OcUK Value
"Titan Nero" AMD Phenom II X2 Dual Core 545 3.00GHz DDR2 Gaming System

  • AMD Phenom II X2 Dual Core 545 3.00GHz
  • ATI Graphics Card options
  • Patriot 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 PC2-8500C5 Dual Channel
  • 500GB Seagate 7200RPM Hard Drive
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Stock Code: FS-180-OK

EAN: 00000000

MPN: FS-180-OK

Manufacturer: OcUK Value

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Product information:

"Titan Nero" AMD Phenom II X2 Dual Core 545 3.00GHz DDR2 Gaming System

The "Titan Nero" features the excellent value AMD Phenom II X2 Dual Core 555 3.20GHz Black Edition, combined with a selection of high performance yet excellent value, handpicked components designed to meet your desire for the perfect gaming system.

Why Should You Buy This System?
- Featuring the excellent value AMD Phenom II X2 Dual Core 545 3.00GHz Black Edition processor
- Choose from a selection of graphics cards to meet your performance needs
- Powerful AMD Phenom II X2 Dual Core 555 3.20GHz processor gives the Titan Nero the punch it needs to quickly load applications and decrease loading times in games
- Precision built and cabled by Overclockers UK expert technicians

System Specification
- Case: Antec 300 Three Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case - Black
- Power Supply: OCZ StealthXStream 500w Silent Power Supply
- CPU - AMD Phenom II X2 Dual Core 545 Black Edition 3.00GHz
- Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-M68M-S2P GeForce 7025 (Socket AM3/AM2+) DDR2 microATX Motherboard
- Cooler: AMD Black Edition Stock Cooler
- RAM: Patriot 4GB (2x2GB) DDR2 PC2-8500C5 Dual Channel
- Hard Drives: Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 500GB SATA-II 16MB Cache
- Graphics Card: Choice of the latest graphic cards:
- Sound: 7.1 Channel Sound (On-Board)
- Optical Drive: OcUK 22x DVD±RW SATA ReWriter (Black)

Service Package
- Full 12 Month collect and return warranty
- Each specification is assembled from handpicked components for compatibility and stability
- Telephone, web note and forum technical support

Is this System for You?
Designed for the more disconcerting gamer who doesn't have a massive budget, yet expects the same gaming performance you would from a more expensive system.

Note - If you would like to make a small change to the specification call our sales team on 0871 200 5052 and they will be happy to help.

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PLeased as a gaming machine

System is fantastic for gaming, wouldn't recommend it for using as a media centre pc as the fans run almost as loud as an xbox360, even with AMD cool 'n' quiet running. runs assasins creed 2 with most settings on high at 40-60+ fps, Battlefield BC2 on medium with no issues, counter strike source maxxed out runs video stress test at 250fps. can't get better for the money.OCuk aftersales were fantastic, however don't trust DPD to deliver it!

Mike 2010-04-05

A true bargain

It's simple really, there's no better prebuilt system for the money you pay.10 stars and thanks overclockers!

yakboy 2010-04-02


Runs all my games, notably Empire Total War and ARMA II on max settings without a hint of lag or any problems whatsoever.

Rated 5.9 on Windows Experiance Index from a possible 7.9 on Win 7 64.

All round good runner, well worth what you pay!

Robert Tams 2010-02-03


ok there was a problem with the delivery guy who dropped it carrying it out the van but it was nicely sealed and protected inside so no harm was done, runs wow at over 200fps everything on full graphics everything maxed out.

runs crisis like a dream aswell as many of other games such as gta iv, transformers 2 and prototype all maxed out

only thing i found bad was the graphics card which was a little damaged so i bought another one cos i thought why not

but long story short well worth buying if you a gamer

rob gosling 2010-01-28

all good

i bought 1 of these for my son for xmas i was impressed i have an old fx 57 processor on my pc and this destroys mine, considering my chip cost

10tenuk 2009-12-30


Quick and Easy setup. Runs Empire Total War like a dream. Absotely amazing, i really recommend this pc!

Jack 2009-12-25

The best deal in history

Just amazing my mum's hiding it until
Christmas tho. My thirst time using oc.co.uk
and its amazing guys thanks a million.
However the cpu is going to bottleneck
I feel it in my bones.

Reece 2009-12-22

Good Value

Great computer for the price, worked straight out of the box no problems at all. high Fps in most modern games runs a very nice windows index score on Graphics and Ram (7.2 out of 7.9) altho limited by its cheap HDD.

The case looks pretty good and is huge compared to the form factor of the supplied Mother board but is good for upgradability, the graphics card has a VGA, DVI and HDMI output which is nice for connecting to a TV.

A few negatives, Mine came with a much cheaper DVD Drive which was due to stock issues, but this doesnt matter much for gaming.

The main problem i found is that this lovely Motherboard claims to support 1066 Mhz Ram speeds. however the HyperX ram requires extra voltage to run at this speed and you are unable to change the voltage for the Ram yet the overclock option is available. You will have to reset your CMOS if you try set the Hyper X ram to run at 1066 Mhz on the set 1.85v.

