OcUK Extreme
"Titan 8200i Spinosaur" Intel Core i5 2500K 3.40GHz @ 4.40GHz DDR3 Quad Core Gaming PC *** WITH ALIE

  • Intel Core i5 2500K 3.30GHz
  • Intel Z77 Chipset
  • 8GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • 500GB HDD
  • Corsair GS 600w PSU
  • DX11 GFX
  • Onboard Audio
  • Prolimatech Panther CPU Cooler

Stock Code: FS-176-OE

EAN: 00000000

MPN: FS-176-OE

Manufacturer: OcUK Extreme


Product information: "Titan 8200i Spinosaur" Intel Core i5 2500K 3.40GHz @ 4.40GHz DDR3 Quad Core Gaming PC *** WITH ALIE


Stalking through the jungle, the "Titan 8200i Spinosaur" is master of all. Featuring the Intel Core i5 2500K overclocked to a ridiculous 4.40Ghz, you can enjoy ultra smooth framerates and an immersive computing experience. With a choice of the latest DX11 graphics cards, equip yourself ready for the hunt ahead with the best offering from both Nvidia and ATI.

Why You Should Buy This System
- A guaranteed 4.40GHz performance for the price of 3.30GHz
- Choose from a selection of graphics cards to meet your performance needs
- Precision built and cabled by Overclockers UK expert technicians
- 8 Hours stressed tested and quality controlled
- USB3, SATA 6GB/s, Intel Ethernet for next gen computing
- All systems with an Windows 7 selected ship out with a pre-installed 180 day trial of Panda Antivirus 2012. Not compatible with Windows 8.

System Specification
- Case: Xigmatek Alfar Midi Tower Case - Black/Orange (default choice, options available)
- Power Supply: Corsair GS 600w PSU
- CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K 3.30GHz @ 4.40GHz Sandybridge CPU
- Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX Intel Z77 (Socket 1155) DDR3 Motherboard
- Cooler: Prolimatech Panther CPU Cooler
- RAM: Kingston Genesis Grey 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit
- Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB SATA 6Gb/s 16MB Cache HDD
- Graphics Card: DX11 Graphics Options
- Sound: Realtek 7.1 Channel Sound (On-Board)
- Optical Drive: LG DVD+/-RW SATA Drive
- Wireless: Asus USB-N10 Micro USB Network Adapter Wireless-N 150Mbps

Service Package
- Full 24 Month collect and return warranty
- Each specification is assembled from handpicked components for compatibility and stability
- Telephone, web note and forum technical support

Is this System for You?
Heighten your gaming experience with the "Titan 8200i Spinosaur", stalk your prey down and demolish the competition. Equipped with either ATI or Nvidia, become a champion.

Note - If you would like to make a small change to the specification call our sales team on 0871 200 5052 and they will be happy to help.

* No OS systems are fully tested with the same extensive methods as systems chosen with an operating system. Including tests such as CPU, memory and GFX stress tests. All no OS systems are formatted completely before shipping.

*Please allow 7 working days for your system to be built and configured. This may take longer during busier periods.

*Fast track service subject to current stock levels during busier periods.

"*Please note, unless specifically stated in the specification above, gaming systems are not shipped with "free games" intended for component promotions only."

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Customer review ""Titan 8200i Spinosaur" Intel Core i5 2500K 3.40GHz @ 4.40GHz DDR3 Quad Core Gaming PC *** WITH ALIE"

Average customer rating
Star Rating
(from 35 customer reviews)
Bought when 2500K instead of 2550K. with GTX560i and 60 SSD. Great machine, on the...
hi,just got this system & the gaming quality is outstanding,tried gta 4 maxed out which...
Andy Knighton
Ordered on a Monday - should have arrived Wednesday, but as OC put the wrong name and...
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83% (29)
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Mike 2012-09-13

Pretty good

Bought when 2500K instead of 2550K. with GTX560i and 60 SSD. Great machine, on the internet within 30 seconds of turning on from cold. Compared with 3 minutes for my wife's laptop. Fans not overly distracting and a few BSODs when been on for a few hours and not under any particular load, only 2 minor gripes.

