Asgard Midi Tower Case - Black - USB 3.0

  • The Asgard is the first entry-level chassis with a black coated interior
  • thus making this the best ever value case.
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Stock Code: CA-002-XG

EAN: 4712477310877


Manufacturer: Xigmatek

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Product information:

Asgard Midi Tower Case - Black - USB 3.0

The Asgard case is the first entry-level chassis with a black coated interior. Furthermore it is supplied with 1 x 120mm pre-installed black fan, and 3 more fans can be mounted in different area for best possible airflow. The 4 x 5.25" bays will be able to house all your optical drives and you can fit up to 5 x 3.5" bays for all the storage devices you need.

”Asgard”-The Property of Æsir and castle of Odin. As the country of Gods, the inviolable Asgard is the world’s first black coating entry-level chassis - milestone. Furthermore this chassis is supplied with 1 x 120mm preinstalled black fan, and 3 more fans can be mounted in different areas for best possible airflow. 4 x 5.25” bays will be able to house all your optical drives, but also 5 trays for your 3.5” HDDs are available so you can feel free by ”DIY”. Tool free design and a ”gorgeous” outlook are only a few points why this chassis is a ”must” not only for enthusiast but also for pc beginners

- Screw-less tooling for the bay device
- Dust filter behind front panel for intake airflow
- Dimensions: 185 x 475 x 408 mm (W x D x H)
- 4 x 5.25" Drive Bays
- 6 x 3.5" Drive Bays
- Front Cooling: 1 x 120mm black fan
- Rear Cooling: 1 x 80/90/120mm fan (optional)
- Side Cooling: 2 x 80/90/120mm fans (optional)
- Front I/O Ports: 1x USB 3.0, 1 x USB2.0, 1 x HD Audio


Product Name: ASGARD
Product Number: CPC-T45UB-U01
Dimension: 185(W) x 475(D) x 408(H) mm, 0.6mm thickness SGCC.
Drive Bay: 5.25” External x 4 (Tool-free), 3.5” External x 1 (Tool-free), 3.5” Internal x 5 (Tool-free)
Expansion Slot: 7 slots (tool-free)
Motherboard Support: ATX (12” x 9.6”), Micro ATX (9.6” x 9.6”)
Power Supply: Standard P/2(ATX) or EPS
Cooling System: Front Fan: Preinstalled 120mm black fan x 1 (80/90mm fan is available). Rear Fan: 80/90/120mm x 1 fan is available, Side Fan: 80/90/120mm x 2 fans are available.
I/O Panel Front Panel: USB3.0 x 1, USB2.0 x 1, HD Audio in/out x 1
CPU Cooler: 150mm height support

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Product Specification:

Case type
Form Factor
ATX, Micro-ATX
Main colour
Accent colour
Noise dampening
Width (exact)
Height (exact)
Depth (exact)
100 - 200 mm
400 - 500 mm
400 - 500 mm
Weight (exact)
4 - 6 kg
USB 3.0
Audio output
Audio input
Internal 3.5" bays
External 3.5" bays
External 5.25" bays
PCI slots
Motherboard tray
Cable management
Front LCD/TFT display
Power supply
Power supply format
Power supply position
Rear top
Fans pre-installed
1x 120mm
80mm Fan
92mm Fan
120mm Fan
Fan colour
Fan controller
Card reader
Front door
Position I/O
HDD anti-vibration

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Cheapest toolless case on the market that I

Fairly sturdy and will fit almost any mid to high end setup. It's got an open motherboard backplate which will fit any processor/motherboard combo in the form factor and plenty of cable management.

I went with watercooling making the vents in the side pointless given the front fan that comes as standard.

Only trouble I had was getting the metal slats off of the back of the case. It's extremely likely you will dent and bend the back of the case trying to get these off. Don't worry.

As long as the opening is clear you can fix any cards in there. those case slats are only there to restrict airflow anyway, the tooless design will fix your cards in place.

Instructions are garbage and I wouldn't reccomend this case for someone new to pc building but for the target market this case is a 6/5, it exceeded my expectations given the price.

Azgard builder 2012-12-05

Good for the price

The USB ports on the front panel are very tight - can't use one of them, the other makes the plastic flex worryingly. Will plug in a USB hub as I can't bear to try to return it and have to refit it all.

