GeForce GTX 1070 AMP Extreme Spectra RGB 8192MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

  • ZT-P10700B-10P
  • Core Clock: 1632MHz
  • Boost Clock: 1835MHz
  • Memory: 8192MB 8208MHz GDDR5
  • Stream Processors: 1920
  • SLI Ready
  • VR Ready
  • PhysX/CUDA Enabled
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • RGB Lighting.
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Stock Code: GX-104-ZT

EAN: 4895173610028

MPN: ZT-P10700B-10P

Manufacturer: Zotac

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Product information:

GeForce GTX 1070 AMP Extreme Spectra RGB 8192MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card

Raise the playing field with the most advanced gaming graphics card ever created. Amped with ZOTAC technologies, discover raw performance, power efficiency, and gaming experiences from the new NVIDIA Pascal™ architecture. This is the game changer.

If you haven't already upgraded your gaming PC, now is the time to do so. The Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 AMP Edition will eat all of the latest PC games such as Star Citizen, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and GTA: Online for breakfast and then demand seconds. Pascal architecture also boasts incredible power efficiency, keeping your gaming system cooler - and as a result, quieter - during those long gaming sessions. Delve into silky smooth Virtual Reality paired with your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR headset and experience ultimate immersion with the VR Ready GeForce GTX 10 Series, offering over 2x the relative performance of the GTX 900 Series in virtual reality games. Using NVIDIA's latest GPU technologies such as NVIDIA Ansel, NVIDIA GameStream Technology, and the blisteringly fast Vulkan API paired with DirectX 12, you've never had so much performance at your fingertips.

The AMP Extreme Edition uses a triple-fan cooler design, maximising the cooling performance of this monster GPU with Zotac's EKOFAN blades which reduce the airflow deadzone which usually sits toward the centre of the fan. Using the elegant SPECTRA RGB lighting system and a uniquely designed backplate, the Zotac GTX 1070 AMP Extreme offers a truly unique design and look.

- SPECTRA lighting system
- IceStorm with ExoArmor
- EKO Fan
- Simultaneous Multi-Projection
- VR Ready
- NVIDIA Ansel
- NVIDIA® SLI® w/ HB Bridge Support
- NVIDIA® GameStreamTM

- GPU: GeForce® GTX 1070
- CUDA cores: 1920
- Video Memory: 8GB GDDR5
- Memory Bus: 256-bit
- Engine Clock Base: 1632 MHz
- Boost:1835 MHz
- Memory Clock: 8208 MHz
- PCI Express 3.0
- Display Outputs: 3 x DisplayPort 1.4, 1x HDMI 2.0b, 1x DL-DVI
- HDCP Support: Yes
- Multi Display Capability: Quad Display
- Recommended Power Supply: 500W
- Power Consumption: TBC W
- Power Input: 2x 8-pin
- DirectX 12 API feature level 12_1
- OpenGL 4.5
- Cooling: Blower
- Slot Size: Dual Slot
- SLI: Yes
- Supported OS: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista
- Card Length: TBC
- Warranty: 5 Year

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Product Specification:

Virtual Reality
GeForce GTX VR Ready
Purpose / Type
NVIDIA GeForce GTX Gaming
GPU - Graphics Processor
GeForce GTX 1070
VRAM size and type
8192 MB GDDR5
Display Port (3x), DVI-I, HDMI
Required Slots / type
2 Slots
Power inputs
2x 8-Pin PCIe

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Get one ,..Get one!!!!!!

Well what a beast of a card arrived today. Ill say.Took out my GTX 670 oc stuck this in no bother and the difference is remarkable utterly jaw dropping in performance.Everything on ultra and its goes thro games like Battlefied,Doom 4 Crysis and Rise of the Tombraider with utter brilliance.
Thanks Overclockers as usual for the megga service and sweets its a joy to deal with you.
Kindest of regards
Tusk Taylor

Paul Taylor 2016-11-15

Excellent Card, Nice OC potential

Running at 2050mhz completely stable under boost, Memory at 4608mhz and Samsung too. The fans are inaudible at 60% however @ over 80% are a little loud but bearable. When playing games they rarely reach such speeds (custom curve). Overall I would definitely recommend this card!

