OcUK Extreme
"Titan Goliath" Intel Core i7 930 2.80GHz @ 3.60GHz Quad Core DDR3 System

  • Intel Core i7 930 2.80GHz @ 3.60GHz Processor
  • Gigabyte EX58A-UD3R Intel X58 Motherboard
  • Patriot Viper 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 (1600MHz)
  • Corsair TX 650W PSU
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Stock Code: FS-030-OE

EAN: 00000000

MPN: FS-030-OE

Manufacturer: OcUK Extreme

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Product information:

"Titan Goliath" Intel Core i7 930 2.80GHz @ 3.60GHz Quad Core DDR3 System

The "Titan Goliath" features a Intel i7 930 2.80GHz processor overclocked and guaranteed to a stable 3.60GHz, combined with a selection of high performance, handpicked components designed to meet your desire for the perfect gaming system.

Why You Should Buy This System?
- A guaranteed 3.60GHz performance for the price of 2.80GHz
- Choose from a selection of graphics cards to meet your performance needs
- Precision built and cabled by Overclockers UK expert technicians

System Specification
- Case: Antec 902 Ultimate Gaming Case - Black
- Power Supply: OCZ StealthXStream II 700W
- CPU: Intel Core i7 930 2.80GHz Overclocked to 3.60GHz
- Motherboard: Gigabyte EX58A-UD3R Intel X58 (Socket 1366) PCI-Express DDR3 Motherboard
- Cooler: Akasa Venom CPU Cooler cooler
- RAM: Patriot Viper 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 (1600MHz) Tri-Channel
- Hard Drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB SATA-II 16MB Cache
- Graphics Card: Choice of the latest DirectX 11 graphic cards
- Sound: High Definition 7.1 Onboard Sound Card
- Optical Drive: LG GH22NS30 22x DVD±RW SATA Dual Layer ReWriter

Service Package
- Full 12 Month collect and return warranty
- Each specification is assembled from handpicked components for compatibility and stability
- Telephone, web note and forum technical support

Is this System for You?
Designed with speed, performance and quality in mind this system is perfect for those looking to transform your gaming experience. This system is designed and built for gamers, by gamers.

Note - If you would like to make a small change to the specification call our sales team on 0871 200 5052 and they will be happy to help.
The lead time on all pre-built systems is between 24-48 hours.

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Its a Beast

Bought one of these with a HD5850 and spent an extra

Robbie Jamieson 2010-05-13


I got this back around December time, with a GTX 260, i7 920 and a Antec 300.

Arrived faulty, but RMA'd easily and came back surprisingly fast considering it was the Christmas period. Worked straight out of the box the second time.

It came with the boxes and manuals, discs and everything you'd need. Had some problems with the BIOs and CMOS battery which was easily resolved by the support team. Further tweaking of the BIOs made the system even more stable.

Brilliant PC, I would recommend it. Hasn't failed on me once since December. Runs cool enough to keep it on 24/7 and is powerful enough to do all computing tasks!

Ed 2010-05-02


I always take the reviews given by overclockers customers with a pinch of salt, you'll be hard pressed to find any item on this site with a review score of less than 4 stars.
That being said, I'm going to give this system the full 5 stars it deserves. I bought it with the 470 Fermi card and a solid state disk and it does everything I expected it to do. It worked straight out of the box and runs maximum settings on Bad Company 2 @ 1900 x 1080 without any issues what so ever.
The system arrived with all the original manufacturers boxes, which I think is a nice touch.
In summary then: A well built machine, with quality components at a good price

Froggy 2010-04-26

Good but not great

I purchased this machine with the GTX 260, a few months back after a friend recommended Overclockers. Unfortunately, the motherboard was faulty and I had to return it so it could be replaced. Overclockers were excellent and I received it back, working perfectly, in two days.

I am a little disappointed with the actual performance. Don't get me wrong; It's fairly powerful and handles most of what I throw at it well, but graphics settings aren't as high as I'd like them to be on games like Battlefield Bad Company 2. Also, the PC does tend to get rather warm sometimes; I'll probably look at adding another fan or two soon.

