OcUK Value
"Titan 8000i Predator" Intel Core i3 2130 3.40GHz DDR3 Dual Core Gaming PC

  • Intel Core i3 2130 3.40GHz
  • Intel H67 Chipset
  • 8GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • 500GB HDD
  • Corsair GS 600w PSU
  • On-board GFX
  • Onboard Audio
  • Stock Intel CPU Cooler
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Stock Code: FS-237-OK

EAN: 00000000

MPN: FS-237-OK

Manufacturer: OcUK Value

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Product information:

"Titan 8000i Predator" Intel Core i3 2130 3.40GHz DDR3 Dual Core Gaming PC

Be the hunter with the "Titan 8000i Predator", based on the predatory alien hunter, the "Titan Predator" stays true to form. Featuring a blisteringly fast overclock, powerful graphics, immersive 5.1 audio and ultra cool styling. With DX11 cinematic graphics courtesy of the latest graphics cards you can experience a gaming experience like never before. With a massive 500GB hard drive as standard you have more than enough space to store all your films, games and music making the "Titan 8000i Predator" a competant media player when you aren't owning the competition. Enjoy your games and media the way it was supposed to be, with the "Titan 8000i Predator".

Why You Should Buy This System
- Choose from a selection of graphics cards to meet your performance needs
- 8 Hours stressed tested and quality controlled
- Precision built and cabled by Overclockers UK expert technicians
- All systems with an Windows 7 selected ship out with a pre-installed 180 day trial of Panda Antivirus 2012. Not compatible with Windows 8.

System Specification
- Case: Bitfenix Shinobi USB3.0 - Black (default choice, options available)
- Power Supply: Corsair GS 600w PSU
- CPU: Intel Core i3 2130 3.40GHz
- Motherboard: Foxconn H67M (Socket 1155) DDR3 Motherboard
- Cooler: Stock Intel CPU Cooler
- RAM: TeamGroup Elite 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit
- Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB SATA 6Gb/s 16MB Cache HDD
- Graphics Card: Intel HD 2000 Onboard (default choice, options available)
- Sound: Onboard 7.1 Audio
- Optical Drive: OcUK 24x DVD+/-RW SATA Drive
- Wireless: Asus USB-N10 Micro USB Network Adapter Wireless-N 150Mbps

Service Package
- Full 24 Month collect and return warranty
- Each specification is assembled from handpicked components for compatibility and stability
- Telephone, web note and forum technical support

Is this System for You?
Massive storage, immense CPU and graphical power combined, you can't go wrong with the "Titan 8000i Predator".

Note - If you would like to make a small change to the specification call our sales team on 0871 200 5052 and they will be happy to help.

* No OS systems are fully tested with the same extensive methods as systems chosen with an operating system. Including tests such as CPU, memory and GFX stress tests. All no OS systems are formatted completely before shipping.

*Please allow 7 working days for your system to be built and configured. This may take longer during busier periods.

*Fast track service subject to current stock levels during busier periods.

"*Please note, unless specifically stated in the specification above, gaming systems are not shipped with "free games" intended for component promotions only."

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Handles everything I throw at it

Wow, a super system for a great price.
The folks at overclockers got it to me in a week (I live in Ireland), and it's set up very professionally. The interior has lots of space so things stay cool, it's well lain out well.

Games wise, it handles anything and everything I've put on it at max settings, that includes DA:O, Far cry 3, Planet Side 2.

I'm a beginner and this is my first system, it's highly recommended, I got it with the Sapphire 7850 card too.

The haribo sweets were a nice touch too guys.

Sam 2013-01-19

Great product

So far so good. I'm only really using source on it and minecraft however it's coped with both very well...I was especially impressed with Minecraft as it ate up the far render distance with ease. Great for the price too.

Chris 2012-06-08

Great system!

Ordered this on a Thursday and got it at about 8am on Saturday, great delivery time.