I also had problems getting the standoffs screwed in, had to use a power supply screw to clear the thread.

The 'manual' is awful, and there are only half the number of 'things' to attach HDDs and ODDs that would be needed for a full build.

Otherwise it looks good and was an easy build - I used a Gigabyte mATX mobo with no extra cards.

Sally 2012-05-23

great case

I usually buy expensive cases but i got this for an i3 build. to cut a long story short i did not use the supplied fans( had spare noctuas) but the case seems good value abit flimsy. it does lose its appeal very quick when its sat next to an 850d so ive given it to one of my best mates. The case is good value for money tho.

Peter File 2012-04-14

good for the money


* all black interior
* backplate cutout
* includes a decent selection of tie-backs, cable holders and spare backplate covers.


* motherboard stand-offs are a bit stiff to first put in (probably due to black paint) - make sure you have a suitable tool to help turn them.

* 120mm front fan wasn't spinning at first - had to use tape to lift up front panel wires obstructing it.

* front fan only 700rpm - could do with something a bit faster.

Overall for the money, I would buy another.

joe pineapples 2012-03-15

Works well!

Fairly easy to fit everything in, more room than my last case and the fan is much quieter! My only problems with this are that the PCI covers are a pain to get off and there are only clips for one half of the case, so if you plan on using all your slots you'll need some more or screw in the other side.

Jordan 2012-01-09

Good budget case

Working on a tight budget i settled on this case for the features & price. Happily i wasnt dissapointed, the tool less design inside means you need no screws for your Optical / Hard drives or your add on PCI cards. Although i did feel the GPU wasnt held in as tightly as i'd liked.

The size of the case was good for me overall, although be aware this has a lowish height, and i struggled to get my CM 212 heatsink installed how it was intended. So i had to improvise a bit, to fit it in as it was hitting the PSU.

Overall, lovely case for the money, no added frills like masses of cable holes etc.. but you get a good ventilated case for gaming. 5* as a budget case, and Reccomended if working on a tight budget.

Jules 2011-08-03


Good case, but I had a few issues. The instructions are awful, with unclear pictures.

You have to punch out the plates for your graphics card's I/O ports to poke through, which includes bending metal and snapping them off. The instructions tell you to insert your mobo before doing this, which meant taking the entire mobo out again. I had to stick a screwdriver in the top to pop them out, then yank them back and forth until it snapped. It didn't feel like the right thing to be doing. They provide a lot of metal covers for the slots, so I'm not sure why the plates weren't all removed by default. The orange locks that slide down to hold your cards in place don't quite go far enough up, so the bottom of my ATI HD ends up touching the mobo when trying to squeeze it in.

You have to fit the copper stand-offs for the mobo yourself, and I only had a screwdriver to hand. Should be preinstalled.

TX650 PSU wouldn't screw in perfectly, as there was maybe 1mm too little radius on the holes.

Kurt 2011-07-21

Best value by far

This has got to be the best value case on the market.

The case is completely tool-less inside and out making installation simple. The HDD and Optical drive clasps are very good, but I have to say that the clips for the expansion cards are not incredibly secure, but do the job fine.

Comes with a decent fan at the front (which can be speed adjusted by the mobo to make it silent). There is also a good dust filter running down the from of the case. Comes with all the screws, plates and cable ties you would expect from a quality case manufacturer.

For a budget build, this case is a must.

Chris 2011-07-15

Awesome Case

Got this case today and very please with it, has helped to improve the temperatures of all my components hugely, especially my graphics card for a very good price =) Nice and roomy but then again I only have a micro Atx mobo with a GTX460.

The only "issue" i had with the case was the panels in the expansion slots bit of a pain to get out but hey its worth it. Especially with the screw-less design which works fantastic!

Andrew 2011-02-09

Lack of room

My case turned up today and after fitting my asus p8p67 pro, 3 x 640G WD black I couldn't fit my Gfx (ati 4890 top) card in as there were literally mm of space. I had to remove the ram to reposition 1 hd in the 3rd slot down and the other 2 hd's into the bottom 2 slots to allow room for the radeon. Even then my card is touching the hd power leads. A VERY tight fit.
Build quality is a bit flimsy tbh on the front mesh. When i put my headphones in the front the case pressed onto the fan making a right racket! Some fiddling later it's silent again... or until i remove/replace my headphones. I'll be taking the front off & try to reinforce it.