Jason 2010-03-21

Almost perfect

A couple of minor teething problems. Graphics card supplied didn't work, but the RMA for the replacement only took a few days. Also I can't seem to find the Assassins Creed 2 voucher, but I'm not too bothered. It's a great system, playing BFBC2 with a 5850 card - all settings at max and it runs extremely smoothly.

Lou 2010-03-12

Suddenly, outstanding

The reason that I am now giving this 4 stars instead of 5, is because Windows 7 64 bit was not installed upon delivery - which had me baffled for a day since it should have been (it was in my order).

But OC has been informed now so I can say that the PC is brilliant. Every game maxed out without problems. The 902 case is stunning, albiet heavy. Great cooling, great 5970 card, fantastic memory and great processor!

Cameron 2010-03-10

Great system

I bought this system a few days ago, and as ever Overclockers do great work. The cabling in the case was excellent. The system runs very quite and super cool. I added windows 7 64bit, and the antec 902 case. i am very happy with it. But tbh i didnt realise the Antec 902 case was so small. I have an Akasa 62 eclipse full aluminium case, and it is huge compared to this case. my advise to anyone thinking of getting a case is get the antec 1200 case which i wish I had chosen now. other than that, this system is excellent:).

mittin 2010-03-03

Great PC, stunning service

Ordered Sat evening, had to call Monday morning as realised the Sapphire 5850 was out of stock..swapped for an in sotck XFX one and the whole computer was delivered NEXT DAY!! Stunning service and super-fast rig; playing Dirt 2 in DX11 with everything on max 1680x1050 4xAA @50fps. Couldn't be happier!

Jonny 2010-02-27

Awesome system

What can I say? Top service once again from OC - ordered Monday at 7.30pm and it turned up Wednesday lunchtime.

Running W7 x64 on this rig and it's fantastic - handling anything I'm throwing at it with the chosen 5770 ATI card.

And the iiyama monitor I bought at the same time was a good choice.

Highly recommended!

Mark 2010-02-18

Quality service

I ordered this machine on Friday at 1pm and it arrived on Saturday at 9am. I've never had service like it, top quality.

The machine itself seems like a beast. I've only played team fortress 2, which is an old game I know, but on a server with 32 people with a lot of spam, I never dropped below 120 FPS.

I wasn't aware of how the overclocked processor worked either, sent a web message, which was answered a couple of hours later, giving me details of programs to install just to check the clock speeds.

The service has been brilliant, and I will shop here again.

Dan 2010-02-13


I've only got as far as getting Win7 and some drivers set up really but this system is begging for some hard action.

It's so quiet I have now realised that I need to replace my monitor as it makes a humming noise that I couldn't here over my previous system.

People who have commented on the audio ports on the front not working need to install the audio drivers for the system board which are on the CD in the box or downloadable from www.gigabyte.com.tw/
I think if you buy the OS from OC they put all the drivers on for you but I put Win7 on myself and found the the front audio made the clicking noises people have mentioned. Updating the drivers sorted it ok and added some useful features too.

Soon as I get some games and stuff loaded I might write another review but I wanted to put straight the audio fault as it's been mentioned a few times.

It's all good so far

Dan 2010-02-11

HD video editing platform

I have to highlight the outstanding customer service I received Overclockers during my recent Goliath purchase. Seeking a suitable AVCD HD video editing machine meant a lot of back and forth communication as I researched the latest Intel chips and AVCHD software packages and system requirements, coupled with balancing system cost. Their expertise and patience was invaluable and I am now the very happy owner of a perfect piece of kit, delivered in less than 24hrs from order. I went for the Fractal Define case which is brilliantly constructed and designed, plus you can barely hear the fans when you switch it on (until you take it to task of course). My Goliath has eaten its' way through anything I have thrown at it in the two weeks I've had it.

