OcUK Extreme
"Ultima 9200i Mosasaur" Intel 4.60GHz Quad Core System

  • Intel Core i7 2700K 3.50GHz
  • Intel Z68 Chipset
  • 8GB DDR3 1600MHz
  • 1TB HDD
  • OCZ ZS 750w PSU
  • AMD 6950
  • Onboard Audio
  • OcUK H²Flo Extreme Liquid Dual Fan CPU Cooler
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Stock Code: FS-175-OE

EAN: 00000000

MPN: FS-175-OE

Manufacturer: OcUK Extreme

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Product information:

"Ultima 9200i Mosasaur" Intel 4.60GHz Quad Core System

The "Ultima 9200i Mosasaur" takes gaming perfomance, next generation computing and reliability to the next level. Build with gaming grade components and outfitted with the most advanced graphics cards available, the "Ultima 9200i Mosasaur" is as powerful as the legendary sea monster. With a crazy 4.60GHz overclock you can be sure your system will stand the test of time. Powered by ATI Radeon HD 6950 graphics with the option to crossfire for the real hardcore gamers.

Why You Should Buy This System
- A guaranteed 4.60GHz performance for the price of 3.40GHz
- DX11 cinematic graphics with Crossfire option available
- Precision built and cabled by Overclockers UK expert technicians
- 8 Hours stressed tested and quality controlled
- USB3, SATA 6GB/s and Intel Ethernet for next gen computing
- All systems with an operating system selected ship out with a pre-installed 180 day trial of Panda Antivirus 2012

System Specification
- Case: Corsair Carbide 500R Midi Tower Case - Black/White (default choice, options available)
- Power Supply: OCZ ZS 750w PSU
- CPU: Intel Core i7 2700K 3.50GHz Sandybridge overclocked to 4.60GHz
- Motherboard: Intel Z68 Chipset GEN3 (Socket 1155) PCI-Express DDR3 Motherboard
- Cooler: OcUK H²Flo Extreme Liquid Dual Fan CPU Cooler w/ x2 Sharkoon Silent Eagle Fans
- RAM: 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel Kit
- Hard Drive: 1TB HDD
- Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 6950 2048MB GDDR5 Graphics Card (Crossfire option available)
- Sound: Realtek 7.1 Channel Sound (On-Board)
- Optical Drive: LG 22x DVD±RW SATA ReWriter

Service Package
- Full 12 Month collect and return warranty
- Each specification is assembled from handpicked components for compatibility and stability
- Telephone, web note and forum technical support

Is this System for You?
Own a true sea monster with the "Ultima 9200i Mosasaur", breath-taking graphics with immense processing speed for the perfect gaming system.

Note - If you would like to make a small change to the specification call our sales team on 0871 200 5052 and they will be happy to help.

* No OS systems are fully tested with the same extensive methods as systems chosen with an operating system. Including tests such as CPU, memory and GFX stress tests. All no OS systems are formatted completely before shipping.

*Please allow between 24 and 48 hours for your system to be built and configured. This may take longer during busier periods.

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Great machine, great company

I bought this PC a few weeks ago and all I can say is I'm very impressed.
I customised my machine with ease over the phone. 16GB of RAM and a solid state drive.
I have been thinking about buying an iMAC but this Mosasaur beats the highest spec iMAC hands down. Windows 7 boots almost before my monitor warms up. Super fast!
I use my machine mainly for 3D design and I love it, although I did play with the BIOS and reset the overclock but one simple phone call and I was back up to super speed.
My only fault is with the range of the built in Blutooth, but USB blutooths are so cheap now I can hardly moan.
Five star service for a five tar PC

Jon 2012-02-01

Breathtakingly Fast

What can i say, apart from an amazingly professional build,service, and delivery support!

Purchased during the Christmas sale, and im so glad i went for this instead of an i5, the 2700k encodes a 4gb uncomressed fraps recording into 64mb h264 in under 3 minutes, and im yet to see any game drop below vsync!

Thank you OcUk! :D

Dan H 2012-01-07


Having bought bundles n bits from OCUK before, I decided to treat myself and wasn't disappointed.

With the 60G SSD and 16Mb upgrade (Memory limit for Win7 64 Home)

System arrived promptly .
One minor hiccup with the molex on the water cooler comming disconnected but spotted the potential over heat on boot up. Quick call to System support and I was pointed in the right direction and was then up and running. ( Maybe a tie wrap/cable tie crossing all 3 molex(s) would eliminate the problem from ever occurring).

