OcUK Extreme
"Ultima 9100i Viper" Intel 4.00GHz Quad Core System

  • Intel Core i7 950 3.06GHz
  • Intel X58 Chipset
  • 6GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • 1TB HDD
  • OCZ ZS 750w PSU
  • DX11 GFX
  • Onboard Audio
  • OcUK H²Flo Extreme Liquid Dual Fan CPU Cooler
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Stock Code: FS-101-OE

EAN: 00000000

MPN: FS-101-OE

Manufacturer: OcUK Extreme

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Product information:

"Ultima 9100i Viper" Intel 4.00GHz Quad Core System

The "Ultima 9100i Viper" assumes all the traits of the legendary serpent and takes them to the next level. Lightning quick, precise and ultimately powerful, the "Ultima 9100i Viper" utilises the very latest hardware to back up these claims, with an Intel Core i7 950 featuring a heart pounding 4.00GHz overclock. With four cores and four threads of pure perfomance, the "Ultima 9100i Viper" smashes apart even the most demanding benchmarks and game titles. Choose your poison, with an array of powerful graphics cards to choose from you can equipe your machine with the right graphics card for the task in hand, be it the subtle GT430 or the mighty GTX 580. Outfitted with 6GB of 1600MHz memory as standard the "Ultima 9100i Viper" blazes through multiple applications with ease. With a massive 1TB hard drive as standard you have more than enough space to store all your films, games and music making the "Ultima 9100i Viper" a competant media player when you aren't owning the competition, add to the fact it now has a Blu-ray reader as standard so you can view the latest HD films in ultra sharp quality.

Why Should You Buy This System?
- A guaranteed 4.00GHz performance for the price of 3.06GHz
- Cinema quality 5.1 surround sound for true gaming immersion
- Choose from a selection of DX11 graphics cards to meet your performance needs
- 8 Hours stressed tested and quality controlled
- Precision built and cabled by Overclockers UK expert technicians
- All systems with an operating system selected ship out with a pre-installed 180 day trial of Panda Antivirus 2012

System Specification
- Case: Antec 902 Ultimate Gaming Case - Black (default choice, options available)
- Power Supply: OCZ ZS 750w PSU
- CPU: Intel Core i7 950 3.06GHz Overclocked to 4.00GHz
- Motherboard: Gigabyte G1 Guerilla Intel X58 (Socket 1366) DDR3 Motherboard
- Cooler: OcUK H²Flo Extreme Liquid Dual Fan CPU Cooler w/ x2 Sharkoon Silent Eagle Fans
- RAM: 6GB DDR3 1600MHz Tri-Channel
- Hard Drive: 1TB HDD
- Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 5450 SILENT 512MB (default choice, options available)
- Sound: Asus Xonar DG 5.1 PCI Sound Card w/ Headphone Amp
- Optical Drive: Samsung SH-B123L/BSBP 12x BluRay ROM DVDRW DL & RAM Lightscribe SATAII

Service Package
- Full 12 Month collect and return warranty
- Each specification is assembled from handpicked components for compatibility and stability
- Telephone, web note and forum technical support

Is this System for You?
When losing isn't an option and for when just getting the job done isn't enough. The "Ultima 9100i Viper" outperforms all the competition. Upgrade now and start winning today.

Note - If you would like to make a small change to the specification call our sales team on 0871 200 5052 and they will be happy to help.

* No OS systems are fully tested with the same extensive methods as systems chosen with an operating system. Including tests such as CPU, memory and GFX stress tests. All no OS systems are formatted completely before shipping.

*Please allow between 24 and 48 hours for your system to be built and configured. This may take longer during busier periods.

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It spits Venom

Took 4 days to come because i wanted to add some bits to it I added a 580 GTX graphics card and a 128 SSD harddrive. I would highly recommend these changes to make it future proof this will last me many years to come. Let me start by saying i bought Battlefield 3, Silent Hunter 5 and Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Which you would agree are very demanding games but now i can play all these on Ultra settings ...no problems at all !!. I also bought the nvidia 3d vision Kit from overclockers and a 3D monitor a while back ence the reason for buying this rig. The FPS as you would expect drop a little online playing Multiplayer when 3D is on but its a small price to pay for such breath taking graphics. Overclockers never fail to impress me their standards are second to none. If you can't afford get it now try the buy now pay later deal.