Chili 2016-11-06

Why buy anything else....

Brought this OC..well the MM. Had a 980TI Classy.
This is sooo much better in my current rig,
Temps 69c max @ 40% fan speed. Turn it up to 50% 60-65% you still cannot hear it. OC it is not worth it for a few frames. Playing GOW4 hitting 160+ @1440P
bigmac121 to see my rig in the forums. Make sure you have support fot for this card as it is BIG.
ALL 1070's clock 2000mhx + This is no different, Colours may not be to your liking but how offen do you look into your case?

James Nygren 2016-11-03


well this card has literally amazed me, it is a beast, its so fast it can run all my games flawlessly.

it is a big card and just about fit in my case, i thought i was gonna have to take a fan out to fit it but its just right.

its got all the great features you need for a card, its spectra lighting it great, i have it in blue to match the rest of the lighting in my case, so not so bothered that its not full RGB.

i have also discovered a feature which i never saw before on my GTX 770, it supports DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) so i am currently running Doom at 4k on my 1080p Monitor at 60fps, its Fantastic. i didn't even know that this existed or was even possible. but i have tried it on multiple games now and it makes a big difference, its better on slightly older games, good example is Portal 2, 144fps at 4k and the picture is so sharp.
i tried in on rainbow six siege but that was too taxing that it was not worth the drop in fps.

i would recommend this card to anyone looking to upgrade you wont be disappointed.

Free next day delivery
Free Game
Free Sweets.

i love Overclockers, first time i used them and i would use them again.

James 2016-09-30


This card is fantastic, it runs super cool and super silent, the Zotac software allows you to change the LED card settings and the boost clock while gaming on mine hits 2038mhz!!! and memory hits 4104 mhz... extra 25% for nothing

Mark Williamson 2016-09-15

Amazing card and amazing service!!

Iv never actually bought anything from Overclockers before but i thought i would give them a try because of the good reviews, and i have to say im impressed with how you kept me in the loop with everything and the delivery service was spot on and i cannot complain at all and i will be using you in the future.

The reason im giving 9 out of 10 is kinda petty really but when i saw you prices about a week ago the card was at £419.99 and when i had the money a week later the card was then at £429.99 or near that price and i just could not tell when you would up/down the price so i thought screw it and payed 429.99, and as im writing this review 1 day after i bought it you put the price back down to £419.99 and that kinda annoyed me......though the Harribos you sent with the card kinda sweetened the deal so im happy ahah.

And the other reason (not overclockers fault) is that i found the firestorm software that came with the driver disk did not have options to change the led on
card so if you are reading this save yourselves 5 mins and don't bother even using the driver disk, just download straight from zotac website the firestorm software you need.

Mr matthew cole 2016-08-18

Lovely card

I was in a debate with myself to get the 1080 or this 1070 extreme. Then I thought I only want to game in 1440 to me that's the sweet spot if you got 1080p resolution this be over kill perfect for 1440 benchmarking at 60 to 70 fps if you have 1080 I am getting over 100 fps in games like batman and world of tanks. I would say if you going 14k go 1080 extreme I will wait until decent monitors come out before I go 14k. Big thumbs up to over clockers buying parts for my build from you is always a pleasure best service from fantastic people. And not let us forget Dps best parcel delivery service next to none.

Mr Mark Waite 2016-08-11

Yep, it's a BEAST!

Performs as you'd expect and looks the absolute business! Very pleased with my purchase and great service from OCUK as usual!

Ed 2016-08-08

:-) Happy as larry

I looked around for a fair price on a high spec GTX 1070 and went with Overclockers. I am really happy I did, 2 days for delivery to the Republic of Ireland and it was free delivery!

I choose the Zotac Amp Extreme edition of the GTX 1070 for its great cooling capacity, but be warned this card is huge so make sure your case is big enough!

