noblechairs - Your Guide to Finding the Ultimate Gaming Chair

We all come to appreciate the difference a good gaming chair makes. Whether working from home or spending time gaming, they don’t come much better than noblechairs. This award-winning range of chairs is an excellent option for anyone looking to upgrade their set-up with a seat featuring unbeatable ergonomics. 

Ultimate noblechairs Guide

But which chair is right for you? From looking stylish on stream to giving your back the support it needs for long desk days, we all use our seat differently. So how do you figure out the best gaming chair for you?  

To help you get to the bottom of this, we’re going to break down the three main models noblechairs offer – EPIC, ICON, HERO, and LEGEND – to help you find the best chair for your needs. There’s also picking the right material for your chair’s upholstery and finding the design to match your personality. Take the time to read our full blog on back care as well, to get the most out of your future gaming chair. 

noblechairs gaming chairs special edition

A Material Matter 

Something you’ll need to consider no matter the model of chair is the material you choose for the cover. noblechairs offers the same four fantastic options in each series, with a variety of terrific design options. 

  • Synthetic Leather – this breathable fabric is the most popular material option available. This vegan synthetic leather has a polyurethane (PU) coating that makes the ‘leather’ completely water and dirt-repellent. This ensures your gaming chair is durable and easier to clean. 
  • High-Tech Faux Leather – made in Germany. The low emission high-tech faux leather is even softer, more durable, and breathable than PU synthetic leather. 
  • Fabric – the latest material option, branded as TX Series. The advanced woven poly-fiber used as the material to cover chairs offers comfort, breathability, and plenty of style. 
  • Real Leather – nothing is quite as premium as the genuine article. The looks, the feel, and the touch! The real leather option offers something that is unrivalled. 

Meet the EPIC 

First up is the EPIC series of gaming chairs, featuring noblechairs signature blend of superior ergonomics with an automotive-inspired design. That means you’re getting one-of-a-kind comfort from cold foam padding, softly cushioned 4D armrests, as well as adjustable seat height and backrest angle all wrapped up with a solid steel frame. As if that was not enough, it’s got whisper-quiet casters specially constructed to work on soft and hard floors.  

What helps set EPIC gaming chairs apart is the plethora of premium design options you get to choose from, including the Special Editions we’ll touch on later. EPIC chairs are recommended for those standing between 4’7” and 6’0” making them a great option for most users. 

  • Timeless and classy luxury car look in your choice of covering
  • Comfortable cold foam upholstery on solid steel frame
  • Adjustable height, advanced rocking mechanism, and flexible adjustment options
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
noblechairs EPIC Gaming Chair Copper Edition

noblechairs Has a Fit for Everyone 

Not everyone fits the standard EPIC proportions, which is why noblechairs introduced a range to cater to all sizes. The EPIC Compact series is designed for gamers between 4’1” and 5’7” while still retaining all of the EPIC gaming chair’s signature comfort. Unlike other chairs, it is currently only available with PU leather and fabric covers but does boast some stylish colour schemes. It’s a perfect option for gamers who are younger or a little smaller in stature. 

noblechairs EPIC Compact Series
  • Scaled down EPIC gaming chair for users between 4’1″ and 5’7″
  • PU leather upholstery with deform resistant cold foam
  • Durable PU-coated 3D armrests
  • Four models available, including cloth TX Series chair

A True noblechairs ICON 

Our next chair is the ICON.  Standing apart from its noblechairs brethren, it has a rounded headrest and less prominent wings. This eccentric shape and the cold-foam padding are designed to improve ergonomic stability and minimise pressure on the body over long periods. It’s an ideal option for gamers who stay glued to their screens for marathon sessions. Plus, it still features all of the signature creature comforts you would find in the EPIC series, such as the 4D armrests, adjustable rocking mechanism and backrest, and whisper-quiet casters. 

Its proportions make it suitable for users between 4’9” and 6’2” so is still great for most gamers. The ICON has one special edition design, inspired by Fallout’s Nuka-Cola Quantum. You can also pick any of the four materials, so whether you go real leather, PU leather, or hybrid leather, you are still met with a highly durable material that provides you with long-lasting comfort. 

  • Unique aesthetic with rounded headrest
  • Comfortable cold foam upholstery on solid steel frame
  • Adjustable height, advanced rocking mechanism, and flexible adjustment options
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
noblechairs ICON Top Grain Leather Gaming Chair - Cognac/Black/Gunmetal

Do You Need a HERO?

If you take your work and gaming seriously, then you’ll be taking your comfort just as seriously. The noblechairs HERO gaming chair was designed to be a premium gaming and office chair, with input from esports professionals. To that end you’ll find features and innovations in the HERO series you won’t see anywhere else in the noblechairs range. This includes stepless lumbar support integrated into the backrest and a memory foam filled headrest to provide you with unbeatable comfort.  