Nathan 2010-02-03

Love it

A friend recommended this PC to me and OMG it is awesome :)

Jo 2010-02-01

Good System

Went for the Antec 902 case and Windows 7 Pro , system runs nicely.

Case is noisy with the fans on full , but turning them down to 90% reduces the noise by 50%.

System blows through all the games i've tried it on on max settings.

I asked for a soundcard to be added , the soundcard turned up loose on the inside of the box with the system in it , not ideal , but it was fine and I was able to fit it myself.

All in all a decent buy price wise if you up your spec from the default slightly.

Paul 2010-01-30

Titan Goliath

So far so good. I got Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz @ 3.40GHz 6Gb ram and Ati 5870 with win 7 64bit. System is really quite, really fast and plays every games at full settings.

Paul 2010-01-25

Get one now

Got this when was on offer... my god its fantastic!
Titan Goliath" Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz @ 3.40GHz Quad Core 6 gig of RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX 260 graphics card housed in a Coolermaster Storm 'Scout' Gaming Case; not in the options but did not like the others and did not want a massive tower, and its the nuts. Got a iTb hard drive as was only

Mike 2010-01-25

Great Buy

I've had mine for a little over 2 weeks now and am thoroughly impressed.

I opted for:
Nvidia GeforceGTX 260
No OS (Had my own Win7 Prof)
Lancool K62
Standard HDD

After a week of hearing nothing, I called their customer support (which took a few seconds I was pleased to out) and found out they were out of K62 cases and weren't likely to have any until eom, I opted to change to an Antec902 and 2 days later the machine was on my doorstop!

Demolishes any current gen game I throw at it (top spec Crysis, MW2, DM4 Dragon Age).
Quick & Speedy.
Casing is gorgeous.
Cabling is very neat and tidy.

The Antec902 case is BIG, big & heavy.
The cabling is so well tied and stored, it's awkward to add things to it.

Worst of all, I either received a defective port, or it wasn't connected properly as my front speaker jack constantly says it's in use, so I can't put anything in it which I'd rather like to (headphones).

Overall, superb machine, excellent service, will be using OCUK again!

Callum 2010-01-23


Okay been using for about a month now this computer is sick theres two things i regret one i ordered the 32-bit by mistake not the 64-bit so can only use 3 gb of ram which is dissappointing the other thing is that im not really using it to its full potential got it round chirstmas delivery was a little late but thats expected it was christmas

Mo 2010-01-21


i bought the standard system with the addition of the 1tb hard drive and ATI 5770 graphics and its pretty damn quick.
it has crashed a few times when running biohazard but that may be because i had AA and everything maxed out on my gpu at the time.
currently running my gpu clock at 950Mhz and memory clock at 1440MHz (options readily available in catalyst control centre so im assuming this does not void the warranty!) with very little change in core temp, maybe 1-2 degrees.

my screen keeps flashing if i have IE open and a few times the screen has become unresponcive.. only after i installed vuse(azeurus) tho so there may be a compatibilty issue with win7 !

I forgot to order the 64bit windows 7, called up overclockers the day it was going to be shipped and they put it on no hastle and it arrived the next day with the most padding ever ever seen , so no courier muck ups possible.

all in all its a great computer, without spending a lott more money you cant really get much better

Ian 2010-01-16

Very good deal

Great system. Bought one before christmas been using it for a month now. As below, eats through ANY game you throw at it. Amazing value, I priced up the parts that I chose and it was the same price without being OC'd. I went for the 4890, 902 Antec Case and changed the PSU to the TX 950 (78a single rail) which isn't necessary.

Left4Dead2, CODMW2, BIOSHOCK, CRYSIS all play perfectly on full settings.

Couldn't recommend this system enough.


James 2010-01-12

Good all round service

This was my first pre built pc after years of building my own, I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of components going wrong and the hassle of returning parts after hours of trying to figure out what the problem was, and I'm glad I did!

I got the system up and running and followed the instructions in the box to install the OCCT program to check the machine was running at the overclocked speed it was sold as. I had problems with the program stopping and telling me the CPU was too hot. All credit to Overclockers during a busy Christmas period, after I contacted them and followed a couple of there suggestions they sent me a replacement cooler which has resolved the issue.