I will definitely be buying PC parts from Overclockers again because of their fair pricing and speedy delivery.

P.S The Haribos were a nice touch and also my favourites :-)

Shane 2016-08-04


The card is massive so make sure you have room in your case but apart from that it is the best in class for sure 5 years Warranty boost to well over 2ghz without any tweaking at all stays cool low 60s @ full boost 2.1ghz plus rgb lights

shane 2016-07-30


Not better then 1080 of course ,17,760 3d mark, 60 fps 1080p max out raibo 6 , 35-65 fps crysis 3 max out off course , 150~ fps bf3 single player on fx 8350 4.3 ghz .I am happy whit this product and service.

zEx 2016-07-29

Great card, destroys everything at 1080P!

I upgraded to this from my old 280X, WOW what a card. This card boosts to just over 2000Mhz Core and it breezes through everything I throw at it. It's never even gone above 60*c, ive never heard the fans at all....

Imo, if you game at 1080p and want to use max/ultra settings then get this card.

Solid build quality and a long warrenty. Not to mention great looks and great perfomance!

Only downside it is massive! However it's fits nicely in my Corsair 100R midi case....

C6ckneyGeezer 2016-07-27

Amazing card

Firstly want to say thank you to Overclockers for their swift delivery and communications.

The card is a beast! Runs all games maxed out. 144fps on BF4. 80 fps on Arma. The Division 80fps maxed out! Massive card. Should do me a few years.

Wayne King 2016-07-24


Oh Mammy! What a beast this card is! It's seriously big (length and width). Spectra lighting a nice feature. Very quiet whilst running all of my games at max settings with no problems at all. Great upgrade from a GTX 970, quite a noticable difference. Complete with a FIVE year warranty, what's not to like! Get one now! BTW - Power input is 2 x 8-pin not 1 as stated in the product description. TBH you're always best looking at the manufacturers website when you make your choice to be 100% sure of the specs.

Peter Hardy 2016-07-24

Insane performance, great value.

Also bought a HOF 1070 but the Zotac out performs it even though it cost way less.

The card is MASSIVE! But the cooling it too. Fans only spin up occasionally in gaming and inaudible.

The overclock out the box is great but I've also hit constant 2000mhz+ with minimal adjustment in MSI Afterburner. Even the stock boost is hitting 1900mhz+. As its so cooling is so efficient the boost clock is constant.

Owns every game at 1440 DOOM 90fps+, GTA, Witacher 3. You name it maxed out and it will kill it.

Best in class 5 year warranty and great build quality.

Can't recommend enough.

Chris 2016-07-23

Great card great service .

Firstly I have to say thank you Overclockers for the great service. Free delivery, delivered the next day , kept me updated with the stages of the transaction. Very impressed.

Secondly wow !!! This card is amazing. Every game maxed out smashes in the fps. 144 solid fps on bf4 . 90 fps on the division maxed out . Crysis 3 maxed out 70 fps. Massive card and heavy . Worth the investment.

Wayne King 2016-07-22

Monster !!!

Gr8 card- Very quiet and preformance are superb. Size are ridiculous- someone got small penis at Zotac to make such a massive card so make sure its gonna fit in your case (I've got Corsair 540 and between card and front fans are maybe 30mm)

Petro 2016-07-17

Great card with great performance/features

This arrived yesterday and I got it installed today.

I upgraded to this from an AMD 280x and all I can say is WOW. This is an amazing card and a worthy upgrade for anyone looking for more power for gaming.

Performance has increased massively in all my games.
The spectre led system is a nice feature.

The out of the box overclock is nice and it seems to stay cool and quiet never going over 55 degrees or so in my system under load.

5 Year warranty is a deal maker for buying this along with its features and factory OC, its a nice card.

I gave it 9 stars due to the small issue with the firestorm software for led control, the one that comes with the card on the disc is outdated and wont activate the spectre system, you can obtain the latest version however from the zotac website but other than that no issues!!

Marc 2016-07-16

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