I changed it to a OCuk GTX550i Graphics card and got the CM Storm Enforcer case. The case btw is stunning for an extra

Kieran 2012-06-04


Boxed great, works well, only problem is that the cpu cooler that came installed looks wonky bit worried about that, and the green LED fans are not connected.

Lee 2012-01-16

First Buy

Well, what can I say this is my first buy from OC'Uk and I am very pleased that I chose this product. I bought this because I didnt own a computer for gaming and wanted a starting point which didnt cost the earth. I upgraded the graphics to the GTX 550 TI, and wow that is more than enough for what I want to do at the moment.

My laptop was playing SWTOR at 25-30 FPS on low settings! this is on high settings with shadows on giving out over 100FPS. I havent bought a game that will test the capability but will inform you when I do.

First I did get a faulty PSU but the customer service was great, went through every option posible before sending it back to be replaced. It was quick a quick service and got it back yesterday.

The picture doesnt do it justice this is a great looking PC. Best buy for a budget/starting build.

Martin 2012-01-05

Quite Impressed

Extremely fast service by OcUk, ordered sunday, arrived tuesday (Even though I actually asked them to deliver it on Friday!) but I can forgive them for that.

I'd heard about people getting it and needing to install the video card which i was quite sceptical about since Im not exactly computer savvy but it arrived 100% set up and ready to go with the boxes and manuals for both the video card and the motherboard which is always nice.

The computer itself runs like a dream, bootup to desktop in about 20 seconds.

It should be noted that this pc didn't come with a power cable! Although its probably to be expected I was still suprised and had to go fishing about in the attic for a leftover one.

Jonathan 2011-12-14


Ordered this on Monday afternoon arrived on Thursday morning everything 100% all connected working fine great service as always!!!

Padraig 2011-12-02


So ordered this with Nvidia GTX 560 Ti and all I can say is its a monster. Came well packaged and the card was boxed separately easy enough to fit. Only problem I could see was the cooler is right over the RAM so if you wanna add more ram your gonna need to take the cooler off

Dan 2011-11-19

OMFG! Really?

Was very sceptical at the begging, especially after seeing 50 positive comments. But I couldn't believe it myself when it arrived the next day (ordered it on Tuesday at 13:45, arrived Wed at 12:10).

Everything runs smoothly! Playin Civilization V at high, with no problems.

First order from this site. Really impressed. Will use again!

Marius 2011-09-01

Great Service & Machine

Ordered on Friday morning, and arrived on Monday lunch-time. Amazing machine, very well packaged and put together.

SSD upgrade makes this machine fly like nobodies business.

Excellent service for my first-time buy from OCUK, will buy again!

Sean 2011-07-25


This machine is a beast. Great delivery times, ordered on a saturday, came on a tuesday. Runs anything, you get alot of power for a small price. Top scores from me.

Rhys 2011-06-07


Been wanting a relatively high-spec PC for long time.

After reading all 50 5-Star reviews I can still barely say that the system exceeds my expectations.

Starcraft 2:
Ultra settings - Frame rate capped at 60 and develops no noticeable spikes in a 2v2 with all armies maxxed. Ultra is too shiny and I play with shaders turned down, I have no doubt this could handle 4v4.

CoD 4+Black ops: Everything on, framerate capped to 100 (because anything more is needless?) Runs smooth as anything, no problem catching 5 kills from a flank.

Dragon Age:Origins :What can I say, it just looks beautiful, however max settings make their armor weirdly shiny.

Counter-Strike: Source
This I haven't tweaked around with so much as there's a lot of settings to deal with but from what I've seen it also handles this beautifully.

I don't really have anything much more demanding. Everything I've seen it do it has done so FAST!

Had a blue screen on the first day, has not reoccurred. Confidence in OC Support.

Heaf 2011-06-06


I bought this Rig with a few changes made. Cooler h70 and 8GB of ram.

Let me say DAAAAAAMMMMM. This is a beast! So so fast. I was suprised with the size of the case (in a good Way) i have yet to find a game in my arsenal that this thing can not handle. Fast delivery very helpful when trying to set it up.