As the rest of the reviewers state, the PC is fast, handles everything I've thrown at it so far, couldn't be happier with the final working product.

Good job Overclockers, I would definitely recommend to all!

Tom Wakeland 2010-01-11

True Goliath


Thats the first thing I thought when I first booted the Goliath up. Just the speed at which it boots is amazing.

I Spec'd my system with:
Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Antec 902 Case
HD4890 Graphics Card

I last bought a system 2 years ago, it was slowly being outpaced over the years until I thought, new decade, new machine.

I ordered it on Friday 8th Jan (Mid-afternoon) and recieved it on Monday 11th (10am) OCUK & DPD have done very well with their customer service.

I have already had it running Crysis (Old game I know) at Ultra High Qualiy (1920x1080 res) and the HD4890 is displaying this at a cool 50fps which for me looks astounding.

This system is a real bargain for the amount of power you get, it will keep me going for sometime now.

The Antec 902 houses everything with plenty more room, OCUK have done a great job with the cabling, I have honestly never seen such a tidy case.

I 100% recommend this system to anyone.

Liam 2010-01-11

excellent service

What can i say. This machine is awesome. I ordered on the 29th december and it arrived on the the 31st....the awful man on the phone lied to me and said it would be shipped and ready for roughly 7th/8th Jan 2010. Now thats a lie i can live with LOL. The built quality is rock solid, very very quiet even when maxing out crysis on MAX resolution MAX details (never thought i could say that). Max out resident evil 5, solid 60fps, max out supreme commander, max out COD 4-2. Not even a stutter. I used to buy with MESH but was massively let down by them (12 weeks to deliver a

Az 2010-01-04


Just ordered my Goliath this morning, i haven't received it yet (obviously) but already am very impressed with the Over Clockers customer service.

Tried ordering my machine late last night and my card was declined for whatever reason, anyway i get a phone call at half nine this morning, from a very helpful guy called sunny, who helped me piece together the machine i wanted, and also compare it to a few others on the site.

Finally found the perfect set-up and once again card got declined, so i had to hang up, call the bank and sort everything out. the tech from OC called me back (on my mobile mind you...) and managed to process my order, to my relief.

anyway the machine i opted for:

Nvidia GTS 285
win 7 premium 64bit
antec 300
m225 64gb SSD

Should be here by Tuesday, will write another review when i have the beast in front of me!

But until then i am still giving this 5/5 purely on how helpful these guys are and efficient to!

Thank You OverClockers (especially sunny!)

Josh 2009-12-31

A Goliath Indeed

Arrived shortly after I ordered it. All I can say is what a fantastic machine, I chose the 4890, Seagate 1TB hard drive, Lancool Dragon-Lord K62 case and Windows 7 HP 64Bit. I've played Fallout 3, Far Cry 2 and Fifa 09 all at max settings (1920x1080 resolution) and its amazing, no lag, great speed. I ordered the Viewsonic VX2260wm 22" monitor with it as well off this site and its works great with the Titan goliath, all packed well. All in all a great service, will definately use OcUK again.

The Scop 2009-12-30

the beast is here

Just got this baby for christmas, and all i can say is its amazing. 10/10. No lag what so ever; Plays every game i've tried in max settings so far whilst using fraps to record footage with 0% lagg! Buy one!

James 2009-12-25

No goliath but it does it's job

It's no goliath..............but for the money it does it's job well, it is well put together in a nice small case. It's quiet and the fans can be individually controlled. The stock system (i got but upgraded the case to a a antec 300) plays all my current games well without any problems (COD 2, fallout 3 etc). The overclocking is stable, there is room for upgrading later. The best thing about this is the motherboard and the i7 chip. It will be a while before you ever need to upgrade them, if you can afford it however i would recommend a gpu upgrade. The delivery was 2 days late but it was still within a week of the order being placed, i cannot think of anybody else who delivers a system so quick!