More than capable of coping with my limited demands and relatively future proof. My machine scores 7.7/7.9 which is amazing for a

kenny 2012-05-01

excellent but noisy ?

hi,just got this system & the gaming quality is outstanding,tried gta 4 maxed out which was superb and gta 4 needs a good system to run it & this handles it with ease,only gripe is its a very noisy system when playing games and i will need to change the fans as i cant cope with the noise

Andy Knighton 2012-01-20


Ordered on a Monday - should have arrived Wednesday, but as OC put the wrong name and address; didn't turn up till Friday
The box it was in was open and the case box inside was open - which was a tad worrying -All Ok on close inspection.

Ordered mine with no OS, a 120 SDD and a 560Ti - Very Nice..
Slight problem when it first boots, screen keeps going into power saving then comes back on - doesn't happen after the PC is warm (??)

Boots very fast off the SDD, it's even faster than my main pc that has 2 30Gb SDD in Raid 0 - which surprised me!

Regarding noise - a little noisy, But DON'T Think of a JET aircraft!
More a hoover 50 yards away
Might swap the case fans in future, but nothing REALLY annoying, MyAntec1200 with stock fans is far louder.
As always, excellent service from OC.
My Nephew asked me about a Console PC made by a well known company who bought out a well known Gaming PC company-Martian clothes perhaps ;-))

I said NO NO NO!
Goto Overclockers!


Dave 2011-11-19

Fast but loud

First off service was excellent; ordered Weds evening arrived Friday lunchtime!

Build quality is good, wiring tidy etc, I'm not sure the Antec case is as nice as my old Coolermaster, but it's ok.

I went for a 6950 2GB GFX card (comes separate but took about 30 seconds to fit - it is huge but the case is roomy).

Booted 1st time no issues and it is impressively fast; only issue is this thing is loud - really, really, loud (think jet plane taking off). I honestly couldn't live with it so had a poke about and the 2 purple case fans were the main source. Just replaced them with a pair of Noctua NF-S12B's and the difference is amazing.

In summary; great machine, well put together and I'm very happy with it, but if noise is a concern for you I'd recommend asking OC to use different case fans for your build - if they did I'd be giving it 5 stars.

Matt 2011-10-31


Ordered this system on Friday 28th at 2:40pm and it arrived Monday 31st at 8:30am - couldn't ask for a quicker, swifter delivery.

Made a few alterations, added a 60GB SSD (wish I went for the 120GB) and opted for the GTX 580 graphics card.

Been installing different programs since then (one of which being World of Warcraft).

Had to manually add the 500GB hard drive provided which wasn't a problem. The SSD is fantasticly quick, have the operating system and WoW in there only at the moment.

System has been granted a 7.7 out of 7.9 Windows Rating - brilliant.

As for gaming, logged into WoW with everything set to ultra and sit at around 110 fps in orgrimmar (fairly busy). When frapsing can fraps at a solid 40 fps with no drops.

Overall opinion excellent system. Well worth the moment

Greg 2011-10-09


With the gtx 570 it's really fast, i maxed out bad company 2 and noticed not one hitchup. My last computer could play it on those settings but not as smooth.

So, if your looking for a computer this may be what your looking for! My last computer i built myself but after the hassle putting it together and not having the wiring as tidy as i would of liked them to be i thought i'd purchase a prebuilt custom machine.

I ordered it on the 6th of october and it arrived saturday with saturday parcel service.

Happy with OCuk and with my machine, thanks again.


Daniel 2011-09-30

Excellant Gaming Computer!

When I got the computer everything was installed for me which was superb. After setup I was amazed how fast the computer was and can run GTA 4 Max settings and even the Battlefield 3 Beta at max settings with the GTX 570 card!