I will be ordering from OcUK again 110%. From Mice to Screens.

Fantastic Company

Greg 2011-05-09

A lotta bang for your buck

Bought this rig with a 460 GTX, Win7 Home Premium and a 60gig SSD and it absolutley fly's.

Boot to desktop with all my gadgets and apps loaded in around 15-20 secs. Also came overclocked to 4.4 gigahertz which made me smile cheers Overclockers. And the MSI 460gtx was slightly overclcocked too :-)

Nice and quiet on full load (compared to my last rig) and stays cool. CPU temps never go above 35c and the GPU never aboue 60.

Runs everything flawlessly bar Metro 2011 in DX 11 with all the bells and whistles enabled. No shame though, that game is very system demending.

Service from Overclockers was top notch, answering web notes promptly and making everything generaly pain free.

Ordered min over the Bank Holiday weekend and was delivered the next working day and worked right from the box with absolutley no hassle and no faulty parts.

Would defo recomend this rig to anybody who wants a decent gaming PC but is working to a budget.

Will absolutley use overclockers again!

Willie Moore 2011-05-09

Great product

I brought this product with GTX 460. It runs so fast and everything from delivery to setting it up is easy. only thing this system misses is a wifi card which would be the only modification i would make to my system. overall great experience

Freddie Gleeson 2011-05-03


I will write a further more in depth review once I have used this machine for longer than a week, but so far it has surpassed my expectations.

I just thought I give help to others who may have had difficulties with it.

For those who have mentioned about the pci slot, yes there is only 2, but to allow for a wifi card (

Michael Doone 2011-03-26

ordered mine!

ordered mine tonight, didn't have more than

Macy 2011-03-25


got this computer specifically for gaming. ordered the basic package with no upgrades.
they guys were very helpful when i ordered it and it arrived on time. plays all my games top graphics. quiet, lights not too bright, great cooling system. a must for low budget gamers like myself

John 2011-03-23


Ended up buying two of these systems both with the GTX460 upgrades.

Excellent build and fast delivery.

Runs very quiet and plays all the latest games on very high settings.

Excellent value for money.

Enzo 2011-03-21

A great rig.

Like the title says, this is well worth considering, especially with the GTX 460 graphics card upgrade. A huge plus for me is it is so quiet - a massive improvement on my old rig.

First class service from Overclockers, too. I ordered on Tuesday, and it arrived on Wednesday - can't really ask for better than that.

Alan 2011-03-17


Would like to sugest this pc for gamers with not too big budget. it came with gtx 460 and 8bg vengance ram. had problems with power button on case cuz cable were of motherboard but fixed it fast:) and now good things run starcraft 2 on ultra high on rez 1920x1200, aion maxed in main big population towns on 100-170fps.. so i love this pc.. decide u:) good pc for good amount.Ah sry for me bad english

sandis 2011-03-03

Excellent Value

I bought one of these as a secondary home PC and found it runs faster than my main rig but that may be due to the clean installation.

I liked it so much however, I have just ordered a second one for a family member.

It's fast, it's quiet and it is excellent value for money.

Skillet 2011-02-22

Cracking PC

Got mine yesterday, had a few problems but nothing overclockers' had a problem helping me with an awesome team they have, Got my PC with the GTX460 and i must say it runs like a dream maxing out majority of games I play on max settings and thanks to its use of being Dx11 brings the games to life. Would order from Overclockers again in the future.

Jordan 2011-02-18


i got this with the 460 graphics card and i am shocked with how awesome this pc is starcraft 2 recommends i play on ultra and runs everything fast and smooth with amazing graphics for

alex 2011-01-25

Tip Top

Just received mine and everything was perfect and runs like a dream. Upgraded to the MSI 460 and it handles WoW on ultra no problem, just going to test CoD on it waiting for the download but i have no doubts in its ability.
Was sceptical with every review saying it was or was near perfect but now i see why.

Wont be last purchase OCUK <3

Callum 2011-01-06

Very Good PC!

I bought this PC with the GTX 470 and it runs flawlessly.