David 2009-12-24

Just Lovely

oh yes! she's a beaut! I usually build my own rigs but I saw this thing, did the maths and it didn't work out that much more than building it myself, the fact that they over clock it and give it a warranty really did just top it off.

Ordered Thursday morning and to my surprise I received an email later on in the afternoon saying it had been dispatched. The damsel arrived promptly the next morning and it was love at first sight. The End

Nathan Kohut 2009-12-23

Very Very Nice PC

I held off writing a review because I was sure i wanted to have a few days to play around with my new machine before committing my opinions.

1st Impressions - Fantastic machine.


Ordering - I asked for some minor changes from the base model and all have been done without horrific charges.

Delivery - Ordered by phone late Friday after noon. 1st delivery attempt was at 13.00 on Tuesday ! So quick I missed it and they brought it back on the Wednesday. Could not be any faster really and considering is Xmas ........

Packing - Could have been a bit better

Contents - All drivers,manuals , cables etc from components are in the box.

PC - Arrived without a scratch, opening it up I saw a quality build, cables routed correctly etc. Looked like they guy built it for himself it was so neat.

Speed - Hate to coin a US phrase but its "awesome"

Conclusion - Buy one , I was going to build a PC but I am so glad I got this one.

Warren 2009-12-19

Superb in all respects

I've been ordering components from OCUK for years but this is the first time I've tried one of their complete systems, and I am mightily impressed.

I called sales to tweak the spec - mainly to get an SSD as the primary HD - and the staff were helpful and knowledgeable without being the least bit pushy. The resulting machine was delivered a day earlier than I was told to expect (I always like it when staff give you a conservative delivery estimate!) and it is superb; fast, well balanced and beautifully assembled. I've done a number of self builds and *never* ended up with a such a tidy box. Maybe the overclock isn't pushing the envelope but it is absolutely rock solid and of course you're free to tweak it higher if you want. You just can't go wrong with a system like this.

Paul Roberts 2009-12-19

Amazing for the money

Purchased this on Thursday 10th. Arrived 1 day late on Tuesday 15th, But I'm a patient man and wow the wait was worth it...

I added a GeForce GTX 285, Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium, Antec 902 and 1.5 TB HD. The computer itself? Outstanding. CoD4, CoD WaW and CoD MW2 all auto set the graphical options to almost everything on high/yes. Theres only 1 option that isnt maxed out on MW2. The fact that I'm able to alt tab with no problems in the middle of MW2 or WaW to check my emails or CPU temps is great. In game I check the CPU usage and it hover's around 20-30 percent. Once I leave and go back to the main menu or lobby: 0-5 percent. Outstanding job overclockers.

The only reason this review gets a 4 star and not a 5 is that the 2 audio ports on the front (Mic in and headphone) are messed up. If I plug both in, they conflict and they both keep getting redetected. It's like theres a loose connection somewhere, but I'm ok to use the onboard ports for now.

Grant D 2009-12-19


I bought this system on the Weekly offer as it was barely more than buying the individual parts! It only took 2 days from ordering to arrive and was well packaged.
I went for basic spec plus;
Radeon HD5870 (Sapphire as it turns out)
WDC Black 500Gb
Antec 300 case
Corsair H50 CPU watercooler
Akasa Apache super silent 120mm fan (fitted in front as there is no frontal intake fan).

PSU was fitted upside down IMO however, intake fan was facing down at the case floor rather than into the case....maybe just preference?!
Stock Antec fans arent the quietest so may change them however 140mm top fan has a manual 3 speed control. Note the Akasa front fan i bought only reaches the PWR_FAN header which runs the fan at full speed and isnt temp controlled, you need to attach it to SYS_FAN2 header which is to far away! You can order a PWM fan extension cable to give it extra length to reach which i have now done.
All in all a good buy and changing the PSU around doesnt lose it 5 stars. ;)

Stuart 2009-12-19

Awesome to the max

just got this pc today (well 2 weeks back but just got bk from uni) and compared to my old pc this is awesome. well worth the money fast, silent and just feels lovely to work with. i upgraded to the 1.5 hd 30 case n GC and i have no regrets...just need to get use to windows 7 now lol

Scott 2009-12-18

Brilliant, OCUK

Just bought this system with the 4890, and the lancool k62 case. I'm in love with it. Although it is on the large size, the case itself is beautiful. Cable management is outstanding, thanks to the Overclockers professionals who put it together.