I would recommend this cumputer for anyone who wants a fast gaming machine or anyone who is looking for a gaming computer for the first time!

Martin 2011-09-16


Absolutely awesome set. Delivered in 3 days to Dublin, spanking fast. Avarage frame rate on Age of Conan dx 11 is 60+ on 24'' native resolution. The only thing I had to do myself is connect the GFX and activate the secondary HD under windows.

Andy Smith 2011-09-14

Simply the best

Ordered on a Saturday, Recieved on the Tuesday (the Monday was a bank holiday too!).

The system is exactly as described.
The overclock is 4.56Ghz according to the BIOS but i'll let them off as its only .6Ghz.

Slightly disapointed with the case fan setup. I know the picture is only for illustration but it only comes with 2 front purple led fans and the bog standard case fan (no led) for the top vent.
The back vent fan is the corsair one for the watercooling which is understanble but there is no side case fan so your just left with the air grill.

Build quality inside is immaculate and tidy.

Sunil 2011-09-05

Does what it says on the tin

The system itself is absolutely stunning HOWEVER my main criticism of the system is that it boots up sometimes twice or three times before it runs normally.

When running it is flawless.

Not sure how to fix this either so any suggestions would be welcome.

Zebedey 2011-09-01

Buggy but effective

I have had some issues with this Computer. First of all the machine was starting and stopping constantly. I was told how to fix this and it works. Now it starts and stops a couple of times before "kicking in" and booting fully. I have also had the Blue Screen of Death a handfull of times. This turned out to be an OC issue and not Hardware. Every time I have called support they seem to have fixed the issue.
As for the specs I went with the 8G upgrade for ram and wished I had waited a few more weeks to order (16 option now available) and the 580 GC.
I mainly purchased this machine for last gen emulators (PS2 GC Wii). As far as emulators go, if the game is compatible with said emulator it will run full speed on this Machine. That is with the graphics turned up to 11 if you will. All gaming issues I have had have been due to the emulator and not the computer!
I would have to recommend this machine to anyone looking to buy it for the same reasons I did.

jam 2011-08-28

Awesome for Games and 3d design

Absolutely awesome plays all games i have on full graphics and Speeds thru 3d renders. Epic. On the visual side it also rules lights my room up green. :)

Matthee 2011-08-25

Handles Games With Ease

I bought this With a Geforce gtx 570
8gb of ram and 30gb ssd, And it playes games with easy, i sit in WoW raids at 100+ fps constantly on ultra

Rift it easily sits at 50+ fps

i had one small problem with mine however, A few days after i bought it it wouldnt startup, After a few hours of trying to figure it out, I needed to reset the bios, but since then its run perfectly

Daniel 2011-06-25


Had this system 2 weeks now! It annihilates anything I throw at it. Got the SSD option for a quick boot and the 6970.

You cant go wrong!

Do it!

Kevin 2011-06-19

Top Gun

Ordered my new babybird on the Monday, and it arrived wrapped in potentially indestructable packaging on the Wednesday morning. Slapped the graphics card in and it booted up like a dream.


Added the GTX 580, 1tb hard drive plus a 60gb SSD and 8gb of ram. Everything was well put together and the customer service was pro.

Roll on Skyrim and SWTOR...I am prepared for you!

Chetan 2011-05-24

Love the power!

Ordered this around 11am on Friday 13th, arrived around the same time Monday 16th.

Bought this with the 8GB upgrade and the GTX 460.

Had this for about a week now and it runs everything so much smoother than my old Acer laptop.

Needed something with a bit of a kick for video editing mainly and it does the job with absolute ease!

The only thing for me was that the fans were a tad bit loud, but not so loud that it was disruptive or annoying.

Overall a very happy customer for a first purchase from OC.

Sergejus 2011-05-22


Great machine!!! Very good for games!!! Thanks!!!