So stick with 800Mhz or upgrade the Motherboard.

Great buy would recommend!

Liam 2009-12-21

Can't Fault It

My new machine was delivered the next working day and appeared to have been packaged and transported very carefully. My last computer was self-built, but I was feeling lazy and my only real concern was the quality of the Akasa case, which is actually fine (considering they retail at only

Lee 2009-11-24


Brilliant, what a bargain. I've never managed to run Oblivion at full everything before and now I can with this fantastic machine, and I can't help but feel it wants more!

Only issue I had was when I installed Windows 7 - take not if you intend to buy it and install Windows 7 (or maybe Vista) yourself - I had to go into the bios and disable the floppy drive and set the dvd drive as first boot option because the install was going very very slowly... made me panic but once I'd done that it ran beautifully and I love it.

Definately say this is THE best gaming PC for the price.

Dave Harrison 2009-11-02

Titan Nero

Normally Ive allways built My own PC, but seeing earlier reviews I decided to take the plunge and buy a pre-built one..

All I can say this PC is very fast, very quiet, very good quality.
I am very pleased with this purchase, and all in all found it great value..
I had it up and running out of the box in 10 mins.

Thanks Overclockers, you have made My day!!

marcus monk 2009-10-28

Highly Recommended

Extremely good system, especially for the price. Ordered on Tues, delivered by Weds am. Recommend both the system and service highly.

Gazza 2009-10-23

Titan Nero

There is nothing i can add that hasn't already been said but i still felt moved enough to leave a review.

This PC is amazing for the price. Buy it. That's all.

Daniel 2009-10-19


I bought this budget pc and I got it the other day,

Very fast, stays cool, getting 170+fps in Aion online so far (:

Better buy it now while it's on week offer (:

Sajawal 2009-10-15


Rang up the friendly OCUK sales team as I wanted to purchase the system without the 4850 card as I had recently purchases a Radeon 4890 for my old system, unfortunately my old system was bottlenecking the 4890 and i never really got to push the card to its true potential!

No problems what so ever and the system arrived with me 2 days after ordering, everything is installed perfectly, all the wires are kept nice and tidy to increase airflow, the system is very quiet and is constantly cool even at a full CPU load.

The system runs Champions Online, Crysis and also UT3 on max resolution and settings with ease!

Probably the best 374.99 you will ever spend on a system that performs 10x better than any system you would be offered at a retailer!

If you're looking for a new system to run the latest games, look no further than the Titan Nero!

Eric 2009-10-03


Got this machine with Samsung T220 22" Widescreen LCD Monitor.

What can I say the machine is great cannot get any better for the money.

Vista rating is 5.7

My mates dell xps which cost

Michael 2009-09-30

what a machine

by far the best gaming pc i have ever come across, it plays any game on the market, plays crisis at 35fps on the max max settings, unbelievable price for something that is definately gunna last me for a long long time. dont hesitate to buy this, im writing this review i got crisis itunes world of warcraft ect running in the background and its fast as hell, excellent product 5star

ryan callaghan 2009-09-26


Great rig , bough it haven't had any problems plays teamfortress2 , grid on max perfectly, looked inside every wire looks neatly and in their places , first time I shopped in OC and its not going to be last.

Thanks OC

Ave 2009-09-23

Love in it

Just to say this is so worth the money. using mine for music production. very quiet, quick just a warning no available Sata slots and not sure if u could use both pci slots as the graphics card is fat.

flies on xp 32 i spent

Wayne 2009-09-23

Titan Nero

Having spent most of my computing life, so we are talking at least 25-30 years, constantly seeking the best bang per buck, best graphics, this does include my spectrum c64 day's through to the old atari v amiga debates and right upto xbox360 v ps3, nothing has suprised me more than this astounding offer from overclockers. Now with pc gaming i've alway's built my own system, never trusting nor buying into what company's say they can build you, then finding out it is nothing like what you wanted, alway's skimping here and there. This deal is amazing, no ,really. what you get here is solid and very quiet, even under pressure, it bearly make's a sound, i know, i've spent all weekend bathing it in benchmarks and seriously demanding games, breezing all. 3d mark vantage gives 6510 marks and thats without oclocking. also the build quality is superb, no cutting corners here, not a cable out of place, this can only mean the crew at oc's know what they know best, quality, value, servi!

Andrew Parsons 2009-09-21


plays arma 2 and crysis on very high setting unbelieveable for the price thanks ocuk

graham 2009-09-20

blown over

well what can i say this came with windows 64 already installed i thought i would have to do it myself but overclockers came good once again. Thanks great pc for the price and very very quite

steve 2009-09-13

Great Value

My partner wanted to play the sims3, but her old sempron wasn't up to the task. Browsing overclockers, I saw the Nero's spec had been upgraded from the old athlon x2 to the new athlon II so I made the purchase for her birthday and it was a wise move. Had Vista 64 bought along with it, and it came installed & configured. After a bit of a problem with the monitor cable, she was up and running and loving it. This gets a 5.6 on the windows scale and there are absolutely no problems with it whatsoever. Runs the sims effortlessly and is quiet as you could want. Also, the coolermaster case looks a lot better than the pic. 5 stars.

