and excellent value for money I usually only buy NVIDIA card, but because they dont have alot have a DX11 card yet, I decided to switch sides

Alan 2009-10-10

Sapphire HD 5850

This has got to be the best upgrade I've ever made! Great price, fabulous performance. outstanding!

Dodger 2009-10-09


This card is amazing! I have upgraded from a 8800GT and the difference is awesome! Doesn't go over 50 degrees C in my Antec 900 case and it's quieter than my 8800GT, plus eye popping performance.

I couldn't recommend this card more highly!! Don't ask, just get one!!

Chris 2009-10-09

Great Card

I replaced my 4890 with this and I'm glad i did, it plays GTA iv maxed out smoothly at 40fps and crysis 29fps maxed out. I will get another and crossfire these amazing cards.

Matthew 2009-10-08

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