Stuart 2011-05-18

Great computer

I got this rig with a gigabyte GTX Ti SOC, 8gb Ram, Windows7 home and GB SSD..
The load time on starting the computer is insane, usually i have enough time to make a cup of tea in the morning before its loaded up, now i can hardly open my eyes before its done, takes 16 seconds from off to fully on.
World of Warcraft runs at 60fps in 25 man raids like Nefarian with loads of adds, fire, lightning and god knows what. runs at around 50fps with Xfire + Fraps running. Crysis, shogun2, portal2, black-ops etc.. run at full graphics at 60fps doesn't drop at all.
Wish i would have got a bigger SSD though as with just windows and world of Warcraft on it, its already pretty much full, i recommend a GB SSD.
Had to fit in the graphics card myself but they give you a well explained piece of piece of paper with how to put it in, a 3 year old could follow this guide.
Ordered this on Thursday 12th may at 3:45pm, arrived on 16th may at 3:30pm pretty happy with this.
Overall, this computer is awesome. 5/5

Michael 2011-05-14


Like others, I considered an i7, but after reading up on price/performance this was the best value system for me.

I added a GTX460 and 120GB SSD and I'm very pleased with performance. Playing games at HD resolution with all graphics settings set to max works well.

As you'd expect the cabling is tidy. The case is nice and simple and feels sturdy.

I was a bit dubious when it arrived with a Gigabyte motherboard (based on a poor experience of their X58 boards), but I've been pleasantly surprised, no such issues with this board.

The front (green LED) fans were a bit noisy and garish for my liking, but were easily replaced.

J WESTON 2011-05-11

A Beast

Got with 8gig ram, GTX 560Ti which i didn't even realise was overclocked as well so that was awesome, got with a nice 24inch LED, plays Crysis 2 on extreme graphics mode .. nuff said

had to install card but was easy and had step by step info on a slip, also needed a wireless adapter but got one from here for

Gary 2011-05-08

excellent system

Brought this when it was on offer upgraded to 1 tb hard drive,and 8 gb of ram free ,used my old 4890 ,and it runs wow on ultra settings with loads of addons getting 210 fps at 1378x768,only gripe ockers had not connected top case fan,easily sorted though really excellent system it flies :)

Gallagher 2011-05-05

Great PC

Ordered this PC on Saturday and it arrived wednesday morning. i must say i am not just saying this but i am mesmerized by the sheer speed and efficiency of this system. its a MUST Buy it eats WoW on Ultra Graphics for Breakfast even when im doing a 25 man Raid its still runs at 50-60 FPS.

If you have been looking for a new system to prepare you for the future whether it comes to gaming, video editing and rendering or whatever your interested in, Look no further this PC is Absolute Perfection.

Richard 2011-05-04


Amazing system. lightning fast. recommend you get a SSD

kevin marks 2011-04-22

my beast

great machine i put gtx480 with 8gb memory and windows 7 .my old one was cyberpower with 2 gtx8800 quad core extreme but this one knocks it for six and delivered in less than 24 hours

paul 2011-04-21

blown away

ordered this system yesterday at 12.00 i went for the 60gb ssd. a radeon6950 2gb graphics card(which I must say is huge) also had a few other additions like sound card and blueray drive 5.1 speaker system was delivered today 10.30 am had it up and running before 12.00. It runs like a dream very very quiet even when playing wow on max settings in a 25 man raid was still getting 60fps. would recommend this system and OC for their excellent service and very quick delivery.one small complaint box was damaged on arrival but that was down to delivery co. However everything was so well packed it was all safe .thanks OC

one very happy customer

K 2011-04-05


I recently purchased this machine and have been running for a month now having previously used Mesh for my last two PCs. Opted for a 60gb SSD, MSI 560ti Frosr II and Windows 7 64. So far it runs very quick as you'd expect with SSD. Playing Black Ops at 1900x1200 with every setting maxxed and super smooth even with the online gaming. OC now have a very happy customer and i'll back here again for the next machine.

Chris Dooley 2011-03-13

Fast and Quiet too

Just bought this with the SSD and GEforce 580.