Markony 2011-11-19


i got this late last year as an early christmas present for myself, wow amazing pc and amazing service . just thought id put it across how pleased i still am with it. ;-)

Gav 2011-05-26


I bought this as my first gaming pc on the recommendation of a friend, with Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 and 120gb SSD. Took about 4 days from order to arrive.

The PC itself is unbelievable - scored 25300 on 3Dmark 06. Able to run BFBC2, Crysis 2 and operation flashpoint on full settings at over 50-60fps.

Would definately advise you get the SSD, as it makes applications and Windows OS load lightening fast. Also consider that the OS uses up around 30GB itself so in my mind 120GB is the best option.

As this was my first custom build pc i was slightly unaware that the case would be as big as it is - not a problem for me but may be for some. Also despite overclocking CPU temps under load rarely go over the high 40s.

Absolutely fantastic purchase, would definately recommend.

SA 2011-05-19


I ordered this machine on a Tuesday, about 12pm, I wanted to make a couple of changes to the overall spec, adding 2x MSI GTX 580 Twin frozR to set up in SLi and adding a 1000w PSU to run everything properly. Despite the changes, the machine was delivered at 12pm the following day. Windows fully installed, overclocked. The Graphics cards were not inside the unit, but this was due to transporting them safely, and were installed in minutes.

Extremely happy with the results so far, 3dmark 2011 scores over 10k and Black ops is as smooth as butter running in maxed out settings.

Excellent machine and brilliant service from Overclockers!

Dave 2011-04-28


I needed a powerfull PC for video editing..so being a typical novice i was looking at PC world etc...thankfully a mate in the know, told me to check out this site..lets just say ive seen the light XD

I spec'd mine up to 12GB RAM and GeForce GT 460. with home premium pre-installed.

Packaging was OTT :P it take Godzilla to damage that parcel..the delivery guy even asked what the hell it was lol

easy set up (got mate to put in graphics card, tbh i probs could have done it as instructions where clear and simple..but i wanted to play it safe lol)

software was all installed correctly

runs Vegas Pro 10 and Adobe CS5 like a dream, HD footage plays really smoothly even with effects piled on. rendering is fast to

....i think the fans may be airconditioning my room to lol XD

overall...very very very happy, worth every penny. will buy from overclockers again and again :D...untill the end of the world of for some strange reason i go Mac :P

Benji 2011-04-04

Good stuff!

I am not a hardcore PC builder or anything. I had a 6 year old system that was getting on a bit, even running the Adobe suite was a pain. I had no interest in PC gaming as I knew I could never run anything on my ageing HD 4850.

Now I have this system, I am back in the game.....literally. Not only is it great for my work (Can have all 3 adobe programs open, aswell as doing other things without a hitch) gaming is GREAT. I bought Bad Company 2 on steam a while ago and let it sit there as it ran crap. But I re-downloaded on this system and it runs like butter. Full settings, astonishingly beautiful to play on.

Also bought ARMA2 which also runs on max, now I can make stupidly huge battles like in the Operation Flashpoint days again! Utterly Stoked

Roll on Skyrim, Mass Effect and Battlefield 3. I wonder if this will run runescape classic?

Sid 2011-03-21


best i`ve had,went for 12g ram...OCZ 60g SSD..HIS HD 6970...
As for removing the washable filters,take off both side covers,remove screws {8 either side}then pull out the bays from the front

kev 2011-03-17

Amazing PC

PC Arrived within 2 days of ordering, i upgrade the GFX Card to an ATi 6950 and added an additional 6 GB of ram taking it to 12 GB, I am currently running three version of world of warcraft at ultra-settings with 60fps and also vm workstation with two esx virtual machines simultaneously. CPU around 20% and using using 6 GB of ram no slowness in sight awesome

Mike 2011-03-14

Beyond Brilliant!

Thank Goodness for Overclockers! Helpful & Knowledgeable Staff, unbelievably fast delivery, awesome machine (they even made some mods, though not the norm, at my request) Beyond Brilliant, really!

Ray 2011-03-03

LOVE - and a question.

I absolutely adore my PC and would reccommend it to anybody willing to spend the money. It is beautiful!

However - does anybody know how the hell do get the grill off the front? (So I can clean it)

Jen 2011-02-11

Bought V2.0

Apart from the system being delivered a couple of days later than requested,it was worth waiting for.Not had a great deal of time to test it out,but had Black-Ops running and it does look great.
Added my own HD 6870 for some xfire goodness.Build quality is very good
Well done OcUK

Colin 2011-01-27

Amazing for the price

I ordered this system over the Christmas(2010) period. Delivery was 2 days early, Great. I've since, added a second ATi graphics card with Crossfire for my Flight Sim, and it's really good. Too many good things to mention...