Machine runs quiet and cool. and is fast.
Windows experience Index of 7.8.

The 6950 again runs quietly and of course cross-firing is always and option at a later date .

Unigine Heaven Dx11 benchmark score @1920x1080 was 41 Fps ,1028. with the 11.12 drivers.

Runs BF3 and Crysis 2 with ease as expected.

Onboard sound is good and drivers stable (with the aforementioned games.)

Overall Im very impressed with the system and would recommend it.

Mark 2011-12-22

Ultima Mosasaur"

Got this system in Oct with a 128 SSD drive to run Battlefield 3 & Skyrim running the setup on a 50inch plasma all I can say runs like a dream everything on ultra 50 fps :)

Ryan 2011-11-09


Amazing rig, completely rends anything it touches including Crysis with mods and Battlefield 3 (on Ultra!) and shouldn't need upgrading any time soon. Very happy with the purchase, if you've got the coin to spend - spend it on this and you will not be disappointed.

Ben 2011-11-06


Went with the MSI GTX 570 card, Crucial M4 128GB SSD, Asus P8Z68-V PRO Motherboard, 2 WD 1 TB Sata 3 HDD in RAID 0 for storage and IC Diamond 24-Carat Thermal Compound to provide maximum cooling Efficiency for the CPU. I also changed to the Cooler Master CM-690 II Case which is ideal for Watercooling setups.

The system arrived 2 days after ordering since Overclockers needed a day to get the system built and tested.

Build quality is superb, minimal clutter of cabling allows maximum airflow and minimal dust build up. All that was needed was to install the graphics card which was simple enough and to install Windows 7 Professional x64 (Home premium has a limitation up to 8gb of Memory (Crucial if you need to upgrade later).

Windows 7 rating is a minimum of 7.8 out of 7.9, looks like I will need to upgrade the firmware of the SSD :)

I also bought an Asus Xonar D2X sound card to use with my Sennheiser 333D Headset.

All in all a superbly built system which will last. Thanks OCUK :)

V Black 2011-10-15

Like gong from steam power to a nuclear

I Honestly can't rate this machine highly enough.

I genuinely believe that if it could perform a task before you thought to tell it to perform that task then it would.

It's fast. I mean blisteringly fast, I've ploughed all of the latest generation FPS games into it on full spec settings and it's not even missed a beat once. I didn't even opt for an additional graphics card, just the best one on the list of available options and it's MORE than ample.

It's also whisper-quiet really thanks to OCUK's rather splendid H2Flo water-cpu cooler and uber-quiet fans. Combined with Windows 7 64bit edition (Available as an option when purchasing) you get a machine which I believe is genuinely matchless in it's class.

Sure You could spend more on some sort of uber-leet dual-graphics-carded, 16-core-processored beast but really, what would be the point? If you're looking for a complete system for under a bag of sand - get this one, I promise you won't be disappointed!

Andy Higginbottom 2011-10-14

Excellent value for the money

A bit longer to have it delivered to Dublin instead of Uk but was here in 1 week roughly.
I have to say you can hardly beat that for the price and the quality of all the components. I recommend taking that base and picking up a few components. I bought this having in mind a future proof build. Even at stock speed, the config is impressive, scores 7.8 in windows 7 assessment. when i need more horsepower, ill OC lightly, and it's very easy with this mobo + CPU.
Nice and clean built, the OCUK builder left out in the case the power cables for the graphic card that arrived separately to avoid damage during transportation.
Config is case 650D, vertex3 120GB, P68Z68 MB, I7 2600K, 850W gold Corsair, Corsair H80 cooler, Sapphire 6970 graphic card. Boot time and launch of apps incredibly fast (hopefully my vertex 3 wont have any problem, very recent so cant tell atm), system very stable so far, cant wait to run a few benchmarks and see perfs on games.

Hybris 2011-08-04

Awesome power.