Very quick, as you would expect, but was impressed with the lack of noise too.

Delrob 2011-03-05


Superb system, I would recommend the SSD upgrade for the operating system, I also added a d2x soundcard and a gtx570 graphics card. the machine runs like a dream nice and quiet and extremely well put together thanks to all the guys at OCUK for their advice and also for the excellent delivery service.

Riaz 2011-03-02

Cant go wrong

Bang for buck.

My first purchase - very very promt delivery, and wired really really well.

Recommend OCUK for all your computer needs

Rod B,. 2011-02-21

What a beast!

Got mine with the GTX 580 and 120GB SSD. Eats Crysis and Crysis Warhead for breakfast - getting 40-60 fps at 1920x1024 on max detail. Even FSX runs at a fair lick.
One niggle - had to install the graphics card my self - why?
Should you get one of these - YES!!!

Shane 2011-02-18

Beast of a Machine

Ordered with a GTX 580 and an additional four gig of ram, plus a 60gb ssd.

Boots from cold to fully usable in 30 seconds or less.

Not sure how new this feature is but the CPU auto overclocks depending on what you are doing, for example during normal web browsing it idles away at around 1.6ghz... stick on Crysis Warhead and it shoots upto 4.2 -4.6ghz.... Brilliant!

A little more on Crysis Warhead - my rig runs it on totally maxed out settings incredibly smoothly (50 - 60fps)

Beautiful machine, runs cool to luke warm on the higher ends aps and games... If this has caught your eye you really should take the plunge!

Doooo eeeet! You deserve a treat!

Colin 2011-02-05


Having done a great deal of research (and soul searching); I finally took the plunge and bought this system. I upped the graphics card to a GTX460 and added another fan and OS. I probably didn't need to add the fan, but there you go.

The buying process was painless and quick. The guys at OCUK were really helpful and efficient. Phil answered all my questions and assured me that I should have the system in three to five days.

To my amazement the system was in my possession 48hrs later and to say it is a beast would be selling it short. So much quicker than my old PC and laptop. The graphics card was seperate to be installed by me, but that was no problem. The overclock was all done and OS already installed. I know people have stated how tidy the wiring is loomed before but I must say it is absolutely superb.

All the components were quality items and everything just looked the business.

All in all; a great system at a great price with top notch service from OCUK. Recommended.


Werefrog 2011-01-26

If you're a gamer don't hesitate

I considered an i7 build but as I would be using this machine for 99% gaming and after checking benchmarks it was apparent the i7 would be mean a couple of fps difference at best. A wise person said I would be better off spending the money on the best possible graphics card.

I went for the 120 ssd, GTX 580 and I bought a Benq XL2410T 24" TRUE 120Hz 3D Widescreen LED Monitor. Three weeks on I am still stunned by the almost instant bootup and the jaw dropping quality of today

Paul 2011-01-22


OMFG what can I say. Arrived, installed graphics card, case cabling uber neat. Installed my own copy of W7. Went for gtx570, 60gb sad and 1tb drive differences. Have downloaded a couple of the Nvidia demos WOW. Pc scores 7.7 out of possible 7.9 on windows ratings, yet to see games playing but I know they are going to be amazing. Pc boots from cold to usable in approx 30 seconds. About 10 times quicker than my old pc.

Get one now. That's all knave to say, cheers OC. You have done it again

Dave 2011-01-13

Thumbs Up.

Grabbed this machine with the GeForce 460 upgrade and no operating system.

Took less than 48 hours from order to delivery. Everything arrived intact and the overclocking was all set up in Bios already.

It runs ultra smooth, playing WoW with 60 FPS on ultra settings in a 25 man raid (45-50 fps if I fraps) is a joy.

Done some number crunching and video encoding on it too, also lightning fast.

Very happy with the machine, fastest PC I've ever owned, well worth the money, and the super fast delivery is pretty much unheard of from other vendors.

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