An Overclockers UK Christmas Carol

Gather round ye gamers and geeks, 

And listen to this tale of which we speak. 

For here at Overclockers Christmas is upon us, 

So, we think of games that are with the season eponymous. 

You see, as we took to bed for the night, 

Dreaming of Haribos and RGB lights, 

A spectre awoke us with a smack. 

Far from Jacob Marley – ‘twas the ghost of 8Pack! 

“I’m Parry and Parry!” he started to sing 

In a tone so awful that our ears did ring. 

When his number was done, he warned us of what was to come next, 

For he would not be the only ghost to intrude upon our nest! 

“Go now,” he said, “and boot up your computer. 

“And play games from the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future!” 

The Gaming Ghost of Christmas Past 

First came a spirit from days of Christmas gaming’s past, 

An Age of Empires we thought would always last. 

The sequel on all our lists for Christmas ‘99, 

A game we all saw and thought “one day you will be mine.” 

Featuring armies that hail from the Middle East to Rome, 

For many hours we made this real-time strategy game our home. 

The spirit leans over our Iron Man noblechair and whispers in our ear; 

“Dost thou not regret the many hours spent here?” 

We scoff and declare, “Nay spirit, what ridiculous humour. 

“We only wish we knew all the cheats like BIGDADDY a bit sooner!” 

But then clock did come upon the hour, our time being done. 

The gaming ghost of Christmas past took Age of Empires II and was gone.

age of empires II gameplay
age of empires II cover art
age of empires II BIGDADDY cheat code


The Gaming Ghost of Christmas Present 

marvel midnight suns roster
marvel midnight suns cover art
marvel midnight suns gameplay

The door burst down as the clock did chime, 

For the gaming ghost of Christmas present was always on time! 

Though the witching hour had long since passed, 

The time had come to play Marvel’s Midnight Suns at last! 

Our jolly spirit guides us through an impressive gallery of heroes, 

From Spider-Man to Doctor Strange it was far from a bunch of zeroes. 

A tactical RPG where we could become our own caped crusader, 

We sure are glad this one didn’t fly under our radar

As we sunk our time into befriending Deadpool and Blade, 

We noticed the smile on the spirit’s face from the joy it had made. 

But again, that vile clock did hit another hour, 

And the fair spectre faded, like a beautiful yet fleeting flower. 

The Gaming Ghost of Christmas Future 

We waited with bated breath for the final hour to come, 

Hoping to behold our future before the rising of the sun. 

Then in came a spirit, hooded and cloaked, 

Bathed in a blue light that in our memories something evoked. 

We heard the sounds of John Williams as our eyes did lock, 

And from its sleeves it revealed the game that it had brought. 

We had heard it was coming, but could hardly believe our eyes, 

For Star Wars Jedi Surivor was this final ghost’s prize! 

We asked, “But it releases in March, so why do you possess it?” 

The spirit smiled, “Christmas stays in your heart if you let it. 

The joy that this occasion brings you can find on any day. 

But seriously don’t wait nine months, this game is gonna slay.”

star wars jedi survivor cover art
star wars jedi survivor gameplay

The Gifts of the Gaming Ghosts 

Dawn broke what felt too real to be a dream, 

(8Pack in ghostly chains simply cannot be unseen), 

And we knew what presents we wanted to find under our tree; 

These amazing gaming PCs to play the ghost’s titles – just look and see! 

Refract Gaming Jade (FS-1DJ-EP) 

A pre-built PC that comes from our Refract Gaming range

That’s great if you want to play new AAA titles for a change. 

It has an Intel Core i5 processor and 3060 OC GPU, 

Plus comes with three years parts and labour warranty too! 

Refract Jade Gaming PC

Available for £1,149.95* with next-day delivery 

Asus ROG Zephryus G15 Gaming Laptop (LT-2EE-AS) 

asus rog zephrus g15 gaming laptop

Available for £2,299.99* 

Can you see yourself needing to game on the go? 

Then this lightweight and portable gaming laptop should steal the show. 

The ROG Zephryus G15 weighs but 1.9kg, 

With a 15.6” FHD screen that’ll make you say “damn!” 

Infin8 Hunter Gaming PC (FS-46A-OE) 

Inspired by our own festive spectre 8Pack, 

This gaming PC has been designed to bring unparalleled performance back. 

A high-end gaming PC with a custom water loop? 

Now that’s how to end Christmas with a whoop! 

infin8 high end hunter gaming pc

Available for £8,999.99* 

*All prices are correct as of the time of writing (09/12/22) 

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