I bought this last week on Saturday it arrived the following week on Tuesday the box was huge when It came I thought he was delivering a table, I got this with the 16gb RAM upgrade as well as crossfire, and I can't say I'm disappointed the power in this thing is remarkable I've so far tested it with Crysis 2, all maxed out on extreme settings and dragon age two all maxed out as well the I7 didn't go over 20% on either of the games and I was able to run all my applications in the background while playing, it didn't lag or hiccup one bit, It came with the graphics cards separate but I was able to install them and windows in a matter of minutes and was easy, one problem I had though at first I got random BSOD's due to the overclock and windows, I reset the bios to default and it was find, and I'm going to call them tomorrow about it. But! That said this machine even without the overclock is amazing I haven't lagged out one bit so highly recomended, this is a monster of a gami!
ng computer

Oliver 2011-07-27

Excellent, as always.

It's a little over 4 years since I bought my last pre build rig from OCUK. However it has just starting to fall over a bit recently (probably needs stripping down, cleaning and rebuilding and will still work ok).

Decided to replace it as I don't have that much time to mess around fixing the old system at the moment. I spent a little more than last time around and upgraded almost all the options.

Very well built as usual, quick delivery (< 2 days) and well packaged. My old rig was still holding its own at max settings with all the new games I've played recently... but this new set up blows that away completely. The addition of an SSD was well worth the extra cash too!

This gaming PC will do whatever you need it to and more, and if it lasts as long as my previous OC prebuilt it will be worth every penny.

Tim 2011-07-23


Ordered machine right before a 4 day bank holiday weekend, expected to have to wait until the following tuesday. I was astonished to see it arrive the following day. Excellent delivery, even despite deviating from the graphics options offered, instead opting for a custom graphics card, the incredible MSI Twin FROZR II GTX580.

The machine itself is fantastic, bordering on excessive. The overclock is stable, although the standard 3.4ghz is more than enough. Not had so much as a jitter on any game so far on max settings. It runs cool, as well it should with the huge case 4+ fans and water cooled CPU.

Other reviews have mentioned having to reset the overclock settings in BIOS - I too have had this issue, so perhaps this setup is particularly prone to it, but a 1 minute call to tech support has it ironed out.

Only criticism I would have is that the case is very vulnerable to spillage of any kind - the top of the case is a grill/mesh directly above the CPU and GFX card. One drop...

Steven 2011-06-10

Very pleased

This system formed the basis for a custom build. Upgraded various bits...put in order on Thursday pm, shipped on Friday. Arrived next Tuesday due to bank holiday Monday...

Packaged well, graphics card in separate box to protect during shipping.

Very pleased with product. Like the others I experienced loss of OC but a quick phone call later...sorted and rock steady.

Only niggle...didn't get a power cord with the system. Probably just an oversight.

All in all, I continue to be very happy with OC service and products. Highly recommended.

Kristian 2011-06-06


Can't judge the processor speed as the first Win update reset the overclock and it has BSOD'd twice during Win updates inc SP1. Recovered from them no problem though, all updates have completed despite BSODs and the system appears to be stable.

Opted for the SSD upgrade, didn't see a 2nd HDD listed, assumed the SSD replaced the Seagate so ordered a new one but found it in the bay, doh. (Should have inspected device mgr)

Only real complaint... very noisy machine, loud constant whining sound. Otherwise its looking good.

Minty 2011-05-15

Brilliant Gaming PC

Received the standard system on Tuesday in the one hour window specified by courier. I thought he was delivering a fridge looking at the size of the box but it was just well packaged to prevent damage. I installed Windows 7 and the system was running at the correct speed but while installing Windows Updates got a BSOD. On rebooting I checked the clock speed and found it was no longer over clocked. I phoned Overclockers support and within 3 minutes the technician talked me through the Bios settings and the system was back up to speed. Great service. No problems since. Infact around 10 hours of World Of Warcraft at a constant 60 FPS with every graphics option on full detail. This system is amazing. Excellent hardware and great service from OC with an equally good delivery service from PDP. Thank you all.

Tony 2011-04-29

great pc

Got this about 2 weeks ago and had ssd, asus gtx480 put in and its great runs everything at max and keeps very cool great pc and great service from oc very fast build and delivery thanks again guys

grant day 2011-03-12


got this with the SLI upgrade arrived on time and in good condition.

graphics cards come uninstalled for transportation perposes and both were installed in a matter of minuites.

everything was set up for me fine and worked right off the bat plays pretty much all the games i have thrown at it on full in both 1920x1080 and 5040x1080 eyefinity.

only problem i have had with it is i had to redo my overclock because it kept crashing acording to google the sandybrides dont like you using the buss speed

Chris 2011-03-10

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