Team Group Dark Pro " Edition" 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 PC4-25600C14 3200MHz Dual Channel Kit - Black/

  • TDPGD416G3200HC14ADC01
  • 3200MHz RAM Speed
  • CAS 14-14-14-31 Timings
  • 1.20-1.40v VDIMM
  • Samsung B-Die
  • Ideal for 3rd gen Ryzen
  • Ryzen 3000 8 Pack Approved
  • Lifetime Warranty with OcUK.

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EAN: 0765441632172


Manufacturer: 8Pack

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Product information:

Team Group Dark Pro " Edition" 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 PC4-25600C14 3200MHz Dual Channel Kit - Black/

The new high-end Dark Pro Series memory kits in the special "8Pack Edition" have been developed and tweaked with the help of overclocking icon Ian "8Pack" Parry and the renowned graphics card expert Andrew "Gibbo" Gibson. The dual- and quad-channel kits have been developed in cooperation with Team Group, Caseking and Overclockers UK in accordance with strict quality, performance and compatibility criteria.

The Features of the Team Group Dark Pro "8Pack Edition" RAM at a Glance:

  • Premium Samsung B-dies for maximum compatibility and stability
  • Low CAS latencies of 14-14-14-31 & up to 4500 MHz guaranteed memory clocks
  • Tested and compatible with the newest Intel Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen platforms
  • High OC potential of over 4500 MHz or underclocking for CAS10 timings possible
  • Selected and produced according to the highest 8Pack performance and quality standards
  • Efficient aluminium heatspreader in a sandwich-style design


Incredible Overclocking Potential and Aggressive Timings

Samsung B-dies are used exclusively by the 8Pack Team due to their superb compatibility and overclocking potential, especially when paired with the latest Intel Kaby Lake (Z170/Z270) and AMD Ryzen platforms (B350/X370). The aggressive latencies out of the box of CAS 14-14-14-31 as well as their high overclocking potential mean that these kits have been designed from the ground up for enthusiast-level gaming and overclocking. Attainable frequencies extend to over 4000 MHz on the X299 platform and up to 3600 MHz on Ryzen systems with moderate latencies. But even in regards to latency tuning the Dark Pro "8Pack Edition" RAM kits are very flexible. This is what allows hassle-free CAS10 timings with lower memory clock frequencies.

Massive Heatspreader with Stylish Titanium-Grey Accents

The modules are equipped with massive black anodised aluminium heatspreaders in a sandwich-style design. This, in conjunction with the titanium-coloured centre and the notches, allows for a sleek and premium aesthetic design. The total height of the range is approximately 45,6 mm and should be kept in mind when choosing a CPU cooler. The heat dissipation capacity of the Dark Pro series is also especially high, meaning that they have plenty of cooling capacity spare during overclocking. Furthermore the PCB cover of the heatspreader can be removed, which reduces the total height to just 37 mm and markedly increases compatibility with larger CPU coolers.

Technical Details:

  • Memory Type: DDR4
  • Capacity: 16 GB / 2x 8 GB (Dual-Channel)
  • Tested Frequency: DDR4-3200 MHz (PC4-25600)
  • Tested Latencies: CL 14-14-14-31
  • Tested Voltages: 1.20 - 1.40 V
  • Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered
  • Error Checking: Non-ECC
  • Type: 288-pin UDIMM
  • SPD Frequency: 2133 MHz
  • SPD Voltage: 1,2 V
  • CPU Compatibility: Intel Skylake/Skylake-X/Kaby Lake/Kaby Lake-X (LGA 1151 & LGA 2066) & AMD Ryzen 3, 5 & 7
  • Chipset Compatibility: Intel Z170, Intel Z270, AMD B350, AMD X370
  • Manufacturer's Guarantee: Limited lifetime (10 years)

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Awesome bit of kit, perfect of any Gen of Ryzen.

Have had the kit a week and wow!!, Current have them paired with Ryzen 7 2700X.

For overclocking I managed to OC them 3600MHz whilst keeping the stock timing's CL14, pretty dam insane if you ask me.