At 1680x1050 resolution, I am able to run:

- Crysis Warhead at "Enthusiast" (highest) settings with 2x AA @ ~30-60 FPS

- Bad Company 2 at High settings with 2x AA @ ~50-60 FPS also.

Some other games I've tested include: The Witcher, Amnesia: Dark Descent and Assassins Creed II. All of them run with max settings with 2x AA. None of them struggle in the slightest!

(I should mention that I have Vsync enabled hence the 60 FPS cap.)


The only issue I have is with the Gigabyte motherboard. It has two PCI slots (non express) but since the graphics card takes up so much space, only one is usable.

Furthermore, becuse the slots are tightly packed together, I only barely managed to squeeze my sound card into the free slot. If you intend to add more than one PCI card, then this motherboard will not be suitable.

newo 2011-01-05

Absolutely amazing

Honestly, this is an amazing PC for the

Joe Williams 2011-01-04

Good system

Good system, the 1st I've ever bought from OC. Took longer to be delivered than I expected but can't blame 12" of snow on them. Anyway the system works great. They didn't allocate the 500g HDD so had to ring up for that but OC tech staff fixed this for me in about 30 secs!

Had a few issues at the beginning switching the thing on as it wouldn't switch on at first but the problem hasn't occured in the last 3 weeks so hopefully its a thing of the past.

Would still recommend this system to others, but only 4 stars due to the HDD not being set up properly.

Alex 2010-12-30

Preety Good

Preety Fast
Everything ive thrown at it has been soomth.
Uses Adobe CS5 suite
and dx10/11 gaming

5 stars
reviews are not fake
happy with service & build.
thanks OCUK
ill be back!

DeepVoice 2010-12-09

Happy Customer

Ordered on Sunday. Phoned up Monday Lunch time to upgrade the HD to 1tb (for little extra) was done with ease and no hastle. Arrived Tuesday morning as promised. Set up straight out the box. Runs smoothly. Some noise but have it in my lounge so it doesn't bother me. LED's are a bizzare touch but i quite like the greenish glow that eminates from my tower. Last computer was form DELL. Never going back there. This is the TITS even though its a mid range system (GTX460) I might as well sell my Xbox. For the money its a steal! i3 is a great processor and really doen't handle any worse than a friends i5 system @

Moses 2010-12-07

Purchased 24th Nov 2010

Excellent system, very fast and well put together. Service from Overclockers was excellent, ordered on Monday midday and arrived by Wednesday morning :)
Highly recommended

Paul 2010-11-26


got this system on 9/10/10 with a 40gb ssd and 470gtx graphics upgrade,stongly recomend ssd over hdd,seems to be twice as fast alround..but... my system arrived with the cover hanging off the graphics card and was probably thrown about in transit.fixed this my self and tried it,so far so good,but the sata ll hard drive wasn`t activated or formated,some phone calls to overclockers soon resolved this to an extent because the hdd will not run anything thats put in it,test from seagate says its healthy an d i`m running out of patients,with only 40gb to play with all i can play is blackops multiplayer.Its being sent back to overclockers today(22/11),hope they can resolve these issues soon.P.S.overclockers support has been fantastic so far and even after these problems i would not use anyone else cos tis is my 3rd pc from them with no other issues or problems.I wil give an update when i get it back in one piece i hope

greg 2010-11-22


Selected the GTX 470 to go with the system.

Plays everything maxxed I've thrown at it so far.

A great budget system that I wouldn't hesitate to buy.

Louis 2010-11-19

Would Recommend

Great PC for it's price, would recommend it to anyone looking for a new gaming PC. Bought it about 6 months ago, and never gone wrong with it, keeps everything nice and cool. Excellent.

Alex 2010-11-10

Very Impressed

I rang up to place an order for a rig that I thought met my requirements. After some 45 mins speaking to Sonny I decided to ditch my other choice and go with this rig with the GTX470 and a larger HDD. This actually worked out close to

Matt 2010-11-03

Fast !!!