The HERO is also the largest gaming chair of the three series, making it suitable for gamers between 4’11” and 6’6” and providing a great surface area to cosy up into. All-in-all, this ergonomic and feature-rich chair is top shelf when it comes to comfort and support. 

noblechairs hero black gaming chair
  • Adjustable lumbar support for your lower back
  • Memory foam embedded into the headrest
  • Seat and back rest have larger surface area than other noblechairs options
  • Enlarged and padded 4D armrests
  • Variety of adjustment options signature to noblechairs

A LEGEN-(Wait For It)-Dary Addition

You are truly spoilt for choice! Meet the latest model to join the elite noblechairs line-up – the noblechairs LEGEND Gaming Chair. There are five editions (and a couple special editions!) to choose from, with each one boasting a new stylish shape in a variety of different colours. This includes black, white, JAVA, TX, and Black/White/Red.   

Each chair in the LEGEND Series sports a comfortable flat-topped headrest, harness holes, and extended wings for superior comfort and premium aesthetics. 

  • New bold noblechairs design with wings and harness hole. 
  • High-tech PU leather cover and dense cold foam padding. 
  • Superior ergonomics including integrated lumbar support. 
  • Machine manufactured from premium and durable materials. 
  • Provides outstanding and adjustable support for extended periods. 
noblechairs LEGEND Series

And Now for Something Special 

Now maybe you fancy a gaming chair with a bit more… game? Luckily noblechairs have you covered there too. From Spider-Man to Elden Ring, noblechairs Special Edition gaming chairs have you covered with their ultra-premium, fully licensed designs inspired by the latest and greatest titles. Each of the designs falls into the EPIC, ICON, or HERO series. So, if you were already being tempted between those two, now you have even more options that’ll pull you in. 

  • All the great features of the EPIC, ICON, LEGEND, and HERO gaming chairs
  • Show off with aesthetics to match the latest games and your own favourites
  • Fully licensed designs from Disney, Bethesda, and more
noblechairs HERO Gaming Chair Boba Fett Edition

noblechairs Deserve Some Noble-Care

If you’re going to invest in a real or PU leather gaming chair, then you want to take care of it. The noblechairs Premium Care and Cleaning Kit helps your throne stay fresh, retaining its intoxicating leather smell and looking good as new. It comes with two colour-neutral care products to clean your gaming chair and form a protective layer, making them suitable for even the colourful noblechairs Special Edition options. 

noblechairs premium leather care kit for gaming chairs
  • Premium care set for real and PU leather noblechairs
  • Includes 100 ml of both cleaning- and maintenance products
  • Colour neutral, fresh leather smell
  • Includes two microfiber cloths and a polishing sponge

Kit Out Your Gaming Chair 

There’s more you can do to upgrade your throne into the ultimate gaming chair. Check out noblechairs selection of awesome accessories below. 

noblechairs Footrest

Need even more added comfort for your gaming chair? Enter the noblechairs Footrest. With a breathable PU leather cover and cold foam upholstery for optimal ventilation, this adjustable footrest provides a premium solution to your orthopaedic needs. 

Available to buy starting from £139.99*

noblechairs Footrest 2 Black Edition

noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow Sets 

noblechairs Pillow Set Fallout Nuka-Cola Quantum Edition

Add a little more neck and lumbar support with a noblechairs Memory Foam Pillow Set. Each set consists of two different cushions – a smaller one for your neck, and a larger, flat one for the lumbar area. These premium quality pillows are covered with a soft but resist and breathable polyester. They also come in a range of designs, with special edition pillows that match the Fallout, Doom, and Elder Scrolls Online gaming chairs. 

Available to buy starting from £19.99*

We Love These Special Edition nobelchairs Pillow Sets And You Should Too!

What’s better than a dedicated pillow set for your gaming chair? A Special Edition pillow set for your gaming chair!  Discover how you can accessorise your throne with even more licensed designs. 

noblechairs Gas Lift Replacements 

Enjoying your new gaming chair, save for your feet dangling just above the floor? Thankfully, noblechairs offers replacement versions of the gas pressure spring that are shorter than the original to help ‘smaller’ users improve their experience. 

Available to buy for £29.95*

noblechairs gas lift replacement

The noblechairs Guarantee!

We are confident that you’ll love your new gaming chair from noblechairs. So confident in fact that in the unlikely event that you aren’t happy, Overclockers UK will arrange collection of your chair and offer a refund.

To be eligible for the return, you must be a UK Mainland resident and you must retain the original packaging.

Click below to see the full terms and conditions.

Which noblechairs Model is For You? 

With so many options to choose from, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a gaming chair in noblechairs impressive line-up that’s not perfect for you. If you’re somehow still on the fence, we’re sure you won’t be for long – there’s always something new being released with this always-innovating brand! 

*Prices correct at the time of writing

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