Plan is to pair a kit with a 3800X, I will for sure be back soon to buy some more, awesome work @8Pack @TeamGroup

Gareth Humphries 2019-07-17

This is my second set, now running with 32GB on X470 & Ryzen 2700X ,it's fast, got it running at 3466mhz, but a bit of work with timings might see further improvements.For the prices it's hard to better.

Just buy it!

KIAB 2019-05-31

Great bit of kit!

Nice understated aesthetics and performance that is best in class for these speeds. Put this on offer again and I will be buying a second set for sure! cmon overclockers!

Will Sherwood-King 2019-01-04

Great Kit

Had the upgrade bug and grabbed a second set of these to take me too 32 Gb, simply plugged them in all's great no messing around in the BIOS, only slight gripe i have is these are branded T-Force on the top where as my original's are Teamgroup just a minor thing, still a great product

Johnny 2018-12-23


This is good RAM fast and overclocks well. Delivery was fast and no fuss, only reason for not giving this a 10 is a problem with the website, but this was sorted by the overclockers staff.

Chris 2018-12-14
Hey Chris, apologies for the website issues, it's been all fixed - we're glad we could still help with your order!
Overclockers UK

Black Friday not the cheapest.

Great RAM. Bought for £149.99 in April 2018. Check your prices and don't overpay.

Mr Craig Greenslade 2018-12-06

Best RAM ever, totally amazing!

Just got a set of these to go with my Ryzen 2700X, worked flawlessly using XMP so thought I'd try a bit of tweaking so using the Ryzen Dram calculator currently have them at 3466mhz 14,14,14,14,28,42 and stable as a rock, absolutely amazing.

Tony Marsh 2018-06-27

The business - Samsung b-die RAM - what you need for Ryzen+

Just works, no issues and great performance, plug and play. Paired with R7 2700x and x470-f Gaming

Chris Recknell 2018-05-18

Absolutely spot on

Bought these to replace another set of Team Group RAM I had that was lower speed and had looser timings.
Using them with a R5 1600, the XMP/DOCP works flawlessly on 3200mhz, though I've used three different sets of RAM and never had any issues with that. The performance uplift however is definitely real.
With the memory on 3200mhz and the CPU at 3.8Ghz, I'm matching my Cinebench scores previously from running with 2933mhz RAM and 3.9Ghz on the CPU in single and multithreaded runs.

They also look great, no RGB required. They've got a classy and understated look to them which fits perfectly with the rest of my PC.

Thomas E. Taggart 2018-04-28

Booted to rated speed first time

I bought these to go with a X370 MSI Gaming Titanium X motherboard and a Ryzen 1800x. After updating the bios to the newest version and setting the rams default xmp profile in the bios, it booted to 3200MHZ first try. Overall I am very happy with it.

Zwicked 2018-02-16

Works flawlessly

Plugged in on a new Ryzen build, and worked straight away. I'd paired these up with the Asus B350-F mobo and not had an issue at all. I'd highly recommend for stress free gaming and performance

Andy C 2017-11-21

Peace of mind!

Simply the best ram I've ever had. Simply enabled XMP in bios (Asus b350-f strix) and the work was done. All advertised timings and voltages set and running at 3200mhz.Nice!

Iain 2017-11-15


Worked perfectly at 3200MHZ for a Ryzen 1700 system, no problems at all.

David 2017-11-12

Nice sticks

Used this memory with my Ryzen 7 1700 and Gigabyte AMD Ryzen AM4 AX370 GAMING K3 motherboard.
Timings weren't correct to start and kept rebooting the system every 5 times then a auto bios reset occurred. After the system reset the bios, the system then booted at a lower frequency and timings. I then went to the bios and changed the timings manually that was stated for this memory but still running at a lower frequency. All was fine without the reboot loop and I was then able to install Windows 10.

After Windows 10 was installed, I downloaded the latest bios and copied it to a pen drive and flashed the latest bios version. After this, I then enabled XMP profile and used auto timings in the motherboard. System booted straight away without any errors at the stated speed and timings for the memory.

Hope this helps anyone with the same board thinking about getting this memory. So far I am very happy with how they perform. Would recommend them and when I need another 16gb I will choose these.