Michael 2011-01-19

Great pc and OC service

Hello, i've ordered my pc on 24th Christmas eve as it happened i ordered the pc half hour before OC placed this massive 5% discount. Even i didnt get the discount nor free delivery i have no regrets what so ever :) I've changed my graphics card only to geforce gtx 470 which is a great card in my opinion and i picked up the windows 7 home edition.

The Machine arrived on wednesday it was 29th of december i was really surprized by the fast delivery and order completion :) it took only 1 regular work day excluding the 25 as it was Christmas and 26 as it was Boxing day and the other 27th and 28th were bank Holydays :) the order arrived very early in the morning 9 am :)

The Machine worked straight away i just had to add computer name and windows started right up with no errors all parts were installed. I can run now basicaly anything on max details even AION max settings massive battles don't lag a bit :)

All i can say is Thanik You OC for excellent service :)

Arvydas 2011-01-08


Got it with the intel SSD and the 6870 and win 7 pro. Flies through everything. Def worth investing in.

el Deco 2011-01-01

You'll never believe this !!!!...

My dead computer was an old AMD dual Opteron 280-K8WE-4GB ram and I was all set to format my OS disk (which already had Windows 7 from the Opteron rig) to use on the new Ultima Viper knowing that it would never boot.
I placed the Windows 7 installation disk in the Ultima and up came the screen for the format, I pressed what I thought was the right key that said 'Windows 7' thinking that it would wipe the disk to start the format proceedure but it started to boot as normal and it even got as far as the logon screen, after logon it installed all the relevant drivers and after a reboot is now purring away happily.
I still can't believe it happened, as I trolled through forums and suchlike the day before to see if this would work, most of the posts were negative and I still think I'm a very lucky bunny. I didn't have to reinstall my old programs (which I had put aside a few days work).
Windows Activation worked like a dream too.

Dennis Lowe 2010-12-30

Worth every penny

I bought one of these before Christmas which despite the snow, arrived on time. I chose as many of the upgrades as I could and every one was worth it. My only gripe was the size of the SSD. I chose an 80Gb SSD, but after upgrading the RAM to 12Gb, I failed to take into account the amount of space Windows would need for paging etc. Anyone reading this who wants an SSD - Please make sure you buy the bigger drive!. 80Gb is just not enough. Apart from that I am very happy. The PC was well built, with all the boxes, disks, manuals and spares delivered so I never have to worry about drivers or getting updates. I've run the machine with some serious loads over the last couple of weeks..... Why oh why didn't I buy this earlier!!!!! - This machine just blows them away. And despite the small SSD (which was my choice!) - the performance is excellent especially when publishing and compiling projects. Well done Overclockers! - You helped me spec + build a fantastic machine.

David M 2010-12-29

Very powerful

Its an awesome pc. Pushes throught anything!

Took 9 days to get here but you cant change the weather!

Angus Stroyan 2010-12-22

Great little beast.

Had mine for a few weeks now, very very stable overclock, few problems with the H70 to begin with but OC sorted it :)

Thanks OCuk

David 2010-12-13

Amazing computer!

Awesome machine, got one about 3 months ago and has worked perfectly ever since. OCZ 60GB SSD is fantastic, Windows 7 is lightning fast. Went with a GTX 460 and it eats Battlefield and Civ 5 for breakfast.

The 1TB Seagate Barracuda disk was not formatted or partitioned so I thought it was missing, but a quick check inside the case put my mind at ease! 2 minutes later I had it ready to use.

The fans are absolutely excellent, very quiet and have speed controls on the front of the case. Temperatures are fairly low.

Good buy!

Jim 2010-12-13

Great Machine

Ordered with 80G SSD and ATI Radeon 5870 and Win 7 64 Pro.. Have to say Nicely built when I got it. Do like the H70 Cooler nice, Over clock is stable as a rock so plus points to OC on that set up.

However on boot 6G memory was only 4G due to a stick failure ("double however" was plus points for support not being "have you checked you plugged it in" and they RMA'd new mem set in 5 days (inc the weekend, so pretty much return) . Re the SW build, Was not set up to use the SSD in a way every webpage I read says to do it.. Win 7 was on the hard disk with only the 100M "boot" on the SSD. Redid install, all on SSD and then moved most of Win 7 "data" folders off after its working, which to be honest I'd have done anyway .. Hardware gets a 99 /100 Overclockers gets high 80's

G 2010-12-09


Got mine with a 40GB SSD and the 6850. As i thought i was about time to get rid of the laptop and buy a proper gaming PC. Wow what a defference, cant fault it at all.