If you have a large gfx card then avoid this case for your own sanity!!! i went through every swear word i know xD

However i do like the looks of this case & the tool less design

Mike 2011-01-20

Black is the new black and this case bri

This is a great case. Every part and cable except for the front panel switches/leds cable is black, even the hex pillars that the motherboard mounts on...nice.
It's built reasonably well - the top panel is a little loose at first but when you fit a PSU, the fitting screws fix this.
Nice quiet fan and very nice grille on the front...I can see the green glow from my CPU cooler :-)

The only bad things I can say about this case are that the little manual that comes with it isn't very good at all in my opinion...but that's manuals for you!
You still have to carefully remove some of the blanking plates made in production but with all the black paint, the edges are finger friendly.

Daniel 2011-01-19

excellent case

I'm with everyone - top notch budget case. The one supplied case fan is pretty quiet too. One thing to consider is the width - I just managed to fit a Hyper 212 onto a 955 BE with the side of the case a mm or two clear - so no room for extra side fans with a large cooler. I built this for a friend to be silent, so with an Akasa 120mm silent fan in the rear and the excellent Corsair VX450 psu, you can only tell it's on by the power light.
Cable management is pretty good too - I managed to get most of the cables round the back, only the big mobo power block wouldn't fit through.

Chevallier 2010-11-30

Cheap & cheerful

Bought this for a cheap video editing rig and the quality is outstanding. Kudos to xigmatek for this brilliant product!

rory gee 2010-11-21

Solid case

Only criticism I would have of this case is the dust filter, which is just a square of thin foam and you have to remove the metal plate in front of it to remove it, which involves bending the 8 metal clips on the plate. It doesn't look easy and those clips could break after the filter has been cleaned 4-5 times.

Other than that, the case is excellent, well designed, was very easy to build with and of course the price is amazing. You'll be really surprised at the quality, features and solidity for this price. It's tool-less and it has a good cable tidy solution.

Only other things worth mentioning, it doesn't look quite as stylish as an antec 300, and doesn't have the same cooling capability. You'll want to buy a 2nd 12cm fan for the rear, but it won't take 2x 12cm at the front like the 300 does. There are spaces for mounting fans on the side plate though if your video card(s) needs more air.

Probably harsh to knock a star off given the price.

Simon Brown 2010-08-28



James Gray 2010-07-31

Brilliant Case

Bought this case for my budget build and it is brilliant! Great build quality and very easy to use/install. Includes everything you need for cable management as well which is great for such a low price!

Aaron Moore 2010-06-30

Great Budget Gaming Case

Ok, I will start by saying the service from Overclockers.co.uk was flawless and the item arrived next day with no issues.

The case is well designed especially considering the price, fully coated black inside and outside with matching screws for your PSU. (the only thing that requires screws)

I only purchased this since I have started playing more games and my matx case was suffering with poor airflow, this appears to have sorted that and considering you can attach 4x 120mm case fans your onto a good thing.

Overall good, they could have been improvements to the design (removing the front blanking plates and the rear expansion slots) but a good looking case and exceptional value for money.

Gary Welsh 2010-06-06

Awesome value

Just bought one of these and I am very happy with it. Looks great at the inside of the case is matt black all over, even the motherboard stand off screws are black. Comes with 1 fan (Non led) installed at the front (120mm). Nice long cables from the USB, power, reset etc. Nice touches for such a small case included power management holes on the motherboards tray, sticky pads for improved self cable management, completely tool free installation, good build quality, 120mm fans at front, rear and 2 on the side panel. Case is compatible with all graphics cards of any length. Overall this has to be one of the BEST value if not the BEST value pc enclosures available today-period, a lot of features for little money. Case does look very nice all in black inside and out. Massive value for money here A******

KevC-Rapt0R 2010-05-27

it works

looks awsome and is the smallest case i could fit a sweet gaming setup inside. only slight problem is the hard drives can get in the way of full length graphic cards if theres too many wires in the way.

dan 2009-12-23

Great budget case

Looks good and is perfect for a low cost case option. Ive dropped an overclocked I5 into it and an ati 5770 a hd and a dvd, plenty of room left and flow is good.

David 2009-12-03

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