I thought my old rig was decent speed (phenom quad core 2.2 Ghz with 4GB DDR3)
This BLOWS it away !
ConvertxToDVD was taking aprox 25 minutes to convert an xvid on high settings ..this does it in around 14 minutes on the highest settings ..i am impressed
Having built my own systems for the last twenty years I know my way around computers ,but it seems that now its cheaper to buy or comparable than buying the components and building myself ...plus if I overclock and fry something it aint covered .
The first thing i did on getting my system was open it up to install 2 extra hard drives .The case is a joy to work with and all work inside has been done to a high standard ( no wires hanging or flopping around )
I will definatley buy again from overclockers ..i would give it 6 out of 5 if i could :-)

Craig 2010-10-30

Great value gaming rig with nice surpris

This is a great value gaming rig. Took a couple more days than I anticipated to arrive, but was chuffed with it when it turned up.

Specced it with the OC Value GTX460 768mb at the time of ordering, but it came with a Palit Sonic 2gb GTX460!!!

With the slight overclock (to 700mhz) it benches about 10% higher than the 768mb would have done and runs anything I can throw at it in it's stride.

One slight problem with it on arrival (but this was down to me hooking it up to the monitor in 3d mode...) which a quick call to OC soon sorted out. Great customer support there.

This is my second rig from OC (my older AMD / gtx8800 is still going strong and is being used by my son) and I heartily recommend it.

Richard 2010-10-30

Gaming PC

Bought this on a late Thursday afternoon and collected it on a Saturday. Perfect gaming machine. Playing starcraft 2 on ultra settings with no problems.

One small note though, fans were not connected but works perfectly fine after I plugged it to the main power supply manually.

Nice piece of machine. Planning to mod the side panel to make a window.

Thanks OCuK.

Dr Vincent Tan 2010-10-27

Decent Build

Very happy with this buy, i went for the gtx460 option, it says OCuk but i recieved a palit version.

I was happy with this everythings nice and tidy inside, nice n bright LED bit of a dodgy mix of green and blue but im getting used to it :),

Not a huge problem but it was 6 days before i received out of previous experience i had my order within 48 hours.

Overall nice build, comes with all original boxes of the hardware they used.

EXELELENT cable management, better than i could do my self.

I advise to go with the gtx460 as it has the best price/performance range. on the market.

Thanks Overclockers !

Jake 2010-10-25

Excellent !

Well, I almost didn't believe all the positive reviews on this system since there were soooo many but as it turns out they were all accurate.

Hands down totally annhilates my old rig in terms of speed and functionality. I took this with the 1280mb MSi GeForce GTX 470, and its smooth as.

Delivery was fast and on time, something I am not used to so kudos for the delivery company OC has chosen. Only little gripe I have was that it shipped without the correct game code and there was a fan wire that was clipping a fan in the unit - in fairness it too 30 seconds to fix and probably happened during shipping. Otherwise it's been a pleasure using the Xenomorph - if your a gamer you won't be disappointed by the results this offers, for the money you pay!

Cheers OC - good job!

Chris Lord 2010-10-19


I've never bought a computer from anywhere other than PC World before, but i'm glad I made the change. I got it with the GTX 480 and it is FAST!

It arrived without problems in a huge cardboard box. Setting it up was simple, although the first few times during the bios screen, a message came up asking if I wanted to switch to a different hard drive mode. The message annoyed me and eventually I said yes. BIG mistake, as the computer started failing during startup. I eventually managed to solve it by loading the only available restore point.

Other than that, it has been running perfectly. It's cool as anything; i've had it running for weeks on end now and it doesn't get warm. It's quiet and runs games without breaking a sweat even on max settings. It's truly awesome.

The green lights on the front are rather bright though. I usually put a box in front of it to cover them up. The blue lights on the back and side aren't so bad.

If you're wondering whether to buy it, the answer is YES!

