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Titan Virtual Force VR Gaming PC - Intel Core i5 6600K @ 4.5GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Graphic

  • Intel Core i5 Skylake
  • Intel Z270 Chipset
  • Up to 16GB 2400MHz DDR4
  • 650W PSU
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 to 1080Ti Graphics
  • 7.1 HD Audio
  • Alpenfohn CPU Cooler

Built to order. Please allow 10 working days. Longer during busy periods.

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Stock Code: FS-002-OG

EAN: 00000000

MPN: FS-002-OG

Manufacturer: OcUK Gaming

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Product information:

Titan Virtual Force VR Gaming PC - Intel Core i5 6600K @ 4.5GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Graphic

Virtual Reality gaming at home has been the holy grail for gamers for over 25 years. It has been imagined in movies and television for even longer. Finally, thanks to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, the waiting is over. VR Gaming at home is now a reality and Overclockers UK is leading the way.

VR is the future, but to experience it now you are going to need a powerful gaming PC. Overclockers UK are here to help with a Nvidia GeForce powered gaming PC which will be powerful enough to play all of the upcoming VR titles comfortably.

The Titan Virtual Force has been heavily tested using virtual reality technology showcases and early virtual reality game demos to ensure that the performance has been maximised without unnecessarily bloating the price. Based around the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card, the Virtual Force is a fully featured VR gaming PC.

Get ready to experience the VR world with a new gaming PC which is ready for Portal 3, Half Life 3, Eve: Valkyire and other upcoming Virtual Reality titles.

Key Features of this VR Gaming PC

- Overclocked Intel Core i5 Quad Core Processing Power & Up to 16GB of DDR4 Memory
- Powerful Nvidia GeForce Graphics
- Flexible Specification
- Steam VR Score: 11 (Very High)


Case Phanteks P400 Eclipse Windowed Gaming Case - Gun Metal Grey (options available)
Power Supply 650W 80+ Gold Rated PSU
CPU Intel Core i5 6600K Quad Core Processor Overclocked to 4.5GHz
Motherboard Asus Prime Z270-K (Socket 1151) ATX Motherboard
Cooler Alpenfohn Matterhorn Black Tower CPU Cooler
Memory Up to 16GB 3000MHz DDR4 Dual Channel Kit
Primary Hard Drive Your Choice of Samsung/Intel Solid State or Seagate Hard Drive
Secondary Hard Drive Your Choice Seagate Hard Drive
Graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Graphics Card
Audio 7.1 High Definition Audio
Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 64 Bit (optional)

Note - If you would like to make a small change to the specification call our sales team on 01782 444455 and they will be happy to help.

Warranty Information
- Three Year (36 Month Collect and Return) Mainland UK and Ireland Only
- Warranty for customers outside of the UK is Return To Base
- Standard Warranty includes a three year, free labour upgrade service - Please contact our system support team.
- Labour Free Upgrade Service available upon request

- Free items provided in conjunction with any components are only provided with this PC if specifically stated in the description above.

- Please allow a minimum of 7 working days for your system to be assembled, this may take longer during busy periods.

- In the unlikely event of a fault, the customer may be required to undertake basic fault finding with the aid of our system support team


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Product Specification:

CPU Type
Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7
Air Cooling
GPU - Graphics Processor
GeForce GTX 1060, GeForce GTX 1070, GeForce GTX 1080
VR Ready

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outstanding service

my childhood dream came true upgraded case for a razor special edition also the i7 ocuk gtx1070 with a"really sturdy backplate" sorry couldnt help it ssd and 2 tb backup pc turned up in bomb proof box the moment of truth came pushed power button bam problem cooler had been knocked out of place in transit phone call to customer services sorted in minutes pc was collected repaired with upgrade aswell using with htc vive have had no problems at all since many thanks to all the staff in the repairs department runs any game i throw at it and daughter loved finding the haribo too many thanks to all great service

ian thompson 2016-10-27

Best PC i bought in last 8 years.

Excellent had a couple of weeks. Chucked in a kfa2 ex oc 1080gtx, 16gb ram, 256GB SSD, 2TB HDD. Only down side is Seagate HDD wish I got a Western Digital Black but never mind still awesome PC. Quiet too apart from HDD hum :P
OC UK delivery excellent and customer service. Only down side is I wish they kept the order status up to date in my account as they don't update it. Would have liked knowing what stage the PC was at.