Craig 2017-11-05

Straight out of the box

Fantastic bit of kit. You pay the premium for guaranteed B-Die Ram but its well worth the money.

Got it working 3200nhz using the XMP profile straight out of the box on my Ryzen 1700 / ASrock AB350M combo.

Philip 2017-11-04


Bought for a Ryzen 1700 system, works flawlessly at 3200mhz without any problems.

David 2017-10-31


Worked out of the box 3200mhz no messing about. This is what we want!

Liam Goodison 2017-10-27

Unbeatable 3200 ram

Having never spent so much on memory before I wasn't going to be happy with anything less than a tip top product. Thankfully everything about them oozes quality from the packaging to the well built solid sticks. I had no problem booting them up on my M-ATX Ryzen 5 build either so they're hard to fault. If I had to buy more memory these would be my first, second and third choice.

nasha 2017-10-20

Perfect for Ryzen

I bought two sets for a Ryzen threadripper 1920x system giving 32GB quad channel. Set XMP in the bios and they worked perfectly with no need for further adjustment. With some tweaking it's been possible to run them with even tighter timings which has given a nice boost in performance. (14-13-13-13-26-42-256-1T) It's also possible to run them at 3333MHz with slightly slacker timings too. The processor memory controller obviously has an effect on how much mileage you can achieve beyond box specs.

Kyle 2017-10-17

Team Group Dark Pro 8pack edition 3200

OMFG ! !What is this ram?? amazing.. Guys stop buying wrong Modules just buy this one.. Best ram i ever tested in my life!!
Ryzen 1600x 3600mhz OC cl16 with 1.38v
New agesa code with x370 gigabyte gaming k7

8 pack take 5 pounds from my order and go drink a beer from me! :)

Tsouis 2017-09-19

Works flawlessly on a mATX Ryzen system.

Even with the lesser overclocking features you get on the mATX variants of Ryzen boards, this works flawlessly at the specified speed*

Have only tried a little bit of overclocking and haven't tried overclocking the RAM yet, but it's perfectly stable @3200mhz with a Ryzen 1700 @ 3.95Ghz on a GA-AB350M-Gaming 3 motherboard.

*Well, after updating the BIOS at least ;)

Failquail 2017-09-15


Out of the packet into the motherboard (remember to clear CMOS!) and immediately identified as DDR3200, with the tightest timings.
Design is slick, yet simple. Packaging (who cares) is well thought out and cool.
There is a premium for this product but it oozes quality, it installs immediately and it works, without the stress of tweaking. Money well spent

DV 2017-09-14

Good for Ryzen

Having used Corsair LPX 3200 RAM which only ran at 2933 with Ryzen this was a big improvement.

On the same CH6 motherboard with the 9920 BIOS this memory runs fine at 3466 c15 with no problems. I appreciate peoples results may vary.

JG 2017-09-09

Stunning kit!

Took this kit after buying a regular TG 2x8 for my Ryzen 1600. Powered up on the advertised timing from first time of asking.

Victor 2017-09-06

Recommended for 3200 C14 on Ryzen.

3200 C14 working with 1700@3.9 on Asus B350-F and MSI x370 Gaming Pro Carbon.
Enabled XMP only, no other change required.

Unable to get stable above 3333 C14 without the usual AM4/Ryzen memory issues.
May be possible with sufficient tweaking/patience.

Have no doubt this memory will do much better with Ryzen+/Ryzen 2 and next generations of mobos.

Or use on Intel, where memory OCing actually works today.

Al 2017-08-01

Great product

Great product, of really easy on my i7 7700k 8pack elite tier of to 5ghz. All it took was bumping up the voltage on the ram.

Seal2fast 2017-07-24

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  • Vortez Performance Award

    As the DARK Pro '8 Pack Edition' is guaranteed to use Samsung B die ICs, gamers and enthusiasts can both benefit from the gains provided by this attractive, performance orientated memory kit.

  • Vortez Premium Award

    As the DARK Pro '8 Pack Edition' is guaranteed to use Samsung B die ICs, gamers and enthusiasts can both benefit from the gains provided by this attractive, performance orientated memory kit.

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