With the release of the latest gen of power heavy graphics cards, manufacturers have redefined their power connector’s designs to ensure they can keep up with the requirements of your hardware. 

Here’s where the new 12V-2×6 connector comes in! This cable has been designed as a revision of the existing 12VHPWR, boasting improvements to power delivery. Want to know more? We’ve compiled everything you need to know about these brand-new power connectors in this blog article.  

What is 12V-2X6?  

12V-2×6 is a brand-new revision of 12VHPWR which has been fine-tuned for the latest generation of graphics cards and ATX 3.0 PSUs. Similar to 12VHPWR, this connector has a maximum power delivery of 600W, capable of distributing twelve volts of power via six pins.  

What are the Differences Between 12V-2X6 and 12VHPWR? 

12V-2×6 is almost identical to the 12VHPWR cable, with a few minor differences in the physical appearance of the connector. The sensing pins are 0.1mm shorter and the conducting terminals are 0.15mm longer. These changes are small but help to ensure that this cable can be properly and securely connected to your devices to guarantee a safe and reliable flow of power.  

Is 12V-2X6 Backwards Compatible with 12VHPWR?  

As 12V-2×6 is a revision of the 12VHPWR, it will be replacing this connector on all new graphics cards and power supplies. However, it is backwards compatible with 12VHPWR. This means that any existing 12VHPWR cables will work seamlessly with this new power connector. 

What Hardware Do I Need for 12V-2X6? 

To fully utilise these connectors, you need a GPU that requires either 12VHPWR or 12V-2×6 and a compatible 650W or higher PSU. If you have a graphics card with 12VHPWR but wish to harness 12V-2×6 instead, you can find suitable adapters from a range of manufacturers.  

Kolink Core Pro 90 Degree 12V-2×6 Adapter

  • 90° angled adapter for 12V-2×6 16-pin
  • Compatible with 12VHPWR compatible GPUs
  • Backwards compatible with 12VHPWR
  • Available in black or white

Will You Be Utilising 12V-2X6? 

Will you be upgrading your 12VHPWR cable to a 12V-2×6? Leave your thoughts below.  

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