Lloyd James 2010-10-03

exceeds expectations

I bought this Pc about a month ago with the GTX 460 graphics card and apart from a few initial problems with faulty parts it has worked perfectly. it is very fast and the graphics card runs any game at very high settings. definitely worth it for the price, although if you are thinking of having SLI, you will have to change the motherboard

Ollie Marshall 2010-09-30


The specs look really good on this computer i am going to get one for my bday :)

Mike 2010-09-21

Fast and furious

The order was delayed a week late due to a problem with the delivery to the Netherlands. However, once the problem was promptly solved via Webnotes my computer was sitting next to me two days after. The customer service further helped me to connect the monitor to the proper port by using an adaptor (doh!), and offered me a discount for the small delay. Overall it was a great experience, despite the late delivery.

Regarding the computer, I am loving the frontal LEDs, which look amazing! The multiple fans keep the hulk as cold as ice, at the cost of a (not very noticeable) background buzz... everyone plays with the speakers at max volume, anyways. Tho I would probably find it a bugger to sleep next to the computer with the LEDs and 4x fans on.

Performance wise, it hardly goes below 60-30FPS with WoW graphical details set to Ultra, which is more than I could ask for the price. I am definitely buying from OcUK again, in the future.


Javier Martin 2010-09-09

Excellent performance for the money

Excellent performance for the money, as the title say's. Went for the GTX 470 upgrade and am very impressed with the performance. ordered on the Wednesday and opted for the Saturday delivery, 5 mins to set the pc up and has been running constantly without any issues, blips or lagging with any game on highest res (Bad company 2, left for dead 2). Overclockers, awsome PC for awesome money

Mike 2010-09-08

Quite Simply..... Brilliant

My first experience with OC and couldnt have been better. This is the first pre-built PC I've ever bought & OC were superb. Service is everything these days & OC didnt dissappoint. Well packaged, delivered on time & good communication.

The Machine itself it just brilliant value for money. It just sucks it up & say give me more. How they make any money on this I do not know but you will not get a better PC for the money. Sim racing is my thing and i've gone from 60fps min graphic levels to over 200fps on rfactor with EVERYTHING turned on to the max.

If you're thinking about a PC and you bugdet is

Jonathan 2010-09-02

Great machine

Got this bundle with -

Intel X25-Sata II SSD
5830 card

Fantastic bit of kit, very very quiet, doesn't run hot and very very fast (especially with SSD).

Windows takes 7 seconds to get to login from BIOS screen and Photo CS5 64 bit takes 3 seconds to startup.

Windows index 5.9 due to RAM (how do I get the speed up??) all other elements are 7.2+

Robin 2010-08-22

solid performance

got my unit an other stuff just over 2 weeks ago.you can throw anything you want at this pc.great value for money.my 1st purchases from overclockers.very helpfull an delivered on time and in good order.i can recomend them to any one..

johny 2010-08-15

Excellent Value

One of the best value for performance prebuilt systems there is.

Good job OCuk.

John 2010-08-14

Fast fast fast

Man this machine is fast for 600 bucks! Sure you can spend 1000 pounds on a machine these days but this thing really is fast, I am just trying to find more stuff to throw at it. Bought it for starcraft 2, can now set everything to ultra at the max res my monitor can handle with aa and still get smooth play. The only thing I was disappointed about was the premium rate sales line that cost me three pounds but hey you guys can keep the money because this is such a great machine. You probably couldn't build and overclock it yourself for cheaper which is why I bought from oc uk! Keep it up guys, i will surely be recommending you to my friends.

I.F 2010-08-14


Right, after a long, detailed hunt for a well-priced, high-performance gaming PC , I can safely say the Titan Xenomorph offers top-level performance at a mid-range price.

For those of you wondering about its gaming performance - it's great. I've only put in ARMA 2 so far, but as it is one of the most demanding games you can run on any PC, the fact that this handles it at 40+ FPS most of the time, at 1920 by 1080 resolution, with some AA, is an achievement for any build.

I took the standard package, with the Zotac 1GB 460 instead, and have since overclocked the GPU to a recommended level.