Steven Charles Hancox 2016-10-20


Bought this off overclockers, got the 1070 and i7, what can i say amazing service as usual, everything went smoothly as for the PC it eats anything alive and i suspect it will for a long time.

Very happy

MARK WALSH 2016-10-17

Out of this world

Received this rig a couple of days ago and I've already chucked GTA 5, Total War Warhammer, Doom and much more at 1080p everything maxed and it's just eaten it up! You could probably easily run any game maxed at 1440p at 60FPS with this rig.

Cable management and PC build is brilliant, I went for the GTX 1070 with the overclocked i5 6600K and 16gigs of ram.

Couldn't be happier with the service and the packaging, thank you Overclockers!

Alex 2016-09-16


First of all - great service, upgraded to before 12 delivery for free after explaining I unexpectedly wouldn't be home on the afternoon of delivery.

Secondly - the PC arrived very well packaged, and from out of the box to powering up was very straight foward.

Finally - the PC is incredible. I upgraded to i7, 256SSD and 3TB HD. With 1070, I feel that this PC will be competent at gaming for a long time to come. High benchmark results.


Craig Lea 2016-08-16

Outstanding build

Had mine a few days now, with a few upgraded parts like the core i7 cpu, gtx1070 gfx card and 16gb ram. As a PC builder myself who was reluctant to let anyone else do it for me, i have to say the build standard is superb. The cable management is better by far than I would've done myself , the case looks great with the NZXT hue lighting and the GTX card lit up. Benchmarked at 15,403 3D marks. Boots every time, useable from pressing power button in about 15-20 seconds. Customer service responded to my questions prior to buying quickly and efficiently too. Very happy with the whole process.

Paul Baker 2016-06-28

Works beautifully with the HTC Vive

I have had this machine for a while now, when I ordered I decided to upgrade to the i7 CPU and 16Gig memory.

After a slightly stuttering start with receiving a broken graphics card, it was replaced with no fuss and arrived on a Saturday, I can now confirm it is superb and works flawlessly with the HTC Vive which has now arrived.

We have had no issues whatsoever with this box and the Vive with no slowdown at all - which was the exact reason for buying it in the first place so couldn't be happier.

Mat Robinson 2016-05-05

Awesome machine. Awesome service.

I received my rig yesterday afternoon. I opted for the I7 upgrade, 16GB of RAM, 980TI Classified, a 250 SSD and a 2TB mechanical backup in the Phanteks Enthoo midi tower.

Firstly. the case looks awesome, and when you take off the side panel to take a peek inside it looks even more amazing, incredibly tidy and the CPU Heat-sink looks like the Autobots logo! Cool.

Booted it up and ran through the set up no problem.

It's eaten any game that I've thrown at it alive and spat the bones back in my face.

Huge thanks to the guys at overclockers for upgrading me to Saturday delivery completely free of charge!

Thomas Moorhead 2016-04-10

I have the POWER!!!!!!!!!!

After many weeks of research I decided to go for the i7 4790K 4.4GHz with an MSI GTX 980 and 16GB of fast RAM.
Am I pleased? You bet I am.

Let's start with the packaging. The rig was shipped in a 1/2 euro size pallet box, so it's quite big. There was a whole ton of air filled bags inside for ultra protection and a few mini bags of Haribo, awesome. Even though this was a pre-built system the guys sent me the boxes for the GTX 980 and the motherboard, including the manuals and connectors etc, nice. There was a huge piece of foam inside the case to prevent anything moving around during shipping. For me, it's all about the detail.

The build is amazingly tidy. The cable runs are really neat and clean. When you look in through the side window it all looks really nice, especially when you power on and the MSI logo in the GTX 980 lights up. Just got to love the attention to detail here.

So, how does this rig run? Well, this thing flys and I mean it FLYS!!!!!!! The Witcher 3 is ultra smooth at 1080 max settings (hair thing disabled because errr why?). I have even used it to run my Oculus Rift DK2 with Subnautica Early Access and it's amazing. All the Rift "judder" is totally gone now.

I was a little worried about the noise level as this rig is fully force air cooled. But even with the fans on full (oh yeah, there's a 3 stage switch on the top of the case for fan speed) this this it super quiet.