If your looking for something around this price range, then i strongly recommend.

Mark 2010-11-18

Ultima Viper + 5770

I ordered this on Finance (Buy now, pay next year), and took a little over a week to arrive. Finance paperwork was dealt with very quickly.

I opted for the Radeon 5770, intending to upgrade in the future. However, I am very happy with the 5770 - World of Warcraft runs fantastic on Ultra settings, L4D2 runs brilliantly at a very solid high frame rate and recently CoD:Black Ops runs very well indeed, only occasionally dropping below 60fps where there's a lot of action going on!

PC is otherwise very fast and very very quiet. Remains very cool at all times on the lowest fan settings - My feet actually sometimes feel the cold!

Only two small gripes; The PSU fan clip had fell off during transit and was a bit tricky to re-attach, and also one of the fans at the front of the case was not 'clipped' in correctly, and took a bit of reluctant brute force to get it back in.

Overall though very happy with it, and I'll add that the case looks MUCH better in the flesh. Niceone OcUK 5/5.

Tom 2010-11-12

Brilliant Buy

Bought this 3 months ago with the Geforce 360 upgrade and it runs amazingly, plays all games at full graphics no problems.
The delivery service was brilliant, came 2 days prior to expectation and I was notified so that there was no hassle on acceptance.

Definately recommend for any1 using it for both gaming and work.

The only problem was the windows 7 install didn't have alot of the basic programs eg. paint, calculator, connect to projector ect. This came pre-installed.

Aidan 2010-10-28

Very nice!

It is a very nice gaming PC, and they did as they promised! thanks alot overclockers!

Make sure you wait 3-5 days because what they do is, normally test the machine before they send it to ensure everything is working just fine!

5* will recommend it !

Kieth 2010-10-28


Bought with the GTX 470 (1.25GB), and bought Windows 7 Pro separately.

First time buying a high end system and I'm not regretting it yet!

It works really well, no issues with any hard ware, it isn't exactly quiet but I keep mine under my desk and any music will easily be heard over the fans.

Delivery was 1 day late, but I presume that's because I had changed the standard graphics card?
I called wondering where it was, there was a fairly lengthy wait time but the customer service team were nice and offered to upgrade it to Saturday delivery for free if it still didn't arrive. The box it came in was massive! It's mostly padding though the PC itself is a decent size, it also came with all the manuals for the parts, but DID NOT come with Mafia 2 like the delivery order said it would, due to the card upgrade.

Runs WoW on ultra at 100 FPS in ICC25 definitely Cata proof as I think Cata will benefit from 4 cores not just 2 as Wrath does.

All in all fantastic buy, thanks OCUK! =)

Andrew 2010-10-08

amazing system!

Would definitely recommend this system to anybody in the market looking for a high end gaming system. Item came in perfect condition and the tracking was excellent! The build quality of the system is absolutely spot on - Cable management is neat allowing nice air flow. I ordered mine with the 60gb OCZ Vertex and ATI 5830 which are definitely recommended! Thanks OCUK!

Jay 2010-09-29

Great piece of kit!

Big upgrade over my now old PC. First time I've bothered going for a high end system and I can already tell I'm not going to regret it. It flies, every game I've thrown at it on max settings with no problems.

Also the build quality is excellent and it arrived packaged extremely well - plenty of protective padding in the box.

Keep up the good work OCUK.

Duncan Crutchley 2010-09-22

Good Quality

This is a verry good pc and dose it's job nicely. I haven't had a chance to test it fully yet but i can say it plays crysis on max at 2560 1400...I got mine with a 5970 and a 850 psu. Cardiff i only got 5.9 for base score the hdd letting it down everything els scored 7.5 ish with the graphics card being the higest. So either i'm mistaken ore you have gone to shoes have gone to spcsavers :)

Richard 2010-09-15


I bought this to replace my modified Dell Inspiron 530S which let's face it, was a terrible. I've ordered many different things over the years and recently a brand new phone from a well known supplier. The phone didn't arrive for weeks so I was a bit worried about this computer. I contacted Overclockers Friday from ordering it Thursday to check if it will be delivered Saturday and they couldn't guarantee it. I woke up Saturday morning and checked my order, it was to be delivered around 10:30, ten minutes early and it came is a huge box that came up to my waist (I'm about 6ft2). The computer itself is fantastic, a bit noisy but unbelievable. The performance rating was 7.6 (I didn't go for any special features) and I'm finding it hard to find any faults with it, the left panel case fan was disconnected but easily installed. Thanks Overclockers, an absolute amazing experience and I look forward to more trading. Kudos for DPD with the fast delivery aswell. Thanks!