I'm confident that it will handle pretty much anything at 1080p at a playable 30fps and at high detail settings. In fact, from my previous PC experience, I expect performance between 40 and 60fps for most modern games - except Crysis (though 20-30 is playable in that game).

Application performance is exceptional. I'm glad I didn't shell out on the i5 760, as the i3 @ 4.2ghz is more than enough.

Ben Hudson 2010-08-05

Very good system

For the price this is the best PC i have ever owned. The delivery was painless and quick, it was packaged carfully and securely. Not to mention it is very good looking! (picture doesn't do it justice) There is no excessive noise at all even in high spec games. Overall very impressed, i recommend this PC, and company to all.

Dave 2010-08-04

Great System - definitely get the GTX 46

The Good

Great system! Very quick for your everyday needs and great for gaming! I chose the ATI 5830 (before the GTX 460 was available with this bundle - I would suggest you get the 460 as it looks like a great card) and so far its handled pretty much everything I have thrown at it. Games load so quickly (AVP, Crysis, CSS etc) load within seconds with great FPS in all.

Well built system; had to install the 5830 my self as I think it would be too big to safely ship but that wasn't a problem. Internal fans even have a 3 speed fan controller!

Very nice (and large) case.

The Bad

The green LED fans on the front are TOO bright. I knew they would be green, but they are super bright it can be quite annoying!

Chris 2010-07-20

Awesome Power

Ordered this beatie Yesterday, it came today 10:30am just like it said it would. Great packaging, no dents on the boxes as most have when you get em. No finger marks on the case either. Graphics card was in it's box, had to install that myself, but was quite easy, just be careful. Lovely cabling, got it all hooked up, switched it on and was suprised how quiet it was, lovely piercing green leds on the front fans, real smart. Love the Venom cooler with the yellow Fan, awesome. Win7 was a doddle, just bang your number in and away it goes. Installed a few games straight away, Battlefield Bad Company2, Cod 2,4,5 playing them on the highest setting and still rippin, never goes below 125fps. Took the 5830 card, lovely. Might get another green led fan for the side, great stuff well impressed, Thanx OC.

John 2010-07-02

Amazing Performance

After speaking to Sunny at OC and debating over whether to buy a Quad Core, I decided to go for this very capable midle of the range processor with a Radeon 5870.

The fact the i3 is over-clocked to 4.2 ghz means performance is not an issue, this system just runs so fast and more importantly as an Intel processor also so very cool.

The case is fantastic and just blows cold air out even when running the most demanding games. The5870 GFX card never misses a beat and lets me run any game on the highest settings without really breaking a sweat.

For the price I doubt there is a system that comes close to this one.

Just be aware if you order this with the 5870 you will need to install the gfx card yourself, due to the risk of the card being damaged in transit. It is a very heavy unit so I can see why they do not pre-install it.

However all drivers are set up ready to go, and installing the card is very simple.

Great buy, many thanks!

Karl 2010-06-28

Excellent value

Absolutely brilliant.. cannot fault it.

Customer service was excellent and delivery very quickly.

Components are top notch with processor keeping low temperatures (around 24-26 idle) despite HUGE overclocking. I bought when it was on special and having a bonus overclock to 4.2 rather than the standard 4ghz. still a huge value booster though.

Overall, love the machine. Only one drawback being its not the quietest of systems but I can stand it as it doesn't bother me and keeping it cool is more important than being remotely noisy.

-- Also being my first time actually buying from OCUK I will definatley shop here again. 5/5

George 2010-06-19

Brilliant for the cash

Been meaning to write a review for a while so, here goes.

For the money spent you can't find a better PC. 5770 card runs everything fine on max, as others have said it stays frosty all the time and is pretty damn quiet to boot. My only gripe (and, it's a small one) is the bullguard security. It's. God. Awful. Yeah, it has live support, but all they can tell you is "Yeah, we know, sucks doesn't it?"