George Duncan 2009-09-10

Outstanding value

Runs beautifully, plays everything i've thrown at it (including Crysis)

Hard to find a better PC for the price.

Marc Errington 2009-09-10


Brilliant machine, does everything I need and more. A must buy if you want a very fast computer for a very small price.

Josh 2009-09-06


My friend was looking for his first PC and asked me to help him out. I decided this would be best for his budget.

I went round and installed Windows 7 64-bit, everything worked straight away and I didn't need to download any drivers at all, except for the graphics card.

The Price:Performance ratio is unbelievable. If you're looking for a new PC you won't be disappointed with this.

ASIM 2009-09-01

Very pleased

These days money is tight. So, I decided to go for this system based more on it's price than the components included, thinking it would simply have to do. I was certainly not expecting this system to perform as well as it does. Currently I am running Bioshock on maximum DX10 settings @1680x1050 and it plays as smooth as silk. Fallout 3 is also running extremely smoothly on full settings. Compared to my old system which cost me

Adrian 2009-08-27

Just Great

What can I say!Superb value for money,super quiet and super fast.The best 350 pounds I have spent in a long time!!

Broughton 2009-08-26

My Mistake

What a great value box, worked very well straight out of the box which was delivered very quickly. The only downside, and it's my fault for not reading the spec correctly, is that it only has 2 SATA connectors, both of which are already in use. I'm used to a large motherboard with 8 connections, so this surprised me. Anyway I've bought a PCI card with more connectors for my other devices so no big issue.

Paul Marshall 2009-08-26


Incredible value. Ordered thursday came on the monday.

No slow down on anything I've thrown at it at max graphics yet. Great great pc for an insane price. Thanks OC!!

Jay 2009-08-24

No complaints

Been shopping around for a new machine for a while but didn't want to spend loads of dosh as I did with my last machine a couple of years ago.

This machine is a great buy. I swapped the GPU for an ASUS 4870 1GB and just paid the difference.

I was quoted that it would be built for around the Wednesday, but it arrived 1st thing Monday morning.

Very happy with my purchase - it munch's everything I throw at it.

Been playing Dirt on the "Ultimate" graphic level. Great stuff.


Nate75 2009-08-23

very pleased

Ordered this tuesday, it came the next thursday.
Everything runs smooth and fast.
Runs W7 and on cs:s it gets 260fps on max graphics

steven 2009-08-22

Excellent value

Had mine for about a month now connected to my 40inch samsung series 7 hd tv with windows 7.Wow.OCUK value nat its finest my girlfriend paid

dave 2009-08-20

Extremely Happy

I ordered this on Tuesday night, and got a email, asking for verification of my card (technical difficulties) so wednesday late afternoon, after ringing ocuk, fixed the situation up, confirmed it the following morning and dispatched it Friday, came monday morning, but i went upstairs (after waiting all morning for it to arrive) 15minutes later i come down and i have a "Sorry we missed you" leaflet at the door, meaning i missed it >_< (My own fault ^^). So DPD automatically re-delivered the following day. Very good service. The system as a whole is superb, the components work in superb with eachother, better than some of the quad core systems you buy with rediculus overpriced gfx cards. Quality > Pricing. Exstatic with the system, thank you again ocuk for doing a great job ;)

George Watkinson 2009-08-11


orderered this system on a tuesday came thursday very well packed , but on opening was found to have been dropped and cpu and heatsink ripped off and damaged ( I added a Arctic freezer 7 ,very heavy ) :( . Not to worry a phonecall to O/C and system was picked up friday repaired and returned the next wednesday :))
System now running a treat very fast and very quiet, I am very happy

Stephen 2009-07-28


Ordered yesterday recieved today, What can i say but a big big thankyou to the guys n girls which put this together, The price is amazing value for what you get, running w7 rc on it, and its perfect!!
Runs like a dream i just want to say thanks guys for making such a dream pc without ripping us off!!! Im gonna tell everyone to buy from you guys just proves how other places take the mickey! THANKYOU

Joanne Tindall 2009-07-24


Just got this.

Ordered on Monday before noon, delivered to my office on Wednesday before noon. Very fast service thanks OCUK.

They gave me a different Antec 300 case instead of the coolermaster, but I'm happy with that. Inside is tidy, everything looks correctly installed.

I'm yet to plug this in to the power socket. I will do it tonight when i get home, but so far so good.

Well done OCUK.

Bee 2009-07-22


Great machine. Running Win7 with no problems at all!

graham 2009-07-16

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