All my applications are running lightening fast, and I could not be happier. Great value for money.

Thanks Overclockers!

Ben Lloyd 2009-12-17


Opted for the XFX 4890 graphics card, Antec 300 case and 1.5TB drive with Windows Home Premium 7 64-bit edition.

Very impressed with the tidyness of the cabling inside, so much so that I was too scared to disturb it to attach a couple of old SATA drives! Overclocked as promised, with incredible performance in all the games I tried (World of Warcraft, Modern Warfare 2, Left 4 Dead 2) - the case fans are quite noisy, but I guess there's a lot of cooling to be done.

One star off for slack delivery timing.

Nick W 2009-12-17

Great Machine

Was a bit apprehensive spending so much on a PC but it's a refreshing change to have something so fast.

Chose the 4890, 1TB and Antec 902 and temperatures are outstanding. Could probably push up the OC to 3.8Ghz without any change of fans but not going to dare compromise the warranty

Stan 2009-12-16


I've built my own machines for the last decade or so, but no longer have the time or patience, so I took to finding the best value prebuilt I could.... and I reckon I've found it.

Unbelievable performance for the money! I took the HD5770, Antec 300, Win 7 and 1TB HDD options, and there's no way I could have gotten that deal anywhere else for the same price.

Build quality is outstanding, the OcUK guys do a first-rate job of being tidy, and the OS and drivers all came pre-installed! 100% worth the extra premium over buying the components and DIYing it. The case is fantastic, very quiet, and looks awesome. Some options to add front/side fans would have been nice, though.

Packaging was excellent, and the PC arrived in 6 days, which is great for my location, in December post!

It's devouring any game that I throw at it so far! I alsdo a lot of Photoshop, and it's nice to have filters rendered instantly for a change!

Will recommend highly, and certainly continue to shop at OcUK

S Le Page 2009-12-15

Absolutely Superb

I ordered this PC with the Antec 300 case, ATI 5850 and 1TB hard disc. Everything was in stock and the PC was shipped the day after ordering and arrived with parts boxes, manuals and Windows disc.

This is superb service in itself but all the more amazing when you look inside and see for yourself the amazingly tidy job OCUK have done of the wiring etc. The Antec 300 case is fantastic and well worth the extra tenner. It just looks gorgeous, inside and out. A stark contrast to the pile of spaghetti that is my old, self build, PC.

Talking of self build, don't waste your time. When you add up the price of the parts alone, OCUK build is a very small premium to pay. When you add in the what other companies charge for an overclock service, the amazingly tidy job and the speed of delivery... well, life's too short.

My only problem is that this is a Christmas present from my wife, so I'm not allowed to plug it in yet.
Can't wait to compare it to my single core 2 GHZ AMD XP2400 and 7600GS!!!

Mark 2009-12-11

Rise of a BEAST

What can i say, i'm more them impressed with this PC! I ordered it 10 days ago over the phone, the overclockers team was very helpful and professional. I got my PC 10 days later, due to shortage of stock of the graphic card i ordered (5870).

- It's the fastest pc i ever worked on.
- Boots up to windows really fast
- Windows 7 is awsum (was tempted to get the new imac, but i'm glad i ended up buying this PC, was worried about Windows 7, but i can tell you that i give it a 10/10!)
- What impressed me the most is that the PC is dead silent! You'de expect to hear fans with an i7 quad core with the world 2nd best graphic card, It was so quiet, i was actually wondering if the fans were actually working! It just feels weird working with a silent PC.
- I can play all the latest games with MAX graphics at a very good framerate.