So, if you are looking for a 1080p plus, games rig for sub


Very good

Purchased to replace my ancient E8400, Radeon 5770hd, ddr2 pc. I took the basic pre build apart from 8 gig ddr3 2133 and the Bitfenix Ronin case, Plenty of room for upgrades in the future. Arrived within 7 days well packaged, Installed win7 x64 and mobo drivers etc no problem.After playing a few games like Call of duty advanced warfare, Watchdogs, Wolfenstein a new order id say you can put most settings up full and run at 60 frames or more easily, Another thing I was very impressed with is how quiet it is I can hardly hear it its near silent.
One of the best purchases iv'e made I reckon, I'll definitely be buying from overclockers again.


Great Upgrade

The last PC I bought was almost 7 years ago from Overclockers UK so thought it was time for an upgrade, upped the memory to 16GB as well as getting the GTX790 Geforce, also changed the case to the Corsair 230T Graphite Orange/Black, really pleased with the PC, excellent build quality.
Installed my SSD drive, installed win 7 and off it went like a rocket, it is obviously so much quicker and soooo quiet compared to my old PC.
Delivered on time and well protected by the packaging, have no complaints at all. Excellent service and an excellent PC .
Would buy again, probably in another 7 years :-)


Too fast for my LCD

Went for i7 @ 4.2GHz (which it hit), 8GB RAM, 780GTX and 250GB SSD. It arrived with the usual high quality, tank shell proof packaging and a bag of Haribo. There is not much time to sit munching while day dreaming about all the high polygon limbs and procedurally generated zombie blood being rendered in glorious DX11. It boots before the monitor wakes up.

I ran some stress tests and though the PSU makes a faint squeaking noise while under *very heavy load*, it just pushes through it. BF4 installed, everything cranked up to full and where my old machine would have caught fire, this was calmly holding 60+ frames. Civ5, which took around 50-60 seconds to load on HDD, would complete in about 10. Once you SSD you will not go back and it's quite affordable with secondary storage on spinning disk.

The cabling is really tidy and the usual spaghetti of leads is no more. It all goes in the back of the case and adding a spare HDD was very straightforward. There is a lot of space inside the case (which is rather big) but as a result the ventilation is good and it is unlikely that components will be bumping into each other. It also has room for the mother of all processor heatsinks. Despite all the spinning things, it remains fairly quiet even under load. It's also easy to clean.

I have bought and recommended OCUK over the years and as a result of this, will keep doing so. This was my first prebuilt and thought it was great value and neat build quality. Windows 8 was a bit of a shock to the system but after some tweaking, it is pretty much looking and behaving like XP.



Bought to replace an aging Dell XPS 420. I am blown away by the performance difference 6 years can make in the technological field.

I opted for a SSD HD for the OS and I can see the difference. I can boot up and be playing Skyrim on ultra high settings in the time it would take my old PC to get to the desktop. It has allowed me to purchase games that my old PC couldn't handle and it just generally does everything better whilst simultaneously looking amazing too. Farcry 3 looks and plays great and I've loaded Skyrim with so many Nexus mods I thought I would have slowdown, but it all works beautifully.

It arrived within the 7 days specified and was easy to set up. (Just making sure you remove the obvious packing within the case) No notable issues other than me getting used to the changes of Vista to Win 7. (Libraries confused me for a while). Had a few blue screen issues to start with but I followed the instructions on the website and reset the overclock in the BIOS settings and back to the OCuk Profile and Ive been golden. (Rather than applying the changes through power settings on the control panel).

When I ordered the case was out of stock so they swapped it for the similarly priced but larger Phantom enthusiast. I have loads of space for upgrades and additional drives should I desire and the temp in there is very low. On the lower fan settings I can barely tell the PC is on at all. Everything inside was tidy, very neat and uncluttered. I feel compelled to fill it and have put a blue cold cathode in there to compliment the blue lights of the case. (I opted for the white case).

WEI score assuming anyone still cares about it with the overclock applied, an SSD and the 4096mb GTX 760 is 7.7 (everything being 7.9 bar the processor).

Very happy and satisfied customer.


Fantastic PC

(Note: I chose the i7-4770k, 780Ti and 16 gig memory options, with 250gig primary SSD and 1TB secondary)

I just want to mention OCUK's customer services/support before I go into the PC itself. Slightly mixed experience, but overall very good. I was unfortunate enough to order the PC just after a special offer ended and just before another one began - literally within days of both! I contacted OCUK and, although they don't legally have to, they kindly issued a refund of



Brought to replace my E8400 based unit and WOW faster in every aspect.
Fast delivery solid build very happy camper.


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