Alan 2010-09-04

Legend PC

This PC was a major upgrade from my previous one. Although its a bit heavy, everything was as expected. I was able to play WoW with full specs at 60fps. This PC just munches every game.

Wai 2010-09-03


After the initial problem of the cpu heatsink falling off whilst it was in the post and destroying the motherboard and damaging the case I'm overjoyed with my new PC, extremely fast, stunning machine! Thanks Overclockers.co.uk for quickly fixing/replacing the PC

Ben 2010-08-25

OcUK do it again

Bought this for a friend,Gear just arrived, well packaged and protected. Haven't done any performance testing on it yet. I do have to say that the build quality is superb as usual by the OcUK team, cable management is done to optimize air flow and as apposed to many other companies I am supplied with the original packaging for all components.

Think next time I will buy and get the guys to build. Less hassle and you are guaranteed top quality

Rattlehead 2010-07-22

awesome machine

Had the system with no ssd, no windows os, and a gtx 480.
Its huge, very heavy and was a challenge to remove it from the box that was almost my height, let alone make it up the stairs. The graphics card was seperate and i had a hard drive to install. super easy despite me having never done this before.
Runs crysis on max like a dream, not as loud as everyone says, unless my old pc was equally loud so no difference there. Excellent fan control. Excellent service. Happy to say no need to return. Just cause 2 steam code was missing but swiftly rectified. 10 usb in total, fascinating cage system or hard drives inside. Handy cable tidy and storage behind motherboard. 7.7 average rating of system if you ignore the transfer rate of the hard drive at 5.9. Can live with that. Very punctual drivers at the courier giving time down to the hour. What more is there to say, the system is fascinating,will be returning to oc for upgradable parts in at least 2 years or more. oh it has high quality ram

Hayley Morris 2010-07-17

Didn't think it would be as good as the

I honestly thought the reviews here were Exaggerating the performance of this beast. After I installed it, first thing I tried was crysis at full settings at 1600x1200. It just eats the game up like it was nothing. There is no game I feel out at the moment that can fully test this. I exported my old wow folder onto the new pc with it's old setting. In Dalaran it just has a solid 60fps (capped). It doesn't move down a frame. When I upped every setting, it can dip to 50-55 FPS. Wow never looked so good


On the overclockers part, good delivery, the actual Heatsink Fan is slightly bent, but the system seems to be fine and I don't think it will affect the system in any way.

Overall, Expensive but a killer Rig!

Brian 2010-07-14

Great but let down by graphics Card

The system works amazing apart from the graphics card and at one point the hard drive.

I chose the Radeon HD 5870 and have been experiencing multiple system crashes due to it. This is by no fault of overclockers, as it is a known issue and a problem with the actual hardware.

The crashes caused by the graphics card only occur during games, and the screen goes grey with black and white vertical lines.

While the games have been playable, the quality has been amazing. For example age of Conan on max settings running at around 100 FPS, and Left 4 dead 2 max settings at more than 200 FPS.

I also had a problem where the hard disk wouldn't load properly, but I managed to fix it.

Isaac 2010-07-04

Outstanding all-around

Ordererd first thing thursday, came first thing the very next day.

This system really is incredible, fast, sleek and for the price it really does justice for the phrase 'value for money'.

Thanks again OC!

Matt 2010-06-27


I ordered this beast on Tuesday and arrived the next day!

I am very pleased with the cooling (pretty much air conditioning for myself in the summer).

The overall performance is amazing, 60 FPS on WoW at max graphics and 300 FPS on Counter Strike: Source.

I have yet to test other games.

Overall if you purchase this computer, you will NOT regret it.