Value for money, i'd recommend this PC to anyone
- Overclockers have done a great clean tidy job inside the case.
- Supplied me with all the boxes, manuals and CDs...

Marc 2009-12-11

Great system

System was shipped on the same day I ordered it, and that's with different (Western Digital) hard drives requested over the phone, and delivery attempted next day.

Came well packaged and with all manuals, disks, spare cables etc. that would have been with the components, and all required software was installed along with Windows 7 as ordered.

It runs quick, quiet, and without any trouble.

Rich 2009-12-09


A great machine. I called in and changed the spec slightly (got mine with twin 5870's upgraded CPU cooler, and upgraded PSU) and got it for a great price.

Had quite a wait for the system due to the graphics cards not being in stock and when the system first arrived the cards were faulty. Was RMA'd same day and it was quickly sent back to me (unfortunately had aother wait due to ATI 5870 card supply issues) but it came back again yesterday and it flies!

Really, really impressive and built with care - great cable management etc.

Overall I'd say:

System itself: 5+
Service from OCUK (communication etc): 4

Dunners 2009-12-04


Have been a customer of Overclockers for a while now building my own systems but thought it was time to get a proper gaming rig and I really couldn't be bothered doing it myself lol.

I wasn't disappointed with this beast! Saw the note stating I could change parts and so when I was ready to order I gave the friendly sales person a ring and opted for a Sapphire 4890, Samsung F3 HDD, W7 Home, Coolermaster V8 and the awesome Antec 902. They quickly checked that it would all go together and my order was placed on the Friday.

Late Monday morning it arrived! Excellent build quality with the cables all tucked away nicely and boxes included for the graphics card, Mobo etc. Great system, great service from Overclockers. I can recommend both highly!

JonM 2009-11-27


Ordered this on Monday at 12:00...it arrived at my door at 12:00 on Tuesday, despite there supposedly being an issue with sourcing ATI 5850s. Outstanding.

Hussmannog 2009-11-24

Quick, Quiet, Quality

First review on Overclockers - my brother recommended the site and I took the plunge despite some mixed internet reviews of the company. I am really pleased - the machine is awesome for the money, very quiet despite the overclocking. It is very neat inside and "touch wood" after first two days of opertation fault free on Windows 7. Like the way you get the boxes and manuals for every component - will make ebaying old components easy when I am trading up in future. Have Batman Arkham Asylum on it maxed out and it eats it alive - and thats with just the 4870 card. Payed an extra tenner for the Antec 300 and it was worth it. All in all my first experience with Overclockers was very positive. Thanks folks.

Ali H 2009-11-19

Great PC

Swift delivery, well packaged and everything is good.
Went for the Antec 902 case and its a bit bulky, but looks and cools good!
One problem is that on system properties/CPU-Z its showing the core speed as 2.67 not 3.40.

Paddy 2009-11-19


I bought the Goliath a few weeks back and as said below it chews up any game you throw at it.

I went for the ATI Radeon 4890 1024Mb, Windows 7 64bit and the Antec 902 case. The case is very big and heavy but cooling is very good, You can also turn the fans down if you're watching a movie and you can't hear it at all.

I have been very impressed with the system so far, and the overclock only kicks in when you need it, at times such as playing games. Other than that it usually sits at 2.66 only boosting to 3.4 when the demand is great enough.

I had intended on building my own until I seen this package and its well worth the buy.

Very impressive machine.
(Well packaged and very fast delivery)

Thanks OC

Lee 2009-11-16


Replaced my (overclockersUK) q6600/9800 GX2 system and what an upgrade for the money ! Went for new 5870 card. 3D mark06 score of 23050 straight out of box against 16800 on last system. Goliath is i7 overclocked rig at a lower price than equivalent i5 system so buy quickly before they notice! This is also amazingly quiet and cool. Oh, and Crysis finally put in its place at highest settings. Heartily recommended as you'd struggle to build yoursef for less and you have overclockers expertise built in.