Anyway, apart from that, great deal,great PC,

Cheers OC

SpikeVamp 2010-06-10


I've had this for 2 weeks now, and i love it. I've been used to running Dell PC's and i had a PC specalists one, but this is the best deal ever.
The computer runs smooth, it's quiet and very quick. As soon as i turn it on, the computer is ready to be used within 45 seconds.
On Counterstrike source, i get 600 fps, sometimes up to 800 even on max settings. Although i do cap it at 200.

The PC gets a 5.9 overall on the windows rating, although the RAM and HD lets it down, as the processor and G-card gets ratings above 7.2, the Ram and HD are both 5.9, so if you can get the SSD as i am going to upgrade to this later when i have the money.

Overall, EXTREMELY happy with my purchase, and i love overclockers <3


Craig 2010-06-02


I dont even have one of these, but dam what a good deal.

get one! i wish i needed one!

Craig 2010-05-26

Gret Value - Speed - Quiet

This PC is amazing for the Price.

It keeps as cold as an ice cube even while playing games on max settings.

It is quiet as can be, few times I have even thought it was off.

Speedy like no tomorow, can installed programs in literally 2 seconds.

If you are looking for a value PC that performs amazingly well this is for you. I'd recommend going with the 5830 its only an extra 50 and its a really nice card that will play most Games on max settings.

Liam 2010-04-22

The good the bad and the downright ugly

Received this machine Tuesday, on time as specified by Overclockers.

The Good:
PC is the fastest I've seen for the money. Handles everything I have thrown at it so far and it just comes back for more.

The Bad:
Had a knocking sound ever since first powered up. After 1 & 1/2 days trying to work out the cause, identified the problem as poor cabling. This caused a connector to jam the top fan and another cable to keep catching the back exhaust fan. 10 seconds of fiddling sorted the problem.

The Downright Ugly:
The green fans on the front, although looking cool, do shine quite brightly. This makes my GF to not be able to get to sleep if the PC is on overnight, causing her to have 'Downright Ugly' bags under her eyes from no sleep! lol

Overall tho, a fantastic PC. Overclockers, you have won me over as a satisfied customer.

Paul 2010-04-15

A new Uber PC in the House

I have to say, i'm very impressed by this system, my old pc, blew up because a power surge, so i bought this one, no noise even under load, super fast, super good, currently doing stuff that made my old pc ground to a halt, like play games, modern games, while downloading and ripping music to my hdd. Dont think about it, just get it, Quick and painless from overclockers, just how it should be.

Sam Morrow 2010-04-10


Its my first experience of OcUK too and i will definitely be using this site again for my next computer. This machine is soooo smooth its unbelievable, and stays ice cold, im not really using it to game often but i am doing a lot of 3D modelling, animating and definately rendering. this computer takes it on the chin and plays outrageous projects at almost real-time with crazy physics involved. cant fault it and seen asthough me and my girlfriend have set up a little study and are both on the same course at uni, we'll be buying another one of these soon :D the i3 clarkdale was already awesome but overclocking to 4 Ghz is epic, only fault i can pick is the dual channel memory rather than tri channel, but this is already an absolute steal for the price and well recommended to anyone willing to spend around

Pringle 2010-03-13

Love it

1st experience of using OCuk. I will deff buy here again. Went for the standard options (5770 graphics) plus W7 Premium & iiyama prolite 24" screen to go with existing 22". Order on Tuesday, delivered next day. Free security software & AVP game missing but 1 call & arrives in post next day. Top service IMO.
System itself; remove from box, plug in & off it goes. Quieter running than i thought it would be too with the 3 fans for cooling. Playing WOW with every setting on max is just so smooth, like playing a different game & screens load in couple of seconds rather than nearly a minute.
I'm not a heavy user, play a few games, surf net, msn, e-mail, bbc iplayer, but this machine doesn't bat an eyelid & still blows out cold air when I do all this at the same time...my old dual core (which didn't cost much less than this when i bought 18 months ago) would have overheated, choked & died by now.
Love this pc! Will not be going back to pcworld, am gonna stick with these guys in future

Rich 2010-03-02

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