Jason 2010-06-10


Well after months of trying to find a system for my needs, i finally went for this, it arrived on Thursday (with a few issues, but all now sorted) and its JUST AWSOME!!!!! the 902 case is SO much better in the flesh, with the blue lights, just sets it off to a tee.
The performance is just stunning, nothing is stressing it at all, just eating up all i throw at it!!.
I got the 5870 HIS card and very pleased with it.Also i find just as important is the the customer service at OCUK it's second to none, and would buy from these guys again, they really know there stuff and seem really passionate about what they do, and thats a big plus in my book.
thanks guys, i will be back for more real soon, EYEFINITY is in my sights :-))

Tony 2010-05-30

overall impression WOW

Ordered on the sat after 9pm,arrived at my door wed huge box on trolley monitor seperate.Chose the 5970 with 650watt psu no harddrive update.Everything was meticulously packaged,me never having had a desktop was thrown back in awe at the precision of cable management&overall presentation just fantastic.Fitted the 5970 connected 8/6 pin other relevant wires,booted up nice cool&silent thanks OC'S for my very first wonderful gaming pc:)

Peter Whiteman 2010-05-23

Good experience in the end

Ordered my Viper with additional SSD which arrived promptly 3 days later. Experienced issues with the pc losing its overclock and freezing at random intervals. Returned to OCUK.
After a prompt fix the machine was returned to me only to repeat its performance of random screen freeze.Returned to OCUK.
After another prompt fix which included a replacement motherboard and cpu the machine was returned to me and again repeated its errors. Phoned OCUK to complain but didn't have to, OCUK offered a full replacement machine along with copious apologies.....machine arrived two days later and is superb.
Things do sometimes go wrong and whilst this is frustrating, the swift and excellent service I received goes a long way in redressing the balance of opinion. OCUK are a professional outfit, you can buy with confidence.

Boris Klapiscak 2010-05-04


Ordered on the 25th, arrived on the 30th. This machine is a beast! Very happy with my purchase, and kudos to the OC team for sorting out the entire system! No handy-work needed on my part.

My desired options:

Case: Antec 902 - This case is beautiful. The cool air produced is actually making me a little cold too.

Graphics Card: 2x 5770's (Crossfire) - Quality graphics performance. Only tried a couple of games (BF:BC2 and CS:S) but destroys them both on high details.

HD: 500GB - Plenty of space for what I need the system for. A bit of gaming and designing. Also have a spare 500GB HD from the old PC hanging around too.

OS: Windows 7 HP 64bit - New to W7 but quite impressed so far. It's what Vista should have been without all the crap.

The price definitely stung, and even started to have second thoughts after, but once I had it set up it definitely justifies it. Again, really happy with my purchase.

Thanks OCUK!

Ash 2010-03-30

Good but

Took a week of chasing to buy, once bought it arrived in 3 days which is good but the hard drive wasn't initialised and the DVD player wasn't recognised, collected next day by OCuk then received a technicians email saying theres nothing wrong with the system! I called and was told the hard drive wasnt initialised, the DVD player wasnt connected and they had to reinstall Windows(sounds to me like something was wrong!) quite dissapointing that it left the OC office in that condition. Dealing verbally with OC staff has been the most positive aspect so far, they are helpful and friendly. Corrected system arrived next day with a very obvious and loud screw rolling about inside!! its slower than I'd hoped especially when opening programmes but maybe thats Win 7 issues, also getting some strange software conflicts. On a positive note its very quiet and smaller compared to my last rig so I'm hoping these initial problems pale and I get to enjoy a trouble free and fast system.

Mr M 2010-03-30


Bought one of these for gaming as my old e6600 was getting a bit tired. I went with the 4650 the lowest option because im waiting to see what cards are coming out in the coming months. soon realised it was a bit weak only scoring a 5.6 on windows score so i put in my old 8800gts(just to get me by) and it went up to 6.8. been playing battlefield 2 on max settings looks amazing and runs fine. I got my self home premium 64bit to take advantage of the 6gig ram. all in all verry happy this pc is going to last me a long time. thank you overclockers.

Ben G 2010-03-19


have owned this pc for around 5 weeks now and its fantastic. the build quality is top class with all the well nown brands.i had the NVIDIA gtx 285 graffix card fitted because i do alot of video editing and alot of work in photoshop, which now is a pleasure to do,,,it wisses through the rendering and plays previews with no problem at all, i must give them giys at overclockers 10/10...cheers

mathew haycock 2010-03-18

top marks

ordered saturday arrived wednesday. Very pleased as so far its whizzing thru games. Got the antec 902, ati5870 and 80gb ssd so cost a pretty penny overall but well worth it. graphics card came seperately which is probably sensible given its size. all the manuals come packed in the motherboard box as well as the remaining adapters and screws etc. Assassins creed is a pain to download but blame that on ubisoft as AVP is a breeze to download via team.

dr K 2010-03-10

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