Ross Anderson 2009-10-15

Impressive Machine

Bought pretty much this spec machine via the "Pro Gamer" option on the "PC configurator". Chose the ATI4870 video card and the Antec 300 case.

Ordered Saturday evening, delivered Tuesday afternoon.

Build quality is very good with the internal cabling being neatly arranged. The case, cpu and graphics card fans are much quieter than I expected. The speed is amazing: so far everything I've tried (GTA IV, COD4, FarCry2) can be run with all the graphics settings maxed out.

Overall, very impressed with the whole package. This was the first PC that I haven't built myself, and I see no need to go back to that approach.

D Tegerdine 2009-10-10


The System is absolutely brilliant, ordered it with the Antec 300 and the ATI HD4850, the case looks beautiful, the picture here doesn't do it justice, and it only takes around 10 seconds to load up and less than 5 seconds to shut down, played 3 bluray dumps at once and the CPU usage was under 10 % which shows how brilliant this PC actually is, the cable management is exceptional, and I surely will be returning to OcUK in the future.

Alwyn 2009-09-29


A brilliant PC built here by OC, there was a bit of a mix-up with delivery which ended coming on the following Monday but that was fine.

I heard there was a problem with the graphics card but after being notified by OC they were quick to rectify the problem and thus have a completed system ready.

Had the computer 1 week from purchase, excellent work guys. Keep it up!

Current games i've tested with full settings on are, World of Warcraft (within a Trial of the Grand Crusade 25man raid still playing at 90 FPS even in heavy AoE fights), GTA IV, perfect - no screen tearing.

Will test more games soon and see what this baby can't handle :)

Defiantly purchasing from OC again.

Matthew Needs 2009-09-16


Order: Antec 300, Ati Radeon HD 4890 and OS Vista Home Premium 64 Bit.

Build quality - Brilliant
Cables - Very neat and Tidy
Performance - 9/10

Games played (So far):
CCS @ Full res (300 FPS)
L4D @ Full res (230 FPS)
DOD S @ Full res(230 FPS)


Aron Millergill 2009-09-15

Superb pc

I purchased this with Saturday delivery and sure enough it arrived on time.

Cable management is top rate. All clean and tidy inside.

Machine is very quite for a unit of this power. I had a gtx285 installed.

Crysis on high running very well. everything else running MAX. I've yet to play a title that I could not max out on this unit. Exactly what I wanted.

Running with Windows 7 RC. Installed first time with no need for any special drivers or chipset disks etc.

Antec 300 case is nice size, very cool and not too large.

OC provided all the boxes, inc all the manuals, disks for the gfx card and motherboard.

Bought a 24" h-ips panel seperately, which itself was near 450 pounds but worth it.

Bottom line. OC have build a great pc here, fast enough for todays games, neat build, great delivery options.

I look forward to dealing with OC again in the future.

John Mayock 2009-08-23


This pc is a monster! handles any game I throw at it with a HD 4890 at 1920 *1080 and build quality, cable management etc. are just outstanding.

I'd recommend overclockers.co.uk to anybody, the price for this machine towards what it can do is excellent and delivery to Ireland was very fast and I will definately be back to do business here again

Thank you Overclockers!

earthwormjack 2009-08-15


Ordered this with GTX 285, got it next day, packed perfectly.

System very well built, no issues.
Runs cool, quiet, practically silent although the GTX 285 cards are known for a little bit of g memory screeching under load, it's unoticable in game with headphones on!

Plays arma 2 a treat (50fps+) on 1280x1024 with everything set to absolute max (yes i have a smaller monitor at mo) arma 2 is known as being one of the most demanding games at the mo...it slaughters everything else.

Second time i've dealt with OcUk and certainly won't be the last.
Get this whilst it's on offer, it's a good buy in spec for the money.

mr S bawdon 2009-07-22

Awesome Beast

1) ordered and RECEIVED within 24hrs
2) modified my order with ease
3) amazing build quality
4) lightning fast beast !
5) extremely quite
6) did I say excellent build quality !
7) excellent tidy cables

1) reduced by

Ped 2009-07-22

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